Determine the values of your company

Today, business competition is getting tighter than before. With the expansion of human needs, products provided by the corporations are becoming redundant, too. New products are always come and go, just like their producers. As the consequence of this high competition, there is no doubt that start-up companies tend to disappear in just short period of time. 

However, there are plenty of ways to market your products. Unfortunately, in many cases the problem lies in the core of company’s foundation. Most of the company nowadays focuses more on its customer service only. In fact, customers themselves are becoming more selective with the products they use, particularly since it is very easy to get information about the company’s performance.

If you have or still planning your own business, here are three aspects you can sell as the values of your company. 

Social responsibility

Putting big attention into social responsibility shows that you are a professional businessman who respects and appreciate your surroundings. Be aware of what is happening in the neighbouring areas and set aside small percentage of your company’s profit, as an example for a natural disaster like earthquake. Otherwise, you can directly allocate some funds to charity foundation. 

Labor welfare

What is more important than people who manufacture your products. Their welfare is one of the parameter for company’s success. The rise of smart consumers has emerged the way they buy things. They want to know where the product come from and who have made it. Smart consumers do not only reduce their purchases, but also think about the prosperity of the manufacturers. 

Environmental sustainability

Since the first decades of twentieth century, green movements have been expanding more and more. The delinquency of industrialization era has had a serious impact to our body and ecology. At the same time, environmental sustainability is actually something that a company should be prioritizing of. The fact that several natural damages are caused by corporation make it a good opportunity to use the issue as values of your company. 

It might sound very simple, but many entrepreneurs have forgotten to think by using their consumers’ perspective. Though, in this way, they can determine their values of the company more easily. Always keep in mind that a good business is the one that can satisfy the consumers’ needs by offering a good quality products and by contributing to the communities and environments.

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Building a Team for Your Small Business

A small business can be big if it is handled by the right hands and the right methods. You see, running a business is promising and rewarding. However, you need to do everything right so that you can minimize costly mistake and unnecessary errors along the way. In addition, running business will be much more efficient when you rely on your team. Working independently is possible, however it makes you harder to reach your success because then you have to handle every single thing on your own. Believe it or not, it will waste time. Therefore, building a solid and reliable team to run and grow your small business is very important to do.

How to build a solid team for your business

Recruiting the right people to work in your team side by side with yourself can be nerve-wracking because each individual is different and you have to choose the right people. Here are some tips to build a team to help you managing your small business:

  • Try to have better understanding of every individual since they come from different backgrounds. You need to see each potential and strength possessed by every person in your future team. Recruitment process should be done thoroughly because it is not about choosing the best person but choose the right one. You choose the one that will click with you.
  • After assessing and recruiting every individual, you need to shape them into your solid team. The first step is by explaining your business vision. Thus, you and every person in your team share the same objectives. They know what you want to aim and goal. Thus, they will understand the scene you want to set for the team to work productively and efficiently.
  • To build a solid team, you need to involve every single one of them in running your business. You need to keep them active and use their skills and strength so they can integrate and develop in the teamwork. You should give your team members tasks and challenge. However, don’t forget to also acknowledge their success and mentor them with someone more experienced so they can grow faster.
  • You have to make sure every role of individual is clear so they know what their responsibilities are and what boundaries they should not cross. This will have the efficiency to make them develop and work faster. The roles and tasks can be updated by you frequently. Thus, they don’t have to get stuck into one task all the time because they need to improve. Just make sure you give clear roles, tasks and clear instructions.
  • Value your team so they will feel appreciated and acknowledge. This will extend your team beyond business terms. You need to show that you acre of them and you focus on personal growth as well. Be positive and identify problems within the team as early as possible. Conflicts are common in a team but don’t let negative energy takes over the situation. Keep positive dynamics and grow together.
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How Graphic Design Involving in Digital Marketing?

Graphic designing and a digital marketing is truly a big different thing under different category. But when it comes to a business world, both of them are actually pretty much affecting each other and are related.

role of graphic design involvement in digital marketing

Digital marketing is mainly purposed to make use of the digital platforms, the internet to introduce and developing a business. Right before a business is going to market the offers, it takes a long journey for the customers to decide whether or not they are  going to get what you have been offering to them.

But, the first thing you have to do right before starting your marketing campaign, you will need to prepare the contents. They are all will be the information about your business, how to get your offer, why customers have to take an action right away, how much they have to pay, and everything. In short, the offers you are going to see can be in a banner image format, a brochure, proposal, etc that have becoming part of the graphic design works.

Role of graphic design in digital marketing world

If creativity is helping us to think more efficiently, then graphic design will be the creative way to visualizing your business ideas, offers, plans, etc.

Today, many businesses are getting promoted online and graphic designing is taking the important role in visualizing the right and relevant visual elements in digital marketing campaign to win the target audiences.

Even longer than that right before you are starting your first digital marketing campaign, you could have been asking for a help of the graphic designer to create your professional business logo for your website and social media profile pictures, business card, stationary, and so on. You were doing that because they can be the good assets to make your business noticed on internet.

It is because of graphic designing can help you establishing a branded business image and a way to have your own business visual identity that stands out from your competitors. Even the twins have their own differences, you wouldn’t want to look like any other businesses, right?

Graphic design can also be the reason why your customers will be attracted to your contents and offers. Even the colors have their own power to affecting people’s emotions. An ads image contained with the girl in red colored background can attracting more people to click the ads rather than a man in a white colored background image. No matter what the image is about, we are talking about how digital marketing works to reach more people.

It is almost impossible for not involving the graphic design in digital marketing especially when you want to gain a trust, attracting more customers to take actions as you are ordering them, market the business and more. Look! Your business Facebook page is even recommended to use the professional image, no matter what it will be.

Graphic design is a backbone of every digital marketing projects and even it is surely important for any of digital marketing agencies in the world.

Therefore, any businesses should have been thinking about how they can get the main graphic design assets as well as a place that can help them in dealing with the other digital marketing strategies.

And while you are still wondering around about that, I am suggesting you to choose the graphic design Bali services for all your business needs in digital marketing world and start creating your important design assets including for promotional purpose.

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Mistakes in Using Social Media for Real Estate Marketing

Today, social media has many great roles in various aspects in life including business. By using social media, business can run more effectively especially in the matter of marketing. It also applies to real estate business where social media has become part of important role as marketing tools. Marketing campaign is not something to be underestimated. Organizing it needs effort so that you can reach wider audiences efficiently. However, using social media only without using any marketing strategy will not give significant result for your business. You need to do it right so that you can generate more leads.

Mistakes in Using Social Media for Real Estate Marketing

Common mistakes investors do in handling social media as marketing tools

No matter how effective you think social media is as marketing tool, you won’t achieve your goal if you don’t apply the right strategies. Therefore, using the right tool is not enough to generate leads. You need to use social media for promoting your business in the right ways. Here are mistakes you should avoid when using social media as your marketing campaign tools:

  • The most common mistake is focus more on the product instead of the people. In real estate business, it is essential to reach people and make them know what you do and how you can help them. In this business you sell product which is property. However, you need to build relationship first through online. Real estate business is basically people business that networking is not less important than service or products you offer. Thus, you need to create actual engagement by showing you helped a family find home.
  • Next mistake is to not commit to social media. As its names, social media means social interactions. If you are inactive, there is no use for you to have social media account. Social media is more like marathon that you need to establish social interaction gradually. It cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore, you need to constantly use your social media account to keep engaging with your audience.
  • Another mistake in using social media to promote real estate business is to consider it as inefficient. Many investors think that social media is too time consuming. Well, this is not entirely wrong. As mentioned earlier that you need to constantly use your social media account to keep engaging with your audience. However, you will gain benefit if you sue the right strategy and the time you spend to use social media will be worth it. To help you using social media efficiently, you can use scheduling tool to allow you to schedule posts in advance.
  • The last but not least common mistake is to forget using plan in suing social media to promote your business. It is not simply about posting the picture of property you have to audience. You need the right strategies so that you do it with purpose. You need to use social media to build your credibility, and connect with prospective clients. Therefore, every post you make is purposeful and benefits your business in many ways possible.  
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Interesting Facts on Komodo Tour No One Has Told You

Among any other pleasurable exotic destination, Komodo tour stands out by bringing out thrilling adventure in a remarkably outlandish terrain. It’s one kind of tour that will indulge you with raw beauty of nature, taking you to a land that was seemingly forgotten by the time; a land where the prehistoric Komodo Dragon are very much alive and creeping between the bushes.

Komodo National Park, where the dragons dwell, has become a new magnet for travelers who seek for exotic trip with a heavy dose of adrenaline rush. Dragon huntings, obviously, become the main highlight for most of the trip. They are absolutely prehistoric, carnivorous, the top predator of the food chain, and extremely dangerous. But there’s something about these giant lizard that keep luring travelers to their lair. And as they are quite famous to the world, many travelers has wrote about them which basic information that would be enough for preparing your own adventure. What we have for you below, however, might haven’t been heard before.

Interesting Facts on Komodo Tour No One Has Told You
via Instagram/ Hello Flores/ tagged/ angga_taputra

You Might Encounter the Baby Komodo

The Komodo you know (and the one you watch on Nat-Geo Wild) are probably the heavy, 2,6 meters long beast with scaly skin and long, forked tongue. That’s the adult Komodo who reign the Komodo Island—and the one that mostly feature wildlife magazine cover or showing up on screens. Baby Komodo and the juveniles are rarely featured because, well, they are living up on the trees to protect themselves from adult Komodo. You heard it right—Mummy and Daddy Komodo include the young dragons on their diet.

On your Komodo tour, however, you might encounter the young Komodo dragon. But you have to be quick to spot them, because they walk really fast before disappearing back under safe protection of the trees. Contrary to their adult version, baby Komodo are more vivid in color, showing off bright red copper, and much slimmer with noticeably long limbs. Baby Komodo dragons are such a rare sight to spot!

Komodo Don’t Build Their Nest; They Borrow the Maleo’s

We know that Komodo lays eggs, but do you know that they don’t dig their own nests? Instead of labouring themselves to create large holes in the earth, Mommy Komodo walks around Maleo birds’ territory to find Maleo’s nest and use them to put their nest. They definitely know the definition of “Work smarter, not harder.”

Have Trouble Spotting One on Komodo Tour? Head to the Nest 

One thing you should know before heading to Flores is that Komodo tour doesn’t guarantees Komodo sighting. Sometimes, they are quite hard to found—especially during the mating season. Male Komodo usually prefer to hides in more remote area in hopes for finding the females, than wandering around the trekking trails. If you have Komodo sighting shortage, try to wait around the nests. There’s high chances of spotting female dragons around the nesting holes. Good news: when the females are pregnant or busy guarding the eggs, they would rather hesitant to attack you—so it’s quite safe to take pictures with her. 

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