Job-hunting When You’re on a Work and Holiday Visa in Australia

Vacationing and working one year long in Australia is a privilege travelers from several countries can enjoy. However, finding jobs may not be as a walk in the park as some backpackers have made it here. Depending on the areas you’re going to land in and depending on the field of work you’re applying for, competitors would be tough. In big cities, although job opportunities are abundant, so do the competitors. Here are some general heads up that are generally applicable when you’re job-hunting during your travel:

You’ll make a living whatever work you landed 

Thanks to its relatively high minimum wage compared to many other English-speaking countries, Australians and non-Australians enjoy a wage that actually allows you to live. This is something that actually would make working and traveling in the country entirely possible. With that said, having enough in your savings would make life kinder for you and would prevent you from becoming desperate. 

Get a license or training relevant to the field you’re applying 

Some work will require you to have a license. These jobs include barista, waitress or waiters, forklift drivers, construction workers, and many others. Get a the RSA license (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) right when you get here before you start applying for such jobs. 

If you have a minimum to no experience, consider getting a certification from a training. This would put you ahead of the competitors, especially if you’re looking to land jobs such as a barista. Having some sort of certifications on you would let your employers know that you’re serious about getting this job. 

Curate several different CVs relevant to the jobs you’re applying to 

Like when you’re applying for jobs at home, don’t dump everything you’ve done in one resume. Creating a resume is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement. Your prospective employers just want to know whether you can do the job you’re applying for:

  • Can you make coffee?
  • Can you serve food to customers?
  • Can you handle customers’ complaints?
  • What are your past experiences and training that would support your work? 

Network, network, network!

Word of mouth is the oldest way of finding work. And in some cases, still one of the most effective ways for you in finding a job. Especially when it comes to “casual” jobs like jobs of what most travelers have. Even if you’re applying for roles in office jobs  They did say that “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.” 

Plan your work and travel, then make some adjustments 

What’s your goal when you come here on a working holiday visa? Do you want to save as much as possible (and probably travel somewhere else after that)? Or are you only willing to work for a certain amount of time and enjoy your vacations for the rest of it? 

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself about what you want out of your travel in Australia. How is work opportunity once you arrive and how do you fare in landing jobs? Plan your work and travel arrangement using the experiences you’ve had yourself and from people’s experiences. Make adjustments when needed. 

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Best Diving For Beginners and Learn To Identify Fish

Who doesn’t like to see cute, beautiful and colorful fish? Many types of underwater fish are described in various entertainment, both magazines or television channels. The beauty presented by many entertainments stimulates many people to dare to try challenging activities. Best diving for beginners is one of the best ways to learn the basics of diving to later be able to explore the underwater.

diving for beginners

Diving for beginners is not easy to achieve because there are many factors that need to be prepared. The main thing is mental preparation. Have you ever imagined being under the sea for a long time? For some people, it might be scary, but for professional divers, it is a very pleasant activity.

Plan Your Best Diving for Beginners

Planning your diving training is very important. When choosing a dive site, look for information on whether to enter cold water or warm water diving. For diving lessons for beginners, you should look for diving with warm water. There are many obstacles that are very dangerous if training beginners in the high seas with cold water. Beginner divers who have just really jumped into the open sea, have not been able to control themselves properly and need the guidance of professional instructors appropriately.

When choosing diving training for beginners, other factors that must be considered are safety factors. Not all dive operators guarantee the safety of dive training participants. There are many dive centers with bad service and certainly detrimental to potential divers. A good dive center is to always communicate well and clearly with trainees and be able to maintain when they are in the sea.

Sometimes participants in diving lessons for beginners have confidence constraints. One of the best ways to exercise confidence and comfort in the water is to do swimming and yoga training a few months before starting training. Swimming helps you control your body under water, while yoga helps you learn to focus on breathing. Best diving for beginners will be very easy to pass if some of you can control yourself when first on the high seas, regulate breathing and comfort.

How To Identify Fish?

Best diving for beginners will be perfect where you learn the types of fish. This is a special pleasure when you dive, discovering many types of underwater species that can be learned.


Barracuda, a species of fish that looks around the reef in search of prey. They are silky silver in color and have a deeply forked tail. There are 26 species of barracuda with variations in size, color, and behavior.

Butterflyfish, surgeonfish dan angelfish

These three types of fish have oval and thin body shapes. This fish family is very colorful and has an interesting pattern. One surgeonfish that has a solid pattern. Butterflyfish is a type of fish that is often found on coral reefs throughout the world. Angelfish tend to be larger than the butterfly and surgeon and is a very large fish compound that allows compromising with hundreds of different species.

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Need to Learn Surfing For the First Time? Go For A Surf Camp!

Life providing us many choices including what will be the best way you think you will spend the holidays. In case you have a phobia for being in the seawater at the coastal area or things relevant to it, I won’t really insist you to fight that phobia. That’s not really my domain even though I will give my hands for you. The surf camp idea itself shouldn’t be a force for everyone. You deserve to spend your time in a better vacation, no matter what the way will be.

One of the popular special interest travel package is for those who need and want to learn surfing even as the first timer in life. The travel idea is called as a surf camp where it is actually a course for surfing activities completed with accommodation, transportation, things to do and the others to make travelers will really spend their holidays in more fun and enjoyable ways.

Surf camp itself have been a travel idea for years and now it is getting more exposure where even the non-surfers are possible to involve in and being in a class that mostly will be located at the sandy beach with professional, certified and experienced surf instructor.

Why the non-surfers should participate in a surf camp vacation?

Think about that a surf camp itself is not only about yourself. You are going for having fun with new people since the course will be in a small group. You can communicate and interact with new people you have never met before and it may will be the best way to make friends while spending your holidays. It is one of the travel idea where you can’t really get your social life away whether you are the surfer or not.

Why the non-surfers should join in a surf camp?

Since a surf camp is also a course to know how to surf, who would have guessed that the skills you are going to get can be interesting for you and are possible to be the things that can help you to get a job in the future. And yes, being a surfer, surf instructor, or else are the worth-living job as the others.

Imagine if the non-surfer teenagers or kids will be introduced to a surf camp since earlier, it can even be their way of life, where they think they want to work and all other relevant job aspects instead of just a way to spend the holidays.

But even though that a surf camp will only be a travel idea among the others, don’t you think that experiencing it once in a lifetime will be worthy? Trust me, seeing people riding the waves is always interesting for many of us, what could happen if that will be you? Beside that, breaking the waves or rolled by it to the bottom is pretty much challenging.

Should you be an adult to be in a surf camp?

Surf camp for teens, kids, and adults

I have gave you an example on above that a surf camp can even be experienced by the non-surfer teenagers. It doesn’t even matter if you are a school kid, there are so many kids and teens surf camps for you.

It is also doesn’t matter if you are an adult guy who happen to be inspired to learn about surfing. Everyone is welcome and it is one of the sport and course where genders and ages aren’t really the important things to think about.

I know that you may won’t be in a surf camp course with school teenagers as part of your team. That will really harm your pride as an adult. Even though I don’t takes it as an issue, you can always choose in which adult team you are possible to join it.

So, a surf camp is surely for everyone from the kids to the adult people. From the non-surfers to the advanced and professional surfers who need to improve their surfing skills. And that’s why you will need to go out for surfing even though it will be your first time ever. It is fun, interesting, and challenging at the same time for even those who are just learn about it for the first time.

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How To Get Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners?

Bali is not only known for its natural beauty but also spectacular underwater scenery. Underwater scenery of Bali has become a popular tourist destination in the world. For diving lovers, there are many dive spots for all levels. For those who have never dived at all, there are offers for scuba diving vacations for beginners. Especially in certain months, such as in May, there is a 10% discount offer when taking a try diving package or daily trips. 15% off for repeaters quest in certain dive operators.

Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners With Dune Atlantis

So many dive operators in Bali do not guarantee the quality of training. As the high interest of divers in Bali brings many tourists sometimes confused to choose a reliable and professional diving agent. Business competition between dive operators is a bit profitable because divers can get the best prices.

Diving in Bali is worth taking into account. In fact, one of Bali’s dive spots has become very popular since underwater photographers, Von Wong produced images that intercept the world. Diving is fun but doesn’t forget that special skills are needed. Planning a scuba diving vacations for beginners is important. At least, you can know exactly what to prepare before doing training.

Diving with Dune Atlantis is perfect for spending holidays. Imagine the underwater charm that has enchanted your visuals. Some things to consider before scuba diving vacations for beginners.

Don’t be tempted by cheap dive operators. Diving related to safety. You have to pay attention to many things like the certificate that you will get. Professional dive operators will ensure all divers for your safety. Don’t hesitate to ask what you get from scuba diving vacations for beginners.

It’s About Time

Why force a dive if the conditions are not friendly? Comfort of diving depends on sea conditions. That is, choosing the right time is very important. The best time to dive in Bali is April to November. But keep in mind that each dive spot has a different period of time to achieve a good seawater pattern.

But don’t worry, you can do a consultation for the initial steps of scuba diving vacations for beginners. This is to ensure your diving vacation is not in vain. Dive operators will arrange all your scuba diving vacations for beginners schedules. Early diving is important and the success of your dives depends on the selection of trustworthy and professional dive operators.

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How Does First Trip to Bali Gay Nightlife Feels Like

Bali gay nightlife is another newest addition to Bali’s vibrant entertainment. There’s something about gay bar in the island where queer community is commonly frowned upon in public places. But once the daylight diminished and the sky turned dark, the gays and the lesbians could finally express their true colour in their favourite gay bar. Luckily, they don’t need to hide out. Gay bars in Bali are absolutely legal and crazily popular—tucked right in side of Cemplung Tanduk and Petingenget street, dazzling with flashy flash and thumping musics. Here’s how it feels to walk into Bali gay bars for the first time and how does it feels for queers who just coming out. 

How Does First Trip to Bali Gay Nightlife Feels Like

The Liberating Taste of Freedom 

Gay bars are the only place where the queers can go all out with the party without the fear of being judged or feeling threatened for simply being yourself. No one would throw dirty looks just because you guys decide to wear fishnet shirt and heels. Nobody either seems to care or just busy celebrating the freedom of being their true selves. Here in Bali gay nightlife, everybody are simply looking for a good time.

Shocking Freedom of Bali Gay Nightlife

For people who are used to hide their sexual orientation from the society (even from their family and friends) would be quite shocked when they first come to gay bars. The bars are probably the first time they see naked gay and lesbian dancing around, wearing so much fetish clothes and accessories that surely would draw huge attention in straight bar. For someone who just adjusting to the culture of LGBTQ+, all of these bombarding “openness” could be quite overwhelming. 

Finding A Second Home

Finding a good bar is like finding a good friends. Once you clicked with the ambience and the culture of the bar, you would always want to go back. We found some gay fellows who feel that, being in gay bar where they feel safe to show their true skin, is like coming back to their second home. A place where they know that they would always be accepted. 

Lively Atmosphere Brought by Drags

Even when you are just standing around with yourself, Bali gay nightlife will always have something to liven up the ambience. When the music fails you, they have the cheerful drag queens to perform incredibly immersing lip-sync and dance shows to entertain the whole club. Often times, the drag queens come to some of the guests and start chatting over a glass of cocktails. They could sense nervous visitors and help to loosen up the tense. 

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Bali Indonesia Nightlife, A New Experience After Dark

Indonesia, especially Bali, a tropical island that is warm and overcrowded covering nightlife starts more than you normally experience. In fact, Bali at night is very different from morning or afternoon. Lights and music that enliven Bali Indonesia nightlife fishing for tourists to squirm before night.

Nightlife in Seminyak Bali is popular and the trend is not only for young people. Rows of Seminyak Bali nightlife with a more calm atmosphere for the elderly, especially those aged 30 and above are ready to bring you an amazing experience.

In fact, many tourists and locals visit Bali Indonesia nightlife in a week. Don’t be surprised if you easily enjoy the nightlife at any time. Bali Indonesia nightlife allows you to establish new friendships accompanied by beer, cocktails, music and world-class DJs.

Bali Indonesia Nightlife, A Friendly Place For LGBT

Bali is open to all migrants, including LGBT. Rows of Bali gay nightlife in some areas show no difference when you are vacationing on the Island of the Gods. Bali Indonesia nightlife is a place where all people feel welcomed. Whether you dress up in luxury or sporty costumes, you will find the pleasure of enjoying the nightlife of Bali Seminyak. Some Bali Indonesia nightlife where you will find great pleasure.

Sea Vu Play, Bali Gay Nightlife

A pirate concept, Sea Vu Play offers more fun for you. Sea Vu Play is perfect for breakfast, brunch, and dinner where you can enjoy family time. Near midnight, it’s time to party and enjoy a beer or cocktail. The bartender is ready to serve any of your favorite drinks. Professional and friendly staff services add a plus to the places you must visit. Sea Vu Play offering extraordinary gay nightlife Bali.

Sea Vu Play makes things easier for those who don’t want to travel far and want to enjoy delicious cuisine and nightlife in Seminyak Bali. It doesn’t matter if you just want to relax enjoying the evening atmosphere accompanied by a cold beer. Everything you need is in one perfect place.

Potato Head – Beach Nightlife Bali Seminyak

No need to dress up fancy to enjoy Bali Indonesia nightlife. Potato head offers you to enjoy cold music and drinks, even dance with bare feet. Nightlife in Seminyak Bali offers privileges from other tourist destinations. Want to enjoy nightlife with a beach costume? Bali Indonesia nightlife is perfect for the greatest pleasure. Get ready for the surprising Seminyak Bali nightlife.

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4 Cool Destinations Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners

It is natural that Bali has been named the popular and best scuba diving vacations for beginners or professionals. Even the world magazine reviews many beautiful and amazing dive spots under the sea of Bali. In fact, many diving spots are hidden in Bali and its surroundings. The perfect way for your memorable adventure vacation is to try to learn diving. The more often they dive, the more they will get to know and be aware of the richness of Indonesia’s underwater world.

Not all spots in Indonesia are best for scuba diving vacations for beginners. Surfing the internet and finding the best dive spots for you beginners is the right solution. Never be afraid of running out of space even if you are a beginner diver. Indonesia has a diverse underwater charm for perfect dive sites that fit into your holiday agenda.

Bali – The Best Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners

Being in Bali, whether on land or under the sea will be a fun holiday adventure. Diving activities are increasingly popular from time to time and you will see for yourself the beauty of the underwater Bali. Rare species ranging from Mola-Mola, manta rays, to white sharks you can enjoy while diving in the waters of Bali. Planning scuba diving vacations for beginners, Bali is perfect. Some dive spots with no current and clear visibility are right for beginners.

Wakatobi – Southeast Sulawesi

Wakatobi is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving vacations for beginners. Wakatobi has an area of more than 1 million hectares and is so rich in the beauty of coral reefs, small fish. It could be said that Wakatobi is a paradise for marine life in Banda. Don’t be afraid to try, because there are many diving training packages that are ready to bring you to discover new experiences and adventures.

Raja Ampat, Amazing Spot For Diving

Who doesn’t know Raja Ampat? This is a hidden paradise with a million underwater beauty and charm. Raja Ampat diving and snorkeling sites have been recognized worldwide with thousands of species of marine species. Many people think that Raja Ampat is perfect for professional divers only, but there are some that are suitable for beginners. Friwen Wall, Miosko, Batu Lima, is perfect for you to enter in the list of scuba diving vacations for beginners.

Pink Beach, Komodo Island

Pink beach you should not miss when deciding on a vacation to Bali. Continuing your scuba diving vacations for beginners in Bali, you can go to Pink Beach. The pink sand beach and calm sea water are perfect for your diving. Don’t forget to follow all instructor instructions for safe diving.

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How to Have A Smooth Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip

Komodo liveaboard budget might be the best options for having a thrilling Komodo adventure without breaking your bank. It’s convenient in the pocket and loaded with insightful liveaboard experience. Diving, island hopping, and hunting (as in, seeing them in close proximity) wild exotic animals will be the main menu of your trip. 

Though it saves a lot of budget, however, the lower priced liveaboard often times comes with different price. Cheaper tags with decent boat means you need to share the vessel with a bunch of worldwide travelers. Sure, it’s a chance to build new and strong friendship among like-minded people. On the other side, however, you need to deal with common courtesy and attitudes to keep a peaceful atmosphere on the boat. Rest assured, however, you will have a smooth trip if you do these things—even though it’s on budget liveaboard. 

How to Have A Smooth Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip

Be On Time

If you want a tailored itinerary made with your interest in mind, consider booking a Komodo boat charter. Otherwise, you need to follow the schedule. Know itinerary of the day and always show up on time when it’s time for the dive/ hike time. If you don’t feel like doing the activity, show up anyways or pass the message to your fellow friend. Don’t waste the guide time to look for you. Do comeback on time as well. The whole schedule of the day can be ruined just because someone wants to take another hundred of beach selfies. 

Do tell the crews your food allergies

In a Komodo liveaboard budget, meals are served on buffet for everyone. Don’t expect the crews to magically know your shrimp allergy when the ship is already sail. Do come beforehand and specifically list your food allergies, so they can prepare the substitutes to feed you. 

Have something to share

The budget version of Komodo liveaboard usually features shared cabins with bunkbeds. This is very convenient for solo travelers who only need small space for themselves. If you are familiar with bunkbed hostels, this should be easy for you. Having some interesting stories to tell will come in handy to want the bonds with your fellow travelers. Just remember where to stop and not be a boat bore. 

Pack a good attitude

Sharing a Komodo boat with dozens of newfound  travel companions is nothing like joining a packed restaurant. You cannot leave the crowd after one or two drink if the vibes doesn’t click. You are bound to sail to the end of the trip together, so packing a good attitude can go a long way. Keep your voice low when the night falls—other people are trying to rest. Try to maintain positivity and be nice around others. What goes around comes around.  

Don’t try to outsmart the guides

You have read everything about the Komodo and swallowed everything about dive and hike sites around. It doesn’t mean, however, that you have the permission to outsmart the guides. Respecting the guides’ decision is important to maintain group’s safety, especially when it comes to dives. Most guides on Komodo liveaboard is a dive masters and even instructors, and they know Komodo’s waters better than anyone else. The crews are more than familiar with Komodo region—it’s their home. If they need to cancel a particular activity or take a longer route, they have a reason behind it.   

Excuse yourself when you’re tired

Just because you are on Komodo liveaboard budget with other backpack travelers doesn’t mean you need to do everything with them. Sure, they can be the best cheerleader and give the best encouragement if they want, and God it makes you feel better to do thrilling things. However, don’t feel bad if you don’t feel like joining a night dive or late drinking in the lounge. Liveaboard trips should be fun, and you shouldn’t feel forced to do anything you don’t want to. It’s your holiday after all, so take the moment to rest and relax!

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Why Choose One Among Seminyak Villas With Private Pool For Your Accommodation In Bali?

Everyone knows that accommodation is really important for travellers. So that, why stay in a hotel room with only small balcony and sometimes no balcony at all and for the same price or even cheaper, you can rent one among available Seminyak villas that even give you the private pool?

Seriously, there are many options for you when looking for the accommodation in Bali. So many locations to visit and the accommodations are various as well.

And you are actually have no reasons for not renting or at least comparing many villas at Seminyak.

If you have found one among Seminyak villas but without the private pool, you’d better switch to the other options because most of the villas in Seminyak are provided with private pool.

Choose one among Seminyak villas with private pool as accommodation in Bali

The more amenities you will get is always the better especially when they won’t increase the price.

You may have also known that Bali is a dreamy tropical island for many and among those people, they had been made Seminyak as their first stop. A place to stay and start the adventure to any possible destinations.

There are so much affordable and even cheap Seminyak villas with private pool you can choose.

Even the beachfront view ones are also offered. Villas themselves are so much vary with unique and luxury designs, so you will have more options that shouldn’t make you confuse since you can actually adjust them all base on your budget.

Experience the silent and comfort living

One of what you can get that is offered by the Seminyak villas is to live or stay in comfortable environment. Mostly, the area where you are living will not be crowded so your will keep on relaxing your mind.

Even if the Seminyak villas are located close to the main street, for example, about 50 meters behinds it, there will nothing to stop you for experience the silent. Mostly there won’t be any disturbing sounds, especially when you are inside.

Even if you are relaxing on besides of the private pool that is located at outside of the villa, there won’t be really any distrubtions that will ruin your moment. I am telling you the truth.

The surrounded area is also interesting to explore

You may have got your own schedule to visit some destinations whether in Seminyak or the other parts of Bali.

When you could rent one among Seminyak villas with private pool, mostly you have been surrounded by the interesting public areas facilitated for the travellers.

Cafes and mini-bars are easy to find, the there will also be the popular beach clubs you can visit and blend with the others or your friends, and many more things to visit and do.

Even if you want to eat the local street foods, that won’t be difficult thing to do.

What else you are required to get your visit even more memorable? You name it and you may have been provided at Seminyak. It is one of the tourism centre in Bali.

I know that there will be more to maintain and improve, but comparing it with the other area, Seminyak is quite dominates in terms of number of destinations and things to do or the attractions.

Still have to reserve hotel rooms than looking for the best Seminyak villas with private pool?

Now, you should be clear with what you are actually looking for from an accommodation. If the rented house with villa concept in Seminyak is not really your thing, I have no idea why is that.

If the private pool is not that important, then I would like to ask about what the amenity you are really need to make your stay will be wonderful?

I am not forcing you by saying that the Seminyak villas with private pool in Bali is a must.

Not really!

But when between the same prices of accommodations and services are far different, then you will have to get more reasonable things to tell me since I may not knowing about them at all.

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Far-Flung Destination Unveiled: Komodo Boat Trip Experience

It’s been almost a decade since Komodo National Park was voted as one of the New 7 Wonder of the World and gained booming popularity. A simple, humble fishing boats that used to go back and forth around the little archipelago has slowly replaced by bigger and, sometimes, more luxurious liveaboard boats. Only a decade ago, only fisherman used to wander around the quiet Flores sea, catching fishes. Today, those liveaboard boats is taking curious tourist from all around the globe to enjoy the exotic Komodo boat trip. 

Once hidden from the world, Komodo National Park is now getting more and more recognition from the world for its wondrous beauty. What make it more special is the natural attractions that lies in each islands surrounding the park. Savannah fields, rosy-tinted beaches, teeming coral reefs, prehistoric beasts and giants bats become unique elements of each little islands. As the landscape naturally made road journey inaccessible, waterborne exploration become the only option to get into each destination as well as making it a terribly unique vacation experience. 

Escape the crowds in remote destination

Komodo boat trip is generally offered in three kinds of sailing duration:

One day trip: Some people don’t have that much time. They simply just making a quick visit to Labuan Bajo to see what’s happening then returning in the evening. Some even just heard about Komodo when they are having their holiday in more-famous Bali, and try to cram Labuan Bajo into their trip.

Overnight trip: An overnight Komodo boat trip is a second alternative for travelers who wants to feel the sensation of liveaboard experience but are limited either budget or time. The route usually involve main attractions of the trip; Komodo Island (or Rinca, depend on what you choose) for dragon sightseeing, the phenomenal Padar island to catch Komodo’s panoramic view, and the famous Pink beach. 

Multiple day trip: The ideal Komodo boat trip. With enough time to explore almost every islands around, this kind of trip offer rather holistic experience of Komodo National Park. When you’ve done visiting all main attraction, you can have a chance to explore much pristine destination—or even travelled to hidden cranny in Komodo that not much travelers know.

Sail between deserted island in Komodo archipelago

When you finally set sail to Komodo, you will know that what you hear and what you read about Komodo is just what’s on the surface. The Komodo boat trip will take you to embark amongst pristine islets around Flores sea, most of which have completely been untouched by modern development. Everything around you is ran by nature. Think of Bali before the advent of mass tourism. Thanks to the conservation status, all islands in and around Komodo National Park are able to let out their unparalleled natural beauty. 

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