Things You Want to Prepare Before Coming for Surf Camp Portugal

You have been thinking of booking a surf camp in Portugal for your upcoming holiday—maybe you’ve even book it. Surfing has long been getting under your skin. You cannot wait to feel how it’s like to ride rolling waves. And based on what you’ve heard, Portugal is just one of the best place in the world to start learning it all. While basically you can just pack up your holiday clothes, toiletries, and passport, there are few extra things you might need to prepare before your ultimate surf-learning holiday in Portugal. 

Things You Want to Prepare Before Coming for Surf Camp Portugal

A Rash Guard and A Spare

Surfing image is so close with bikinis or shorts—especially during summer. However, you will want to pack a rash guard or two to your surf camp Portugal. Even during a blazing hot summer. You will spend a lot of time lying on the surfboard for paddling and exercising balance. Your body will get in touch a lot with the wax on the surf board. The wax, as you may guess, is known to cause rash especially on your upper body—and that’s why you’ll need a rash guard.

A Wetsuit Depending on the Season You Come to Surf Camp Portugal

Portugal is best known for its all-season surfing! You can practically surf in every season in the country—from spring, summer, autumn, to winter. Every season demand different set of skills, of course. Summer to early autumn usually best for beginners, while the intermediate and advanced will be pleased with bigger swells during springs and autumns. Winter calls for professionals who are looking for breaking world records for riding the highest wave. Temperature would also follows the season. You can stick to rash guards and bikini or the 3mm ‘shortie’ during the summer, but you’ll need thicker wetsuit especially if you come to surf camp Portugal around late autumn to winter. 

Your Own Favourite Board, If You Like

One of the reason why surfers and surf learner alike loves surf camp is the sheer surf-facility available at the accommodation. Many surfers don’t bring their own board if they plan to stay at Portugal surf camp (airplane’s luggage for surfboard is not cheap!). But if you have a special attachment to your board, you can always bring it along. 

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Get Enough Exercise Before Surf Camp Portugal 

Things You Want to Prepare Before Coming for Surf Camp Portugal

We’re not going to lie. Surfing might come with tons of funs and adrenalin pumps, but it is also one of the most challenging, physically draining sport. You will really need physical fitness, strenght, and flexibility for having a successful surf. That’s said, you need to prepare your body before the surf camp Portugal takes place. Our best suggestion is start regular swimming exercise at least a month before the surf camp starts. Planking is also good to build core strength of your body to help you with balance and performance on the surfboard. You can also practice other exercise that’s good for surf prep, such as push ups, squats, skateboarding, and yoga. Not only that these sports can help you paddling and maintaining balance, they also help to shape your body so it will look good on that bikini!null

A Portugal Travel Guide

It’s true that Portugal is one of the best surf destination in the world. But if you come all the way to Portugal just to surf, you are going to miss things a lot! Get a Portugal travel guide (it’s just one click away) and spare some time to explore this beautiful country. 

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