Tops Amazing and Best Nightlife Bali

Enjoying Bali nightlife is a must. For some tourists, Bali is a nightlife paradise. Starting from cheap bars, luxury bars, clubs or the best restaurants ready to serve you. Bali Nightlife has grown over the years, especially in Kuta. At present they are developing in various areas in Bali such as Seminyak, Canggu, Oberoi, and even Uluwatu. Each spot offers a different atmosphere and side of the real Bali.

Nightlife Bali

Every night,  nightlife Bali visitors are increasing. Bar and clubs at affordable prices make tourists relax and make new friends. While the upscale bars and clubs serve cocktails, luxury food, and world-class musical entertainment. Want to enjoy Balinese nightlife with T-shirts and shorts? Don’t worry, because Bali has many places for you to relax even with only T-shirts and shorts.

Bali is not only popular with its nightlife. Hippies, surfers, and divers have long since stopped in Bali. Modern and traditional cultures have fused and evolved with time. A flow of visitors from various countries ranging from Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, and others turn Bali into a world-class tourist destination.

If you are looking for nightlife Bali without a limit of day or night, then you are in the right place. There are many bars, restaurants, or clubs that remain open until late at night and the music goes on until the sun rises.

Magical Nightlife Bali 

Sea Vu Play, Nightlife Bali that you must visit. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere here. The semi-outdoor bar is perfect when you want to enjoy the sunset in Seminyak. When night falls, the music from international Dj accompanies you to enjoy a drink.

Amazing Sky “Hot” Garden

If you are looking for hot nightlife Bali, sky garden is one of them. They bring 100 international Dj to invite you to party. Given its location in a strategic place, you will meet a lot of new people and start a new adventure. Partying on the rooftop is perfect and an awesome way to view the city at night. Take advantage of the “all you can eat” dinner at certain hours at affordable prices before you dance.

Bali is a quiet place in the morning and during the day. You will see the activities of local people and Hindu cultural life. But at night, you will see a different side of Bali. Nightlife Bali is always interesting to visit. Every time there are many new and developing nightlife to satisfy tourists.

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Understanding Real Estate Classes to Protect Your Asset

Understanding What Real Estate Entrepreneur Is

Investing in real estate requires you to learn and understand more about it. That is why knowing real estate classes are basic thing to do even before you consider investing in property. By knowing the classes, you will know how to build your business. Besides, your real estate is your asset that needs to be protected. There are many unfortunates things may happen to you and your investment throughout your journey in building your business. To be able to protect your investment from loss, you need to understand first about the category your property holds.


Finding out real estate classes of yours


Basically, there are three classes of real estate you should know even before your decision to invest in has been made. Generally, the class is divided into scales from A to C. There are also investors who prefer to rank their assets in scales from A to F. However, you can learn the basic and simple classification from the start. Here are the classes of real estate:


  • Class C real estate or properties are often referred to properties which hold high risk and high reward. Investing in this real estate class means you will gain lower income. This type of property is often preferred by lower income tenants. This class of property tends to be older in age as well. To increase income or gain significant cash flow, you need to upgrade your real estate. It is highly possible for you to get TLC if you decide to invest in this real estate class.
  • Class B real estate or properties are promising investment to take especially for those who are entrepreneur. They are promising because they need less maintenance unlike Class C properties even though their qualities cannot win over class A properties. Class B properties also have higher sale prices. They tend to be occupied by owners and investors. They are usually located near to major cities or highways.
  • Class A properties are placed in the top rank as the best and most promising investment. These properties are always under well maintenance. They are also located in the nicest districts. They tend to be in lucrative market. Class A properties are easy to identify even through basic and the most general vicinity. To identify class A properties, you just need to look at their surroundings. If they are surrounded by market places, hospitals, cityscapes, great schools, malls, and major highways then they are class A properties. What most investors seek from this class of property is potential for growth instead of cash flow.

After understanding the class of your property, you need to decide what kind of protection you will take to make sure your asset is secured.  There are various protections you can use such as insurance, debt, or LLC. Taking asset protection seriously is a must if you want to build your business properly and avoid suffered from unnecessary loss due to the unexpected. It is also possible that different real estate classes fit different protection strategies.


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A Life in Alexa, The Most Romantic Komodo Cruise Ever

They said, Alexa is probably the most romantic Komodo cruise that has ever been built in the world. You will probably think that this is yet another advertising line. That was what I thought, too. When I meet Alexa, she was impressive. She was living every dreamy advertising lines addressed to her.

A Life in Alexa, The Most Romantic Komodo Cruise Ever

This charming boat was standing tall in the deck of Labuan Bajo. Among other colourful wooden boats, Alexa turns many head with its all-white color theme. It’s like seeing a swan floating graciously in the water. Hearing that she only sleeps 2-4 guests aboard, I was expecting Alexa to be somewhat smaller than usual boats. But boy, how I was wrong. It’s 31 meters length is just as big as the rest of the Phinisi. From that moment, my partner and I knew that this would be a honeymoon we will remember for life.

By the way, I book this gorgeous Komodo cruise from Hello Flores as a honeymoon gift for my wife. You guys might want to check the website, they have a good collection of gorgeous boats. I might consider to book another boat—this time it’s gonna be for 10 people of group travelling with friends. Needless to say, we were enjoying the sailing trip so much. Our luxury liveaboard Komodo took us to sail across the gorgeous landscape of Komodo, Flores, for 3D2N. Here’s how our honeymoon life inside the vessel.

A Cabin that Make Me Forget the World

Upon our first step in the deck, we were stunned enough with the pretty decor. The main deck was a spacious, open lounge areas dominated with teak wood and white paint. We found a very stylish and comfortable large daybed where my wife and I could lie to enjoy the sun. It’s hard to believe that she was once a cargo vessel to ship spices across Indonesia.

The crew lead us upstair, where our cabin lies. My wife were overwhelmed with joy upon entering our beautiful cabin. It was 10x better than what I have expected. We got a very roomy cabin with  queen-size bed, en-suite bathroom, and private balcony. But what we loved was the 270º wraparound windows around the cabin that offer ever-changing landscape. It was very relaxing to woke up in the morning and spent the first few minutes of your day, staring to vast blue sea around.   

Real Dinner Without Mi Goreng

I’ve been done several sailing trip back on my bachelor days to Sumbawa and Raja Ampat. On those sailing trip, my diet would consist of Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng on board. When you embark on Komodo cruise, the menu was on another level. They took dining seriously with professional chef to prepare of dishes. We enjoyed eating yummy fresh seafood every day, presented just like a 5-starred resort. And I cannot treasure much for their beverages; beers, wine, spirits, and cocktail on request. They definitely rocked our days. 

Spoiled with Spas

Our honeymoon cannot be even better without the devotion of the crew to please us. We found that Alexa is one of the few Komodo cruise that bring their own spa therapist on board. On the first day, we tried the massage and it was beyond relaxing—my wife definitely enjoyed that. But in the second day, they offered us for some spa treatment in one of the deserted beach we were in. Of course we said yes! Nothing can be more soothing than succumbed into a good massage in an idyllic beach. It was something you usually see in magazine, but this one was real.

When the night fell, it was either a stargazing in the ‘Under the Stars’ deck or a relaxing night in the warm-lighted TV room. We were reluctant to leave our gorgeous Komodo cruise when it was over—given so much pleasure on board. See you on another time, Alexa.

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The Benefits of Using Real Estate Postcard Marketing

There are many ways to help you boost up your real estate business. There are many strategies to apply but it is your choice to pick the most effective one. Real estate postcard marketing is one of the best ideas to boost up your property business especially when you set on long-term marketing plan.

Real estate postcard marketing strategy

This is considered unique and effective way to win potential leads. Postcard strategy marketing sounds simple but you still need to understand the whole strategy plan and its cost as well. Using this strategy you have better aim on your target. It is a great strategy when the chance of attractive return on investment is high.

The importance of real estate postcard marketing strategy

The first thing you will consider when it comes to marketing strategy is budget. It is important element to consider anyway. However, you must have limit on your marketing budget. However, postcard marketing strategy is worth it because it is a great way where you can make even multiple contacts with potential leads effectively. This leads you to own your name for marketing.

Remember that name and reputation can make significant return in business including real estate business. Postcard mailing service is a great way to build your own name in the industry.

The main goal of using postcard marketing strategy is to increase exposure. By using postcard as your strategy, you make your own name and logo which will be the best indicator leading you to potential leads. It is found that using postcard as marketing strategy resulted in better response. People might use different strategy such as using yellow letters for their marketing. You can also try it if you want or even combine it with postcard. However, postcard has been found to work better.

As mentioned earlier that budget can be the main issue in deciding marketing strategy. The cost of using real estate postcard marketing strategy should be calculated carefully. There are at least four main costs you should be estimated.

They are mailing, printing, designing and buying a mailing list. The price is varied but the average cost is around $2 per mailed card. It is not the exact price because it depends on many factors such as the size, the service, as well as the speed of postcard delivery. It is highly recommended to use your own design for the postcard to reduce the cost. Make sure to finish the design before printing.

Before using postcard marketing strategy, make sure you have set your target based on your business goal. Then, do not need to be humble in exposing your real estate. Show what you got and what you offer to potential leads earnestly. It is also important that you offer sales promise which will benefits your target. Instead of going for complicated postcard design and motif, it is bet to stay simple and unique. Make sure you present your brand consistently in the matter of design, colors, logo, fonts, etc. That is how real estate postcard marketing strategy works.

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What to Do to Speed Up WordPress Plugin

These days, it is so hard to find people or corporation that has no website. That is why wordpress is so common and often heard in many occasions. WordPress is the most popular way to create your own website or blog. People who own websites even goes further to speed up wordpress plugin.

Speed up wordpress plugin for increase your site performance

If you have been familiar with wordpress, you must have known about plugin as well. It is a piece of software which contains a group of functions which can be added to your wordpress website. By adding them, your website will have extended functionality and features. The plugins are already integrated with wordpress. It is also has been written in PHP programming language.

How to speed up wordpress site with plugin

WordPress plugin is important because you need to reach your goal. Besides, you need to make your website more attractive so that visitors choose to visit your website instead of others. For those who are expert in digital, they may be able to add features in wordpress using codes instead of plugins. However, it is easier for wordpress user to download and add plugins. Thousands of plugins are now available. Some are free and some are commercial. Here are tips to speed up your wordpress sites:

  • It is highly recommended to use solid theme instead of theme with many features which can be potential in bloating up and slowing down your wordpress plugin. Choosing multi-purpose theme which can take both performance into consideration instead of only features.
  • Optimize database of your website to speed up wordpress plugin. To optimize it, you can disable or limit post revisions. You can also delete old revisions if necessary. You can disable post revision using disable post revision plugins so you don’t have to modify any code.
  • Manage the caches of your wordpress website. Caching plays significant role in the speed of your wordpress. When you don’t utilize the caches, it will only reduce the processing load on server. Use wordpress caching plugin to speed up the performance of your website.
  • It is recommended to implement a CDN (Content Delivery Network). It can take all files to be delivered on server closer to visitors of your website. As the result, it will decrease download time. Choose lightweight CDN plugin to maximize your website’s performance.

It is important to speed up your wordpress to boost up your website’s performance and maximize your business. There are many ways you can do to speed it up. The first and basic way is by using speed test tools before you do anything. It is highly advisable to perform some initial tests so you know what to do based on the result of the test. The majority of plugins to speeding up are free. However, make sure to choose the right one with supported technology. Choose the one with higher quality than others. Make sure you also choose plugins which are compatible with the latest wordpress version you use. Therefore, you can speed up wordpress plugin safely and optimally.

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How to Add Value to Apartment Rental Property

Apartment is promising property to invest in. The benefits are clear especially when you choose to invest in the whole apartment complex. Beside, you can still add value to apartment rental property once you own it. Therefore, you have more opportunities to higher up your profit and monthly income. Apartment investing is not unattainable feat. Lots of newbie investors are afraid to take the leap due to the fear of spending big amount of capital and the risks. Investing in apartment is a great chance to build up wealth. However, research is necessary to beforehand so that everything will be done smoothly. Only then, you can try to add value to your apartment rental property with creative ways.

How to Add Value to Apartment Rental Property

Tips to add value to apartment rental property

Adding value to your property is absolutely a great idea to try. This way, you will have more opportunity to expand your investment and gain more profit. However, you need to think smart and creative in choosing the best way to add the value. Here is recommended ways to add value to your apartment rental property that you might find interesting to try:


  • Adding vending machines in open space around the apartment where the tenants walking by. Vending machines are common today. They are useful in many ways. You can choose what type of vending machines to put to facilitate your tenants. If your tenants are mostly college students, you may be interested to put vending machines where various drinks are available.


  • Building covered parking can be the best way to add value to apartment rental property. Providing parking area is challenging these days for landlords. Providing covered parking will truly make the value of your property increasing. Covered parking provides safety to tenant’s car from robbery or harsh weather.


  • You can also try to add washer and dryer to your apartment rental property. This plan is effective and promising especially when your targeted tenants are families that have busy time taking care of their tasks at work. This can facilitate them for having easier living regardless of their busy days. This will add some points to your property which will draw more attention from potential tenants.


  • Adding LED lighting can also be great idea to add value to your property. These days, lots of tenants are searching for this feature. LED lighting helps brighten up common areas and exterior. However, LED lightings are more energy efficient than regular lighting. They can help cutting down electricity. That is why this will benefits both tenants and landlord.


  • Renovation is a service you can provide to your tenants. This includes general renovation or just within individual units. It is common that tenant has different liking to their surroundings. Is often that tenant asks for certain renovation to change the atmosphere to be more fit to their liking. Providing this service will help you add value to apartment rental property. This can be one of wish or amenities the tenants hunt for apartments.


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First Timer Tips to Sail with Komodo Cruise

Who can deny the pleasure of voyaging to the idyllic Flores with Komodo cruise? You can just lie relaxed on board, while the cruise is taking you through the bare, mountainous islands. The charming cruise and the beautiful landscape looks like as if they are conspiring to spoil you. However, it’s easy to get carried on with the super laid back atmosphere and end up doing nothing. Next thing you know, your luxurious cruising days has over without any memorable thing to remember. If you haven’t do cruising before, you might one or two expert tips to make the experience much better.

First Timer Tips to Sail with Komodo Cruise


1. Research Each Destinations in Advance

The Komodo National Park encompass dozens of breathtakingly gorgeous islands. That includes notorious Padar Island, gorgeous Pink Beach, the home-of-dragons Komodo and Rinca Island, and other divine spots. Make sure you know what to do once you have dock on the shore. Research each destination on the itinerary and see what you can expect on each place. On Komodo and Rinca Island, for example, offer fun shopping arcade aside from dragon tour. The locals sell cute wooden Komodo and gorgeous pearl jewelries.

Some of the island also have local villages that worth a tour. The locals (especially the children) are very welcoming and definitely will leave footprint on your heart. Knowing what to do on the islands will make your entire Komodo cruise trip more enjoyable. 

2. Pack Smartly

Know that the tropical climate of Indonesia sometimes brings unexpected rains, even when the weather is hot and sunny. Be a smart packer and prepare layered cloth that will be flexible for all weather. And most importantly, don’t forget to pack a light poncho or raincoat. Even if it doesn’t rain, you can use them as picnic pad in the deserted beach. Also, bring a light jacket or cardigan (for women) to shield you from the wind on board. 

3. Take Photos When It’s Early

Best time to take that perfect cruising vacation is right early on the embarkation day. When all rooms and decors on the Komodo cruise is still pristine and in good condition. Before the night parties take over and the litters start to invade the board. Snap your cabin while those towel animals still sitting nicely on your bed. Take a good pose in that perfectly-arranged teak deck before the group come over.

4. Take A Ship Tour

I know some Komodo cruise that were designed very seriously and match with the “Lost World” vibe of Flores. On the first day of the cruise trip, take time to explore every nook and cranny of the ship. Each floor will give you different feel of vacation. Venture to the lowest deck—to the roof deck. A ship tour is fun to fill your embarkation day,

5. Make Last Phone Calls and Updates Before Embarking

You are going to the land of Komodo dragon—sailing between the seas and the Jurassic-looking island. Expect to leave the daily comfort and enter the remoteness of these lost paradise. Of course, that includes your phone. Make the last phone calls and social media updates while you can still access the land-based cell towers. And we highly recommend you to covert on the strongest local SIM card during the cruising trip that can reach remote frontiers like Flores.

6. Take Nap In the Lounge

This is your vacation. You can be as active as bees or just enjoying the rare moment to get laid-back. And what’s best than taking a nap in Komodo cruise while the sound of the sea lull you to sleep? Lie down on the teak deck and enjoy a laze rest before the ship dock to your next destination.

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Tips for Sustainable Real Estate Investment

Sustainable real estate has become one of the most desired businesses to run in property industry. Sustainable real estate investment is now mostly preferred due to lots of concern people put to our environment and planet.

Regardless of the powerful invention human makes to develop the world, the damage resulted from it to our Earth is crystal clear. Thus, people now are more interested in something that can go along with go green concept.

Green property or sustainable real estate is what most tenants want now and so the investors are also more attracted to this type of investment.

How to maintain sustainable real estate investment

Investing in sustainable real estate is considered beneficial because the demand in the market is high. Thus, most investors now become more interested to invest in this type of property.

Aside from promising profit, investing in sustainable property also helps to sustain the life of the Earth. That is why tenants and investors somehow have the same goal.

Sustainable real estate investment

Most tenants like to have sustainable and eco-friendly house because they wish for healthier and more comfortable living space. They like the environment of their surroundings to be somewhat closest to the nature.

These days, it is quite hard to build living space within natural environment due to the growing population. That is why building sustainable property requires more effort and budget.

If you consider investing in sustainable real estate, you may need to consider some things before:

  1. Do some research about the demand in the market. This is can be helpful to decide what kind of sustainable real estate you really need to invest in. This way, you can also be able to decide your targeted tenants which in turn help you to decide the type of property.
  2. Decide what type of investment you are going to choose. You can choose to invest in a package where you purchase developing house and land or buy established property. Each type of investment has different requirements and results. You need to think carefully before spending your money for the investment.
  3. Plan your budget carefully before investing in your desire sustainable property. You need to calculate your expenses and how to earn profit in return. Steady finance is a great start sustainable real estate investment. You need to decide either using your saving or get a loan from a bank. Make sure each decision is plan strategically for brighter future of your investment.
  4. It is recommended that you hire a sustainable real estate advisor. This will help you to understand more about what you need to do and what you shouldn’t do. However, it leads to another challenge as well because you need to select the best advisor if you want your investments to be fruitful. Make sure to choose the right one. Once you find the best advisor, don’t hesitate to express what you need to know and what makes you concern about your investment.

Thus, you will be able to make the right decision about sustainable real estate investment.

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Enjoy Your Weekend at Villas in Seminyak Near Beach

Weekend is about coming to us in just some hours. If you are in Bali or want to do travel to Bali, please yourself or your family by enjoy the weekend at the villas in Seminyak area that is near to the beach.

Villas in Seminyak near beach for weekend

Getting ourselves to the water like swimming is always a great thing to do. Even if you just walking on the coastline with a little gurgling of sea water touching your feet, you will feeling better than before. That’s the magic of the water element and all the beach atmospheres when you are at there.

And you know, we are talking about Bali where I think most of us try to be there someday. For those who have been in Bali before, frankly, you must be need to coming back again if you could, right? You’ve got stories in Bali and think that you have to add some more? If so, I am on your side .

One of place where people were creating their own unforgettable and romantic stories is at Seminyak. A spot and a tourist destination for making a better even the best travel experiences that you may not find at any other places.

I am not judging that other travel destinations won’t be getting better comparing them with Seminyak, but if you have friends and families or colleagues that have been there, they will tell you the reasons for it.

So that, don’t just getting more of the beautiful life stories around, but also you can add more valuable impressions for your weekend exclusively by staying at villas in Seminyak near beach.

If you could combine between two activities such as relaxing yourself at the beach with the exclusive villa you can afford (where mostly you will because it is cheaper than a hotel), then what would you do?

I think most of us will be agree me that if we are possible to combine both activities, then let’s enjoy the weekend or holiday right away. Moreover, I’ve got a question to be asked: why there are many of the villas in Seminyak near to the beach?

I know that Seminyak area itself is really close to the beach or where the beach itself is included into Seminyak village, still, I have seen that the villas are easier to be found than a hotel.

I think one of the reasons about the situation where there are many available villas at Seminyak is, so the tourists can enjoy the villa’s design with concepts like the beachfront or oceanfront villa. And, many also have known that the tropical season of Indonesia in general and Bali in particular, will further add to the exotic atmosphere of the accommodation.

That’s why there is no more reason for you for not spending your weekend and vacation at villas in Seminyak near to the beach if you could afford one. So, pick your best time and invite your family to feel the luxury of the weekend as quickly as possible. You can also contribute in sharing this post for reminding your friends or colleagues.

I am looking forward for your next wonderful stories when have been stayed at villas in Seminyak near beach.

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What You Need to Know About Property Business Partnership

Partnership in business is common. In fact, it has been proved to be somewhat profitable and promising. However, you might as well want to know about property business partnership in which is also quite common. Owning a property on your own and run your own business is challenging. Some people choose a partner for ownership as well as the business. Others choose to share ownership only and not with the business matters. Partnership in property business is not hard to do but hard to achieve. Having trusted partner is not easy.

What You Need to Know About Property Business Partnership

About property business partnership you should know

One of the many reasons why people choose to have partner in running property business is to ge profit as what they expected in the first stage. However, running a partnership itself, as said before, is not simple. Trust is one of the very first issues challenging the path of running a partnership in property business. The next problem comes to the surface is that to determine which part belongs to the partnership and which part belongs to each single partner.

When it comes to partnership in property business means to share the property among the partners. If you are intended to run property business partnership, it is important to plan every term from the beginning. As said before that sometimes, there will be a moment when you have difficulties to decide which parts belong to who. This is why you need to come to the terms right from the beginning of the agreement made.

One of the key factors to determine ownerships and right between partners is the fund used to purchase the property. When you or your partners decide to dig in your own personal wallet to purchase the property, then it belongs to you and your partner. It means the property is in partnership agreement. If something happens, such as when the wind downs, the court will be more at ease to decide the deal between you and your partner.

It is also important to decide the title of the property either you use personal or business title. If you use personal title then the property belongs to you. If you use business title then the property belongs to the partnership. You may not take partnership seriously especially when you do it with your long friends or family member. However, business is business and you need to do it legally so there won’t be any hassle in the future. No matter what your relationship with your partner in property business, you are under the law which means protect you and your partner’s rights.

If you consider partnership in running property business, it is highly advisable to settle everything right from the beginning. You need to make the best agreement based on win-win partnership. Therefore, if there is something happen in the future, everything can be handled easily without so much hassle. Property business partnership is supposed to give you profit and benefits instead of problems if you do it correctly.


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