Making the perfect Vlog on Your Komodo Island Tour

By now, the beauty of Komodo has almost transcends its neighbouring sister Bali and it grows more and more fame among travelers, divers, and the likes. The rugged and wildness of Komodo has captured the hearts of thousand venturers. With the presence of rare and prehistoric Komodo Dragons, the last of its kind, and cinematic Jurassic-esque landscape, the Komodo is becoming the next hot destination for travel bloggers and vloggers. Komodo’s undulating hills and vast emerald sea itself are simply begging for an HD video. It’s just a panoramic vista you won’t simply miss. Here’s the best tip to make an awesome travel vlog during your Komodo island tour.  

Making the perfect Vlog on Your Komodo Island Tour

Actually Immerse Yourself on the Komodo Island Tour

In the other hand, don’t be too worked up with your camera all the time. You will miss the actual fun of the sailing trip itself. Experience the trip as you’ve work so hard to earn it. Feel the wind blows on your face. Immerse on the natural beauty of Komodo as the phinisi ship sail past the islands. Talk to other people in your boat. Live in the moment. We know that you don’t want to miss a single moment, but staying behind the camera all the time would actually lessen the fun of the Komodo island tour itself. Sometimes you’ll end up with hundreds of clips you don’t want to use anyway as there’s no feel on it. 

Take time to actually enjoy the trip and let the authentic experience passed through the video. 

Start with An Establishing Shot

Making the perfect Vlog

Some vlogger just love to start travel video with them talking a bunch of stuff. And more often than not, we find their faces filling up almost the whole screen. Things would be better if you start the video with an establishing shot. Show to your audience the big picture of the place you’re in right at the start. If you are in Komodo, a good establishing shot would be a view of the glimmering ocean and towering islands in the surrounding. The peak of Padar Island or the Pink Beach would also make a stunning opening. 

Find Your Highlight and Stick to It

Every vlogger has their own personalities. Some loves to give the bigger pictures, while others are keen on smaller, often forgotten details. Find something that suits your taste and stick on it as the general theme of your vlog. Also, break down your Komodo island trip to smaller and more focused videos. Instead of a one-day itinerary journey, audiences find that a video centred around a destination or activity more interesting. 

Show the Boat on the Komodo Island Tour

Making the perfect Vlog

Not everyday you got to explore a destination while sailing (and living) in a gorgeous phinisi! If you are lucky to have a Komodo island tour with first liner boats, don’t miss the content opportunity. Your viewers would love to know how the live in liveaboard looks like. Show them details like the cabins, decks, or the amazing sceneries from the boat. 

Include the Locals

Your travel vlog will get more interesting when other people are included, especially the locals. It gives more authentic experience to the video. Often times, the friendly locals give valuable insights that you won’t find anywhere else. 

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Be Respectful to the Local Customs

It’s easy for travelers to go overboard in sake of enjoying their travel and forgetting the local customs. It’s actually irritating to watch—especially for more sensitive and responsible souls! Not to mention it’s also a bad example to lead. So be a good traveler by respecting the local custom anywhere you go, like dressing appropriately or speak in friendly manners with the locals. 

Bring Drone to Komodo Island Tour If You Could

The unique landscape of Komodo National Park is best seen from aerial view! So bring a drone if you could. Show the heart-stopping vista from your Komodo trip!

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Making Hard Decision and Avoid Over Delay

It is true that entrepreneurship can be both daunting and rewarding. When you decide to become an entrepreneur, it is essential to know what you are getting into. Some people may choose to be an entrepreneur without so much thinking or planning. They just follow the flow and suddenly they become entrepreneur. However, it is so much better when you do it with your conscious. It means you are going to be more prepared of what may come int he future. There are the unexpected and the wicked problems you may have to face in the future. It leads to hard-decision making sometimes.

Making Hard Decision and Avoid Over Delay

Making hard decision or delaying it

Running a business is about making decision that will give no harm to your business or everyone involved. As a leader, it is to be expected to face many problems and decisions that hard to make. Some people choose to just go with it and take heir decision after some thoughts. However, there are also those who like delaying the process because they are afraid or unsure of the outcome of the decision they are going to make.

Do Not Delay, Just Take Enough Time to Not Rush In 

There are many excuses people use as a way to delay the process of making hard decision. Some people consider it as the process of reassess or revisit in hope that the answer will come out of the processes. However, delaying yourself to make hard decision won’t make it any easier. In fact, it may affect your business even worse because the issues are not immediately addressed properly. Delaying it may lead to more severe disaster that can put your business at risk. Of course, it is not wise to hurriedly make hard decision out of impulse. It may lead you to make wrong decision because you don’t use enough time to think and consider the consequences. 

Set An Internal Alarm 

Making Hard Decision and Avoid Over Delay

What best to do is not over delay the process of making hard decision. Take time enough for you to think properly without neglecting the problems for too long. You can set yourself an internal alarm of when you should stop over-thinking or over-analyzing and make your decision. Keep yourself second-guessing the issues won’t get you nowhere. Make sure that you are aware and understand the situation and consequences of each decision. Thus, choose the one that you think is best following the circumstances at the time. Make sure that the decision you make won’t affect your business negatively at least not in the long run.

Overcome Your Own Anxiety 

Sometimes, making hard decision is similar to gambling. You don’t really know whether or not you have made the right decision until the consequences show. It is important to overcome your own anxiety because it is one of the most factors that prevent you from making decision. Anxiety will lead you to over-thinking and over-analyzing things. To make hard decision, make sure that you insert caution as well as measure. Thus, you know the possible scenarios of the decision you are going to make.

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Things You Want to Prepare Before Coming for Surf Camp Portugal

You have been thinking of booking a surf camp in Portugal for your upcoming holiday—maybe you’ve even book it. Surfing has long been getting under your skin. You cannot wait to feel how it’s like to ride rolling waves. And based on what you’ve heard, Portugal is just one of the best place in the world to start learning it all. While basically you can just pack up your holiday clothes, toiletries, and passport, there are few extra things you might need to prepare before your ultimate surf-learning holiday in Portugal. 

Things You Want to Prepare Before Coming for Surf Camp Portugal

A Rash Guard and A Spare

Surfing image is so close with bikinis or shorts—especially during summer. However, you will want to pack a rash guard or two to your surf camp Portugal. Even during a blazing hot summer. You will spend a lot of time lying on the surfboard for paddling and exercising balance. Your body will get in touch a lot with the wax on the surf board. The wax, as you may guess, is known to cause rash especially on your upper body—and that’s why you’ll need a rash guard.

A Wetsuit Depending on the Season You Come to Surf Camp Portugal

Portugal is best known for its all-season surfing! You can practically surf in every season in the country—from spring, summer, autumn, to winter. Every season demand different set of skills, of course. Summer to early autumn usually best for beginners, while the intermediate and advanced will be pleased with bigger swells during springs and autumns. Winter calls for professionals who are looking for breaking world records for riding the highest wave. Temperature would also follows the season. You can stick to rash guards and bikini or the 3mm ‘shortie’ during the summer, but you’ll need thicker wetsuit especially if you come to surf camp Portugal around late autumn to winter. 

Your Own Favourite Board, If You Like

One of the reason why surfers and surf learner alike loves surf camp is the sheer surf-facility available at the accommodation. Many surfers don’t bring their own board if they plan to stay at Portugal surf camp (airplane’s luggage for surfboard is not cheap!). But if you have a special attachment to your board, you can always bring it along. 

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Get Enough Exercise Before Surf Camp Portugal 

Things You Want to Prepare Before Coming for Surf Camp Portugal

We’re not going to lie. Surfing might come with tons of funs and adrenalin pumps, but it is also one of the most challenging, physically draining sport. You will really need physical fitness, strenght, and flexibility for having a successful surf. That’s said, you need to prepare your body before the surf camp Portugal takes place. Our best suggestion is start regular swimming exercise at least a month before the surf camp starts. Planking is also good to build core strength of your body to help you with balance and performance on the surfboard. You can also practice other exercise that’s good for surf prep, such as push ups, squats, skateboarding, and yoga. Not only that these sports can help you paddling and maintaining balance, they also help to shape your body so it will look good on that bikini!null

A Portugal Travel Guide

It’s true that Portugal is one of the best surf destination in the world. But if you come all the way to Portugal just to surf, you are going to miss things a lot! Get a Portugal travel guide (it’s just one click away) and spare some time to explore this beautiful country. 

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Priority in Leadership To Help Build Business Successfully

Leadership is one of the main qualities you should have ti run your own business successfully. In entrepreneurship, leadership plays major role because you lead people towards the success you aim. It is not easy to maintain or build your leadership qualities. However, it is something you can also learn along the way. Through experience, problems, and challenges, you can develop your leadership quality to be better. 

What to prioritize when you lead a business

Running a business requires you to arrange your proprietaries in the right order. There are goals to reach and obstacles to overcome during your journey building a successful business. They can be overwhelming in some ways. However, they are also life lesson you can learn to develop your own character and personal growth. As a leader, you should have self-awareness. It allows you to be understand your position, the people around you, and the goals you are trying to achieve. 

Self-awareness also allows you to understand the priority you should be put on top. However, prioritizing can be challenging as well because there are many thing that can hold you down. There are many things that can get in the way of business and personal success. One of them is ego. It is something so humane yet can be so misleading. Ego can get in the way in your business success and many successful entrepreneurs have experienced their taste of battling their own ego. It is such a tough challenges to conquer because it is within yourself. However, it can truly damage or break your opportunities tor each your success in business. 

To overcome your ego, you have to aware of your own priority. When running your business, you have your own mission to be prioritized that beyond your ego. Thus, you have to learn how to be logical and objective when facing problems. You are the leader of your business but you are also human who make mistakes. If you cannot openly admit your mistake or you are on the wrong sides, it means you let your ego get in the way. Being the leader of your own business doesn’t make you the smartest or the most experienced. The ability to listening to the others especially your adviser is a quality of a great leader. 

Running your own business also doesn’t mean you have to know everything. It is fine to admit when you don’t know something. Keep in mind that your team are there to work together. You can rely on them as the people who will be by your side in your journey to achieve success. Not to mention that you hire the team members because of their talents as well. They have skills and knowledge you can rely on to overcome obstacles in the business. The bottom line is, being a leader of your team to reach success of the business you run is not easy. What you have to keep in mind is that you always have to prioritize your mission beyond your ego. 

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Luxury Bali Villas, A Perfect Accommodation For Corporate Gathering

Meeting in a closed room, confined to four office walls? It’s no longer the era of confinement and all formalities. Most multinational companies divert meeting rooms whose atmosphere looks tense and scary to a more relaxed atmosphere. Nowadays, many people not only use the villa as a vacation accommodation but also a company meeting place. In fact, Bali is indeed not only a vacation spot but also a place for meetings, conferences, and other business services. Luxury Bali villas offer pleasure with all the warmth and friendliness of the local staff.

Luxury Bali villas with a remarkable view

Luxury Bali Villas, Succeed your business

Who doesn’t want to have fun and do lots of activities while working? Conducting company meetings with all employees is a perfect idea. Sometimes work that is too dense creates stress and as a result, the results are less than the maximum. Deciding on a good company meeting with employees to have fun helps to improve the creativity of employees.

Especially in Bali, company meetings at villas are nothing new. Bali has never disappointed the needs of its clients or even the needs related to corporate connections. In some quiet areas, it is preferred by expats and retirees who are still doing private business activities. Bali villas are very luxurious with amazing facilities and services. Business people might not think twice about using luxury Bali villas to arrange company meetings there.

Other villa services are super-fast internet connections to support company meetings. The completeness of the villa supports a successful company meeting. It is very possible to meet with business partners with a relaxed atmosphere for your business success.

Luxury Bali villas offer the most popular sights for tourists, especially when they are on the beachfront. Even after company meetings, there will be so many things that can be seen and experienced. If your exclusive Bali villas location is in a favorite area such as Seminyak or Kuta, it will be easy to reach the beach area on foot. No need to bother looking for transportation, of course, you do not want to be stuck in traffic in the Seminyak area.

The preparation of company meetings at the villa will not make you inconvenienced. All preparations will be made by the villa staff, including various facilities and services that are likely to be available 24 hours. There is no longer a perfect and pleasant when conducting various company meetings, both between employees and business partners.

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Determine the values of your company

Today, business competition is getting tighter than before. With the expansion of human needs, products provided by the corporations are becoming redundant, too. New products are always come and go, just like their producers. As the consequence of this high competition, there is no doubt that start-up companies tend to disappear in just short period of time. 

However, there are plenty of ways to market your products. Unfortunately, in many cases the problem lies in the core of company’s foundation. Most of the company nowadays focuses more on its customer service only. In fact, customers themselves are becoming more selective with the products they use, particularly since it is very easy to get information about the company’s performance.

If you have or still planning your own business, here are three aspects you can sell as the values of your company. 

Social responsibility

Putting big attention into social responsibility shows that you are a professional businessman who respects and appreciate your surroundings. Be aware of what is happening in the neighbouring areas and set aside small percentage of your company’s profit, as an example for a natural disaster like earthquake. Otherwise, you can directly allocate some funds to charity foundation. 

Labor welfare

What is more important than people who manufacture your products. Their welfare is one of the parameter for company’s success. The rise of smart consumers has emerged the way they buy things. They want to know where the product come from and who have made it. Smart consumers do not only reduce their purchases, but also think about the prosperity of the manufacturers. 

Environmental sustainability

Since the first decades of twentieth century, green movements have been expanding more and more. The delinquency of industrialization era has had a serious impact to our body and ecology. At the same time, environmental sustainability is actually something that a company should be prioritizing of. The fact that several natural damages are caused by corporation make it a good opportunity to use the issue as values of your company. 

It might sound very simple, but many entrepreneurs have forgotten to think by using their consumers’ perspective. Though, in this way, they can determine their values of the company more easily. Always keep in mind that a good business is the one that can satisfy the consumers’ needs by offering a good quality products and by contributing to the communities and environments.

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Job-hunting When You’re on a Work and Holiday Visa in Australia

Vacationing and working one year long in Australia is a privilege travelers from several countries can enjoy. However, finding jobs may not be as a walk in the park as some backpackers have made it here. Depending on the areas you’re going to land in and depending on the field of work you’re applying for, competitors would be tough. In big cities, although job opportunities are abundant, so do the competitors. Here are some general heads up that are generally applicable when you’re job-hunting during your travel:

You’ll make a living whatever work you landed 

Thanks to its relatively high minimum wage compared to many other English-speaking countries, Australians and non-Australians enjoy a wage that actually allows you to live. This is something that actually would make working and traveling in the country entirely possible. With that said, having enough in your savings would make life kinder for you and would prevent you from becoming desperate. 

Get a license or training relevant to the field you’re applying 

Some work will require you to have a license. These jobs include barista, waitress or waiters, forklift drivers, construction workers, and many others. Get a the RSA license (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) right when you get here before you start applying for such jobs. 

If you have a minimum to no experience, consider getting a certification from a training. This would put you ahead of the competitors, especially if you’re looking to land jobs such as a barista. Having some sort of certifications on you would let your employers know that you’re serious about getting this job. 

Curate several different CVs relevant to the jobs you’re applying to 

Like when you’re applying for jobs at home, don’t dump everything you’ve done in one resume. Creating a resume is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement. Your prospective employers just want to know whether you can do the job you’re applying for:

  • Can you make coffee?
  • Can you serve food to customers?
  • Can you handle customers’ complaints?
  • What are your past experiences and training that would support your work? 

Network, network, network!

Word of mouth is the oldest way of finding work. And in some cases, still one of the most effective ways for you in finding a job. Especially when it comes to “casual” jobs like jobs of what most travelers have. Even if you’re applying for roles in office jobs  They did say that “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.” 

Plan your work and travel, then make some adjustments 

What’s your goal when you come here on a working holiday visa? Do you want to save as much as possible (and probably travel somewhere else after that)? Or are you only willing to work for a certain amount of time and enjoy your vacations for the rest of it? 

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself about what you want out of your travel in Australia. How is work opportunity once you arrive and how do you fare in landing jobs? Plan your work and travel arrangement using the experiences you’ve had yourself and from people’s experiences. Make adjustments when needed. 

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Best Diving For Beginners and Learn To Identify Fish

Who doesn’t like to see cute, beautiful and colorful fish? Many types of underwater fish are described in various entertainment, both magazines or television channels. The beauty presented by many entertainments stimulates many people to dare to try challenging activities. Best diving for beginners is one of the best ways to learn the basics of diving to later be able to explore the underwater.

diving for beginners

Diving for beginners is not easy to achieve because there are many factors that need to be prepared. The main thing is mental preparation. Have you ever imagined being under the sea for a long time? For some people, it might be scary, but for professional divers, it is a very pleasant activity.

Plan Your Best Diving for Beginners

Planning your diving training is very important. When choosing a dive site, look for information on whether to enter cold water or warm water diving. For diving lessons for beginners, you should look for diving with warm water. There are many obstacles that are very dangerous if training beginners in the high seas with cold water. Beginner divers who have just really jumped into the open sea, have not been able to control themselves properly and need the guidance of professional instructors appropriately.

When choosing diving training for beginners, other factors that must be considered are safety factors. Not all dive operators guarantee the safety of dive training participants. There are many dive centers with bad service and certainly detrimental to potential divers. A good dive center is to always communicate well and clearly with trainees and be able to maintain when they are in the sea.

Sometimes participants in diving lessons for beginners have confidence constraints. One of the best ways to exercise confidence and comfort in the water is to do swimming and yoga training a few months before starting training. Swimming helps you control your body under water, while yoga helps you learn to focus on breathing. Best diving for beginners will be very easy to pass if some of you can control yourself when first on the high seas, regulate breathing and comfort.

How To Identify Fish?

Best diving for beginners will be perfect where you learn the types of fish. This is a special pleasure when you dive, discovering many types of underwater species that can be learned.


Barracuda, a species of fish that looks around the reef in search of prey. They are silky silver in color and have a deeply forked tail. There are 26 species of barracuda with variations in size, color, and behavior.

Butterflyfish, surgeonfish dan angelfish

These three types of fish have oval and thin body shapes. This fish family is very colorful and has an interesting pattern. One surgeonfish that has a solid pattern. Butterflyfish is a type of fish that is often found on coral reefs throughout the world. Angelfish tend to be larger than the butterfly and surgeon and is a very large fish compound that allows compromising with hundreds of different species.

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Biggest Challenges for Small Business Owners

It is already challenging to run a small business, let alone managing the bigger one. The point is, growing a business will always be challenging no matter the scale is. It may be easier to start a business and everyone can do it anyway. However, managing and growing to reach success is another story. That’s why not many people succeed to reach their goals. In business market, 95% of it is controlled by small and medium-sized enterprises. However, it is such a shame that 50% of small business can’t make it due to many reasons. They can’t even survive in their first four years.

Biggest challenges in small business and how to face them

How to face biggest challenges in small business

There are many reasons why small business owners failed to run their business. Of course, every one of them has their own problems and challenge to face. However, there are biggest challenges that every business owners face. Here are some of them:

  1. Funding challenge is one of the most common and biggest challenges for small business owners. The most important point is the money management and cash flow. You see, business is filled with tight competition, which makes this challenge even more challenging. Thus, lots of small business owners failed due to narrow funding. However, lacking of ample funding is inevitable for small business especially for the beginning. Maintaining cash flow is also hard to face. To solve this problems, the opinions of the experts will help. Using current technology for money management is also good solution for this challenge.
  2. Another biggest challenges for small business owners is proper marketing. There are various strategies for marketing that small business owners can use. However, with so many options on the plate make it harder to choose proper marketing. To deal with this challenge, it is highly advised to use technology such as digital marketing to improve the result.
  3. Next challenge in small business is to target customers precisely. With digital era, customer-orientation is the center of modern business. However, targeting market is not as simple as it sounds. The point is, small business owners should show their own unique colors to attract targeted customers. It is important to research targeted clients beforehand. Use the right channels to reach clients then find out what they really need. Then, it is important for small business owners to express their creativity. It is also important to retain existing customers to gain their loyalty.
  4. Next biggest challenge in small business is leadership. A business should be run by a team and a team will function with proper leader. A leader should have quality and ability to see the big picture of the business. It is not only the customers that should be taken into consideration in every decision. Employees are also important part of business that can be the key of success of the business. Thus, it is important to have strategic leadership that can lead the team to work efficiently. The qualities that the leader should have include willing to listen, spread positive energy to motivate others, and knowledgeable.
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Need to Learn Surfing For the First Time? Go For A Surf Camp!

Life providing us many choices including what will be the best way you think you will spend the holidays. In case you have a phobia for being in the seawater at the coastal area or things relevant to it, I won’t really insist you to fight that phobia. That’s not really my domain even though I will give my hands for you. The surf camp idea itself shouldn’t be a force for everyone. You deserve to spend your time in a better vacation, no matter what the way will be.

One of the popular special interest travel package is for those who need and want to learn surfing even as the first timer in life. The travel idea is called as a surf camp where it is actually a course for surfing activities completed with accommodation, transportation, things to do and the others to make travelers will really spend their holidays in more fun and enjoyable ways.

Surf camp itself have been a travel idea for years and now it is getting more exposure where even the non-surfers are possible to involve in and being in a class that mostly will be located at the sandy beach with professional, certified and experienced surf instructor.

Why the non-surfers should participate in a surf camp vacation?

Think about that a surf camp itself is not only about yourself. You are going for having fun with new people since the course will be in a small group. You can communicate and interact with new people you have never met before and it may will be the best way to make friends while spending your holidays. It is one of the travel idea where you can’t really get your social life away whether you are the surfer or not.

Why the non-surfers should join in a surf camp?

Since a surf camp is also a course to know how to surf, who would have guessed that the skills you are going to get can be interesting for you and are possible to be the things that can help you to get a job in the future. And yes, being a surfer, surf instructor, or else are the worth-living job as the others.

Imagine if the non-surfer teenagers or kids will be introduced to a surf camp since earlier, it can even be their way of life, where they think they want to work and all other relevant job aspects instead of just a way to spend the holidays.

But even though that a surf camp will only be a travel idea among the others, don’t you think that experiencing it once in a lifetime will be worthy? Trust me, seeing people riding the waves is always interesting for many of us, what could happen if that will be you? Beside that, breaking the waves or rolled by it to the bottom is pretty much challenging.

Should you be an adult to be in a surf camp?

Surf camp for teens, kids, and adults

I have gave you an example on above that a surf camp can even be experienced by the non-surfer teenagers. It doesn’t even matter if you are a school kid, there are so many kids and teens surf camps for you.

It is also doesn’t matter if you are an adult guy who happen to be inspired to learn about surfing. Everyone is welcome and it is one of the sport and course where genders and ages aren’t really the important things to think about.

I know that you may won’t be in a surf camp course with school teenagers as part of your team. That will really harm your pride as an adult. Even though I don’t takes it as an issue, you can always choose in which adult team you are possible to join it.

So, a surf camp is surely for everyone from the kids to the adult people. From the non-surfers to the advanced and professional surfers who need to improve their surfing skills. And that’s why you will need to go out for surfing even though it will be your first time ever. It is fun, interesting, and challenging at the same time for even those who are just learn about it for the first time.

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