How Much Does The Komodo Island Tour Price?

“If I want to travelling to Flores or East Nusa Tenggara, how much should I spend for the Komodo Island tour price?” You may have the same question as mind, right?

Most of us have known that it is really important for the travellers in making the financial plan for the holidays to come. From how much your daily costs for the foods, drinks, transportations at the destination, to the cost of the tour package itself and many more to be thinking of. And special for today, I am going to talk about the Komodo Island tour price.

For anyone whom do not know yet about the Komodo Island, it is one of the island located at Province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The island itself is become one of the popular island not only at its own regency that administratively included into the West Manggarai regency or at its own province, but its name has also been well-known probably the whole world. The first and main reason for that is because it is where the Komodo dragons still living and their number could be around more than 3,000 dragons as well. And it is also one of the island that is included into the Komodo National Park which has been declared by the UNESCO at 1991 as one of the World Heritage Site.

If you are reading this completely, I may know the reasons why you are interesting in travelling to Komodo Island. But if what I have mentioned above there is not even single one that will makes you sure to visit, then you may have missed the very desirable adventure in life. For you whom curious about the Komodo Island tour price, I mean its travel package, then you are at the right place.

In answering to the question of “how much does it cost or the price for your Komodo Island tour?”, actually it is better to know first about how long will you be at there. How many days you are likely to experience the Komodo Island through the tour package? Look, even sleeping in a hotel will charge you by the times you are wasting and in what type of the room that you are using. So with this tour package as well. And the second to be known is, how the way you want to explore the island. The last thing needs to be answered by you is: how many island will be visited?

According to the three of questions above, I am going to give you an example.

One of the best way of travelling this island is by getting the Komodo Liveaboard package. Yeah, you will be accompanied to anywhere islands you were chosen before and also living on a boat. Literally on the boat! And the komodo island tour price could be vary. If you choose to use the Tanaka’s boat from the Hello FLores (the travel agency or operator at Flores), then you will be charged for USD 387 per night/person. It is only for the 14 guests and not more than that as I have seen in their site.


If you would like to get the cheaper one, feel free to choose one of another existed and luxury boats. Or, you could also choose one or two among available itineraries at their site to get the most of your Komodo Island tour.

Komodo Island tour price
Image above is about the Komodo Island tour price using the Fortuna boat for the best liveaboard experiences. Taken from

“Hey yo, other travel agents are selling the package even cheaper than what you have exampled above!”┬áIt is Ok if you have to feel or say so. But it is really the real agent with the scheduled itineraries on their hands or simply just they who want to take your money away? Yes, there are some of the scammers in this world. But if you do believe that, than take your own risk by yourself alone. Take it easy, there are many of the trusted agents as well. But when talking about the Komodo Liveaboard, you may need to bookmark this article or sharing it to reminds you for later.

To be honest, the Komodo Island tour price is even will not reach $200 for 3 days and 2 nights. But everything is depending on the boat size and facilities and many more. Some of the tour agents even using the small boat that may makes you afraid, and some of them were making the big, safe and luxury one for your travelling. So, it is all up to you which the way or boat will be used. Does this article has given you an insight according to the Komodo Island tour price?

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