Open Secret While Stay In Bali Villas For Rent

Many people have favorite area places on vacation while in Bali. Planning a vacation to Bali is very easy. Information on favorite places, accommodations, transportation, and destinations that happen to you can be explored by browsing the internet. Many secrets are unknown to tourists, especially those who are just trying to vacation in Bali. Negative and positive reviews about Bali sometimes make tourists confused. One thing is for sure, the best and most popular accommodation today is looking for Bali villas for rent.

Bali Villas For Rent

Bali villas for rent offers something more than just a place to sleep. There are many facilities and services provided to pamper guests. Many choices of bedrooms ranging from 1-8 bedrooms. Whether you are honeymooning, group, family vacation or with friends, Bali villas for rent can be a reference and recommendations for perfect accommodation. There are many things that can be obtained around Bali villas for rent.

Bali Villas For Rent, Ubud Area

Ubud is a place that many people are proud of because of its beauty. Believe it or not, in fact, Ubud offers more than just natural beauty. You can enjoy terraced rice fields and terraced mountains around Bali villas for rent. Ubud is the perfect place to see Balinese traditional dance, customs and culture up close. Visiting Benoa village can complete your holiday in Bali. Where tourists can watch the most talented dancers and musicians in Bali.

Bali villas for rent in the Ubud area are perfect for tourists who want to enjoy tranquility and relaxation. Look for Bali villas for rent in the local residential area, and enjoy the unique and impressive atmosphere in Ubud.

Bali Villas For Rent In Seminyak

Who doesn’t know the Seminyak area? Seminyak is inversely proportional to Ubud. Seminyak is a place for you to enjoy the night world. Lights, music and sometimes drunk tourists decorate the night activities in the Seminyak area. Enjoying the beachfront at sunset is the best in Seminyak. Cafes and clubs are always open to tourists who want to enjoy the enchanting sunset.

Rent Villas in Uluwatu, Jimbaran, and Nusa Dua Area

Are you reluctant to travel far but want to enjoy peace and relaxation? Uluwatu can be the right choice for you. You can travel 1-1.5 hours from an international airport. The atmosphere offered is not as unique as in Ubud, but you can enjoy the serenity in the Uluwatu area. Instead of wanting to walk around the villas for rent in the Uluwatu area, you can enjoy the best beaches for surfing like Padang-Padang. You can also enjoy the sunset in various cafes.

Uluwatu, popular with cafes open sea views and even Indian ocean views. This can be the perfect holiday during your stay at Bali villas for rent in the Uluwatu area. You can travel 1/2 hour to enjoy seafood in the Jimbaran area. You can also find beaches along southern Bali in the Ungasan and Nusa Dua areas such as Melasti Beach, Pandawa Beach and others.

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Learning More about Investing in Raw Land

In property business, there are different asset you can choose to invest in. One of them is raw land. Most people are more interested in rental property investment but this asset is also promising if you know how to do it just right. At first, this type of investment was frowned upon business investing. However, it has become more popular these days. For investors who want to earn steady income, this investment is a great choice. Investing in raw land means you purchase undeveloped land without any physical property. This is why it is called raw. However, many investors consider this as a blank canvass. Thus, there are many potential that investors can draw to earn more profit in the future. Raw land has more potential than you think because you can develop it more to your liking so it will fit the investment.

Learning More about Investing in Raw Land

Benefits of investing in raw land


As mentioned earlier that this investment is promising. It gives benefits if you know exactly how to work for it. Here are some of potential benefits investors will gain from investing in raw land:


  • It requires low cost both for purchasing and maintaining. Since it is a raw land, the price is lower than the one when there is physical property built on it. Besides, raw land is easier to maintain so the cost for regular maintenance is less expensive.
  • Since this is not the type of investment for all investors, the competition then less fierce. Thus, you will gain more chances to earn your potential benefits and profit. There is competition but at least it is not as tight as in rental property investment.
  • Raw land investment is more flexible. You can either build physical property on it or just hold it as it is. If you want to earn more, you may need to develop the land to something more potential. You can build any type of property to complete the land. Or, you can just hold it and sell it again which can earn you the profit you deserve.
  • Investing in raw land means you have more potential to earn passive income. This can be a great idea for those who are near to retirement and looking for suitable investment which doesn’t require high maintenance and price.


Investing in raw land is promising but there are still risks just like any type of investment. That is why it can grow wide if you commit to due diligence. It is important to think thoroughly before purchasing raw land. While you are looking for potential land, you need to consider what you will do afterwards. As an investor, you can do many things with your raw land as your asset. You can buy and hold it, least it, or even develop it. Then, it is important to diligently organize your finance. Make sure you make evaluation of your finance. You need to make saving money as your habit because the profit won’t come right away after you buy raw land.


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Stick to Commit to Manage Personal Budget in Running Property Business

Managing your personal budget is important to do especially when you are an entrepreneur or real estate investor. Finance is essential key for you to achieve your goal in this business. It is true that you can start property business or investing even when you don’t have much money since you can get a loan. However, you need established finance to keep going on.

Manage personal budget in running property business

Creating your personal budget is a bridge to help you achieve the goals you set. For your information, not every investor is willing to create the goals and commit to it. While it’s true that financial goals are not easy, it is not impossible thing to achieve.

What to do to be more expert in managing your personal budget for property business?

Here are some simple steps of what you need to do in order to manage your personal budget and commit to it in order to earn financial goals in your property business:

  • First thing first, you need to write down your goals. It may sound so cliché and impractical. However, this is the right way for you to define your goals. Thus, your goals are not only in your mind but stated clearly on paper. You can set your own goals in this matter. For example, you may need to write investment goals, personal finance goals, business finance goals, or even saving goals. Set a timeline on each goal so you have schedule to follow.
  • Once you finish writing down your goals, you can ask your partner or peers to discuss it with you. It is not to find weakness in your goals but to get a sense of accountability. You and others can share thought about the goals and your strategies to achieve them. By discussing, you may get better ideas of what to do. This is also great idea not only for you but others as well. You can motivate each other and hold accountable.
  • Recheck your goals and find any loops or obstacles you possibly face in the future. There is always obstacle in every effort especially when it comes to finance management. However, you need to find out the possible solution aside from obstacles. Thus, your plan will be balance.
  • It is highly suggested not to procrastinate your routine in managing your personal budget. Follow every routine you need to do in order to keep your finance grow and steady. Procrastination is one of the most common reasons of investors failing in their attempt to achieve their financial goals. While doing your task, you need to keep on tab of the progress.
  • Find a way to give yourself a reward when you successfully achieve your financial goals. This is how you appreciate yourself for your hard work. This will keep you motivated to do better. Another thing to do to stay motivated is to think positive is to give yourself consequences when you slack off. This is like an attempt to be more committed to what you have planned.
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Reducing Utility Bills of Your Real Estate Investment

Investing in property is promising but before you can earn your monthly income or extraordinary profit, you need to maintain your property. It also means that you will need to pay for the utility bills which can cost a lot. This may not be a terrible problem if you own a small property as your investment. However, this can make your head dizzy if you own several properties. It means you need to smartly determine what kind of strategy to reduce the utility bills at its finest. Even for a simple homeowner paying utility bills is still a hassle especially when it cost a lot.

Reducing Utility Bills of Your Real Estate Investment

Tips to reduce utility bills of your real estate investment


Your real estate is your asset. It will earn you money in the time but you still have to pay for the utility bills along the process. You may search everywhere about how to reduce utility bills so that your finance will still in the safe line. However, reducing utility bills doesn’t need to be done with complicated ways. You can take small actions which is impactful in reducing the cost. Here are some tips to do it:


  • If your property used water heater, it is recommended to lower the heat. Water warming accounts a lot in energy consumption. Setting your water temperature lower will allow you get small changes in your utility bills. Recommended temperature for water is at 120 degrees. Aside from reducing your energy bills, lowering your water heater temperature also helps in preventing unwanted injury especially towards children.
  • Use natural resource to something that benefits your property. For example, you can reduce the use of heating by using overgrown greenery. Tall trees and other greeneries surrounding your property will prevent it from unwanted wind or chilly air especially during winter. Thus, you can reduce the use of heating system in your property or at least lower the temperature. This helps in lowering your energy bill.
  • Another way to reduce your utility bills is to unplug your gadgets. If you think your big gadget only affect to the increased energy bills then you are wrong because small and unused gadgets are more responsible in draining energy. It is a big contribution in energy lost per year. Thus, it is recommended to unplug unnecessary gadgets such as microwaves, video games, or battery chargers. You can do small thing in order to reduce energy consumption and utility bills by unplugging unused gadgets. This is not a bi action. However, it is about habit. If you have habit to keep the battery chargers plugged in then it is time to change.
  • Another simple way to reduce energy bills is by insulating your electric outlets properly. When your electric outlets are not properly insulated, it will create more space for cold air to enter through. Thus, it results in more temperature of heat needed to warm the room. Therefore, it is suggested to remove the cover plate to seal off drafts. You can even do it yourself.


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Disadvantages of Living in Cul-de-Sacs

While cul-de-sacs used to be all the rage in the real estate industry, it does not seem to be the case anymore these days. More and more people avoid cul-de-sacs for a number of reasons. So while cul-de-sacs arguably will always have a place in the real estate market, the appeal has been narrowed down to certain homebuyers, instead of the general mainstream appeal it used to boast.

Disadvantages of living in Cul-de-Sacs

What are the reasons for people who avoid cul-de-sacs area or are put off by it?


It’s an excellent place for people who have kids, and arguably a lot of people who specifically look for homes in cul-de-sacs area, but in turn, this reason is exactly the turn off for a certain portion of the market. Those who have a family or those who are planning to have kids are attracted to cul-de-sacs, but apparently, not elderly people and people who don’t like kids.

Kids are generally loud and some people avoid neighborhoods in which a lot of kids can freely roam about the place. That’s exactly what cul-de-sacs is.

There’s also a big potential of property damage since cul-de-sacs is the neighborhood’s literal playground. Balls flying to neighbor’s windows would not be the first story you’ve heard in a cul-de-sacs area. This is especially apparent during summer.

Kids who play in the cul-de-sacs area are not just kids whose house is there. Children from the middle of the block often come playing as they join their friends. You’d likely have a double the amount of kids from the whole street.

(Other People’s) Cars and Parking

While cul-de-sacs prevent a lot of strangers’ cars passing to and fro your area, the ‘privacy’ it offers also mean your neighbor’s visitors can park in front of your doors. A lot of people owning cul-de-sacs property told stories of neighbors’ guests parking in your driveway or blocking it.

Some people use the turning circle for parking. This is especially apparent during the time when your neighbor is having visitors. Celebration for their children’s graduation, birthday parties for the kids, you name it.

The cul-de-sacs is an instant makeshift parking lot. It’s also been mentioned that since owning cul-de-sacs, there’s also the the fear of running over someone’s children, as there’s a freedom of children playing outside unsupervised by their parents most of the time.

Repurposed cul-de-sacs

It’s not rare to hear stories of people putting up basketball nets in the cul-de-sacs, effectively turning the place into a basketball court. Cul-de-sacs areas with family and kids is guaranteed to become all sorts of sports courts.

Some cul-de-sacs collect junks, many kinds of junk. Toys, old bikes, some even collect garbage cans. While the privacy and the large space on the front it offers are great, people can do whatever they want and sometimes it can be a disadvantage.

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Taking Down Property Business Obstacles Effectively

Basically, there are always obstacles in life you need to face. That also happens in property business. It is impossible to have smooth path when it comes to business property business, the most common obstacle is budget which is used for capital in this matter. Besides, no network to spread the business is also stressing for property business owner because it means narrower deals to get. Another common obstacle is ineffective strategies in running business. However, successful people don’t just give up when they face obstacles. They try hard to find the right way to take them down.

Taking down property business obstacles

How to take down property business obstacles properly

It has been mentioned earlier about common obstacles faced by property business owner. However, it is also important to remember that solving the problem from the outside will not be effective. Aside from finding the best solution, it is also important for business owner to be open-minded and flexible in running business and choose the right actions to take all obstacles down. Here are some actions you can try to face common obstacles when it comes to property business:

  1. As mentioned before that you need to be flexible in finding solution. Thus, if you find a strategy doesn’t work, you need to find another strategy instead of using the same one repetitively. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies even if it’s out of the box. Unconventional strategies are not always bad after all.
  2. Instead of feeling miserable after facing one failure, you need to think positively and make obstacles as learning opportunity. If you are too overwhelmed with the problems in running your property business, take a breather by having a vacation for short time. This helps to refresh your mind and remove negative thoughts.
  3. If you thing the business makes you forget everything in your life includes the basic things like eat or sleep, then you have overworked yourself. The best way to solve this is to try building solid team in your business. If you can share your burden with your partner in team then try to trust them by letting them handle the work they are capable of.
  4. If you feel your property business is lack of network, you need to do something to build it even step by step. You can start by joining local investment club, joining property business community, etc. Choose simple action for the starter. If you have been able to build network in small scale, try to expand it to the larger one. Thus, you have more opportunities to get clients and close the deals.
  5. Feeling left behind your competitors is one of the worst obstacles. You know already that the competition in property business is fierce. Thus, don’t let yourself lose sight the trend in the industry. Keep up to date to recent trend and keep learning from many sources to fill in knowledge. It is also important to always keep up to date to stock market trends as well as economy in global.
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The Role of Content Marketing for Property Business

Content marketing for property business

In many industries, content marketing has become one of the most powerful weapons to gain success. It is not only a useful tool to help to grow business but also to sustain it in long term period. In business, nothing can be called achievement than being able to sustain a business you have built from the scratch. In this matter, it is right to say that content marketing plays significant role in achieving successful real estate business. The most reason of it is that content marketing can generate leads. It has also ability t help you build trust in your brand. Thus, people will become more aware to your brand. The more customers are aware of your brand, the more lead to generate. And it can happen by the help of content marketing.

Benefits of using content marketing in property business

In simplest description, content marketing is a strategy where you use the creation and media sharing to publish content so that you can acquire as well as retain more customers. Content is the key in this strategy since it is the one that can drive the internet and we know already that the role of internet in business has become increasing day by day. Lots of companies now use this strategy as well for their business. What should you do to take advantage of content marketing to the fullest?

  • First, you need the right target as your audience for your campaign using content marketing tools. It is important to know your customers very well. What they need and want should become your priority. Asides from previous customers, you need to attract potential customers as well so that they will be attracted to your content. Once you know thoroughly about your customers, you will know what to do to make persuasive approach through your content.
  • The quality of content is essential. However, the way you visualize and present it is also important. Make sure to create content that is colorful, attractive, and informative. In this matter, you need to pay attention more on infographic process. Infographics contains visual charts which help readers easier to understand the content without wasting much time in reading. Through more interesting infographics, you can present your content in more appealing way. Aside from using visual charts, you can also use innovative idea by including video in your content. This is a great tool to promote your business. You can create video of property tour and highlighting selling point.
  • After finding out the right target and making the best content, the next thing to do id to market your content in the best way possible. The key is to build and sustain your own online presence. It is important that you make fresh content regularly to drive more traffics leading to your business. Remember that this strategy uses different techniques in order to work. You may need to go through trial and error before finding the right technique that works in your favour. Various techniques include social media use, blogging, etc.
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Things to Sacrifice when You Run Property Business

Running a business by investing in various properties is thrilling and challenging especially when you just started. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot do the right thing and achieve your goal. In fact, you will be more motivated to do more and more throughout the time.

Things to sacrifice to run property business

Property is one of promising business fields indeed. Lots of people are starting to get interested in this business due to promising profit and stable income once the business runs well. However, as people say is that ‘no pains no gain’. This saying is true. In order to achieve your goal as property investor, you positively need to sacrifice something from your life.

What you will sacrifice when investing in property?

Well, basically you will need to sacrifice something to reach your goal. You cannot get a good grade at school if you don’t sacrifice your play time to study instead. Or, you won’t earn money if you don’t sacrifice your body to work earnestly. Thus, sacrificing is basically what you do in life. However, you need to know what you will sacrifice once you run a property business and invest in real estate. It is because there is significant differences between average investors and those investors who are willing to sacrifice.

  • Time is the first thing you should be willing to sacrifice when you consider running property business as your career. Remember that even though a day consists of 24 hours, you can only use some of them to complete your tasks. The way you spend your time needs to be sacrificed. You may need to sacrifice your weekend in order to tend to your clients. You may need to spend hours just to tend to your listing schedule. These can happen during your time building your property business. If you have hobby, you may sacrifice the time to do it. However, it doesn’t means it will keep going that way forever. Once your business is established, you will have more time to arrange everything in your liking.
  • Money is also what you will sacrifice when you invest in property. What money means in this context is, you won’t be free to spend money on yourself since you have to do it wisely for the sake of your business. When you have successfully closed a deal, the instinct tells you to celebrate it by treating your friends or yourself some drinks. However, you need to hold back because the money you have earned can be used for another important thing to build your business. It is important to discipline your way in spending money for better financial management.
  • Another basic thing you will need to sacrifice is sleep. There will be times when you reduce your sleep time to do another business related task. When you run property business, you may start to spend extra two hours for working instead of napping. However, you can try to balance between sleep and work time properly so that you can work productively without depriving your body too much.
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Popular Reasons Why Houses in Cul-de-Sacs Are Desirable

Cul-de-sacs literally means “bottom of the sack” in French due to their circular shape that seemingly illustrate the bottom of the sack. These areas are dead-end street with no exit road. For decades, cul-de-sacs have been in high demands because some of their qualities. Although that also has been changing.

Recent study has shown that although it used to be the hype of real estate, cul-de-sacs homes just aren’t as desirable or as ‘safe’ as it used to be. There are several factor of why the opposite may apply to homes located in cul-de-sacs. But regardless, until today, homes in cul-de-sacs have their very own buyers and are still in demands despite some of the issues it could pose. Here some of the most popular reasons why cul-de-sacs are so desirable for homebuyers.

Private feel

Cul-de-sacs are widely known for the privacy they offered. There is the illusion of “private” feel to homes located at cul-de-sacs area that many homebuyers are attracted to. And this is may not simply be an illusion, people simply don’t pass through cul-de-sacs. There are so much less strangers coming and going through, as people who go into cul-de-sacs are often homeowners or relatives instead of just people passing through everyday. The state of less noise because of its place often secluded from traffics offers peace compared to homes located at two-way roads. All of these combined make home in cul-de-sacs highly desirable.

Cul-de-sacs deters crime

The notion is that because there’s less stranger passing through your houses, the less chances there would be for crimes, especially situational crimes (SC). From a sample of 89 crimes conducted in a 2012 study, a large number of those crimes, 74 crimes to be exact, occurred on two-way streets, while 15 occurred at cul-de-sacs. However taking this study at face-value would be misleading as there are also other factors to consider. Although it stands, chance-wise, opportunities for strangers to commit situational crimes are clearly much lower at cul-de-sacs.

Homebuyers with kids love them

Couples with babies or kids, as well as young couples who plan to have children are often eyeing cul-de-sacs. Simply the absence of a traffic is an excellent reason for these homebuyers to seriously consider cul-de-sacs. There is so much less worry of vehicles passing through all day long in front of their houses. This allows kids to be able to play with ease with less danger of being run over.

A potentially good investment

If you know your target market, if you know who you should sell your cul-de-sac houses to when (if) it is time to sell, then you’re potentially going to make 20% more compared to houses in your area that are not located in cul-de-sacs. A survey has found that homebuyers are willing to pay that extra 20% for houses in cul-de-sacs. Of course, with how enormous a financial commitment houses are, not everyone would, so you’d have to know who you’re selling to and target the right person correctly.

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Property For Sale In Ubud Bali, Perfect Investment In The Age Change

Ubud is always fascinating and provides its own charm. Whether you are a tourist or businessman, Ubud has been carrying the best 5-star destinations for years. His popularity always brings people to always visit. Are you among those who plan to own property in Bali? Allows searching for property for sale in Ubud Bali at affordable prices. It’s just that you avoid the risk of fraud and legal matters related to counterfeiting a land certificate.

Property For Sale In Ubud Bali

Bali is a stunning and amazing exotic island. Bureaucracy and most agents of property for sale in Ubud Bali are not always fully trusted. This is due to the high interest in investing in Bali, both in the form of land, houses, villas or apartments. There are many things you must pay attention to before deciding property for sale in Ubud Bali as your investment.

Reasons Why Property For Sale in Ubud Bali Is Always Superior

Amazing Rice Terrace – This is a fact! Tourists are looking for places with amazing views. Ubud rice terrace is the most frequently searched and visited by tourists. That’s a simple view but can make us relax and get rid of stress.

The place for coffee lovers – Who doesn’t know popular coffee from Bali? There are lots of cafes to enjoy coffee. The legendary coffee shop in Ubud, which was founded in 1935, you must visit.  Ubud is a paradise for coffee enthusiasts, both local and foreign.

Superb Jazz Experience – Ubud must be included in your visit list during the jazz festival. Don’t be surprised if many foreign tourists who come to Bali deliberately only support jazz festivals. For you, jazz lovers, don’t miss this annual spectacular event.

Release Your Stress – Ubud atmosphere helps release your stress. Trying to join yoga is a favorite in Ubud. If your holiday time is long, try to improve spiritually and seek healing.

What should don’t when deciding on a property for sale in Ubud Bali as the best investment?

Legality – Investment does not look at you local people or foreigners. For foreigners, you should not look for property for sale in Ubud Bali (freehold). You will deal with the bureaucracy and law in Indonesia. Don’t buy a property if they don’t have an IMB (Building Permit). Do not buy green zones even though the price is tempting. Don’t use a notary or property agent at random. Respect the law and the procedures adopted in Indonesia, as applicable in your country (for foreigners).

Agent Property – Not all property agents can be trusted. This is a fact and happens everywhere. Try to find property for sale in Ubud Bali officially at the property agent office. Many property agents have friends out there who sell villas or land. They will direct you to something wrong. Good and trusted agents have contracts with landowners as official representatives. They will help your difficulties whenever and wherever you need.

Don’t Overpay – Don’t pay more for an investment value that you should. Never trust an ad that promises a 20% return. The best return currently in Bali is 10%. There are times when we don’t need to pay more for something that makes you regret later.

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