How Does First Trip to Bali Gay Nightlife Feels Like

Bali gay nightlife is another newest addition to Bali’s vibrant entertainment. There’s something about gay bar in the island where queer community is commonly frowned upon in public places. But once the daylight diminished and the sky turned dark, the gays and the lesbians could finally express their true colour in their favourite gay bar. Luckily, they don’t need to hide out. Gay bars in Bali are absolutely legal and crazily popular—tucked right in side of Cemplung Tanduk and Petingenget street, dazzling with flashy flash and thumping musics. Here’s how it feels to walk into Bali gay bars for the first time and how does it feels for queers who just coming out. 

How Does First Trip to Bali Gay Nightlife Feels Like

The Liberating Taste of Freedom 

Gay bars are the only place where the queers can go all out with the party without the fear of being judged or feeling threatened for simply being yourself. No one would throw dirty looks just because you guys decide to wear fishnet shirt and heels. Nobody either seems to care or just busy celebrating the freedom of being their true selves. Here in Bali gay nightlife, everybody are simply looking for a good time.

Shocking Freedom of Bali Gay Nightlife

For people who are used to hide their sexual orientation from the society (even from their family and friends) would be quite shocked when they first come to gay bars. The bars are probably the first time they see naked gay and lesbian dancing around, wearing so much fetish clothes and accessories that surely would draw huge attention in straight bar. For someone who just adjusting to the culture of LGBTQ+, all of these bombarding “openness” could be quite overwhelming. 

Finding A Second Home

Finding a good bar is like finding a good friends. Once you clicked with the ambience and the culture of the bar, you would always want to go back. We found some gay fellows who feel that, being in gay bar where they feel safe to show their true skin, is like coming back to their second home. A place where they know that they would always be accepted. 

Lively Atmosphere Brought by Drags

Even when you are just standing around with yourself, Bali gay nightlife will always have something to liven up the ambience. When the music fails you, they have the cheerful drag queens to perform incredibly immersing lip-sync and dance shows to entertain the whole club. Often times, the drag queens come to some of the guests and start chatting over a glass of cocktails. They could sense nervous visitors and help to loosen up the tense. 

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