The Benefits of Using Real Estate Postcard Marketing

There are many ways to help you boost up your real estate business. There are many strategies to apply but it is your choice to pick the most effective one. Real estate postcard marketing is one of the best ideas to boost up your property business especially when you set on long-term marketing plan.

Real estate postcard marketing strategy

This is considered unique and effective way to win potential leads. Postcard strategy marketing sounds simple but you still need to understand the whole strategy plan and its cost as well. Using this strategy you have better aim on your target. It is a great strategy when the chance of attractive return on investment is high.

The importance of real estate postcard marketing strategy

The first thing you will consider when it comes to marketing strategy is budget. It is important element to consider anyway. However, you must have limit on your marketing budget. However, postcard marketing strategy is worth it because it is a great way where you can make even multiple contacts with potential leads effectively. This leads you to own your name for marketing.

Remember that name and reputation can make significant return in business including real estate business. Postcard mailing service is a great way to build your own name in the industry.

The main goal of using postcard marketing strategy is to increase exposure. By using postcard as your strategy, you make your own name and logo which will be the best indicator leading you to potential leads. It is found that using postcard as marketing strategy resulted in better response. People might use different strategy such as using yellow letters for their marketing. You can also try it if you want or even combine it with postcard. However, postcard has been found to work better.

As mentioned earlier that budget can be the main issue in deciding marketing strategy. The cost of using real estate postcard marketing strategy should be calculated carefully. There are at least four main costs you should be estimated.

They are mailing, printing, designing and buying a mailing list. The price is varied but the average cost is around $2 per mailed card. It is not the exact price because it depends on many factors such as the size, the service, as well as the speed of postcard delivery. It is highly recommended to use your own design for the postcard to reduce the cost. Make sure to finish the design before printing.

Before using postcard marketing strategy, make sure you have set your target based on your business goal. Then, do not need to be humble in exposing your real estate. Show what you got and what you offer to potential leads earnestly. It is also important that you offer sales promise which will benefits your target. Instead of going for complicated postcard design and motif, it is bet to stay simple and unique. Make sure you present your brand consistently in the matter of design, colors, logo, fonts, etc. That is how real estate postcard marketing strategy works.

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How to Add Value to Apartment Rental Property

Apartment is promising property to invest in. The benefits are clear especially when you choose to invest in the whole apartment complex. Beside, you can still add value to apartment rental property once you own it. Therefore, you have more opportunities to higher up your profit and monthly income. Apartment investing is not unattainable feat. Lots of newbie investors are afraid to take the leap due to the fear of spending big amount of capital and the risks. Investing in apartment is a great chance to build up wealth. However, research is necessary to beforehand so that everything will be done smoothly. Only then, you can try to add value to your apartment rental property with creative ways.

How to Add Value to Apartment Rental Property

Tips to add value to apartment rental property

Adding value to your property is absolutely a great idea to try. This way, you will have more opportunity to expand your investment and gain more profit. However, you need to think smart and creative in choosing the best way to add the value. Here is recommended ways to add value to your apartment rental property that you might find interesting to try:


  • Adding vending machines in open space around the apartment where the tenants walking by. Vending machines are common today. They are useful in many ways. You can choose what type of vending machines to put to facilitate your tenants. If your tenants are mostly college students, you may be interested to put vending machines where various drinks are available.


  • Building covered parking can be the best way to add value to apartment rental property. Providing parking area is challenging these days for landlords. Providing covered parking will truly make the value of your property increasing. Covered parking provides safety to tenant’s car from robbery or harsh weather.


  • You can also try to add washer and dryer to your apartment rental property. This plan is effective and promising especially when your targeted tenants are families that have busy time taking care of their tasks at work. This can facilitate them for having easier living regardless of their busy days. This will add some points to your property which will draw more attention from potential tenants.


  • Adding LED lighting can also be great idea to add value to your property. These days, lots of tenants are searching for this feature. LED lighting helps brighten up common areas and exterior. However, LED lightings are more energy efficient than regular lighting. They can help cutting down electricity. That is why this will benefits both tenants and landlord.


  • Renovation is a service you can provide to your tenants. This includes general renovation or just within individual units. It is common that tenant has different liking to their surroundings. Is often that tenant asks for certain renovation to change the atmosphere to be more fit to their liking. Providing this service will help you add value to apartment rental property. This can be one of wish or amenities the tenants hunt for apartments.


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Tips for Sustainable Real Estate Investment

Sustainable real estate has become one of the most desired businesses to run in property industry. Sustainable real estate investment is now mostly preferred due to lots of concern people put to our environment and planet.

Regardless of the powerful invention human makes to develop the world, the damage resulted from it to our Earth is crystal clear. Thus, people now are more interested in something that can go along with go green concept.

Green property or sustainable real estate is what most tenants want now and so the investors are also more attracted to this type of investment.

How to maintain sustainable real estate investment

Investing in sustainable real estate is considered beneficial because the demand in the market is high. Thus, most investors now become more interested to invest in this type of property.

Aside from promising profit, investing in sustainable property also helps to sustain the life of the Earth. That is why tenants and investors somehow have the same goal.

Sustainable real estate investment

Most tenants like to have sustainable and eco-friendly house because they wish for healthier and more comfortable living space. They like the environment of their surroundings to be somewhat closest to the nature.

These days, it is quite hard to build living space within natural environment due to the growing population. That is why building sustainable property requires more effort and budget.

If you consider investing in sustainable real estate, you may need to consider some things before:

  1. Do some research about the demand in the market. This is can be helpful to decide what kind of sustainable real estate you really need to invest in. This way, you can also be able to decide your targeted tenants which in turn help you to decide the type of property.
  2. Decide what type of investment you are going to choose. You can choose to invest in a package where you purchase developing house and land or buy established property. Each type of investment has different requirements and results. You need to think carefully before spending your money for the investment.
  3. Plan your budget carefully before investing in your desire sustainable property. You need to calculate your expenses and how to earn profit in return. Steady finance is a great start sustainable real estate investment. You need to decide either using your saving or get a loan from a bank. Make sure each decision is plan strategically for brighter future of your investment.
  4. It is recommended that you hire a sustainable real estate advisor. This will help you to understand more about what you need to do and what you shouldn’t do. However, it leads to another challenge as well because you need to select the best advisor if you want your investments to be fruitful. Make sure to choose the right one. Once you find the best advisor, don’t hesitate to express what you need to know and what makes you concern about your investment.

Thus, you will be able to make the right decision about sustainable real estate investment.

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What You Need to Know About Property Business Partnership

Partnership in business is common. In fact, it has been proved to be somewhat profitable and promising. However, you might as well want to know about property business partnership in which is also quite common. Owning a property on your own and run your own business is challenging. Some people choose a partner for ownership as well as the business. Others choose to share ownership only and not with the business matters. Partnership in property business is not hard to do but hard to achieve. Having trusted partner is not easy.

What You Need to Know About Property Business Partnership

About property business partnership you should know

One of the many reasons why people choose to have partner in running property business is to ge profit as what they expected in the first stage. However, running a partnership itself, as said before, is not simple. Trust is one of the very first issues challenging the path of running a partnership in property business. The next problem comes to the surface is that to determine which part belongs to the partnership and which part belongs to each single partner.

When it comes to partnership in property business means to share the property among the partners. If you are intended to run property business partnership, it is important to plan every term from the beginning. As said before that sometimes, there will be a moment when you have difficulties to decide which parts belong to who. This is why you need to come to the terms right from the beginning of the agreement made.

One of the key factors to determine ownerships and right between partners is the fund used to purchase the property. When you or your partners decide to dig in your own personal wallet to purchase the property, then it belongs to you and your partner. It means the property is in partnership agreement. If something happens, such as when the wind downs, the court will be more at ease to decide the deal between you and your partner.

It is also important to decide the title of the property either you use personal or business title. If you use personal title then the property belongs to you. If you use business title then the property belongs to the partnership. You may not take partnership seriously especially when you do it with your long friends or family member. However, business is business and you need to do it legally so there won’t be any hassle in the future. No matter what your relationship with your partner in property business, you are under the law which means protect you and your partner’s rights.

If you consider partnership in running property business, it is highly advisable to settle everything right from the beginning. You need to make the best agreement based on win-win partnership. Therefore, if there is something happen in the future, everything can be handled easily without so much hassle. Property business partnership is supposed to give you profit and benefits instead of problems if you do it correctly.


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The Role of Technology in Property Business

No matter how hard we develop our life, we cannot separate the role of technology within. Technology has significant role in every aspect of our life including property business. The role of technology in property business is not minor at all especially these days.

Technology in property business

Like it or not, we cannot live without technology today because it is the best tool you can connect to people and make your daily task easier. In property business though, technology has roles in different forms. Technology can help you grow and manage your property business easily. That is why the role of property is crucial.

How technology in property business works

Technology has changed so many aspects in life including real estate. It is easier these days to find ideal property you are going to invest in. You just need to open your browser and search for what you need and the listings will appear in an instant. However, technology has proved to influence property business more than that simple aspect. Technology can be used in many ways either for commercial or residential property business. So what significant roles technology has in property business today?

  • You can find anything you want through online sources. It is easy for you to visit reliable website to search for potential inventory. You can find the listing along with the details you need such as further description or proper images. You can easily track the location of the property you are interested in for your next investment as well as contact info of the owner. This how life goes with these days.
  • Technology also provides numerous instant apps you can use to accommodate your property business. Those apps are even available for mobile device so you can use them wherever you are. You can use apps that will help you make budget estimation for your investment or keep you notified with your business via mobile.
  • Transaction in property business can be easily done via online. Transferring important data and money can be done in minutes. This is why you can manage your property business wherever you go. If you cannot face to face for negotiation or transaction, you can easily use proper apps to let you get connected with your clients.
  • Technology in property business saves you from wasting time because you don’t have to visit the location of the property to see the condition and surrounding. There are many apps and software which allow you to surveys or inspect the property and surroundings in 3D quality. This can save your time as well as energy so you can use them for another important task.
  • Online service in property business is common these days. You can invest in property via online, even go through E-signing services if necessary. There are many platforms made to accommodate your needs in property investment. You don’t even have to worry about security and legality of online services. Those are organized and managed professionally to provide efficiency to run the business. Thus, the role of technology in property business is indeed particular.
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Tips for Building Your Own Photo Booth Bali

You may will ask me questions: why creating photo booth Bali and not at any other places or even countries? What the special things about Bali especially in providing the photography services? And i can only you the simple answer for that, because there are many travellers from around the world in Bali.

The more of the travellers are visiting, the big chance for developing the business. And we have known that tourism sector can affect many other business sectors such as various type of accommodations, restaurants and cafes, bars and night clubs, and many more including the business that is related to photography.

People who are coming to Bali have various purposes. They are visiting for enjoy the honeymoon, in a vacation, events, etc. Even the newlyweds are coming before getting married just to make a pre-wedding images. That’s why if you have a photography studio or can create and build your own photo booth, you may possible to get some amount of money. Getting success in this sector or field is also acceptable, why not?

So that, i will give you some tips in case you want to create your own photo booth in Bali. Who knows you may will get an order for the wedding event or others.

1. Provide various of backdrops

Backdrop may sounds like a tool you will only need inside the studio. It is not. There are now many backdrops that even consists of the images or designs that separated themselves with the traditional background that mainly only contains with the solid colours.

The more various of your backdrops, the more options for the customers to choose which one or two will they used. And it may can support your new photo booth Bali. But keeps in mind that many of the backdrops will also make the customers confusing, but if you have got for at least 5 or even up to 10, i think that it would be even better.

2. Think about the concepts

One of the thing that the customer will love to use your photo booth is the available concepts that you have got for them. Sometimes, you should never ask what they will need, but just show them all what you have got so they can choose right away.

To get to the concepts or themes of your photo booth, you may need to do a little search along with the competitors that have built and well known in the same industry. Simply just being creative and be yourself.

3. Put in with the arts and cultures of Bali

Just like any other places, people of Bali is also proud with their own cultures. So with the foreign travellers that are coming to Bali. I think that there are big chances that they will more happier using the photo booth Bali designed with the original art of the region and rich in cultures.

They have came so far, so you don’t have to think about using the modern and advanced concept but it turned out to forget the local wisdom.

4. Don’t forget about the printer

Photo booth Bali tips

You know how it can really helpful. Many people have got their own gadget like smartphone in their hand. But, you do know as well that using the professional and advanced cameras is also really needs to be considered. And how the best way to see the image results? Printed paper is my own choice so far.

5. Avoid buying the equipments that you can create yourself

If this will be your first photo booth project and business in Bali, you may have to prepare many things that could cost you a lot of money. You can spend all of your money at a time or you can choose to spend it wisely by just getting the complicated equipment that you can’t build just like the tripod for your camera stand.

But things like chair, table, some of accessories that you think you can make them yourself, then simply prepare your times and start making them.

You have not knowing the market very well since the photo booth you want to make in Bali is your first business and experience. So, be wise and don’t get yourself in rush when making decisions. Think about what you will do couple of times and then start doing what you have just planned.

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Look Out Potential Marketing Traps in Property Investment

Deciding to invest in property either house or unit, there will always some hassle you need to be ready to face. It is important that you look out potential marketing traps in property investment during your quest. Searching for the best asset as your investment is not easy though. In addition to that, there are traps everywhere if you are not careful enough in making decision. During your search of potential property, you need to pay attention of the products that people sell through their strategic marketing plans. Being cautious and selective will guide you to find the right property without being trapped in losing case.

Tips to avoid marketing traps in property investment

Somehow, property business has managed to attract lots of attention and established as one of the most promising businesses. However, it takes time to truly understand how this business works. The amount of profit or the stable income might be tempting but you need to keep in mind that the risks are always there. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to be successful investor. You just need to know every trap which are possibly getting in your way and how to avoid them for good.

  • The first marketing trap you need to notice is when they try to impress you by spending big budget. The bigger the money they spend for their marketing campaign, the bigger the expense you will be charged. The characteristic of ‘too big-budgeted marketing campaign’ is shown by glossy brochures, 3D models, and too-detailed research reports. There is nothing wrong too buy property from those types of marketing but you will end up spending more money.
  • You need to be aware of the guarantees as well as big claims where they promise too many big things. This is one of the most enticing parts which make lots of investors fall for it and end up purchasing the property. In fact, this is a clear warning sign you should avoid since the beginning. The greater the promise or claims, the higher the risk you will face.
  • Next one of marketing traps in property investment you are supposed to avoid is location trap. There are investors who are so giddy to purchase property located in outskirts due to lower price as well as having thoughts of development potential in the future. You need to be aware of this type of property and inspect the capital growth rate. If it underperforms the market then the promising profit is flying out of the window.

When the marketing campaign focuses too much on the building rather than the land itself, you must have been thinking twice before investing. You need to remember that the land also plays significant role in promising and successful investment. To consider this hassle, you might as well consider the possibility of having better investment.  To avoid this marketing trap in property investment, it is better to choose quite old building on promising land over new building in not so promising land.

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What is Sunrise Property and Its Criteria to Know?

There are many of the things we should know about the property business, including the terms that it has, so you will be get more of knowledge when dealing with the business. One of the recent terms that you have to know is what is called as the sunrise property.

What is sunrise property

In the field of property business itself, the determination of where to build or to buy the property is really important. So that, there are many of the theories based on the location, so your property will get the higher value in the years to come if you want to sell it or possible to attract more visitors if it is the commercial one.

Related to that, later came what the businessmen are mentioned as the sunrise property as an area or region that is potentially will be targeted by the developers and also the investors at the same time because somehow it is promising for the better property investment.

One of the characteristics of where the sunrise property is located is at the development area. You can start from the quantity of the population of a city or the village. I am talking about the demographic factors. So it can be the location of where most people are going in purposes such as travelling, working, shopping, etc.

That kind of location will also increase the chance of developing the area and the longer, then the higher the value of the land will get.

Another thing you need to be paid attention to is the existing infrastructures of the area. Usually, the more of the infrastructure of the area has, then there will be more of the rapid development. That’s why one of the criteria of the sunrise property concerned also on the completeness of infrastructure.

I have mentioned 2 characteristics of what the sunrise property should have, and there is also another one important thing you should know which is the trend of the land prices. If it is possible, you can collect the time-series data when you can started soon from back to 5 years ago until the current year.

Collecting up to 25 years of the land prices can be really useful but it may will sounds impossible or hard to find the data. So, simply just get what you think will be possible.

The prices trend will shows you about the increases and decreases of the land value. The later conclusions you will make related to it, then will help you whether you have to spend your money in investing in property or not. And you will also helped in find the right and proper solutions if you are insisting in property investment.

The above 3 characteristics of sunrise property are not all what you have to know and learn, and sometimes can even be found on the “forgotten land” where many people are ignoring it. So, you’d better not only have the knowledge about it, but also thing like the businessmen senses that you get through the years of experience.

For now, that’s all you need to know about the basics of the sunrise property. You can always add more references at somewhere else to get more in-depth about it.

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Benefits of Investing in Commercial Properties

Business is something essential for living and one of the most promising businesses is property investment. There are different types of property you can invest in, commercial property is one of the leading trends in this business. Commercial properties include all real estate property used for business activities. A building that houses a business can be called as commercial property. However, the term can also expand not only to the extent of a building but also to a land. As long as the land is used to generate profit it can be referred to as commercial property. One of the common forms is a residential rental property.

When it comes to property for commercial purpose, it means that the building has designation which involves financing, tax treatment, as well as applied law. To make you easier to view commercial property, it includes shopping center, mall, grocery store, shops, etc. When you decide to invest in commercial property, it means that you own a property which can be rented for commercial purpose like lots of people started to be interested more in this business because the profit is more promising. Commercial property aims for higher profit, especially if you invest in a property in the most ideal location.

For clear expectation, here are benefits of investing in commercial properties if you do it right :

  • The return you get from investing in commercial property is more reliable than what you get from residential. Either in capital growth or income, you get better benefits if you choose this property to invest in.
  • Lots of people think that investing in residential is more beneficial due to the promise of stability of income. However, this also can be earned when you invest in commercial properties. Secure income is what to be expected when you choose property investment. This is a benefit that most investors aim. This type of investment is also more secure due to the length of average contract of lease. Residential property generally last for short-term leases. Meanwhile, the average length of contract leases for commercial properties is longer. It can range between three to ten years. This is because business takes long process to reach stability. That’s why renter will rent few years to make sure their business is stable.
  • Investing in commercial property allows you to hold more control over everything involving your asset. You can decide everything based on your preferences, be it the renovation, disposal or contract agreement. You can gain significant control since you are the direct owner of your asset.
  • Since you have higher profit earned from the contract leases, you will gain more chances to renovate or expand your property investment. This will lead you to add more value to your investment.
  • The allowance of tax benefit of commercial properties is considered generous. In fact, commercial property attracts handy building allowance as well. This is certainly what most the investors want from their property investment. Tax is usually a hassle for most investors that they don’t want to deal with.
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Tips Buying Property In Bali

Buying property cannot be done carelessly. Property means investment. The investment must be profitable. Not all properties have a high value. Some countries as a tourist destination such as Bali is one of the most popular. Buying me is not safe enough. There are many things and procedures you should look into.

Buying property in Bali is the best investment of your life. There are many advantages when buying property in Bali. If you buy in the form of a house or villa, the benefits will be seen. You can rent daily, weekly or monthly to tourists or expat. The better you maintain the property, the higher the selling point in the future.

Check Building Permit

To build anything in Bali or in Indonesia, you must have a license. There are many property offerings without building permit. When dealing with the buyer, pay attention to whether it has a building permit. Prevent unwanted things, make sure buying property in Bali, with full mail.

Near the Temple

The property, whether in the form of land or building should be investigated. There are rules not to build within a certain distance of the temple. The reality is that many buildings were built near the temple. If you are a foreigner, make sure first to the local government.

Check The Electricity and Water

Check carefully, whether the house you buy is connected to the city’s water system. Not all properties in Bali are already connected to the city’s water system. There are many who use the wells. Make sure that enough water is available for your needs. The examination will be very useful if you plan to build a swimming pool. Make sure the available electricity is enough to run the equipment you have.

Find Trustable and Reliable Notary

A notary is an important party in all property transactions. Finding a trustworthy and negligible notary is very important. Try to use a notary located in the same location as you. If a notary different locations with you, make sure they can take care of all transactions related to your documents.

Finding Information About Your Village

Every time you stay in a new place, it must be familiar with your environment. Adapting and nurturing well the village where you live is right. Mix with the locals and help each other, making you more respected as a foreigner in Bali.

Buying property in Bali is perfect and perfect for you. Not easy and not difficult to take care of all documents. As long as you carefully examine the property that you will buy it will be easy to get the property you want.

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