Tips for Building Your Own Photo Booth Bali

You may will ask me questions: why creating photo booth Bali and not at any other places or even countries? What the special things about Bali especially in providing the photography services? And i can only you the simple answer for that, because there are many travellers from around the world in Bali.

The more of the travellers are visiting, the big chance for developing the business. And we have known that tourism sector can affect many other business sectors such as various type of accommodations, restaurants and cafes, bars and night clubs, and many more including the business that is related to photography.

People who are coming to Bali have various purposes. They are visiting for enjoy the honeymoon, in a vacation, events, etc. Even the newlyweds are coming before getting married just to make a pre-wedding images. That’s why if you have a photography studio or can create and build your own photo booth, you may possible to get some amount of money. Getting success in this sector or field is also acceptable, why not?

So that, i will give you some tips in case you want to create your own photo booth in Bali. Who knows you may will get an order for the wedding event or others.

1. Provide various of backdrops

Backdrop may sounds like a tool you will only need inside the studio. It is not. There are now many backdrops that even consists of the images or designs that separated themselves with the traditional background that mainly only contains with the solid colours.

The more various of your backdrops, the more options for the customers to choose which one or two will they used. And it may can support your new photo booth Bali. But keeps in mind that many of the backdrops will also make the customers confusing, but if you have got for at least 5 or even up to 10, i think that it would be even better.

2. Think about the concepts

One of the thing that the customer will love to use your photo booth is the available concepts that you have got for them. Sometimes, you should never ask what they will need, but just show them all what you have got so they can choose right away.

To get to the concepts or themes of your photo booth, you may need to do a little search along with the competitors that have built and well known in the same industry. Simply just being creative and be yourself.

3. Put in with the arts and cultures of Bali

Just like any other places, people of Bali is also proud with their own cultures. So with the foreign travellers that are coming to Bali. I think that there are big chances that they will more happier using the photo booth Bali designed with the original art of the region and rich in cultures.

They have came so far, so you don’t have to think about using the modern and advanced concept but it turned out to forget the local wisdom.

4. Don’t forget about the printer

Photo booth Bali tips

You know how it can really helpful. Many people have got their own gadget like smartphone in their hand. But, you do know as well that using the professional and advanced cameras is also really needs to be considered. And how the best way to see the image results? Printed paper is my own choice so far.

5. Avoid buying the equipments that you can create yourself

If this will be your first photo booth project and business in Bali, you may have to prepare many things that could cost you a lot of money. You can spend all of your money at a time or you can choose to spend it wisely by just getting the complicated equipment that you can’t build just like the tripod for your camera stand.

But things like chair, table, some of accessories that you think you can make them yourself, then simply prepare your times and start making them.

You have not knowing the market very well since the photo booth you want to make in Bali is your first business and experience. So, be wise and don’t get yourself in rush when making decisions. Think about what you will do couple of times and then start doing what you have just planned.

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