What is Sunrise Property and Its Criteria to Know?

There are many of the things we should know about the property business, including the terms that it has, so you will be get more of knowledge when dealing with the business. One of the recent terms that you have to know is what is called as the sunrise property.

What is sunrise property

In the field of property business itself, the determination of where to build or to buy the property is really important. So that, there are many of the theories based on the location, so your property will get the higher value in the years to come if you want to sell it or possible to attract more visitors if it is the commercial one.

Related to that, later came what the businessmen are mentioned as the sunrise property as an area or region that is potentially will be targeted by the developers and also the investors at the same time because somehow it is promising for the better property investment.

One of the characteristics of where the sunrise property is located is at the development area. You can start from the quantity of the population of a city or the village. I am talking about the demographic factors. So it can be the location of where most people are going in purposes such as travelling, working, shopping, etc.

That kind of location will also increase the chance of developing the area and the longer, then the higher the value of the land will get.

Another thing you need to be paid attention to is the existing infrastructures of the area. Usually, the more of the infrastructure of the area has, then there will be more of the rapid development. That’s why one of the criteria of the sunrise property concerned also on the completeness of infrastructure.

I have mentioned 2 characteristics of what the sunrise property should have, and there is also another one important thing you should know which is the trend of the land prices. If it is possible, you can collect the time-series data when you can started soon from back to 5 years ago until the current year.

Collecting up to 25 years of the land prices can be really useful but it may will sounds impossible or hard to find the data. So, simply just get what you think will be possible.

The prices trend will shows you about the increases and decreases of the land value. The later conclusions you will make related to it, then will help you whether you have to spend your money in investing in property or not. And you will also helped in find the right and proper solutions if you are insisting in property investment.

The above 3 characteristics of sunrise property are not all what you have to know and learn, and sometimes can even be found on the “forgotten land” where many people are ignoring it. So, you’d better not only have the knowledge about it, but also thing like the businessmen senses that you get through the years of experience.

For now, that’s all you need to know about the basics of the sunrise property. You can always add more references at somewhere else to get more in-depth about it.

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Unique Things You Can Do With a Hammock

Hammock is now getting more popular for camping than before although there still many people who don’t know what it is. For those of you who really just heard about it, in short, the hammock is the fabric (mostly made of the parachute nylon) that is hung for various purposes. With that material, then came the lightweight hammock that you can bring anywhere in your backpack as you can get on the market today.

Besides its main function to be used as a place where you can sleep by hanging between the 2 trees or poles while travelling or camping, there are also other benefits you can earn while using it.

Unique things you can experience with hammock

Usually, it is very rare for many of us to use the lightweight hammock as a bed although it will really possible since we only needs to getting used to it. But if you ask the mountain hikers or look at the rock climbers, hammock is the second choice of bed they often choose besides the tents. But many have also makes it as their own main choice since it has many of the benefits.

Sleeping in a lightweight hammock at outdoor or park

Sleeping in a hammock indeed is the first thing you can do about it especially when you are on your way to the tourism spot. But besides that, there are more you can do. I mean, there are some of the unique things you can do with it as well and I will present them to you on below lists.

1. Why not doing your homework in a hammock?

Try it for once! This first unique thing you can be done if you hung the hammock either at indoors or in a park. Since the hammock itself will be on the hanging position, those of you who are sitting will certainly sway and it may quite hard to not to moving around when your feet don’t step on the ground or any surfaces.

But if you get into it calmly and patiently find your best position, then you can simply open up your notebook and start doing your homework. If someone chooses to do a task with that condition, a relaxed feeling will surely be obtained and the task will be completed sooner.

2. Explore your photography skill

As mentioned before, the main function of the hammock as a bed is already rarely encountered. Therefore, hammocks themselves are very rarely seen in people’s homes. With the scarcity of this hammock, surely an interesting photo will be produced if someone is selfie while sitting or sleeping in it.

There are also many of the conceptual or themed photographs are created by asking the models to be inside the hammock either on the beach, mountain or hill, next to a cliff or even inside your house.

Thinking about that it is your first time sleeping or being in a lightweight hammock, doesn’t it will makes you eager to explore of what it could benefit you related to create more creatives and wonderful images?!

3. Watching TV, reading the book, etc

Watch TV while sitting or lying in a hammock? This can be a unique choice that can be done as well. But for that, you have to place a hammock in your TV room first and I think it will be easy for setting it up.

If someone really does this, watching TV will certainly be more comfortable. Moreover, for those with insomnia will be able to sleep more easily if lying in a hammock that sways while watching TV.

In addition to selfies, maybe this is the main function of a hammock that is often used by people if the hammock is in a house or garden. Reading is an activity that requires calm and must be done in a relaxed atmosphere. Both of these things will surely be obtained if you can sitting in a hammock and therefore, those of you who likes reading the book as well as watching tv should try this.

4. Playing with your beloved children

Cheerful. That may will becomes the only one word that more than enough for describing the childhood, right? So that, I think that most of the parents will definitely do everything to put a smile on their children face. And to get that, using hammock with the children is considerably or even will be more fun since it will be the new thing for them, and you have known that the curiosity of the children will always be interesting to explore many things.

Even, hanging on it will also be one of the playing spot. You can’t only gathering with them inside it while playing, but also adding some of their favourite toys, putting the pillow as well as the bolster so they will also getting sleep faster in case you are troubling with that.

5 . Makes it as the decoration object

Let me ask you some things, you must be “jumped out of the window” knowing that this idea is never been recommended by anyone arounds you, right? How comes a lightweight hammock can be part, let say, of your house decoration while most of the people are commonly talking about the furnitures, curtains and other common decoration objects?

Some of the decoration objects in the house that are hung mostly somethings like the lamp, paintings and photos on the wall and also the curtains. The last 2 objects surely will sticked onto the wall while the lamp will be hung on the ceiling. So that, why not trying to setup the hammock itself either on the ceiling or on the certain stands?

You will only need to pay attention to the hammock design and the colours combination so it will blend well inside your house or room. And this point will also support what I have talked before about playing with your children. So you will not experience problems when setting it up and disassemble it repeatedly.

By doing that, who knows you may finds it increase the aesthetic aspect of the room.

There may other things you can do with the hammock that I have not mentioned at above. But to sum them up all the above points or lists, it is so dynamic to use the hammock besides its main functions.

Get your creatives out of your minds and implement them with the tool that is usually used for travelling. You might be surprised by yourself.

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Benefits of Investing in Commercial Properties

Business is something essential for living and one of the most promising businesses is property investment. There are different types of property you can invest in, commercial property is one of the leading trends in this business. Commercial properties include all real estate property used for business activities. A building that houses a business can be called as commercial property. However, the term can also expand not only to the extent of a building but also to a land. As long as the land is used to generate profit it can be referred to as commercial property. One of the common forms is a residential rental property.

When it comes to property for commercial purpose, it means that the building has designation which involves financing, tax treatment, as well as applied law. To make you easier to view commercial property, it includes shopping center, mall, grocery store, shops, etc. When you decide to invest in commercial property, it means that you own a property which can be rented for commercial purpose like lots of people started to be interested more in this business because the profit is more promising. Commercial property aims for higher profit, especially if you invest in a property in the most ideal location.

For clear expectation, here are benefits of investing in commercial properties if you do it right :

  • The return you get from investing in commercial property is more reliable than what you get from residential. Either in capital growth or income, you get better benefits if you choose this property to invest in.
  • Lots of people think that investing in residential is more beneficial due to the promise of stability of income. However, this also can be earned when you invest in commercial properties. Secure income is what to be expected when you choose property investment. This is a benefit that most investors aim. This type of investment is also more secure due to the length of average contract of lease. Residential property generally last for short-term leases. Meanwhile, the average length of contract leases for commercial properties is longer. It can range between three to ten years. This is because business takes long process to reach stability. That’s why renter will rent few years to make sure their business is stable.
  • Investing in commercial property allows you to hold more control over everything involving your asset. You can decide everything based on your preferences, be it the renovation, disposal or contract agreement. You can gain significant control since you are the direct owner of your asset.
  • Since you have higher profit earned from the contract leases, you will gain more chances to renovate or expand your property investment. This will lead you to add more value to your investment.
  • The allowance of tax benefit of commercial properties is considered generous. In fact, commercial property attracts handy building allowance as well. This is certainly what most the investors want from their property investment. Tax is usually a hassle for most investors that they don’t want to deal with.
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Tips Buying Property In Bali

Buying property cannot be done carelessly. Property means investment. The investment must be profitable. Not all properties have a high value. Some countries as a tourist destination such as Bali is one of the most popular. Buying me is not safe enough. There are many things and procedures you should look into.

Buying property in Bali is the best investment of your life. There are many advantages when buying property in Bali. If you buy in the form of a house or villa, the benefits will be seen. You can rent daily, weekly or monthly to tourists or expat. The better you maintain the property, the higher the selling point in the future.

Check Building Permit

To build anything in Bali or in Indonesia, you must have a license. There are many property offerings without building permit. When dealing with the buyer, pay attention to whether it has a building permit. Prevent unwanted things, make sure buying property in Bali, with full mail.

Near the Temple

The property, whether in the form of land or building should be investigated. There are rules not to build within a certain distance of the temple. The reality is that many buildings were built near the temple. If you are a foreigner, make sure first to the local government.

Check The Electricity and Water

Check carefully, whether the house you buy is connected to the city’s water system. Not all properties in Bali are already connected to the city’s water system. There are many who use the wells. Make sure that enough water is available for your needs. The examination will be very useful if you plan to build a swimming pool. Make sure the available electricity is enough to run the equipment you have.

Find Trustable and Reliable Notary

A notary is an important party in all property transactions. Finding a trustworthy and negligible notary is very important. Try to use a notary located in the same location as you. If a notary different locations with you, make sure they can take care of all transactions related to your documents.

Finding Information About Your Village

Every time you stay in a new place, it must be familiar with your environment. Adapting and nurturing well the village where you live is right. Mix with the locals and help each other, making you more respected as a foreigner in Bali.

Buying property in Bali is perfect and perfect for you. Not easy and not difficult to take care of all documents. As long as you carefully examine the property that you will buy it will be easy to get the property you want.

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Tips on How to Get Loan for Your Property Investment

Property is valuable asset which sure will earn you profit if you buy the right one and can handle the management well. Before that, you need to know how to get loan for your property investment. When it comes to property owning, it involves big money. Purchasing property in one shot with all your saving is possible. However, property investment involves many elements such as tax, management, etc. Those require lots of money. Even though the profit is promising in property investment, you need to manage your finance in the best possible way.

Get loan for your property investment from the bank

Get loan for your property investment

Investment loan is one of the best solution so you can afford to fund your purchase in property wither a house or unit. The best and common place to earn investment loan is bank. However, you need to make sure that you can secure the loan and convince the bank to give the loan you need. Here are some tips to do it:

  1. When it comes to asking for investment loan, one thing you cannot avoid is deposit. It is highly advisable to have at least 10% deposit in your account if you want to secure the investment loan from the bank. Some bank may require different standard for the deposit amount but 10% is safe line. If you have your 10 % deposit, the chance for the lender to give you the loan is higher. The bank needs some reassurance before giving you what you need so they won’t be doubtful to your ability to repay in the future.
  2. It is quite often that the bank looks for the type of property you invest in. If the investment you purchase is promising then it is easier to get loan for your property investment. A property which own more scarcity values are more desirable for the bank. If it is undervalue, it is likely you have lower chance to get loan for your property investment.
  3. You need to pay attention on your rental yield as well. This what the bank consider before giving you investment loan. This consideration will lead you to get the right amount of money you can borrow. Your monthly property repayment and your monthly achievement from renting your property should not have big gap or else the bank won’t give you the amount of loan you need.
  4. Another thing that will influence the bank to give you investment loan is your financial management. You need to make sure that your finance is well-arranged with good credit in your record. If your finance seems to be unstable, the bank will hesitate in giving you the loan.

It is understandable that proposing investment loan to a bank is nerve-wrecking for you. There are many possibilities but if you can prepare everything well then you won’t have to worry. If you have a hard time to get loan for your property investment, it is recommended to ask for advice from professional financial planner.

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How To Get an Affordable and Luxury Honeymoon Villas in Bali

Who doesn’t want to spend all the honeymoon moment in Bali? I think that would be the wrong question. Everyone wants to be there, especially if you could get an affordable deal with the luxury honeymoon villas Bali. The first thing you need to consider is never come in high season. I mean, you are in honeymoon and I think that would be the wrong time you have picked. So you need to avoid it.

The next thing related to it is, at the high season, most of the villas along with their honeymoon packages will be full booked one or two months before. You will still have the chance, but it won’t be that big as what you have thought. So, you’d better make a plan since months before related to your accommodation or where to stay.

Honeymoon as the romantic moment in your life, should be well planned. It will even the first and last memorable thing you will have for years, except one of you are planning to get married again the next year. But, hope it will be your sacred moment, and that is why it will be perfect when your chosen destination is in Bali.

Bali has been famous with its religious attractions. We can meet them easily and at almost everywhere. Not to mention that there are many of the best destinations that will be a great place for the just married couple. So that, the combination of Bali, religious attractions and cultures, the tropical vibes will be give you chance to experience the best honeymoon ever. And, staying in the villas will be completed them all.

Many have been decided to find the best and luxury honeymoon villas in Bali at the Seminyak area for reasons. The first one is because it will be closer to the beach.

Get an affordable and luxury honeymoon villas in Bali

Apparently, it is so true since there are some of the luxury honeymoon villas Bali are built that will only takes up to 3 minutes.

Seminyak is one of the best location since there are various of the supported buildings and facilities to fulfill the tourists needs such as finding the cafe, bar, club, restaurant and many more. And one more thing that I should tell you which is, many of the villas in Bali are provided with the private pool as well.

Your honeymoon will be more privacy and no need to think about else but the tropical breeze on the daylight and a magical with sparkling stars on the Bali’s night.

There are many of the villas with affordable price and even only as much as doubled the hotel costs. So rather than staying at the hotel with many of the facilities limitations, it will be worth trying to get a villas in Bali. Why not.

For the low(er) prices, many of the villas owner and the management are submitting the deals into the online site. So, you only needs to check where and which villas to be stayed and then go to the site. Mostly, you will be find many of the accommodation deal including the special package for honeymoon, etc.

Anyway, when the best months for visiting Bali? In my opinion, it will be great if you could visit at July and August when both are often the driest month with the pleasant temperature.

I have also informed you about the high season, you will still needs to be more patient with anyone else since you will not find the spot without the crowd. So, Bali will only will be more busy and busier.

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Costly Mistakes Done by Investors to Rental Property

When you decide to purchase a property for your promising investment, you set your goal to earn stable income by renting it out. This is great strategy for long-term investment. However, there are costly mistakes done by investors to rental property to avoid.

Costly mistakes done by investors to rental property

Mistakes are common but if they can be prevented then why not? By avoiding the most costly mistakes, you will save your budget from unnecessary expenses.

As you may have known, your finance stability is critical to the future of your property investment. Making costly mistakes will surely shake your finance. Remember that the aim of your investment is to earn the best investment return. This will be a reminder for you to not fall into such costly mistakes in the first place.

Find out costly mistakes done by investors to rental property

For the first is too confident in handling the maintenance by yourself. You may have the skill to fix something but it does not mean you are capable enough to fix or renovate your property.

Your inexperience is not a good option to choose when it comes to this important issue. Let the task be handled by professional handyman instead relying only on your instinct. The risk of you making costly mistakes by being a handyman on your own is higher.

Secondly is miscalculating the level of renovation needed is one of costly mistakes done by investors to rental property that need to be avoided at all cost. Either over or under doing the renovation, it will cost big budget.

Remember that your finance is at stake in this investment. Renovation may be needed to increase the value of your property.

However, you need to do it with thorough calculation. Do some research before renovating so you know exactly what aspects to be renovated and how much you need to spend. If the return of investment doesn’t cover the cost then your budget is in danger.

The third mistake is getting too skeptical to property management. There is no obligation to hire property management when you own a property to leash or rent. However, hiring them instead of neglecting your property is much better because it can avoid the costly mistake. During the contractual period, there might be some incidents or issue with the tenants that need to be handled.

Thus, that is when property management does their job. Managing your own rental property is costly especially if the location is far from where you live.

Lastly, too afraid to take a risk in taking on debt can be costly. It is beneficial if you purchase rental property in one shot. However, getting an investment loan is not a bad option either. In fact, it will help you a lot if you know exactly how the debt works for your favour.

Thus, instead of being paranoid to the interest rates, it is better to understand more about revenues and costs of your rental property with details calculation and plan. This will surely help you to costly mistakes done by investors to rental property.

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Bali Graphic Design Services: Where To Find And Why?

I think that there are more of the business lines in Bali rather than any other cities in Indonesia regarding to the tourism sector. And I believe that the more of the business there are, should be the more demand of the design will be. Look how many of the hotels and villas are operating, restaurants, bars, cafes, and many more. Not to mention the travel destinations that you can’t memorizing because there are many of them. All of them are offering the travellers to use the services or try the products.

The best product or service is not enough yet for generating revenues or for building your brand. You still have to think about how it will be packaged, you will need the images or graphic designs work for your social media campaigns, for making the catalogue if needed and many more. You are most likely can’t avoid them all to get what you are offering to be sold out as what you have been planned.

Not only in Bali but everywhere in this world, that the graphic design works will be one of the reason for your business success.

A well-designed logo is possible in attracting the potential customers, but if you are insisting to get the cheap one, no wonder why your company will looks cheap as well. I am not telling you that the cheap logo is the worst thing your company could get, but mostly it will be done unprofessionally. Furthermore, we have been long-passed the time where the earlier Nike’s logo is worth only $35.

I know there are still many of the “awesome-looked” logo out there that you can get for about $5, but are you really sure to use it as your own villas logo in Bali? You’d better think hundreds of time!

That’s only an example for logo alone as one of the graphic design work’s result, what about the brochure or flyer, what if your products need to be promoted in catalogue, what if your villas are need to print out the magazine and many more questions, products and services you need to prepared their own designs.

Especially in big and special moment such as valentine day, religious holiday, and many more of the national and international days where – as we know that – at those times, the purchasing power is really reach its climax.

Bali graphic design professional services

And you don’t want to be late in participating on above moments just because of the designs are not yet ready or never been planned before, right?

On the other hand, your company might have not the related division at all. So that, you have to find the best graphic design agency. And if by any chances you are in Bali at the moment, it is easy to find the Bali graphic design professionals.

There is one of the digital agency in Bali located at Seminyak area named as Kesato. And just like any other digital agencies out there, it is also offering you the graphic design services. Precisely, there are 3 offers of the services which are; helping your business dealing with the brand identity, printing support even for the largest selection and quality printing, and for the amenities.

“Is it possible for designing my new business web?”

If you are questioning yourself about it, and the answer is Yes! And that is one of what the brand identity service is dealing with, and as the digital agency, there are the developer team for that. Even if you want improve the site visibility in search engine like Google, there is also the SEO service for that, and I really mean it when telling you that.

So for now, you are not only got offered to design your business logo, cards, and others, but also will help you in design the website. All you can get in only one place. Doesn’t this Bali graphic design or the agency worth your visit as soon as possible?

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5 Weaknesses in Property Investment You Can Get

Surely there will be many of the advantages when investing your money in property. However, we should also aware that the investment itself may have some disadvantages that you probably missed or never cross in your mind before. Investing in property has been done for a long time until today, and through the knowledges and experiences, we sometimes found what we need not to hear related to this business field. So that, I have prepared some of the weaknesses in property investment.

By knowing the weaknesses in property investment, I hope not to stop you in investing in this business, instead, I want you to getting know all the disadvantages and could prepare one or two prevention actions to get out of what that might makes you broken the bank. You know that it will takes a lot of money for the investment, so you’d better prepare yourself.

5 weaknesses in property investment

Actually, there are many of the weaknesses than just the 5 lists that I would like to share. But, I will only sum it up as the general weaknesses that may happen to every investors out there, including yourself.

1. Management burden

So now you have got a property in your hand, right? The thing is, if you are not selling or renting it in no time, then you will have to taking care the building either will be maintained it yourself or using another service. The thing is, no matter what you have chosen, you still need to spend some amount of the money. If you are expecting that the price of your property will always be rising, then you should also know that it will be achieved only if you are keeping the building at its best.

2. High cost transaction

Weaknesses in property investment

You have known this before right? This is actually will be the first weakness in property investment for many of us. The property price could even make your savings out of stock. Not to mention the fee for the property broker, taxes, and many more. High return investment comes with the high price as well.

3. Time consuming acquisition

You have known what you need when investing the money in property, but doesn’t mean that you will get one sooner as you have wished. Buying property will take more of your expected times, it could be weeks or even monthly. What if that would be in yearly? That is possible as well since the property itself is lack of liquidity.

4. Building depreciation

Your property may have been built on the expensive ground and at the prime location. The ground or land price may will be rising all the times because of its scarcity, but not with the building on it. The ground could be forever in ages rather than the building itself that may only lasted for 10, 20, 30 or 50 years old depending on the materials quality and the standard of the construction robustness.

5. Physical hazard

If we are comparing the property investment with any other type of investments, we realize that the property will risking us in destruction of the ground and the building itself caused by the earthquake, land-slide, and many more natural disasters. Although, you still can anticipate it by registering the property for the insurance.

That’s all the 5 weaknesses in property investment that I know so far. They are not to scare you at all. Simply just the same as I have told you earlier which is to make yourself ready for the worst situation you may experience in your investment.

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A Trip To Komodo Island, How Many Days You Should Spend?

Usually, when talking about the travel destination, one of the question in our mind is wondering about how much money we should spend from the first time we are leaving our home up to arriving to the destination. So with the trip to Komodo Island as well. But, I won’t mention about that at this time. Instead, I am going to delivery you about how long of your times to be spent to get the most of the trip. I think it is also important since it will also answering how much money you have to be brought. The more days and nights you will be spend, the more of your bank will be broken. As simple as that, right?

Trip to Komodo Island by boat

Now, when talking about the times, there are some of the trip to Komodo Island packages you need to know. Most of what I have heard and found online are the One day trip, 3 Days and 2 Nights or usually being abbreviated as 3N2D, 4D3N and 5 Days and 4 Nights. There are also other package option depending on your own itineraries or the tour operator itineraries.

Now let us assuming that you will get a flight to Labuan Bajo (Komodo) Airport from Denpasar, Bali. The flight can takes mostly up to 1 hour until you will be landed at the Province of East Nusa Tenggara. There is also a flight that will take up to a half of the day, so you will be arrive at night (about 6-7 PM for Indonesian Central Time).

But, let us say you will be get to the Flores Islands for only 1 hour and you will be arrive at 10 or 11 AM (morning flights are only 2 when I writing this article). And the worst is, a trip to Komodo Island will be better to be sailed earlier in the morning. Not to mention about how many times should be spend from the airport to the hotel and harbour as well. I hope you are not hungry at that time.

So, your 1 day actually will mostly be spend on Labuan Bajo city alone. I think, there’s nothing you can do about trip to Komodo Island at that time, right? So, if you could only hope for the 1 Day trip in the same day, then big chance that you have failed.

So now, according to the Komodo Island tour packages from the time point of view as I have mentioned above, then for the minimum package, you should get at least the 3 Days and 2 Nights Package. For that package, you will at least have a 5 days of holiday to get more safer times for you to flight back. And that will be achieved if only you are living in Indonesia. Even if you are flying back to another country, then it would be Malaysia or maybe Singapore because the distance is not so far.

How long to sail from the Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island? It will takes your time for about 2-3 hours. So, according to the last trip to Komodo Island package, you will not only exploring the Komodo Island, but also Rinca, Padar Island and maybe others. Hope the information is giving you some insights. Thanks for reading.

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