Popular Reasons Why Houses in Cul-de-Sacs Are Desirable

Cul-de-sacs literally means “bottom of the sack” in French due to their circular shape that seemingly illustrate the bottom of the sack. These areas are dead-end street with no exit road. For decades, cul-de-sacs have been in high demands because some of their qualities. Although that also has been changing.

Recent study has shown that although it used to be the hype of real estate, cul-de-sacs homes just aren’t as desirable or as ‘safe’ as it used to be. There are several factor of why the opposite may apply to homes located in cul-de-sacs. But regardless, until today, homes in cul-de-sacs have their very own buyers and are still in demands despite some of the issues it could pose. Here some of the most popular reasons why cul-de-sacs are so desirable for homebuyers.

Private feel

Cul-de-sacs are widely known for the privacy they offered. There is the illusion of “private” feel to homes located at cul-de-sacs area that many homebuyers are attracted to. And this is may not simply be an illusion, people simply don’t pass through cul-de-sacs. There are so much less strangers coming and going through, as people who go into cul-de-sacs are often homeowners or relatives instead of just people passing through everyday. The state of less noise because of its place often secluded from traffics offers peace compared to homes located at two-way roads. All of these combined make home in cul-de-sacs highly desirable.

Cul-de-sacs deters crime

The notion is that because there’s less stranger passing through your houses, the less chances there would be for crimes, especially situational crimes (SC). From a sample of 89 crimes conducted in a 2012 study, a large number of those crimes, 74 crimes to be exact, occurred on two-way streets, while 15 occurred at cul-de-sacs. However taking this study at face-value would be misleading as there are also other factors to consider. Although it stands, chance-wise, opportunities for strangers to commit situational crimes are clearly much lower at cul-de-sacs.

Homebuyers with kids love them

Couples with babies or kids, as well as young couples who plan to have children are often eyeing cul-de-sacs. Simply the absence of a traffic is an excellent reason for these homebuyers to seriously consider cul-de-sacs. There is so much less worry of vehicles passing through all day long in front of their houses. This allows kids to be able to play with ease with less danger of being run over.

A potentially good investment

If you know your target market, if you know who you should sell your cul-de-sac houses to when (if) it is time to sell, then you’re potentially going to make 20% more compared to houses in your area that are not located in cul-de-sacs. A survey has found that homebuyers are willing to pay that extra 20% for houses in cul-de-sacs. Of course, with how enormous a financial commitment houses are, not everyone would, so you’d have to know who you’re selling to and target the right person correctly.

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Property For Sale In Ubud Bali, Perfect Investment In The Age Change

Ubud is always fascinating and provides its own charm. Whether you are a tourist or businessman, Ubud has been carrying the best 5-star destinations for years. His popularity always brings people to always visit. Are you among those who plan to own property in Bali? Allows searching for property for sale in Ubud Bali at affordable prices. It’s just that you avoid the risk of fraud and legal matters related to counterfeiting a land certificate.

Property For Sale In Ubud Bali

Bali is a stunning and amazing exotic island. Bureaucracy and most agents of property for sale in Ubud Bali are not always fully trusted. This is due to the high interest in investing in Bali, both in the form of land, houses, villas or apartments. There are many things you must pay attention to before deciding property for sale in Ubud Bali as your investment.

Reasons Why Property For Sale in Ubud Bali Is Always Superior

Amazing Rice Terrace – This is a fact! Tourists are looking for places with amazing views. Ubud rice terrace is the most frequently searched and visited by tourists. That’s a simple view but can make us relax and get rid of stress.

The place for coffee lovers – Who doesn’t know popular coffee from Bali? There are lots of cafes to enjoy coffee. The legendary coffee shop in Ubud, which was founded in 1935, you must visit.  Ubud is a paradise for coffee enthusiasts, both local and foreign.

Superb Jazz Experience – Ubud must be included in your visit list during the jazz festival. Don’t be surprised if many foreign tourists who come to Bali deliberately only support jazz festivals. For you, jazz lovers, don’t miss this annual spectacular event.

Release Your Stress – Ubud atmosphere helps release your stress. Trying to join yoga is a favorite in Ubud. If your holiday time is long, try to improve spiritually and seek healing.

What should don’t when deciding on a property for sale in Ubud Bali as the best investment?

Legality – Investment does not look at you local people or foreigners. For foreigners, you should not look for property for sale in Ubud Bali (freehold). You will deal with the bureaucracy and law in Indonesia. Don’t buy a property if they don’t have an IMB (Building Permit). Do not buy green zones even though the price is tempting. Don’t use a notary or property agent at random. Respect the law and the procedures adopted in Indonesia, as applicable in your country (for foreigners).

Agent Property – Not all property agents can be trusted. This is a fact and happens everywhere. Try to find property for sale in Ubud Bali officially at the property agent office. Many property agents have friends out there who sell villas or land. They will direct you to something wrong. Good and trusted agents have contracts with landowners as official representatives. They will help your difficulties whenever and wherever you need.

Don’t Overpay – Don’t pay more for an investment value that you should. Never trust an ad that promises a 20% return. The best return currently in Bali is 10%. There are times when we don’t need to pay more for something that makes you regret later.

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Reasons Why People Today Prefer Suburban Property

In this modern era, people love living in a modern city because everything is already available. Public facilities are open to provide everything needed in life. However, it doesn’t mean millennial people hate suburban area. In fact, most millennial choose to buy property in suburban instead of big city. In the beginning of 2000, people were so into modern living.

Suburban property to get

Everything that looks fancy and shining were popular back then. It resulted in lots of buyers purchased home in urban city. However, the trend has changed since 2015 up till now where people have been more interested to purchase suburban properties such as villa, mansion, or even a single family home.

In fact, most of those type of homebuyers are indeed millennial.

Why suburban properties are more preferred?

Purchasing home for living is personal choice so every individual must have their own reason about their choice in buying a certain type of home. However, the surveys show that most suburban homebuyers are millennial and most of them are those who are in their 30s.

With the development of property business that has been expanding to suburban areas, it is not that hard to find ideal home. However, what makes people especially what we call as millennial to choose suburban homes over urban ones?

  • The typical reason why most millennial in their 30s are more invested in buying suburban property is due to the fact that they want to start settling down. That is most age when people start considering to get married and raise a family properly. However, everyone knows that no matter how tempting and easy it is to live in modern city, it is not an ideal place for raising a family in real context. On the other hand, suburban areas are close to ideal place to raise a family since there are less bad factors which can ruin peaceful family unlike urban cities.
  • Another reason why people prefer purchasing suburban home is that the availability of space. Home in suburban areas are typically more spacious. Compared to homes in urban cities, suburban homes are more peaceful and ideal for living. This is one of the reasons why millennial like this type of home. They are more likely tired of the noise and buzz of busy city life where everything is always up for 24/7. By purchasing home in suburban areas, they have quiet place to stay peacefully and getting closer to the nature.
  • Next important reason why millennial prefer suburban properties is that the price is lower than home in urban city. For raising family, affordable home does matter because stable finance is essential. People who make plan to raise family tend to plan their finance so that they can afford the needs of their family. Having ideal home without causing too much damage to their finance is a great plan. Thus, it can be concluded that it is reasonable for homebuyers to prefer suburban home these days. It shows that millennial have thought smart and efficiently to achieve what they want for living.
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The Importance of Bali SEO Services for Your Travel Business

Bali SEO Services – Popular travel destination and reservation site just like TripAdvisor had been published that Bali is on Top Destinations in World 2017 ago.

Bali SEO services for tour and travel businesses

This can be mean that there will even getting more travelers will be doing online research about the information of the many destinations in Bali. There will be more people interesting to visit Bali.

So that, if your travel business has the website, it can also be generate more visitors from foreign countries in the world. If not, you may have to find the best available Bali SEO services for that.

There are various of SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) techniques that have been known as one of the proven ways to rank higher and improve the search engines visibility. The more of online users are seeing your travel business site on the first page of search results, the big chance it can generates more traffics.

Visitors from search engines are the valuable traffics. They are consciously searching for the needed information. When your site is mostly clicked by the visitors for certain keywords, then you may will get your site or pages rank a bit higher for that keywords. And that is also becomes part of how to optimize your business site on search engine.

The SEO stuffs are actually started even right before you bought a domain name. You have to make sure that the domain name is not only representing your business, but also is not the spammy and forbidden domain in case it had been used for the forbidden activities months or years ago before being dropped and deleted. Then, you will find yourself dealing with the structured data and the architecture of your site. It means, you may have to be the website designer as well as the web developer in the same time, and so on.

There are much things to be done just to build and maintenance your travel business site, and you have just finished a small part of the SEO. There are more homeworks to do and you have to ready for them everyday. Rather than working your SEO site yourself, why don’t you just think about finding the Bali SEO services that can help you with all the tired and bored things as above?

Kesato & Co is all you need. It is one of the best digital agency based in Bali and could help you with all related SEO things for your tour and travel business site. As the digital agency, it has also the website designers who are dealing with User Experience and Interface (UX/UI) and the web developers that can build new a new site, or simply just develop what your business have got before.

You’ll be sorry for not dealing with your own site’s SEO or not deciding to hire the Bali SEO services because your site may not get the visitors it might deserved. The simple thing you need to know as I have also mentioned above is, the more internet users are coming to your site, the better. Your travel services such as renting villa or hotel reservation and the tour package will be sold as soon as possible because you will get a better conversion rate between the visitors and they who are led for dealing with the transaction.

Simply, the importance of the Bali SEO services are helping you to rank your site for the targeted keywords, preparing your site to be included with the keywords, find the potential ways to get the natural backlinks, etc. You can build your own team for that, but if that will be impossible for now, simply hire an agency!

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Digital Marketing Tools to Help Building Your Property Business

Digital marketing is indeed helpful to help building business in any type, including property business itself. This is because we live in digital era indeed. There is no doubt that most aspect is influenced by digital stuff. Digital marketing uses online services to provide anything you need for successful business. The main benefit of using internet for property business is that it helps enhancing communication system and process. There are many forms of digital marketing tools you can use to the fullest to help you build your property business. One of the most obvious tools is social media. This is accessible for digital devices such as mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Digital Marketing Tools to Help Building Your Property Business

Gain benefits for various digital marketing tools


Digital marketing tools have been a great influence for property business especially in recent years. The existence of those tools makes property business run smoothly. The process of selling or buying property becomes more efficient now. This is because most people search information from online websites. It is not only website that most people use today. There are many mobile apps to use for various purposes such as transactions, hunting property, and many more. Here are some digital marketing tools you should know and own to help you build your property business:


  • Website is the most basic tool you should have if you have property business to run for. This is a great asset you should not underestimate. By having professional website, you show integrity and credibility to people in general. It is a central location where your clients or customer can visit anytime. It helps them to gather information about what you offer. Make sure that you design, develop, and maintain your website thoroughly to attract more visitors.
  • Social media applications are also essential in digital marketing. It is important that you not only make an account but also use it to the fullest. You need to update regularly so you can raise brand awareness. Through social media, you can also build your credibility and generate leads. There are many social media you can choose such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channel, Pinterest, and many more.
  • Another digital marketing tool that can work wonder is photo editing app such as Adobe Photoshop. For property business where you sell many type of properties such as house or apartment, first impression is crucial. You need to provide high-quality photos of your properties to make them look flawless and interesting. You can set the contrast, rotate, or even resize to perfect fit. Thus, you can save them and upload in your social media to attract customers.


Basically, there are other digital marketing tools you can use in order to build your real estate business. However, make sure that you use them to the fullest so it results as expected. Make sure that while you are maximizing the benefits of using digital marketing tools you are also outlining property marketing plan. That is a good strategy you need to optimize the benefits of using digital tools and plans for marketing.


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Smart Girls Guide to Komodo Island Trip Packing List

Komodo island trip is a giant magnet for everyone. Form the top of Padar Island’s hills to the bottom of the Flores sea, Komodo National Park has such irresistible charm for everyone. This trip is even more interesting as you will spent days on the sea, living in a liveaboard. It’s the ultimate of tropical holiday with lots of island hopping, hiking, and diving in between. Of course, a sailing trip holiday will be particularly different than any other vacancy trip. From sailing customs to packing list, this trip requires special attention down to the details.

A Girls Guide to Komodo Island Trip Packing List

Know that most cruises do not allow big bags and those gigantic suitcase onboard. You know, space are limited and weight must be thoroughly calculated to ensure everyone’s safety. So learn to pack the essentials and leave the rest on the shore. Here is a smart packing list to follow for Komodo island trip of any season.

Protection From the Sun

Hat — never go to Komodo National Park without a hat unless you want to stand against the merciless sun. It’s better to get the wide-brim hat than the usual baseball cap for extra shade protection for your body. Pick a straw hat if you want to match it with the seaside, tropical vibe.

Light Scarf — On board, the wind can be very strong and blow your hat away. In time like this, you can take the benefit of light scarf! Come in stylish pattern and color, light scarf can protect your head from unbearable heat while showing of some style in the meantime.

Polarized Sunglasses — Sunglasses is simply a must on Komodo Island trip. They instantly make you looks cooler and protect your eyes. You might one to bring more than a pair of sunglasses in case you lost one during the trip.

Sunscreen — This is a no brainer—a must for everyone. However, we highly recommend you to use lotion-based sunscreen than the spray one. Spray sunscreen can cover the boat floor and it could be difficult to remove. And if you plan to go on and underwater—snorkelling, diving, kayaking, surfing, you name it—give your best to avoid chemical sunscreen with oxybenzone on it. They can be carried by the water and damages coral DNA, causes deformities and hinder its ability to reproduce.


What’s a Komodo Island trip without swimwear? Swimming, snorkelling, and diving make up more than half of the trip. And as you’ll likely wear swimsuit both onboard and on the shore, bring 2 – 3 pair of it. Let the others die while you are wearing the other one.


Dress — If you are a dress person, consider to pack 4-5 dress to the bag. They are perfect for a quick wear above your bikini. Also, you would want to wear something other than swimsuit when you reach the land.

Coverup — Coverup is a smart idea when you want to stay in bikinis and don’t really want to dress up. It cover you from the scorching hot sun and you can throw it when it’s down for vitamin sea-time.

Tank Tops and Shorts — Tank tops is perfect under the tropical heat—you got something to wear and allowing the air to cool your sweating skin.


Flipflops — You can never go wrong with flip-flops. They are highly versatile and quick to dry.

Cute sandals — Before and after the excursion, you will spend your days on Labuan Bajo, Flores, and around. It’s nice to have a nice sandal that will match your outfit.

Hiking Shoes — Given Flores’ undulating topography, you will do a lot of trekking during the Komodo Island trip. Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar, and Gili Lawa are the most popular place to do the trekking. Some of the trek are quite steep and rocky, and hiking shoes is just perfect to protect your foot.

This guide is just the basics. You can always customize your packing list according to your taste. Just keep the luggage light!

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The Importance of Best Customer Service for Property Business

When you are building and running a business, you need to do every process wholeheartedly. There are many things to do in order to build your property business. Aside from planning strategy marketing or optimizing marketing tools, customer service also plays important role in property business. The best customer service can help you grow your real estate business to another level. It is important key to hold because it is one of priorities you should pay attention to. By maintaining best customer service, you will not only be able to gain profit but also lifelong brand advocates which are essential for your company in general.

How to optimize customer service to another level?

Seasoned property investors said that world-class customer service can bring you anywhere because you can create more loyal following. However, it is still not an easy feat especially for beginner to develop superior customer service especially when every customer has their own tendencies and interests. Pleasing every one of the sounds impossible. However, you can try these tips to start building your world-class customer service:

  • Being proactive i n anything you do related to customers or clients is important. As mentioned earlier that pleasing everyone is impossible. Receiving a complaint or two from customer won’t end your career. Thus you’d better stay proactive in finding solution. When you receive complaint, all you need to do is to take responsibility and make efforts to make them happy. Make sure to make best effort and turn their complaint into compliment.
  • Giving the best customer service is not only aimed to your customer but also your partners and others related to the business. Remember that the dots of your business circles are connected and you can not only pay attention to one dot. Instead, you give your best customer service to everyone no matter what the result is. This will give you benefit of loyal leads as mentioned earlier.
  • When you face unhappy customers, you need to confront them in the most effective way. Raising your voice won’t get you anywhere. It will just fuel their dissatisfaction even more. Instead, you need to balance out the situation by remaining level-headed. Handle the complaints with the utmost care.
  • Every complaint may be different from one individual to another. Thus, you should treat them on their own merits. Remember that you cannot lease everyone so that there is no fit-all solution either. Even if the complaint is the same, you may need different approach to solve the problem if the complaint comes from different customer.
  • Make sure that your customer need is your priority to tend to. Even if they give you small complaint, don’t ever underestimate it. Small complaints can lead to the shortcomings of your career. Thus, always remember to treat customer in the best way possible. Their compliment or gratitude is important to achieve. However, loyalty is above them all. It is what you need to gain and use to build your property business.
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What To Do To Get Around Bali Diving Spots Fast?

Asia has amazing beaches and underwater rows. Especially Bali, offering underwater diversity and uniqueness. Entering the world’s best favorite destinations is proof of Bali as a compulsory place in your holiday list.

Bali Diving Spots

Life without having fun will be boring and stressful. Bali has different views in each area. Vacationing to Bali is right when your life feels boring. If you want to try something new and fun, explore under the sea! Especially diving lovers, or you who want to try diving, Bali is perfect.

Bali diving spots have rare, unique and beautiful species or coral. Given a large number of dive spots at a distance, you need proper planning. Starting from Tulamben, Amed, Menjangan Island, Sanur, Nusa Penida, and others. Please note, to reach spots, you have to take 1-2 hours from the Kuta area and its surroundings. Within 1 day, you can only explore 1 area. Automatically, you need 5-6 days to explore all Bali diving spots.

If you do not have a certificate, then you must take more time for training. What to do to get around Bali diving fast?

Get Package & Explore Bali Diving Spots

When your vacation in Bali is very short, then everything must be done quickly. Fast doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy it. Taking a dive package is wise and appropriate. Dive centers will do all the best for you. The safari dive package is a 1-day dive package to several spots in 1 area. You will be picked up in the morning and finished in the afternoon. After the package is finished, you can enjoy the atmosphere of Bali at night while enjoying dinner. If you live in the Seminyak area, the best row of bars and restaurants are ready to spoil you.

Another option to explore Bali diving spots is to take a safari dive package. Safari dive is usually done for 2 days by doing 5 dives. When comparing it to a daily dive package, the safari package will be wiser.

Diving in sparkling blue and sand waters like in Bali is spectacular and unforgettable. Bali has become a meeting place for divers, both amateur and professional.

With the dive package, you can explore many of the best dive spots in Bali in a short time. Take 4-5 days if you take a certificate before you can explore other spots. Bali diving spots will be fun and successful if planned properly.

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Best Cities in Indonesia for Building Property Business

Property is one of the primary need for human. We need a place to live either alone or along with all the family members. Just like foods and drinks, you need it everyday but the different is, you may only can buy property once or couple time in your life. Since it needed by all of the human in the world, then many of the developers are building it to get more revenue. And that is also why i will show you about the 5 best cities in Indonesia for building property business.

Best cities in Indonesia for property business

Indonesia itself is consists of hundreds of cities plus regencies. And some of the cities are good and better for property business and some are getting not too much attention for the developers and businessmen.

These 5 best cities in Indonesia for property business are based on its popularity in education, industries, tourism, etc so you may have heard about them before. Those are considered as the big cities as well in Indonesia.

But, I may won’t mention about Jakarta since most of the businessmen need more capital than other cities. Moreover, Jakarta may have known by many because it is the Indonesian capital.

1. Bali

Bali is my first recommendation city if you want to build your own property business kingdom. Although the height of the buildings in Bali is not more than 3 or 5 floors, but you will get the international or the worldwide market for your business in Bali.

It is because there are many travelers that keep on coming to Bali everyday, so with the various businessmen.

As one of the best cities in Indonesia for property business, the commercial buildings in Bali are also vary. You can easily find the accommodation for tourists such as hotels, luxury villas, and many more. Not to mention the other business building such as restaurants, shops, cafes and many more.

2. Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is actually the name of the province in Indonesia which is the Special Region of Yogyakarta. There are at least 2 best cities in here for your property business which are Sleman and City of Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is fame of its titles as the educational plus art and cultural city in Indonesia. There are hundreds of the universities and institutions in Yogyakarta so there are many of the students as well. Many of the developers are building the boarding houses for the students, either the cheapest one or up to the higher class students.

3. Makassar

Makassar is also needs to be included as one of the best cities in Indonesia for property business. There are two main parts that why housing in Makassar may the best business for you. First, it is full of the students as well just like in Yogyakarta. Not as mush as in Yogyakarta, but the city is pretty much popular for education too, especially for the students at the eastern of Indonesia.

Secondly, Makassar is the huge fan for industry and the business lines. Even, it can be considered as the main gate of all businesses that are targeting the eastern part of Indonesia.

4. Bandung

Education, tourism, industries and businesses. That just some of the words to describes why Bandung have to be in the list of the best cities in Indonesia for property business. When it comes to weekend, even many people are saying that Bandung becomes the city where people of Jakarta’s shopping center.

They who are traveling from Jakarta to Bandung are spending more of the money in this city to enjoy their weekend.

5. Manado

Fame of its underwater world, Manado is also visited by many of the world travelers for years. The coral reefs in Manado is so popular as well, so that, there are many divers are coming to this city.

But sure, it won’t only the reasons why Manado as one of the best cities for building your business property. Even though the industry is not as big as in Makassar, but the government keep on promoting this city to the world and there are actually many of the foreign investors in Manado.

Since there are too many cities in Indonesia, this time i will only informed you some of them for building your property business. If the information in this article is benefits you, feel free to share this to the others. Thank you.

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Honeymoon Photoshoot in Bali is the Perfect Gift

Many honeymooners were visiting Bali to experience the beautiful moment of their new marriage. It is proven by numerous of tour and accommodation packages for the married couples that we can find easily. For some or special moments of your visit, getting your professional honeymoon photoshoot in Bali will be the perfect gift for you and your beloved one.

Honeymoon photoshoot in Bali

No more selfie or we-fie! This is your moment and you can makes even a picture as the special souvenir to be put in your photo album.

But you don’t have to do it yourself with your phone. You can hire a photographer or find the photography studio that will serve your moment even at outdoor for capturing the romantic moment along with the idyllic island of Bali. Make your honeymoon photoshoot in Bali at its best.

I have no idea that since when was the first time there are many of the photographers in Bali. They are offered the photography services even if they don’t get a single photography studio. It wasn’t the wrong moves, even the creatives one. But what makes me wondering is, there are too much, for example; honeymoon photoshoot in Bali package that served by they who were coming from different countries.

It is not forbidden for the foreigners for doing so, it may just me who are taking it seriously. But frankly, Bali is somehow a better island as well for the illegal immigrants. But, let’s get it over and dive more into the photography package in Bali.

If this is the first time you are visiting Bali and this is also to enjoy your honeymoon, I will keep always saying to give both of you the perfect give you’ve never thought before. A picture of moments you have shared together while in Bali.

It can even be your last visit because you don’t even know where would you go for the next destination. So, since you just got married, don’t you think that the moment is even getting more special than before? That is why you are deserved for the honeymoon photoshoot in Bali at least once in your life.

Moreover, this honeymoon can be the last one as well.

After the stressful wedding weeks or days, you are deserved to enjoy many affordable things in Bali with your lover. And you are possible to feel sorry for not capturing the lifetime moment in your life. So that, simply find the honeymoon photography package while enjoy your time and all beautiful things you have been provided in Bali island.

The best thing of getting the honeymoon photo package is the photographer or the team may always in holiday mood, so your images may be even better since it will made in relaxed mood. I mean, when we are getting stress while working, our works are possible to be the bad ones. So will be happen to the photographer when taking your photos at the beaches or other outdoor spots.

Anyway, your honeymoon photoshoot in Bali may be in conceptual or themed shot, so it will get even more interesting to try among other perfect gifts you are capable to have.

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