Stuffs to Leave Home on Scuba Diving Bali Holiday

It’s easy to go overboard while planning for something we love to do. Planning a scuba diving trip to Bali, for example. The underwater land from the tropical paradise itself! To keep your dive bag compact and light, leave these things home while you are on scuba trip to Bali. You don’t want to overpack and pay excess baggage fees. 

What Not to Bring When You Plan for Scuba Diving in Bali

Your foreign currency—difficult to change in most scuba diving town Bali 

Once you have planned the scuba diving schedule in Bali for the week, grab your rupiahs. Head to trusted, official money changer in Kuta/ Seminyak/ Denpasar to change your dollars to Indonesian rupiahs. Bring enough cash to pay your dive centre and to last the weeks. Know that most scuba diving town in Bali, like Tulamben, Amed, and Nusa Penida few to none ATMs yet. There’s a concern regarding small shop “exchange counters” that sometimes are run by questionable con-men with rip-off rates. Luckily, Bali has some big money exchanges with good rates you can trust. 

Big bulky beach towel

If you are not bringing a lightweight, quick to dry travel sport towel to the dive trip, don’t even bother to bring one. It’s very bulky and eats too many space in your bag. You won’t even need it, as many dive operators in Bali provide free beach towel! You will also get a towel if you stay at hotel/ guesthouse on the dive trip. This will give you space for lovely Bali ethnic souvenirs rather than damp towel in the end of the trip. 

Big bulky scuba diving gears for diving in Bali 

What Not to Bring When You Plan for Scuba Diving in Bali

Really? You want to bring all of those bulky equipments to your scuba diving trip? You have come far to Bali and you deserve to get the best of the holiday! Free yourself by trusting the reputable scuba diving Bali operator here. Don’t get us wrong. Bringing our own set of gear is good, but you might regret it once you know how good the quality of equipment rental here. Bali is not that remote and as one of primary diving destinations in Indonesia, these operators know what they are doing. Limit your gear to the wet suit and mouthpiece you cannot live without. You will conveniently find the rest on the gear rental. 

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Spare parts and redundant dive equipments

Thinking about bringing spare parts of your dive gears? You can rely on the gear rental for that. Worried about redundant dive equipments such as extra batteries or charger? Just. leave. it. If you take your gear from the rental shop, you don;t have to worry about these things. 

Your heavy duty make up

Do you really want to bring your heavy duty makeup while you will spend most of your time submerged underwater? Believe us, you won’t need it anyway. If anything, you need to prioritise skin care over make up. You need that toner, moisturiser, and sunscreen to protect your skin from saltwater and strong coastal sun. The dive towns in Bali is very laid-back and you can go bare face without worrying about anything. A simple basic makeup with powder, a touch of lipstick, and eyebrow would be enough. 

Unnecessary entertainment

Some of us tends to overestimate ourself and think we will have lots of spare time during the scuba diving Bali holiday to do nothing. So we bring multiple entertainments like novel, iPod, boardgames, ukulele, and many things (the list can go on) to fill the void. In reality, you would most likely spend the surface intervals hanging out with other divers or taking naps. Trust us, in the end you won’t need those spare-time entertainments that much. 

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