Best Cities in Indonesia for Building Property Business

Property is one of the primary need for human. We need a place to live either alone or along with all the family members. Just like foods and drinks, you need it everyday but the different is, you may only can buy property once or couple time in your life. Since it needed by all of the human in the world, then many of the developers are building it to get more revenue. And that is also why i will show you about the 5 best cities in Indonesia for building property business.

Best cities in Indonesia for property business

Indonesia itself is consists of hundreds of cities plus regencies. And some of the cities are good and better for property business and some are getting not too much attention for the developers and businessmen.

These 5 best cities in Indonesia for property business are based on its popularity in education, industries, tourism, etc so you may have heard about them before. Those are considered as the big cities as well in Indonesia.

But, I may won’t mention about Jakarta since most of the businessmen need more capital than other cities. Moreover, Jakarta may have known by many because it is the Indonesian capital.

1. Bali

Bali is my first recommendation city if you want to build your own property business kingdom. Although the height of the buildings in Bali is not more than 3 or 5 floors, but you will get the international or the worldwide market for your business in Bali.

It is because there are many travelers that keep on coming to Bali everyday, so with the various businessmen.

As one of the best cities in Indonesia for property business, the commercial buildings in Bali are also vary. You can easily find the accommodation for tourists such as hotels, luxury villas, and many more. Not to mention the other business building such as restaurants, shops, cafes and many more.

2. Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is actually the name of the province in Indonesia which is the Special Region of Yogyakarta. There are at least 2 best cities in here for your property business which are Sleman and City of Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is fame of its titles as the educational plus art and cultural city in Indonesia. There are hundreds of the universities and institutions in Yogyakarta so there are many of the students as well. Many of the developers are building the boarding houses for the students, either the cheapest one or up to the higher class students.

3. Makassar

Makassar is also needs to be included as one of the best cities in Indonesia for property business. There are two main parts that why housing in Makassar may the best business for you. First, it is full of the students as well just like in Yogyakarta. Not as mush as in Yogyakarta, but the city is pretty much popular for education too, especially for the students at the eastern of Indonesia.

Secondly, Makassar is the huge fan for industry and the business lines. Even, it can be considered as the main gate of all businesses that are targeting the eastern part of Indonesia.

4. Bandung

Education, tourism, industries and businesses. That just some of the words to describes why Bandung have to be in the list of the best cities in Indonesia for property business. When it comes to weekend, even many people are saying that Bandung becomes the city where people of Jakarta’s shopping center.

They who are traveling from Jakarta to Bandung are spending more of the money in this city to enjoy their weekend.

5. Manado

Fame of its underwater world, Manado is also visited by many of the world travelers for years. The coral reefs in Manado is so popular as well, so that, there are many divers are coming to this city.

But sure, it won’t only the reasons why Manado as one of the best cities for building your business property. Even though the industry is not as big as in Makassar, but the government keep on promoting this city to the world and there are actually many of the foreign investors in Manado.

Since there are too many cities in Indonesia, this time i will only informed you some of them for building your property business. If the information in this article is benefits you, feel free to share this to the others. Thank you.

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