Biggest Challenges for Small Business Owners

It is already challenging to run a small business, let alone managing the bigger one. The point is, growing a business will always be challenging no matter the scale is. It may be easier to start a business and everyone can do it anyway. However, managing and growing to reach success is another story. That’s why not many people succeed to reach their goals. In business market, 95% of it is controlled by small and medium-sized enterprises. However, it is such a shame that 50% of small business can’t make it due to many reasons. They can’t even survive in their first four years.

Biggest challenges in small business and how to face them

How to face biggest challenges in small business

There are many reasons why small business owners failed to run their business. Of course, every one of them has their own problems and challenge to face. However, there are biggest challenges that every business owners face. Here are some of them:

  1. Funding challenge is one of the most common and biggest challenges for small business owners. The most important point is the money management and cash flow. You see, business is filled with tight competition, which makes this challenge even more challenging. Thus, lots of small business owners failed due to narrow funding. However, lacking of ample funding is inevitable for small business especially for the beginning. Maintaining cash flow is also hard to face. To solve this problems, the opinions of the experts will help. Using current technology for money management is also good solution for this challenge.
  2. Another biggest challenges for small business owners is proper marketing. There are various strategies for marketing that small business owners can use. However, with so many options on the plate make it harder to choose proper marketing. To deal with this challenge, it is highly advised to use technology such as digital marketing to improve the result.
  3. Next challenge in small business is to target customers precisely. With digital era, customer-orientation is the center of modern business. However, targeting market is not as simple as it sounds. The point is, small business owners should show their own unique colors to attract targeted customers. It is important to research targeted clients beforehand. Use the right channels to reach clients then find out what they really need. Then, it is important for small business owners to express their creativity. It is also important to retain existing customers to gain their loyalty.
  4. Next biggest challenge in small business is leadership. A business should be run by a team and a team will function with proper leader. A leader should have quality and ability to see the big picture of the business. It is not only the customers that should be taken into consideration in every decision. Employees are also important part of business that can be the key of success of the business. Thus, it is important to have strategic leadership that can lead the team to work efficiently. The qualities that the leader should have include willing to listen, spread positive energy to motivate others, and knowledgeable.
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4 Reasons Bali Luxury Villas Perfect For Wedding

Bali is the dream destination of all people from all over the world, whether on vacation, staying, honeymoon or for marriage. Nobody doubts the beauty and uniqueness of Bali. In fact, there is no other island in Indonesia that can match the popularity of the island of the gods. The beauty of nature, tradition and thick culture is the reason why many people always want to return to Bali. Bali luxury villas are one of the accommodations that are in great demand by tourists, both domestic and international.

Bali luxury villas always offer luxury, tranquility and more privacy for family holidays, groups and even weddings. It is balanced with the wedding agency industry which continues to grow to make it easier to prepare for a wedding. The quality of wedding vendors in Bali is able to rival other big city vendors in Indonesia, even the world. Let’s see why many brides and even vendors recommend Bali villas as the perfect place for weddings.

Bali Luxury Villas Can Show Panorama Beauty

Viewed from various sides, the island of Bali is always beautiful to see. From the beach to the cliffs with panoramic views of the beach and even the Indian Ocean, it becomes a not boring sight. In terms of photography, amazing scenery produces photos that are perfect for wedding gifts.

Villa with complete and luxurious facilities

Villas compete to win the bride and groom by providing luxurious facilities, a combination of modernization and Balinese culture. Bali is not the only beautiful island in Indonesia or the world, but in terms of facilities and infrastructure, Bali is more than adequate. Exclusive Bali villas offer a simple but grand and unforgettable wedding.

Perfect For Intimate Wedding

An intimate wedding is becoming a trend nowadays and is starting to be followed by many brides around the world. Certainly, Bali is the choice for a beautiful and unforgettable wedding. Couples from big cities prefer beautiful weddings on a small scale and are specially packaged in Bali luxury villas.

Many people’s favorite islands

Everyone easily falls in love with Bali. The wealth of culture, tradition, and friendliness of the local people has attracted the attention of the world. There is never a feeling of boredom to come back to Bali. There are many tourist spots for you to explore at any time starting from beaches, clubs, bars, international standard restaurants and studying the daily lives of local residents.

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Property Downturn and the Lessons to Learn

It is common to experience ups and downs in running a business including property investment. It is like a cycle that you cannot avoid because that’s how it works.

Every downturn may affect differently to every individual investor. Some of them are significantly affected to the point they cannot get back to where they were.

Some of them successfully survive and continue expanding their investment. It depends on each individual situation regarding to financial setting and other crucial factors.

However, there are always some lessons you can learn from a property downturn. Thus, it is not always a bad thing.

What to learn from a property downturn

There are things you can actually learn from property downturn. So whenever it happens to you, you won’t feel too helpless because there will be something you can gain even if it is not in a form of financial benefit.

Remember that property business has its cycle more or less. The cycle is always about downturn, stabilization, and upturn.

Things to learn from property downturn

There is also possibility for a property cycle to boom. However, it may take years after severe downturn for it to truly happen in a property market. The point is, each period is cycled.

It means, the downturn won’t last forever. A downturn is one part of the cycle so it will change eventually.

What to learn is how to be more prepared to face the downturn so your investment won’t get affected significantly.

What you can learn from a property downturn is that short term factors are not what can help you to survive, the long-term strategies are.

Through property downturn you will learn that cash flow is not the only important thing to survive. In fact, capital growth of your portfolio plays more important role. Following long-term strategies will save you from severe loss during a downturn.

You need to keep in mind that property investment business is a finance game.

Thus, every step you take needs to be calculated. Your finance structure needs to be solid and correct in order to be ready to face a downturn in property market. It is also highly recommended to be prepared with financial buffer so you still have financial source you can rely on during a crisis.

A property downturn will teach you that location of property is more important than the price.

Most investors focus on getting property investment with low price. However, that type of investment property rarely survive whenever a downturn happens.

Buying investment grade property at the right location with healthy local economic growth is more recommended. Investment grade property has been proved to be more resilient to break during a downturn.

The market has its phases.

However, smart investors won’t budge just because of that. You need to be creative and smart investors who focus on growing portfolios and investing in the right properties that match your financial situation.

Making long-term strategies is also the key to survive from any phase happening in the market. This way, you will always be steps ahead of the average.

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How to Lease Your Property Properly

Leasing your property sounds easy. However, it is not easy as it looks especially if you don’t want to suffer from financial loss. Making mistakes is common during your journey in running your property investment. However, some mistakes are preventable so it just makes sense if you find out what they are and how to prevent those mistakes to happen. Renting out your property is one of the best strategy to earn steady income each month. Even if it is kind of your part-time job, it will earn you good extra money for sure if you do it right.

Leasing property the right way

If you are new into property business, it is easy to feel intimidated of many things such as property market, tenancy, agreement, etc. however, there is always time to learn and improve. If you decide to lease your property, you need to know what can make it successful.

Owning a property for investment means it is your business to run. Before anything else, you need to seriously treat it like real business. Rental business can be profitable and successful if you treat it properly like the way it is supposed to be. It also means you need to build relationship with your tenants professionally. Communication needs to be built effectively to achieve what kind of business of rental property you want to grow.

Leasing your property looks easy that you think you can do it alone. However, it is not that simple. You need the real team to manage your property investment business properly. In renting out your property to tenant, you need a team consisted at least of property managers and accountant. Property managers can help you managing property and the tenants. They will make sure the property stay in good condition and tenants pay on time. Accountant can help you managing your financial situation.

If you fund your property purchase using mortgage, it means you need to pay regularly each month. There is total amount of the loan and interest payments. Thus, you need to be careful in deciding the amount of the rent you want to charge to your tenants. It is not only mortgage you need to consider in deciding how much you charge for the rent. Local market, fee for the team (such as property manager you hire) and there are other factors that should be taken into consideration.

It is important to lease your property under written contract. Verbal or gesture contract won’t guarantee the security and legality of tenancy agreement. Thus, you need to make sure to document everything. Not making written agreement is like very crucial mistake you are not allowed to do. Remember that your property investment is business. Treating like one means you need to handle everything legally.

Another important thing to do to gain successful leasing of your property is always attentive to your tenants. Make sure that the property stay in good living condition. You also need to be immediate in attending urgent repairs. Nice tenants only deserve nice property and vice versa.

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List of the Easiest Business to Start

Do you know that there are the easiest businesses to start? As we all know, there are many people who think that businesses are all hard and complicated. There are also many people who think that if you want to start a business, then you need a lot of money and a very smart brain. However, the fact is that you do not need a lot of money to start a business. When this is your first time starting a business, then it is best for you to start easy businesses as a practice. If you happen to want to start a business but you do not want to do some hard and complicated businesses, then you better keep on reading this article. We will give you a list of recommended easy business to do.

Pet Walking and Sitting Business

The first easy business which you can do is pet walking business. For your information, there are so many families which at least have one pet. However, most of the families are busy with their work so they can watch their pet or even discipline them. This is where you get your chance. You can offer these families to walk or to watch their pet for a day. It is even better if you can also discipline their pets so that you can get more income.

Wedding Consultant Business

The next easiest business to start is by opening a wedding consultant business. We all know that planning a wedding can be a huge hassle. Stress will come to grooms and brides when they plan their whole wedding. This can be your chance to shine. You can help these grooms and brides by being their wedding consultant. In this business, you do not need a lot of money. You can just use your smartphone and internet and also creativity to get what the groom and the bride want.

Personal Assistant

No, we are not talking about being a personal assistant in a big company. We are talking about being a personal assistant for some busy families. We live in a time where both of the parents are working and do not have time for other things except for their work. This is the time when you can step in and help them. You can help them by running errands, pick their kids off from school or school activities, or many other things. You can start by mailing introductory letters to well-to-do neighborhoods in your area.

Resume Writer

The last easy business which you can do is by being a resume writer. College juniors and seniors are always having a hard time writing their resume to apply for some jobs. You can help them by writing their resume. Although you can only get around $50 to $250, it is a good start and you can get enough pocket money while looking for other business ideas.

Those are the list of the easiest businesses to start. The most important thing is that you need to be comfortable when you do the business so that you can give a positive aura and get more income.

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Recommended Bali Villas for Your Perfect Holiday

Holiday in Bali is like a dream come true. Not only this place is magical but the accommodation is also the best especially villas. You can choose one of the best Bali villas to stay at during your holiday. Each villa usually offer different features and services. Of course, it influence the price you should pay. However, most villas in Bali are relatively affordable. There are some people who think that staying at resorts for family vacation is more cost-efficient. However, staying at villa can save you money due to reasonable price comparing to luxury hotels or resorts.

Bali villas for recommendation you can choose

Looking for villas in Bali is not hard. The most challenging thing is that how you can find the one that fits your needs and wants. Since there are numerous villas in Bali, you will be faced with many options. Therefore, make sure you know what you want to narrow down the choice. If you already know what you want for a perfect villa to book, here is for your recommendation:

  • Wonderful Villa is located in Kuta. Just like its name, it is a wonderful place to stay for a perfect holiday in Bali. This villa has modern concept. Everything looks trendy and stylish. On top of that, the infinity pool is what draws the attention of guests. Another interesting part of this villa is the vibrant palette to its bots exterior and interior. Playful and comfy vibe radiate the entire place just perfect. It consists of three bedrooms completed with attached bathrooms. The amenities are satisfying and just perfect for what you need.
  • Bali Corner Residence is where you can live a life like a king even though for temporary. This place is just stunning. Balinese regality can be felt through the entire place. Balinese royalty meets Spanish splendor and they blend perfectly fine. The room is decorated with antique furniture, ornate chandelier, and draped curtains. There is also private pool for you to bask in. this villa is family-friendly that your kids can play around the terrace and garden.
  • Katana Villa is perfect for those who seek for adventure. It consists of three bedrooms decorated with the element of the wild. Of course, you will be enjoying artistic amenities as well. The style is a perfect blend of modern and nature. There is Jacuzzi for you to relax. From the bedroom, you can overlook the view of the mountains in HD since it is literally majestic. This villa is situated in Amed, Karangasem.
  • Savatthi Villas is the right choice if you are looking for peaceful atmosphere. This villa is surrounded by rice paddies. Thus, you will be greeted with the lush green field every morning. This villa has rustic charm which brings more comfort. Consist of three bedrooms, this villa is completed with private pool for you to soak in. During your lazy days, you can stroll in the paddies. This villa is not far from the main attraction of Bali, Ubud Monkey Forest and Elephant Cave.
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What Should You Do during Property Downturn

When you are involved in property business, you must have known that there is a time when property downturn happens. For those who are much more experience in this field, property downturn is not a new thing to handle. You see, there is always influence between the flows of your property business with current situation in the market. When things go wrong in the market, it can cause some stress and anxiety amongst investors especially those who have never experience a downturn before. However, it is also important to remember that that’s how the market works. It works in cycle, so a downturn is inevitable somehow.

Handling situation during property downturn

Even though it is a cycle of the market, a downturn can lead to stress which lead to another poor decision making. It is because every investor care a lot about their investment. Sure property downturn can influence the business more or less. However, it doesn’t mean that your career in property investment will just vanish. There are still things you can do to handle the situations.

What Should You Do during Property Downturn

Get in Clear Mind

Instead of panicking, try to find out more about the nature of the property cycle. Lots of investors often goes overdrive because they don’t really understand the cycle. Thus, they don’t know what to do when the situation ensue. Remember that everything goes in cycle. It means a property downturn won’t last forever. There will always be a time when property values rise. Every situation happens in the market is temporary. As long as you can tackle down minor problems and survive the period, your business won’t get affected too much.

Arrange Strategy

Lots of investors handle the situation during a downturn by simply jump shopping and selling up their investment. However, that is kind of rash decision. You can find another strategy to survive the situation. Try to focus more on why you initially invested in property. This will give you a light of what to do to overcome the situation. At least you can find a solution to prolong your business until the situation gets better.

Keep Calm and Find the Way

Instead of panicking, try to be strategic in handling the situation. It is true that you need to plan strategies right from the beginning of your investment. Those kind of strategies are your fundamentals in building and establishing your business in property. Do not deter from a sudden news of property downturn in the market. If you have strong fundamentals and strategies from the beginning, the situation won’t affect you to the point that your business will be ruined. For example, buying investment grade property is a long term strategy that will make you survive with string demand no matter what the current situation is.

Make Decision with Logic

Do not act on your fear no matter how hard it sounds. Try to think logically and make calculative decision. Do not take any decision when you are in panic mode. It will lead you to poor decision making. Do not get swayed by money illusion as well because it sometimes can put you into more panic mode that you act carelessly.

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Bali Peaceful Gateway: Best Hotels in Seminyak for Singles

Best hotels in Seminyak for singles is the ideal option to choose from if what you’d want to do is have a peaceful holiday you deserve. Seminyak is a neighborhood that you’d love to browse through if you’re into lifestyle establishments. What are your options?

Where to stay in Seminyak Bali

Seminyak is among the hippest districts in Bali. The streets are brimming with designer boutiques of fashion, jewelry, furniture, and lifestyle. Choosing Seminyak compared to the more popular Kuta and Legian area are a wise move. Especially if you don’t want to deal with crazy traffic virtually every night. Choose a hotel that both accommodates you and does not give you a headache.

Best Hotels in Seminyak for singles: Getting your much-deserved time to yourself

A dedicated me-time is different from one person to another. There are those who gravitate towards social establishments. But there are also those who appreciate an immersive time to themselves. Picking hotels for singles in Seminyak is not difficult. The area has its fair share of both luxury resorts and hotels, as well as solid options for budget travelers.

Who wants to deal with couples with children surrounding you during vacation?

Children can be loud. Some people may not mind this. But for those of you who crave some quiet and peace, being surrounded by couples and children may not be an ideal way of spending your vacation. Best hotels in Seminyak for singles would be a more ideal option for you.

Bali has a virtually limitless options

Bali is filled with wonderful, luxurious resorts for families along with family-friendly facilities. Of course, it does not stop there. There are numerous places that are excellent for solo travelers. These options are great for those who enjoy their solitude but will be ready to jump into as a social butterfly into the scene when the occasion calls for it. These hotels can be those that are popular with youngsters. But hotels in Bali mostly have a large range of mixed guests from young people to retired couples. A solid option would be going for a boutique hotel or boutique resorts. The fewer number of rooms make these boutique establishments so much more suitable for peace-seekers.

What are your options?

Popular with youngsters, Breezes Resort Bali is one option you could go for. Located at the heart of Seminyak, very close to the Double Six beach and an abundance of Bali entertainment scene—without the headache and suffocation that Kuta has. Other places you could check out are Oberoi Beach Resort; featuring a luxurious and peaceful scene with Balinese architecture, TS Suites Leisure, and IZE Seminyak, among other options.

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Handling Emergencies in Your Rental Property

Renting your property to tenant won’t always be rainbow and sunshine. Even the agreement won’t as white and black as you thought due to circumstances. Of course, everything can be handled with agreement and contract you and your tenants have been signed from the beginning of the lease. However, sometimes situations can be different especially when emergencies come into the picture. It is easy to misinterpret the law because they are different between non-urgent and urgent repairs. Misinterpretation can lead to misunderstanding and cause some tension between tenants and landlord. As property owner, you have responsibilities to handle everything well.

How to handle urgent repairs

Sometimes, there might be times when your tenants suddenly order their own repairs because they consider it as emergency even if it is legally not. Sometimes, there is disagreement to define emergency from tenant’s and landlord’s point of view. Another example is when landlord delay repair within period the tenants consider as inappropriate. Those are problems related to emergency situations regardless if it’s misinterpreted or misunderstood by one of both parties. Here are tips to handle emergencies:

  • As a landlord and property owner, you should always be prepared for every possible things. You should has a plan in writing between yourself, your tenants, and your property manager. The plan should be able to outline the right and proper procedures when emergencies occur. In the agreement, you should specifically state about how to cover the repairs considered as emergencies. It should also define clearly the course of action to take to deal with emergencies. It is even better if you put in contact details for your preferred tradesmen. This way, the tenants don’t necessarily need to reach you or property manager especially when you are out of reach during emergency situations (repairs).
  • If emergencies occur and you or your property manager are out of reach, your tenants can pay for the repairs. However, they can ask for reimbursement from you as a landlord. Each state has different law to decide the amount the tenants can pay out of their own pocket for emergency repairs. You can also sort it out in your lease agreement so that everything is already crystal clear from the beginning.
  • As property owner, you should remind your tenants that they should never hire the services of tradesmen without your permission for basic repairs. This point should be included in the lease agreement.
  • If you are unsure how to make the proper contract that can cover all important matters in the lease agreement, you can ask some advice from professional. This not uncommon for landlord to find it challenging to make the right agreement or lease contract because it also needs to be tailored to the state and territory your property is in.
  • You can also prevent emergency repairs by conducting regular inspection and maintenance. Thus, it can prevent potential issues before they can really turn into emergency. You just have to remember that the contract is what protect you as well as your tenants.
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Recommended Seminyak Villas Luxury Vacation in Bali

Having vacation in Bali is the right thing to do if you want a full-package holiday. Bali has everything you need for enjoyable and memorable holiday. There are many attractions to enjoy which are beautiful, unique, and sometime even bizarre. However, all is attractive and interesting to explore. Thus, you also need proper accommodation so that you can stay in Bali during holiday comfortably. Seminyak villas luxury vacation are recommended because this is popular area for international tourists. Thus, everything you need is within walking distance. Villas are also great choice because then you will enjoy staying in Bali with more friendly and homey environment.

Best Seminyak villas luxury vacation to stay in

It is common to feel like you want to stay in Bali longer than what you have already planned. It is common for tourists to choose long term vacation in Bali, especially Seminyak since it offers raw and majestic beauty that you cannot compare anywhere else. If you are looking for villas to accommodate your stay in Bali, here are some recommended places you can book:

  • Casa Brio has unique vibe to its style because it is designed with contemporary style. The living space is generous so that you can bring your group of friend or families for long vacation in Bali. There are four bedrooms with glamorous design to give you best experience during your rest. There is also a 21-metre pool for you to enjoy for relaxing your muscle after venturing around Bali. The location is only five minute walk to the nearest beach. Thus, you can go visiting the beach anytime. Not to mention, Seminyak has one of the best sunsets to witness.
  • Lakshmi Villas has romantic and stylish vibe to every villa. One of the best about this villa is that the strategic location which allows you to wander around various places with ease. Everything you need of cosmopolitan Seminyak delights are on its doorsteps. In the back of the bedroom, you can enjoy you time relaxing in private pool surrounded by lush greens. This is a great place to spend with your partner for romantic retreat.
  • Villa Ramadewa is recommended place to stay in Seminyak Bali. It has 3 bedrooms with luxurious style and design to indulge every guest. The prime location is the highlight of this villa. You can reach Petitenget Beach anytime since it is not far from the villa. This villa is designed in contemporary style blended with traditional Balinese style. Thus, it brings unique vibe which can make you feel good all the time.
  • Villa Shambala is one of the most strategically located Seminyak villas luxury vacation. However, it is more secluded and private than other villas. Therefore, it is nice option for you to pick if you are planning to have serene and peaceful holiday in Bali. It has tropical grounds along with spacious living space. Therefore, the seclusion only makes it more private and intimate. You don’t dwell with the buzz and crowd and rest comfortably. Not to mention spacious pool with rows of coconut trees on each side.
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