A Glimpse of Life in Komodo Sailing Trip

If a simple life by the sea sounds compelling, you might one to consider taking Komodo sailing trip for your next journey. Sailing around the world is one of the ultimate daydream and romantic notions for many. And when you combine the flowing savannah hills with Jurassic-Looking landscape of Komodo National Park into the picture, the dream becomes even more appealing.

 A Life in Komodo Sailing Trip

Travelers flock to Flores to enjoy the beauty of the Komodo National Park, and many of them decide to sail off the Flores Sea for the whole week. This idea might sounds strange for you. despite the joy of sailing and adventuring. What is the best sleeping arrangement? How would you do the toilet business? Can you have electronic access above the water?

Meet Your Komodo Sailing Trips Crews

You have book that boat. Scheduled that itinerary. Pay the down-payment. Now it’s time to meet your tour leader and the crews. It’s gonna be the beginning of your adventure. Your tour leader will inform you the meeting point, where you will also meet the rest of the group. Learn their names and make friends! These people will be your adventure buddies for the whole trip! From the meeting point, you might need to take chartered cars (or other means of transportation) and set off to find the boat. The next thing you know, you’ll have been out rolling in the vast sea.

Is there Any Electrical Supply?

Oh, curse is upon us the modern generations who cannot survive a single day without electrical supply. You might think how would you survive in the middle of the sea with no screens to keep you entertained. Luckily, bigger and newer boats are now built with all facilities to present better Komodo sailing trip experience. They are equipped with electrical sockets to charge devices and run air conditioner fan, or water heater. Camera and smartphones are usually priority devices to get charged. You need to bring your own universal travel adaptor to connect with the Indonesian socket.

However, we cannot say the same for internet signals, though. Sometimes you will let go the internet signal; especially when you are going to much remote areas. Look at the bright side. Isn’t it a perfect chance to undergo a digital detox and immerse better to the awesome nature at your surrounding?


Sleeping on the Sailing Trip

When you are looking for Komodo sailing trip, choose boats that are built with spacious cabins. It’s important to maintain a good sleep and your general well being during a long sailing trip jam-packed with activities. Smaller boats usually only has two cabins with mattresses and bunkbeds for everyone—and for cheaper price. Bigger boats usually has nicer cabins for two or three with very comfy spring beds and portholes. For once, try to sleep under the stars in the open deck. Gaze to Flores clear, pollution-free night sky, where million of stars twinkling brightly against the dark sky.


The Bathroom Business

Assuming you are cruisng in bigger and modern boat, your toilet routine won’t necessarily change much. Toilets on board are equipped with clean water and tissue. Just remember to put used tissues in the bin instead of flushing it down the toilet. Otherwise you’ll cause a terrible clogging. It’s important to remember that the water is limited, so put it into a good use. Always turn off the water whenever it’s not on use.

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