How to Buy Property in Real Estate Auction

Real estate auction

Auction is one of the best ways for you to buy a property. Investing in valued property is basic if you want to run a property business. If you are wondering where to buy a property, you might as well try to find it via real estate auction. This is popular way of buying many type of property, especially houses. Auction can be held in person or online. It depends on the seller. You may be interested in this way of property purchasing because this is advantageous for any type of property business doer either long term investor or fix and flipper investor. Before going for the auction, it is better for you to learn the basic steps of buying property via auction:

  • First step is to know exactly how the auction works. For your information, auction offers wide range of properties which are varied by price, size, type, and other notes. It is also done either in person or online. It may also happen in real time or in certain period of time which can be weeks. By the time, the price starts from the minimum. You are not only allowed to purchase in all-cash but also through traditional loans.
  • The next is to know exactly what you really want of the property. You need to set your ideal property started from the type, price, and other parameters. Then, you will know exactly the limit of your investment. Each type of investor usually has different ideal property to aim at real estate auction. The more specific your ideal investment, the easier the bid.
  • You need to determine financing. The objective will help you to find available options for the auction. All-cash is most preferred method of payment when it comes to real estate auction financing. However, loan is also available as alternative if you can’t buy the property in all-cash payment. However. You need to calculate the effects of payment method you choose so it will benefit your investment.
  • Next, you need to plan your maximum budget because it is possible that you are required to pay more than for the property alone. You may be charged for additional notes such as administrative expenses. Thus, plan your budget which includes down payment expense, holding cost, repair cost, as well as marketing cost. Those should be included in your budget so you will have clear estimation of your expenses.
  • Next is to find and register for the auction which can be done online. You might as well try to find real estate suction listing to get necessary information related to type of property, size of property, bid price, requirements to register, appraisal, date of auction, etc.
  • Once you’ve done outlining your parameters, it’s time to participate in the auction. Pay attention to the explanation given by the auctioneer to get clear information. Then, try to win the auction. Once you win the real estate auction, you need to pay the deposit, finish the financing, and close on the buying process.
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A Trip To Padar Island That Looks Like Surreal Island

Padar Island is the third of the biggest island included in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Located at province of the East Nusa Tenggara that most of the Indonesians will calling it as NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timur). The two largest islands of its predecessors are Komodo Island and Rinca Island.

The three of the above islands are mostly easier if you want to watch the Komodo dragons, but the most favourites for the tourists are the Komodo and Padar Island.

The view of the Padar Island itself from the top of the hill is so unique. Seems like it is the volcanic island and at the same time, looks like the wing or another body part of the dragon as in the movie. See the below image for what I mean by assuming like that.

Padar Island trip

Padar Island is not a populated island, so you won’t find any of the villages in here. If by any chances you are meeting with the residents, they may have came from the another island for looking for the foods, hunting or anything else to fulfill their daily needs. Even, none of the building in this island.

So it is not only as one of the original habitat for the dragons, but also quite a strange for the human being. A really calming island because you won’t be hearing the crowd in here. Thanks to the development of tourism, now many of us could comes to the Padar Island, safely by using the boat.

The contours of the island is hilly, no wonder that you will see many of the above photographs uploaded by many of the travellers online in their social medias. Its island shape is also looked like the the starfish with some of the branched legs, so that, it getting more unique and becoming one of the interest for the traveller. And for those who love the instagramable images, I suggest you to be here one day. Its worth it.

There are some of the hills at the Padar Island. But since they are quite high and steep to be trekked, many of the travellers are even not allowed to hike on them for their safety. But to be honest, as a whole, the view of the island looks like a really surreal masterpiece. even feels like a dreamy island to me.

If you want to come to Padar Island, there is one way especially from the Labuan Bajo city where the nearest airport is existing called as the Komodo Airport. The trip to Padar Island will be takes for about 3,5 – 4 hours using the boat as it is the main transportation. Sounds like it will be the boring trip? Wait until you are departing from the dock.

On your way to the island, you will be served with the view of other islands and beautiful blue sea. Anyway, that’s for the short trip. If you wants the longer one, you could start your journey from Bali or Lombok where there are also many of the tour operators providing the same package as what you could get at Labuan Bajo.

Since you will be exposed to sunlight for hours on board or at the island, you’d better bringing your own sunblock with you. It is also because of the weather might be hotter. Don’t you forget to use the trekking shoes or sandals as well so you can move comfortable and safe while trekking on the Padar Island’s hill. And of course to prepare your camera at its best so you don’t miss any important moment and view on the island.

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Find Out Reasons to Hire Property Broker

When you run a property business, you will get to know that property broker has significant role in the industry. Either sellers or buyers can practically hire professional broker to make the best terms. However, some people are not quite convinced to work with a broker. You may also need some reasons to hire property broker to sell or buy property. Basically, there is no obligation or law which forces you to work with a property broker. However, their role can be significant for your business since their main mission is to goal the best transaction and most ideal deal. Besides, it is not easy to find potential buyers or sellers as well.

Knowing the reasons to hire property broker to sell your properties

Real estate transaction is not something you can take lightly. It is a series transaction involving sellers and buyers as well valuable assets. Some people choose not to hire a property broker to save commission rates at some points. However, it’s highly possible that they end up spending more for going solo. Since property transaction is a major financial, hiring a property broker can be a great help either for buyer or seller. If you are struggling to find the reasons why you need to work with a broker, here they are:

  • Property brokers provide you better access since they have ability and logistics to track down what you need. For example, when you need to buy a property to invest in, it will take times in finding out potential properties to choose. Meanwhile, property broker will do the job for you and provide the listings so you just need to choose the most ideal one. Hiring a broker means you can save your precious time in the process.
  • The reason why you need to hire property broker is because the transaction requires negotiation. Not all people either sellers or buyers are good at negotiation. One of the most prominent skills of a broker is negotiation. They are good at that and they can deal with different types of people. Thus, they can help you to negotiate reasonably to earn the best deal.
  • Handling a contract and agreement of property transaction can be a quite hassle. Contract is important for the transaction because it needs to include some conditions. The contract is also meant to protect you so you need professional who know exactly what conditions to make and contract to handle.
  • Working with a broker is also more convenient since they can’t lie. They work based on trust with their clients, especially when you hire licensed broker. If they lie, their clients will be able to recourse. Their work is based on referrals as well as repeat cycle. Meanwhile, the risk of lying-based transaction is higher in direct negotiation between sellers and buyers.

If you find the reason why you need to hire property broker, make sure that you choose the licensed one who is also honest and trustworthy. Make sure you choose the right broker through the right selection process.

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Function Villa Agency In Bali For Sale and Purchase

Looking for villas in Bali can be difficult, it is also easy. The risk that you have to face is fraud. Many fraud cases related to the sale and purchase of land, villas or homes by naughty brokers. Worst of all, they are able to forge a letter of ownership and sell it to you. There are many cases like this that are clearly detrimental to the buyer.

Villa in Bali is getting popular from time to time. This is a long-term and short-term investment. Short-term benefits can be obtained by renting your villa. Long term, you invest in a villa with multiple benefits.

Villa agency in Bali is getting popular. If you do not have much time and experience buying property, then there can use agency services. Many of Bali’s best villa deals use property agents. This will greatly facilitate prospective buyers and villa owners. What is the function of villa agency in Bali

Find Seller and Buyer

Villa buyers sometimes get confused about location due to financial condition. Villa agency in Bali helps to find locations that fit your budget. You do not have to waste a lot of time! Villa agency will help to find it for you. There is a need to pay to buy or sell the villa. You have to pay 2-3% depending on the selling price.

Ease of Document Handling

When the sale price has a deal, the next step is the document management. The documents in question are the letters associated with villas such as land titles, land and building tax documents and others. The notary will be involved to rename and sign the sale deed.

Promote Your Villa

If your villa will be rent or sell, then villa agency in Bali will facilitate you to do promotion. Promoting villas for sale or rent is the hardest part. You need someone skilled in promoting the villa. Villa agencies in Bali usually have websites to install villas that will be rented or sold.

Monitoring your Villa

Well-maintained villas can increase their selling point. If you use Villa agency in Bali then they will monitor the cleanliness and maintain the villa. The property agent will always make sure that there is no damage to the villa. It helps speed up your rented villa or on sale.

The list of best villas in Bali offered by property agents helps everyone to compare prices and facilities. Villa Bali Sale is one of Villa agency in Bali which offers hundreds and even thousands of villa for sale and for rent. Visiting the Bali sale villa website makes it easy for everyone to find the villa as needed.

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Try To Understand Property Market and Its Future

When you decide to run a property business, you will be forced to understand every aspect of it. One of the most essential aspects is property market. Property market’s current state impacts on your business since it’s where your business is running. The market here means the clients who need the best and ideal place for living. Some of them like to claim home-ownerships while the others are satisfied with long term leasing contracts. Property investment is not only interested for businessmen though. People now have determination to buy a house for investment with target time. It shows that the value of the property is high. And this what makes the future of property business is in a question.

The future of property market

Residential real estate is one of the most promising property as up till now it’s still high in the market. The price of residential real estate keep rising each year. Even it has been increasing in every month since 2016. Lots of people are interested in homeownership because it’s hard to do it these days due to economic reason. That motivates people to save their money to buy residential real estate. People have target to buy a house at least in 10 years. Thus, even though it’s a difficult thing to do, buying a house or claim a homeownership is still attainable through persistent savings.

Property market

Aside from economic view, property investment involves another aspect like technologies. These days, people are more interested in smart living space. Real estate tech now has become a trend and more than noticeable. Technologies are capable in masking people live with ease. This causes people to trust more on technologies and utilize their residential space with variety of technology invention. The advanced technology plays important major for the real estate business. It adds the value of the property itself, making property agent has higher chance to raise the price.

Smarter living spaces are more preferred these days and since they have become a trend, the future of property market now focus on modern living since clients are more interested in them. clients like to experience the advanced technology physically. However, residential real estate with high-tech devices have higher prices than regular house. It means only limited people can afford it. This makes property market target more on client value if the aspect behind it is technology.

However, if property agent or broker more focus on economic view then safe and comfortable living space will be on focus. This type of residential real estate is usually preferred by clients who own a family. Safety and comfort are what they seek from the house. To think of property market, it’s not always increasing the value or vice versa. It’s never stable in most ways. There are many things that can influence the cycle of the market. Demand of the market also depends on what the clients or clients want for ideal living space. Thus, learning new strategies to brighten property investment future is the right way to set your property market in the right path.

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How To Choose The Right Hammock Camping Tarp?

Hammock camping tarp is one of the most needed accessory that is usually used to get more comfortable when laying down in the hammock without need to worry about the brighter sun, rain, snow, and many more. In many cases, it is also will help you a bit for getting warm inside the hammock because it could divert the wind direction.

There are other 2 of the terms related to hammock camping tarp, they were also called as the “rain tarp” or the “rainfly.” But whatever will be used for this article, I think you’ve known what we are talking about. At least we have agreed about the tarp functions as on the previous paragraph, right?

How to choose the right hammock camping tarp

There are some of the factors or variables to help you in choosing the right hammock camping tarp for yourself. The first one will be, choose the right size and shape. And to that, there are various types of the shape which are the tent tarps shaped, asymmetrical and diamond shaped, rectangular, and hexagon.

How to choose hammock camping tarp

If you are really need a hammock camping tarp for the extreme weather or the colder season (snowy), then using the tent tarp shaped will be my first recommendation because it will almost cover all of your hammock and looks like a tent. So, you will be getting warmth than using the other shape. But if you need a more minimalist design of the tarp, then your option is using the asymmetrical or diamond shaped. It will really quickly in setting up and also the lightweight one. The shape of the tarp should also be associated with the its dimensions, so you could go at once.

The second thing you can do to get the right hammock camping tarp and also the important aspect to be focused on is the durability.

Yes, what about its warranty? Especially if found defects in workmanship and materials. Is there any brands that give you up to 10 years of the warranty for the hammock camping tarp? I am sure that there is one that I know like Ticket To The Moon. I believe that the reason behind of; the more years the warranty is, the better of its material is used. And that will be support its durability.

The next thing you should paid attention is the carrying capacity. Not only when buying a hammock, but also when deciding to have a hammock camping tarp because the tarp itself should be carried some weights. For example, if by any chance you are camping when snow is falling, then you know that it will really helpful. The bigger of its carrying capacity, may be the better. But, keep in mind to makes it as light as possible so your luggage weight is light as well.

That’s all I know how to choose the hammock camping tarp. Although there are only 3 aspects you are about to concern and only in short description or not an in-depth article, I hope they will still beneficial for you. Have fun when hammocking!

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Find the Right Tenants for Your Property Investment

In order to make your property investment profitable, you need to find the right tenants. It’s not only for one-shot deal but also for the long term one. Indeed, finding ideal tenants can be a bit tricky. It is your job to make sure that your property has the right people living in it. Besides, you need to make sure that they are suitable with your investment strategy and goals. It may sounds complicated but once you get ideal tenants, it’s really worth it. Tenants play important role to the growth of your property business.

The right ways to find the right tenants

Property business is promising and profitable if you do it the right ways. Finding the best and ideal tenants is just one of the major things you need to do to keep your business running well. Here are tips to find the ideal tenants for your property investment:

  • If you are inexperience in this business, you don’t have to do it all alone. For new landlord, it is advisable to leverage the professional letting agent. They can manage to handle all you need. Besides, this way is much more efficient since you don’t have to handle legislation and stuffs. Even the experts suggest that even though your property business has been established well, leveraging the expertise letting agents is the best way to get the right tenants for your property investments. Handling all the job by yourself is considered time-consuming. You can do other useful tasks and hand this task to the professional.
  • The next way to find the right tenants is to find out their profiles. It is important to find housing benefit tenants. The beginning of this action is to advertise properly through local newspaper, local council, or advertising boards about your property. You can also find working tenants who are beneficial for your property investment. If you target HMO tenants, the best method you can take is to find them through the right websites. You can search yourself the most reputable websites which means it has greater chance for potential tenants.
  • Before making a deal with your potential tenants, it’s better to follow basic rules. First, speak to the potential tenants via phone. In this step, you need to ask some questions like the reason they are interested in the house, etc. Second, get the references through landlord referencing. Third, meet them in person to confirm they existence and to make sure if they are trusted. The last, let your instinct speak to decide whether they are good tenants or not. In property business, logic comes first but your gut instinct can help too.

Finding out the best and ideal tenants is indeed important issue you need to deal with when it comes to property business management. You need to make sure that the property you own have the right tenants living in. If you follow the tips above, your chance to find the right tenants is higher. This will lead to profitable investment just as you expected.

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Bali Bar For Awesome Night Where Sea and Nature Meet Perfectly

Prepare all the information you need if planning a vacation to Bali. Bali is full of interesting and fascinating places. World travel magazine mentioned that Bali is a must-visit tourist destination. Bali is known for its dive spots, world surfing championship, the best place to rejuvenate body and soul. Do not miss the row of bars, clubs or other nightlife.

Bali bar is a hangout and popular among Australian tourists. Do not be surprised if you see Australian tourists passing by in the area of Canggu, Seminyak, Kerobokan or surrounding areas. Promotion of food and beverages enliven the evening bars in Seminyak.

Enjoy The Paradise

Bali is a magical island. All the fun you can enjoy and get. You will see the difference day and night in Seminyak area. In fact, Seminyak area is never empty. During the day you will see a flurry of local residents. In the evening, you will see a row of bars ready to accompany your evening. Not infrequently tourists sit and order drinks to just relax and see people passing by.

Bali bar is the best when you want to go hang out without dress up. Bar in Bali is best where you can dance on the sand beach. You can enjoy and hear the waves whilst relaxing. There is nothing as beautiful and delicious as in Bali bar.

Which bars should you visit? The atmosphere and theme of the bars in Bali vary. If you want to enjoy the Bar in a relaxed atmosphere then you can visit the row of bars in the area of Seminyak. Sea Vu play is one of the Bali bar that offer a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

You can enjoy a quiet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everything is available at a reasonable price. At nightfall, you can enjoy the music of the Dj with an alcoholic drink. A little rocking will make you healthy after enjoying dinner and alcohol.

Rows of bars and clubs are the reasons why Bali is so popular. Ease of visiting the bar without having to spend a lot of budgets is in Bali. If you are looking for fun in Bali, then enjoy the nightlife is the best advice to release tired and stress every night.

Exotic tropical islands are appreciated and visited by many people. The beach atmosphere, the refreshing breezes, the beautiful beaches, and the festive evening atmosphere make you fall in love. Bali brings you to an unforgettable experience and makes your holiday memorable.

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Learn About Property Investing for Beginners

Even though property business seems to be a profitable and promising business, there are many things to learn to start it. Learning and understanding about property investing for beginners is a must. There are many traps in this business which can cause people in lost while running. Real estate investment for example, it involves many aspect to add the value of it. Started from picking the right property and applying best strategies to add the value, as well as gaining the highest profit. Those can only be done with hard work. However, beginners are great potential when it comes to learn since they have eagerness and curiosity to begin with.

Property investing for beginners and playing monopoly game

Everybody must have been familiar with monopoly games. Playing monopoly is fun since you can act like you have ability to buy house, hotels, and public places to gain benefits. When you buy a land in monopoly games, you have ability to charge other players who step on your land. That’s where your profit comes from. So what’s the correlation between monopoly games and property business?

property investing is similar to monopoly game

Actually, the concept of property investment is similar to playing monopoly. As simple as it is, the real property investment involves serious aspects such as economics, investment value, and risk. However, the way you play monopoly is simply similar to how you run property business. In order to gain profit, you should buy properties. You need to avoid things causing bankruptcy. To add your income and profit, you need to learn the best strategies to generate rent. With higher profit, you can buy more properties. So conceptually, property investing for beginners is similar with playing monopoly. It’s simple yet complicated.

The simplicity of running property business relies on its conceptual frame. However, it’s also complicated practically since it involves many important aspect which can cause problem once wrong move is taken, either minor or major ones. Consequences will always be there no matter how smart you are in making plan. However, if you learn the right way from the beginning, you will be able to anticipate each consequences with smart backup plan and strategies. This is why beginners should eager to learn more and more. Being greedy to have more understanding of the concept of property investment won’t cause any loss. In fact, it will make you a promising starter.

Keep in mind that investing in property like real estate consists of several methods. The methods are used to make money obviously. Professionals in this business usually use one of the four ways, they are real estate appreciation, cash flow income, real estate related income, or ancillary real estate investment income. Each method involves different approach and consequences even though the goal is to make money.

You can learn how each method works before deciding to buy a property. Learning the most basic ways in property investing for beginners is valuable for the business future itself. There is no need to rush the process of learning though. That’s why it’s more valuable to learn thoroughly then to learn quickly.

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Seminyak Villas With Perfect Feeling of Home and Luxury

If you are going to travelling to Bali the next month or holiday, then planning where to stay is also really important so you can experience all interesting things at their best. There are many accommodation deals offering for all the tourists since the Bali tourism development has been promoting since long times ago. And one of the most wanted among well-known places in Bali is Seminyak. So, choosing your Seminyak villas or hotel will be a good idea for your amazing vacation.

Before that, since I was writing the title of this article as the “Seminyak villas”, so I think it is no need to talk about the hotel, motel or any other accommodation types. Let’s us digging right into the villa that you will be used at Seminyak for the next or your visit in Bali.

Seminyak itself is the name of the urban village at District of Kuta, Regency of Badung. And this village is also famous of its beach tourism destinations. There are at least 3 beaches at this village which are KuDeTa beach, Seminyak Beach (Camplung or Gado-Gado), and the crowded of the Double Six beach. Another reason why Seminyak is also special is because this urban village itself has 2 cultural or traditional villages which are Desa Adat Seminyak (Seminyak’s traditional village) as a whole and Desa Adat Kerobokan (Banjar Adat Basangkasa). So, if you are really interesting to stay at wherever Seminyak villas, then you have pick the right location so far.

And the next puzzle to be solved is, where is the best seminyak villas to be stayed that is perfectly feeling like home and combined with the luxury?

You will be staying at a place where the cultural villages are located, close to the beaches that allow you to reach them by foot or using the bike for about 3-5 minutes, close to the souvenir shops to be brought home, there are many restaurants around and many more beneficials of its location. So, this is the time to find your villas at Seminyak.

And my first as well as my main recommendation is: Hu’u Villas.

Best Seminyak Villas so far
Image taken from

If you have imagined before about the greenery villas around its park with the very private pool as well as the villa itself, served by the friendly staff with a sweet smile on the lips, completed with the world class bistro’s chefs, then you are really welcomed at Hu’u Villas.

This Seminyak villas offering you various type of accommodations beyond your expectation. You could start with One Bedroom Loft, Two Bedroom Villa, or Three Bedroom Penthouse. Getting the special deals are also interesting where you could see the itineraries about how long you will be staying and in what conditions or purposes. I mean, there is a thing called as “The Penthouse Exclusive” that is for those who love some serious mingling and lounging. This experience is inclusive of a private kitchen showcase with their hu’u Mixologist and Executive Chef at the private kitchen of the penthouse. Or getting the Honey Moon Package for the new marriage couple. Even, the “Girl Gateway” package is available for the girls that need to spoiling their self.

There are much more interesting offers you could get from the luxury Seminyak villas. And it doesn’t get any better than that.

There are many other reasons why this Seminyak villas is perfect for your Bali’s accommodation. All I think and know is Hu’u Villas could be used for your casual relaxing stay and even an all-out party weekend or you want to combine the both worlds? You are good to go. If you want to experience the tropical modern luxury, then you have known where to stay.

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