Find Out How Millionaires Treat Their Money

People choose property business for various reasons. No matter what background and discipline the came from, the main goal is the same, financial freedom. Nobody wants to keep relying on monthly salary. It may be fine if it can cover all expenses with the plus of being able to travel once in a while. However, people who choose business are supposed to have bigger dream. Becoming a successful investor is a dream that can be realized if you are on the right path. Even though it is not something to achieve overnight, it is not impossible to reach. Becoming a successful investor can lead you closer to become millionaire. And who refuse that?

Millionaires treat their money differently

It is common to think of what you are going to buy when you have money in your hand, be it from your main job or side job. It is like everyone’s habit that dies hard. However, millionaires treat their money different from regular people do. How so?

Generally, there are two types of millionaires. First are the risk-takers and second is the savers. They are not that hard to describe differences between two types of millionaires in general. Risk-takers tend to be braver in taking risk in order to create wealth. Those who fall into this category is varied. However, most of them are entrepreneurs, business owners, real estate investors, or real estate developers. The characteristics of risk-takers are courageous and bold. Meanwhile, savers are those who tend to accumulate their wealth by reducing unnecessary living expense. They save money then choose to invest it to create wealth. Characteristics of savers are discipline, organized, and diligent. Those who fall into this category are mostly employee who have more moderate living standard.

Best strategies to treat money

If you want to follow the way how millionaires treat their money, it is up to you to decide which path you’d be willing to try. For savers millionaires, you need self-control to your living expense. Meanwhile, you need to think smart of how you are going to use money if you choose risk-takers path. Both have good and not-so-good sides. The point is, you can even take every aspects from both types to be applied in your daily basis. For example, saving money is a positive thing you can try to learn. It may take long until you have enough money to be called millionaires. However, it is such a shame if you just save your money and do nothing with it especially when you have spent years saving it.

It is time for you to try the risk-takers path by taking chance on investing or open business from the small one. Every business has its own risk for sure. However, willing to take the risk is also important so you can grow. This way, you are not only collecting money to become millionaires but also know how to treat them to make more. Once you success with this path, you don’t have to keep thinking of what to spend your money for. Your business run smoothly and your money comes naturally.

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Bali Indonesia Nightlife, A New Experience After Dark

Indonesia, especially Bali, a tropical island that is warm and overcrowded covering nightlife starts more than you normally experience. In fact, Bali at night is very different from morning or afternoon. Lights and music that enliven Bali Indonesia nightlife fishing for tourists to squirm before night.

Nightlife in Seminyak Bali is popular and the trend is not only for young people. Rows of Seminyak Bali nightlife with a more calm atmosphere for the elderly, especially those aged 30 and above are ready to bring you an amazing experience.

In fact, many tourists and locals visit Bali Indonesia nightlife in a week. Don’t be surprised if you easily enjoy the nightlife at any time. Bali Indonesia nightlife allows you to establish new friendships accompanied by beer, cocktails, music and world-class DJs.

Bali Indonesia Nightlife, A Friendly Place For LGBT

Bali is open to all migrants, including LGBT. Rows of Bali gay nightlife in some areas show no difference when you are vacationing on the Island of the Gods. Bali Indonesia nightlife is a place where all people feel welcomed. Whether you dress up in luxury or sporty costumes, you will find the pleasure of enjoying the nightlife of Bali Seminyak. Some Bali Indonesia nightlife where you will find great pleasure.

Sea Vu Play, Bali Gay Nightlife

A pirate concept, Sea Vu Play offers more fun for you. Sea Vu Play is perfect for breakfast, brunch, and dinner where you can enjoy family time. Near midnight, it’s time to party and enjoy a beer or cocktail. The bartender is ready to serve any of your favorite drinks. Professional and friendly staff services add a plus to the places you must visit. Sea Vu Play offering extraordinary gay nightlife Bali.

Sea Vu Play makes things easier for those who don’t want to travel far and want to enjoy delicious cuisine and nightlife in Seminyak Bali. It doesn’t matter if you just want to relax enjoying the evening atmosphere accompanied by a cold beer. Everything you need is in one perfect place.

Potato Head – Beach Nightlife Bali Seminyak

No need to dress up fancy to enjoy Bali Indonesia nightlife. Potato head offers you to enjoy cold music and drinks, even dance with bare feet. Nightlife in Seminyak Bali offers privileges from other tourist destinations. Want to enjoy nightlife with a beach costume? Bali Indonesia nightlife is perfect for the greatest pleasure. Get ready for the surprising Seminyak Bali nightlife.

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The Process of Property Development You Should Know

There are various strategies you can use in property investing. One of them is property development. However, this is not for everyone as it has complex works to finish before you gain profit from it. Property development is more suitable for experienced investors who already knew about the risks and weigh in property business at least in general. Of course, property development has its risks and weighs just like other strategies in this business. It is not as simple as building a construction on a land you buy and sell it. It is more than that. The key of successful property development is the ability to execute the steps of the process smoothly.

Every steps of property development to understand

Property business is not for spontaneous decision making or unplanned purchase of an asset. This is a business where you need to focus on planning especially when it comes to property development. The key to the success is how you can plan everything prior the construction. Here are the steps in property development you should know very well ho to execute them:

  • First thing first, you need to know the reasons why you choose property development out of many options in this business you can get involved with. You need to know your goal is whether to sell the property for quick profit or to aim rental return once the development is finished. This will help you to take the right step, the one that is more purposeful.
  • Looking for potential land for you to develop. In this step, you need to know exactly how you are going to fund your purchase and how you want the ownership goes. Asking help from professionals is a smart idea.
  • Start planning what you are going to do with the potential site you have found. You need to know what kind of concept you want to apply. Before going wild, you may need to assess the local council’s policy so that you won’t any rule later during the development process. After everything is click, you then proceed to the next step which is to purchase the land.
  • The next step is to deal with the planning regulations. This may take long a time than you initially thought because you need to handle everything according to the local council’s development guidelines.
  • Once you got the approval, you need to start working with the drawing and documentation, along with your engineer and architect. You also need to organize the finance and discuss it with your accountant during this pre-construction.
  • The next process is the construction where you and your team starts working on the project on the site. It can take several months to complete depending on the scale of the project. Finished with the construction, you need to do the completion where you will sell or rent it out.  It is highly recommended to have backup plan or exit strategy since the beginning so that the end of development process will be done smoothly.
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4 Cool Destinations Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners

It is natural that Bali has been named the popular and best scuba diving vacations for beginners or professionals. Even the world magazine reviews many beautiful and amazing dive spots under the sea of Bali. In fact, many diving spots are hidden in Bali and its surroundings. The perfect way for your memorable adventure vacation is to try to learn diving. The more often they dive, the more they will get to know and be aware of the richness of Indonesia’s underwater world.

Not all spots in Indonesia are best for scuba diving vacations for beginners. Surfing the internet and finding the best dive spots for you beginners is the right solution. Never be afraid of running out of space even if you are a beginner diver. Indonesia has a diverse underwater charm for perfect dive sites that fit into your holiday agenda.

Bali – The Best Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners

Being in Bali, whether on land or under the sea will be a fun holiday adventure. Diving activities are increasingly popular from time to time and you will see for yourself the beauty of the underwater Bali. Rare species ranging from Mola-Mola, manta rays, to white sharks you can enjoy while diving in the waters of Bali. Planning scuba diving vacations for beginners, Bali is perfect. Some dive spots with no current and clear visibility are right for beginners.

Wakatobi – Southeast Sulawesi

Wakatobi is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving vacations for beginners. Wakatobi has an area of more than 1 million hectares and is so rich in the beauty of coral reefs, small fish. It could be said that Wakatobi is a paradise for marine life in Banda. Don’t be afraid to try, because there are many diving training packages that are ready to bring you to discover new experiences and adventures.

Raja Ampat, Amazing Spot For Diving

Who doesn’t know Raja Ampat? This is a hidden paradise with a million underwater beauty and charm. Raja Ampat diving and snorkeling sites have been recognized worldwide with thousands of species of marine species. Many people think that Raja Ampat is perfect for professional divers only, but there are some that are suitable for beginners. Friwen Wall, Miosko, Batu Lima, is perfect for you to enter in the list of scuba diving vacations for beginners.

Pink Beach, Komodo Island

Pink beach you should not miss when deciding on a vacation to Bali. Continuing your scuba diving vacations for beginners in Bali, you can go to Pink Beach. The pink sand beach and calm sea water are perfect for your diving. Don’t forget to follow all instructor instructions for safe diving.

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What You Need to Know About Owning Investment Property

Owning investment property doesn’t guarantee you will become rich or successful. It is good to be hopeful but it is also a must to be more prepared. In property investing, there are many things you need to know. Knowing the good, the bad, the risks, and the weighs is important so that you run the business with your eyes wide open. Investing in property is not always sunshine and rainbow. There are risks and challenges you need to take into consideration before making any decision. Remember that property business is not merely about what you expect but also how the reality works.

Things you need to prepare in owning property investment

Smart, successful investors always think positively but prepare for the worst. That how they can thrive the business no matter what the situation they face in. if you are only ready for the good part, you won’t be able to survive in the industry especially because the competition cannot be taken lightly. So here are things you need to know about owning investment property and how you can be more prepared:

  • One of the most important point of investment property is the cash flow. It should be maintained to be positive. The reality is, it can turn negative very quick. The key for this case is maintenance. What you need to do to your property is to gain more income that it costs. The thing is, there is always possibility for the unexpected which can cost you a lot even if you have steady income from your investment property. Thus, you need to have your finance set thoroughly and save the income for the emergencies.
  • It is relatively easy for your property to suffer from vacancy. This is more common than you think. Even if you own properties located in a high-demand markets, vacancies are not rare. Letting your property to be vacant for too long is bad. Thus, it is recommended to not list it for rent during low-demand periods. You can try setting the structure of leases to be due for renewal in January so it is possible to get tenants.
  • There is high possibility for your property to be damaged due to various circumstances such as flood, fire, or malicious activity of tenants. The risk is high and serious damage sometimes cannot be avoided. It can also happen anytime when you least expect it. The solution for this reality is to have landlord’s insurance or building insurance that will cover this issue if it happens.
  • Another reality you should face regarding to investment property ownership is that you may get crappy or rude tenants who don’t respect your property investment. It is important to do the screening to avoid having crappy and irresponsible tenants. To protect your investment, you need to have landlord’s insurance or building insurance. It is also important to state the rules legally about the lease so your tenants don’t have any option but following the rules and respect your investment.
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Seminyak Villas with Tropical Vibe to Book

Spending your holiday to tropical places like Bali can be a healing treatment. This is how you can get rid of stress and burden from daily work. One of the best areas to feel tropical vibe is Seminyak. Thus, might as well consider to book one of Seminyak villas with tropical vibe. Bali is a great place to visit throughout the years. Anytime is ideal to visit Bali since the average temperature is comfortable and enjoyable for having tropical retreat. Type of accommodation chosen by visitors the most is villa, especially the one surrounded by nature like greeneries, rice paddies, or beaches.

Seminyak villas with tropical vibe

If you are seeking tranquility and entertainment for your holiday, Bali can provide them with ease. There are many elements of Bali that can make you feel awed. Most attractions are jaw-dropping that visitors always want to come back later. People in Bali are also sweet and welcoming. You can befriend the locals within minutes which shows how friendly they are. Thus, spending your holiday in Bali gives you enjoyable time especially when you choose the right villa to stay in.

  • Villa Waterlily – Just like its name, this villa is beautiful and lovely. It provides three tropical bedrooms fit to 6 persons max. Its location is next to the heart of Seminyak but a little bit hidden from the crowd. Most of materials of the villa are natural such as teak wood, bamboo, rattan, and many more. You only need to walk few minutes before arrive at Double Six beach. The living area is designed in tropical open-plan concept featuring alang alang roof. It is decorated with traditional artwork as well as tribal sculpture. There is also teak dining table situated at the right stand. For the exterior, it features swimming pool decorated with natural stones. It has garden as well as lotus pond for you to bask in fresh air.
  • Villa Mimi – This villa has cute name featuring three tropical bedrooms. It is situated in the heart of Seminyak and in walking distance to Seminyak beach. Aside from giving off tropical vibe, this villa offers luxurious, comfortable, and spacious accommodation. Each bedroom is equipped with satellite TV and DVD players. As for the bathroom, it features freestanding tub on pebble stones. The living area has direct lead to the koi fish pond and swimming pool. You can also read in the study room featuring library of books. The outside features swimming pool decorated with natural green stones. There is also gazebo next to the pool to relax.
  • Villa Arte – This is one of Seminyak villas with tropical vibe you can book for your holiday. It has four bedrooms with mosquito-netting bed. Each bedroom features bathroom with outdoor rain shower. There is also living pavilion with direct access to the pool outside. There is also tropical garden with stunning swimming pool completed with timber deck to relax. In addition, the parking lot is also spacious. The overall design of this villa is decorated with ethnic culture.
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The Impact of More Affordable Houses to Property Investing Business

It is not a secret that in most areas, housing is unaffordable. It is hard for young people to afford a house especially when they are starting a family. Getting into property market will be much more challenging. Housing affordability has become issues these few years. From buyer’s point of view, more affordable housing benefits them because then they can afford a house to live in. however, it might be different from business point of view. If house affordability is balance with the profit they will gain then it is not a problem. However, affordable housing with no profit in return is a waste. \

Things that can impact housing affordability

To make housing more affordable, property value will need to drop considerably. It happens if people are forced to sell up their homes with the price that drops significantly because there is nobody want to buy them. For house to be more affordable for people from walks of life, it means the property values need to fall and it needs to fall significantly. It involves property cycle in the process. Of course, more affordable houses are desired by most people especially buyers. However, if the property value keeps dropping then it can lead to a property crash.

  • In property business, people who want property price to fall the most are most likely first-home buyers. The ones that want to get into property investment but have difficulties in saving a deposit are those who want the property values to drop the most. Those who get into property investment but having feel that they are priced out of the market are also likely want the price to drop significantly. However, they likely want the price to drop in short time and not permanently. They want it the most at least until they can afford to buy a property. Of course, they want the price to increase again precisely once they are in the market.
  • There are several ways to make property more affordable. First by increasing wages so that homebuyers have more money to buy property. Increasing grants and incentives also significantly help to make more affordable property. This may not be the most effective way to make property more affordable because this only work for few selects buyers in the short term. Another way to make property affordable is by decreasing the value of properties. However, it is also impossible for home owners to wish their property price to drop.
  • Basically, more affordable properties don’t really affect wealthy property owners but affect more ordinary working class citizens. When the property price drops or more affordable, they may lose their jobs and homes especially when a property crash occurs. It is possible for a property crash to happen overseas. If it happens, it may affect the banks because then there will be more troubles come to them. Thus, even though affordable housing sounds promising, it doesn’t always have positive impact to property investing business. The possibility of more affordable property in lively environment is even almost impossible.

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Having Unforgettable Holiday with Bali Villas

Bali is one of the most desirable travel destination. Whether you need romantic getaway or silent retreat, Bali has everything you need. There are many tourist attractions as well as hidden wonders you can find during your vacation in Bali. However, it is also important to prepare everything for your vacation in Bali including accommodation. To help you get through it, Bali Villas is there for you. Everything you need to have hassle-free holiday in Bali will be provided by reliable team. Thus, all you need to do is contact the staff and state your destination for your vacation Bali. The team will help you finding the best villa that suits your needs.

Why choose Bali Villas?

There are many online accommodation booking services available. However, not all of them is reliable. Bali is a safe place for travelling solo, with partner, or families. However, accommodation sometime becomes a hassle that most people don’t want to deal with. The main purpose for having vacation in Bali is to relax and enjoy the most of holiday. Here are what Bali Villas can do to help you having unforgettable holiday in Bali:

Reservation Booking

Instead of searching here and there about suitable villa that can accommodate your need during your vacation in Bali, Bali Villas team can make sure to do it for you. You can even book the reservation anywhere and anytime since you can do it online. Thus, you don’t have to waste your precious time looking for the best accommodation.

Choose Nearest Destination

There are many options for villa you can choose. To make it easier, you can book a villa near your main destination during your holiday in Bali. For example, you can book Villa Belong Dua if your main destination is around Seminyak. It will make you easier to venture around Bali. You can also find villas from other locations such as Candidasa, Nusa Dua, Nusa Lembongan, Jimbaran, Canggu, Ubud, Tanah Lot, and many more. Wherever you go, the team will help you find the right villa for you.

Best Price for Budget

The villas are available in a wide range of price you can choose. Even if you are budget traveler, you can still book cozy villa at affordable price range. There are also hot deals you can choose to help you save your financial arrangement for holiday in Bali. The price is ranged from $290++ to $1190++. Thus, you can just book a villa that suit your financial situation. Spending your holiday in Bali doesn’t have to be expensive. You can set your own arrangement to meet your budget.

Pick Villas Based on Bedrooms

It is easy to book because you can also choose based on the number of bedrooms you need. Thus, there is no need to worry even if you are going to spend your vacation in Bali with your big families. It is recommended to make early enquiry so that you will be more prepared for your vacation. After booking designated villa with the help of Bali Villas, you just need to fly to Bali and enjoy the most of your holiday.

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Facts about property doubled value you need to know

There are many reasons why people choose property investing out of all business. One of the reasons is capital growth especially if your focus is on residential real estate.

It is not a secret that most people who investing property expect for the capital growth to increase or double up. It is said that the average annual growth rate is about 7%.

Thus, people expect their property value to increase in 10 years.

However, it is not the ultimate formula. The property values can either increase or decrease. There are many factors influence your property value. Thus, you cannot only rely on the capital growth even though it is the main factors to directly impact the value.

Understand more about your property value

Property market influences the value of property significantly. If the interest rate in the market low, it is hard to increase the value of your property either.

Facts to understand about your property value

Property market has also different cycle depending on the location. Thus, the situation happen in a big city and suburban will be different and influence the value differently as well.

It is also fact that every property has different cycle which influence its value. Because of all of those, then it is better for you to know about the things that are related to your property value.

If you want your property value to double up, you need to be more aware of the cycle. You need to choose the right strategy to achieve above the average capital growth.

Buying the right property is the right solution. It will be better if you buy the right property in the right location at the right price. It can help lift up your property capital’s growth to 80%.

Therefore, doing research before making your investment is a must so that you can avoid buying the wrong property.

To help you envision the value of your property, it is recommended to start big the big picture in which you pay attention more to the macro-economic environment form the beginning.

This will help you to see the general situation of the economy which potentially influence property value. By looking at the big picture, you will also be able to start more thorough plan for your investment.

After looking at the big picture, you can narrow down your picture to the micro level.

The next thing to do is to choose the right location to invest. It is important to choose the right state of where to invest so you can outperform market average.

Things you need to consider in choosing the right location or state is its economic growth as well as population growth. Those influence the level of demand in the market which influence the value significantly.

When you have found the right location in the right state, you can narrow down your search to promising suburban.

Then, you can start your search for the right property to invest in. property located in livable street is more promising. Make sure to buy the right property at the right price but you shouldn’t always rely on the keyword ‘cheap.’

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Safe Environment by Using Eco Backpack

There are so many ways to safe our planet, to preserve the better future for ourselves and across generations by keep the quality of environment. Among the things you can do, there is one of the ways you can do it in stylish which is using the eco backpack.

Eco-backpack is no much different with the other backpacks as you have known and owned. But, it is made out of more environment material like the parachute nylon and also have more advantages than just to carry things in your back.

I won’t assuming that everyone of us should have been using it, even though I will admit if that will be the great news to know.

Using eco backpack to save environment

But, think about if there will be more and more people interesting in getting and start using it everyday, that can be one of the way to reduce the use of plastic waste when shopping or getting new items from friends and family and other types of waste that are not easily decomposed. And it’s also a way to no longer throw the wastes randomly as all the bag can keep them awhile before finding the trash can.

The labeling of eco-backpack is not only to target more markets that are caring so much with the environment, but it is also developed by the great people that is not only thinking about the company’s revenue, but also the product impacts for the environment.

I have found an eco backpack that can even be used for about 10 years long. It is so much thinner then my own regular backpack but apparently its durability is better than mind.

This type of backpack will also be able to store all the books you are usually bringing to the school or university. I mean, papers in small or regular size, dunno how to calls it. There is also many of the water resistant backpack for this kind of ecological bag.

Eco backpacks are also come with side pocket and some of them will have the another back pocket for smaller items to keep. But at least there will be 2 slots for all your stuffs.

The parachute nylon material is also great as the quick dry eco backpack while the waterproof bag mostly will be made out of the handmade leather.

If you are interesting about this, I’d like to remind you that the important to us though is to get the eco backpack that is made by the local people to helps the local economy of a region and also the one that can be used for many activities that won’t hurt the environment too much.

Whether you are starting high school or getting out for shopping, moving to a college, traveling to some strange destinations, you can get your own eco backpack or simply finds out more about it.

Using that, you may won’t change yourself much, but it surely won’t only as the stylish and functional backpack, but also can makes us a bit responsible to our environment. You can keeps the good quality environment just by using that backpack everyday and it may also will make the others do the same thing.

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