Best Egg Dishes Around The World You Should Try

Egg is one of the easiest food you people around the world can get because of its accessibility and availability. Egg has that taste that likeable taste most people enjoy either raw or cooked. Preparing eggs can be different depending on what kind of dishes you want to make. Eggs don’t disappoint you that even simple fried eggs taste wonderfully. And here are extraordinary egg dishes with delicious taste you should try:

traditional Japanese food Chawan Mushi

Tortang Talong

This is egg dish for Philippines made with a combination of roasted eggplants and lightly beaten eggs. It is pretty simple to make the dish. You have to dip whole eggplants into the egg mixture then shortly pan-fry them until they resemble a crispy omelette. This dish is compatible to be paired with everything such as vegetables and ground meat. It is also best served with steamed rice. You can try recook this recipe for your breakfast. 

Kuku Sabzi

This is egg dish originally from Iran. From the look of it, you can see some resemblance with omelette or frittata. This dish consists of finely chopped herbs combined with lightly beaten eggs and added with variety of spices. The mixture is pan-fried until both sides turn golden. The herbs usually used to make this egg dish include cilantro chives, dill, and parsley. Other ingredients can be added as well such as barberries or walnuts. 


This is such a popular egg dish from Greece. Greeks love this egg dish because it is relatively easy to make and the taste is wonderful. This dish consists of diced sauteed tomatoes, and seasoned with fresh herbs. All are combined with lightly beaten eggs. Then, it is topped with crumbled feta cheese. This eggs dish has light taste that is not too salty or heavy. It can be paired perfectly with a serve of various roasts or grilled meat.


This is egg dish is traditional Turkish spread. It consists of eggs, tomatoes, peppers, and variety of spices. Another version of Menemen consists of garlic, cheese, sausage pieces, spinach, or onions. There are wide variety of Menemen in the country that requires a little bit of twists to the ingredients included. This egg dish is usually served during breakfast or brunch. The locals love to enjoy this spread with bread. 


This is Japanese egg dish is delicate custard-soup and usually served in small portion usually as appetizer. The custard consists of egg mixture flavored with various ingredients such as Japanese stock called Dashi, mushrooms, tofu, ginko nut, steamed shrimps, and soy sauce. It can be served jot, cold, or warm. Garnishing include Japanese parsley, carrot shavings, or various seafood. 


With a cute name, this egg dish consists of eggs, summer vegetables, sauteed onions, salt, pepper, and Bulgarian white cheese. There is also winter version of this Bulgarian egg dish usually made with frozen roasted peppers. It is best served with toast or bread for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is one of the most integral parts in Bulgarian cuisine.

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Raja Ampat Trip 4D3N, What To Explore?

Raja Ampat is a regency in the province of West Papua. The natural treats available are so amazing that tourists may find it difficult to leave. With all of its spectacular wonders above and beyond its waters, as well as on land and in the dense jungles. This is truly the physical manifestation of words like beautiful, enchanting, magnificent, and fascinating. The Raja Ampat trip is highly recommended to you, especially for beginner or professional divers.

Pianemo islands. Raja Ampat trip, West Papua, Indonesia.

What’s so special about Raja Ampat Trip

Raja Ampat is not only popular with destination spots for divers. The local legend is that there was a woman who found seven eggs, and the four eggs hatched into kings who ruled on the four main islands. The other three eggs, one becomes a stone, one becomes a woman, and the other becomes a supernatural being or ghost. Regardless of the legend that is believed by the local community, the beauty that is presented by Raja Ampat is a fact that cannot be contested.

Raja Ampat offers the sensation of diving and meeting unique marine life, such as pygmy seahorse, batfish, and dugong. Some of the best dive spots that you can visit along the Raja Ampat trip include Kabui Passage, around Arborek Island Pier, Sauwandarek, Yenbuba, and Friwen Wall. The panorama of the row of stone islands in the middle of the blue water gradation looks so heavenly when viewed from the top of the hill.

Raja Ampat is stunning in general, but there are a few places you must visit while you’re there. There are 5 places you need to see during Raja Ampat trip 4D3N!

Arborek tourist village

There are lots of lodging options and tourist attractions that you can enjoy while in this tourist village. Seeing the making of Arborek’s typical woven crafts, to taste various kinds of traditional Papuan cuisine, such as papeda or sinole. The village isn’t large, with only about 40 families living there, but it’s a great way to learn about the people and culture.

Kri Island

Diving and snorkeling are the main attractions at Kri. Many consider Kri’s reefs to be the best in Raja Ampat. Every Kri homestay beach has excellent snorkeling, and the island has a number of homestays with onsite dive centers. 

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Although not home to Birds of Paradise, Kri’s forests are abundant in birdlife. Reptiles are well represented as well, with large monitor lizards making an appearance on occasion. Due to the steep terrain and lack of trails, jungle trekking is not really possible, though there is one path that climbs to a high point near the island’s western end.


Waigeo is located in Papua, northwest of the bird’s head. This island is located in Raja Ampat Regency and is undoubtedly one of the most popular. Waigeo, as a large island, can support a diverse range of land wildlife. The birds are without a doubt the most remarkable animals on this island. Waigeo, like Papua, is home to a variety of rare and beautiful birds and other animals. You can go for a walk in the forest and see cassowaries, birds of paradise, and maleo. Maleo in the wild is said to bring good luck, according to locals.

Pasir Timbul

Pasir Timbul is a stretch of sand that emerges from the ocean only at low tide, like something out of a dream. The water is crystal clear, and the sand is so powdery white that you won’t believe your eyes. Without using a snorkel, you can enjoy playing and relaxing on the beach, taking photos, and watching underwater life. Pasir Timbul is located 30 minutes by boat from Arborek village on the island of Mansuar.

Hornbill island

Hornbills are one of the most incredible bird species in Raja Ampat, and seeing them in their natural habitat is a truly unforgettable experience. Hornbills gather on a small island off the coast of Batanta Island, where the mangroves are dense and healthy. Hornbills roost here for the night in the evening, around sunset. You can see them fly in, almost always in pairs, and join the group.

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Is It Okay To Talk About Failure In Your Company?

It is not a secret that people tend to be afraid of failure. In some professional settings, the word failure sometimes is viewed as forbidden topic to discuss. The reality is, mistakes and failures can be the catalyst for learning and growth. When you failed at something, you are driven to try something new and take the risk until you reach your own success. So is it really forbidden to talk about failure in professional setting? Can you talk about it in your company?

Talking about failure 

When you are too afraid of making mistake or failing, you will be less productive and creative. Instead of avoiding the word failure, it is more encouraging if you can talk about it with your employees openly. There are positive impacts you and your employees can take such as the passion to keep growing through constant learning, broaden horizon of creativity, and many more. But how can you encourage the talk about failure in your company with your employees for it to have positive impact? 

Start with celebrate the failure

Failure is not always a form of sadness or grieve. If you view failure as something to be sad about, it is harder for you to develop passion to take risks. Hence, encourage celebrate failure with your team members. Do not make it a taboo topic to discuss. It deserves celebration and cheers. You can even laugh it off as long as you take notes what mistakes you made and find out what to improve for the next steps. 

Focus on things that matter

As mentioned, failure is not always bringing sadness. It can be something valuable you can learn to improve yourself. When discussing failures with your team, do not focus on blaming each other. Instead, focus on the lessons everyone can learn together. Treat failures as trial and error that is normalized within your company. Discuss failure with no judgment. Instead, use empathy and positive energy to encourage everyone to recover from it. 

Lead your team with vulnerability and openness

Be open when talking about failure. Do not be afraid to talk about your own failures during your leadership. You might be a leader but you are still human who make mistakes sometimes. And there is no shame in showing this side of you to your team. Lead your team with vulnerability because it is not weakness. It can make your team feel safe talking about their failures so they become better at sharing and being open to others. 

Aim for learning and growing

The objective of talking about failure is not to put certain person on the spot or point out your finger to the ones you consider responsible for making the mistake. Instead, make this opportunity to encourage everyone to learn from the failures. Focus more on the lessons instead of the person. Also, talking about failure is all about growing not judging or criticizing. It is an opportunity to find the lessons to grow and recover.

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Diving Komodo, Exploring Remarkable Underwater and meet the dragon

Are you thinking of going diving in Indonesia for your next vacation? Are you attempting to figure out where to go in Indonesia and which place has the finest diving? With so many options to pick from, it’s a difficult decision to make. Google searches for Komodo diving, Bali, Lombok diving, and are certain to pop up, but which place is suitable for you?

Diving Komodo, Exploring Remarkable Underwater and meet the dragon
Image Resource: Aqua expeditions

Did you know that domestic flights in Indonesia are reasonably priced and simple to book? Why limit yourself to just one destination when you may see more and make the most of your stay here?

Combining diving in Bali and Nusa Lembongan with diving Komodo couldn’t be easier. Air Asia, Nam Air, Wings Abadi, and Garuda Indonesia offer direct flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo (Komodo’s airport), which take 1 hour to 1 hour 20 minutes. Wings Abadi also offers direct flights between Lombok and Komodo, allowing for even more combinations.

Combine Bali or diving in Lombok with Diving Komodo

It’s simple, so why not? The only way to go from Bali to Lombok is by boat or a short flight, and there is direct access to Komodo National Park from both Bali and Lombok. By mixing regions, you’ll visit a lot more of Indonesia, get to know completely distinct cultures in each one, and have access to a lot more world-class diving locations.

Diving Komodo can be done on day trips from Labuan Bajo diving resorts and dive centers, or on a liveaboard. If you’re thinking about doing a liveaboard tour in Komodo, combine it with a resort stay in Bali to have two vacations in one!

Komodo is recognized for its numerous coral reefs and pinnacles, as well as its spectacular aquatic life. You’ll see manta rays, sharks, tuna, barracuda, eagle rays, schooling fish, and an amazing array of Indonesian marine life while diving.

Exploring Komodo

The only thing that compares to the natural splendor of Komodo’s immaculate underwater reefs is the land itself. This incredible environment is like stepping back in time to the Jurassic period, and many of the region’s terrestrial wildlife species could have originated in Jurassic Park. The Komodo Dragon, which is native to this region, is by far the most well-known resident of the islands. The biggest monitor lizard on the planet, this prehistoric species is noted for its carnivorous behavior.

The toxicity of a Komodo Dragon’s saliva is enough to guarantee that anyone who is bitten by this creature will become infected, which is typically fatal. Fortunately, Park Rangers keep an eye on the dragons, and it’s possible to get up and personal with them while remaining safe.

The environment is just as spectacular as the animals that call this place home. The Pink Beach, which is made up of eroded red coral grains, and the three colored lakes, which reflect different colors as the sun passes over their sulfuric, reflective surfaces, are also highlights of the region.

Komodo is an adventure-oriented location that delivers on its promises, which is why it pairs well with spiritual Bali or cultural Lombok. These three regions all provide world-class diving, friendly people, and some of the world’s most distinctive natural treasures.

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Product Recommendations To Increase Your Sales

the strategy of product recommendation in increasing your sales

When building your business, product recommendation should not be a factor you underestimate. It has power to increase your sales more than what you have thought. You may have experienced yourself how you get a product recommendation that meet your interest when you browse through the internet. It seems like they know what you really need at the right time. Hence, product recommendation is powerful key for you to increase your own sales because it is more than just random offers sellers show to their visitors. 

The strategy of product recommendation in increasing your sales

When it comes to product recommendations, personalization is the main factor that plays huge role. Everything in product recommendation strategy also involves engagement, website traffic, and personal interest of customers. And here are strategies you can use to implement product recommendations more effectively:

Showcase your various products and services to multiple landing pages

Landing pages are one of the very first thing that customers look up to when they want to know more about the brand, its product, or service. It will be beneficial for your business to have multiple landing pages that lead to a specific customer persona. This way, you will be connected to the right customers at the right time. If you have five products to sell, make a landing page for each of them. Hence, your visitors will first find your personalized landing page before your homepage. 

Offering bundle products

Product Recommendations To Increase Your Sales

Between your so many products, there must be some of them that are best sellers or often being bought together by your customers. Hence, you may offer bundle products for your customers for the items they frequently buy. Adding this feature in your online store can help boosting your sales. To attract your online visitors, write blog posts that tie complementary products together. Write something that interest your customers, helping them to reach their specific goals through your offerings. Your customers will determine if what you offer worth the value to their purchase or not. 

Personalized email marketing

This strategy has been proved to be successful to increase sale because it is more targeted and specific. It is important to segment your audience and understand their specific goals. You can also segment your new audience but let them segment themselves. Give the option for them to subscribe themselves into a segment they want when they sign up. Hence, you can send them more personalized emails that suit their interests and needs. 

Expand your reach

The more areas you reach the more chances for you to boost your sales. Hence, it is always good to expand your audience. There are many strategies you can consider and one of them is using social media platform. The limit is the sky so you can reach out to audience all over the world. Your product recommendations will reach larger audience. You can also work with social media influencers to implement product recommendations. They have large following who trust their influencers so they usually won’t hesitate to purchase what is being recommended. 

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Arranging A Wedding in Bali Holiday Villas: A How To

Arranging A Wedding in Bali Holiday Villas: A How To

Throwing a wedding in private villas is rising in the trend—especially when you are planning a destination wedding in places like Bali. Tying the knot with someone special in dreamy holiday villas in Bali is a perfect answer for couple who want something different from the traditional. Also, with so many choices of villas and vacation rentals in Bali, your options seems endless. However, since villas are not traditional venues for wedding, they are many things that you should keep on mind. How to host a wedding in a holiday home in Bali? Where do you start? 

Find Holiday Villas in Bali that Allows Wedding

Before deciding on a venue, look for luxury villas in Bali that expressly say that they are available for weddings. Regrettably, not all properties are. Even if it is a small wedding with only a few guests, you must confirm that the owner is agreeable with an event being held at their home. If there is no mention of weddings or events in the description, check the property’s house rules. If you’re still unsure, ask the host directly if a wedding is permitted.

Look for Space that Needs Minimal Decorations

Look for Space that Needs Minimal Decorations

When looking for the best villas in Bali for your wedding site, the choices might be daunting. Filter by price range and location to find one that suits your need. Villas with higher prices are usually fancier and bigger, which means it’s more suitable for wedding party. Also, ensure that the property has enough of natural light — if the listing photographs are dark, chances are your wedding photos will be as well!

Ask and Let the Owner Know You are Hosting A Wedding

Fall in love with a property but you cannot find any description that specifically allows wedding and other events to be held? Reach out to its owner and massage them to let you know that you are planning a wedding. Most of the times, they will let you know right off the bat if events are allowed. 

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Embrace the Vibe of the Villa and Make the Most of the Location

When looking for holiday villas in Bali to host your wedding, keep the décor and mood of the property in mind to ensure it suits your style–or the style you want to create. Then, for your big day, lean in and truly embrace it. With interior design at the forefront of contemporary event ideas, the style of the Airbnb may truly determine the atmosphere of the wedding! Use the decor and location to help you design your wedding look. For example, you can have modern and bohemian wedding style in a villa in Seminyak and a woodsy one in a villa Ubud!

By utilizing what is currently available, you will save a significant amount of time and money. If you enjoy the notion of a formal dinner party, look for a property with a big dining room that may be enhanced with an attractive tabletop design. Take the celebration outside and use the natural nature as your background if you’re more of an outdoorsy pair.

Rent Wedding Decoration 

Rent Wedding Decoration

Even if you prefer to go with the existing décor, we propose that you add your unique touch with an eye-catching installation. A magnificent ceremony arch, a flower display, or even a light installation above the reception tables are some possibilities. It does not have to be lavish. You just want to add something unique that reflects your particular flair and makes the area seem more “you.”

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Make Use of the Entire Bali Holiday Villas for Ceremony and Reception Party

Using as much interior and outdoor space as possible is one method to make the most of your Airbnb. You may, for example, do the ceremony in the backyard and the reception in the dining room. You may even do the opposite and do the ceremony in a nice living room and celebrate outside. Don’t be scared to be inventive and employ as much space as possible from the Bali villas that you’ve rent! Give guests the impression that they have enough room to walk about. Also, make sure there are lots of beautiful backgrounds for your couple photos, whether indoors or outside.

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Transforming Your Organization Into Learning Ground

Even before the pandemic, there has been a hot topic regarding to upskilling and reskilling. Although we should admit that the pandemic has accelerated the urge for those elements. Many of us are thrown into the world of hybrid work model due to the mostly because of the pandemic. there is a surge of the need of new skills to support and develop new products and services emerging out of the pandemic. And how your organization can keep up with all these demands?

Turning your organization into a learning ground

The solution to keep up with a surge demand of new skills is to develop learning agility. Of course, you can also try to find employees with ‘today’s skill’. however, it will be more promising if you can develop learning agility within your organization. It means you need to future-proof your organization so everyone within can develop ability and passion to grow more. 

Changing your company culture

It is not easy to change your company culture but with how you were able to survive the crisis during pandemic, it shows your organization has the potential to grow even more. Change your company culture from a mindset of ‘know-it-all’ to ‘learn-it all’. this way, your team members always have a mindset to keep growing. Don’t make them feel bad for not knowing things but provide them opportunity to grow their curiosity and eager to learn. 

Your leadership does matter

When it comes to managing organization, leadership is always the start. Leaders should partake in a bunch of mandatory classes scheduled for their employees as well since it set the right example. If the leaders are unwilling or not passionate about learning, then the employees will take it as a waste of time as well. 

Offering various learning modalities

Since every individual is different and unique, instead of focusing only on providing the best tools, why not offering variety of learning modalities for your team members? Some of them may learn quicker and better through online classes, while others may do it better through job coaching. When it comes to learning, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Hence, offer different methods so your team members can choose which fits them the best, 

Providing dedicated time and space for learning 

You cannot just tell your employees to grow their skills in between their hectic schedule, expecting them to be such a superhero with unlimited power to do many things at once. Instead, dedicate time and space for them to consume and absorb the learning. Keep in mind that learning for employees and regular students are different. The environment, the setting, and the responsibilities are different. Hence, you can’t just force your team members to learn without providing the time and space properly. 

You goal is to build learning agility. Hence, it is important to not limit the subject areas into work-related things only. Make sure that the subjects they learn are fun and interesting. The main goal from this is to build their passion about learning, sharing, and collaborating with others.

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Komodo Island Diving, Guide, and Tips

Komodo island diving is on almost every diver’s bucket list who knows anything about this famed national park in Indonesia, 450 kilometers east of Bali. Komodo is a must-see destination with its pristine coral reefs and spectacular underwater scenery. It’s one of the few top dive destinations where you can enjoy both macro and macro diving. You can meet reef sharks, mola molas, and a variety of manta rays are among the large marine species.

Komodo Island Diving trip

Komodo’s marine biodiversity is on another level, thanks to the region’s National Park status, which grants it particular protection, as well as the fact that it is located within the coral triangle. Most people are unaware, however, that Komodo National Park is divide into three distinct regions: north, central, and south. Each with its own individual charms and ecosystems.

Which of these you get to see depends on whether you go Komodo island trip on a liveaboard or at a dive resort. Even after you’ve decided, there are dozens of different liveaboards and resorts to choose from, all with distinct dive itineraries, prices, and added activities.

How to get to Komodo island?

Liveaboards come in all shapes and sizes. Some are budget-friendly backpacker hostels, while others are exceedingly opulent, with amenities such as private cabins and spas, as well as added activities such as water sports. Optional extras on most liveaboards include beach visits and a trip to Komodo Island’s Komodo Dragon Reserve.

komodo liveaboard - How to get to Komodo island?

This is the option we recommend. You’ll spend more time between dives on a much larger boat with more facilities than if you went with a komodo island trip, and you’ll get to do more diving, including at more remote spots that can only reach this way, which means you’ll meet less other divers.

North Komodo

North Komodo is known for its stunning underwater scenery of towering pinnacles and rocky outcrops, which are ornament with a variety of colorful and robust hard coral species. It also has great visibility and strong drift dives.

Numerous reef species, including fusiliers, unicornfish, and bannerfish, live in these bright pinnacles reefs, which also include diverse sponges. These fish attract predators like reef sharks, barracuda, tuna, and dolphins, so lucky divers may find themselves in the middle of a full-fledged hunt.

Castle Rock is a long-time favorite Komodo island diving trip, including blue dragon coral, golden table coral, and bronze-hued brain coral, as well as a variety of pink, orange, and yellow tube and vase sponges. Divers will find many starfish, blue-eyed crabs, and scorpionfish crawling and creeping among them.

Central Komodo

The center portion of Komodo National Park, which encompasses the majority of the park, is well-known among local divers for its incredible diversity. In terms of underwater terrain, diving spots, and marine life, there is a sharp contrast here.

Central Komodo is the greatest spot for muck diving, with good drift dives over gorgeous coral gardens, towering pinnacles similar to those found further north, and manta ray cleaning stations (though not as many as further north).

Siaba Besar is a popular muck diving spot; it’s a horseshoe-shaped bay with a beautiful coral reef teeming with broadclub cuttlefish, hairy shrimp, wonderpus, frogfish, seahorses, and a slew of other strange creatures. It’s also a fantastic area to see reef sharks, stingrays, and turtles.

South Komodo island

The Pillerstien locations, which have epic terrain with steep cliffs, swim throughs, and gigantic whip corals, are the greatest place to see enormous schools of devil rays in South Komodo.

Pillerstien calls it a “surge city” because it has little protection from the Indian Ocean’s surge and, as a result, experiences powerful currents that provide for great drift dives.

Manta rays and whale sharks, as well as large schools of beautiful devil rays, are frequently spotted by divers.

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Creating Positive Corporate Culture And Diverse Workforce In Business

Creating Positive Corporate Culture And Diverse Workforce In Business

In order for your business to thrive, it is essential to know how to create positive corporate culture and diverse workforce. There are many benefits of it including happier and more productive employees, top talents, higher revenues, as well as unleashed innovation. Building a sense of positive corporate culture and implementing diversity initiatives sound simple but in reality, it ia challenging to practice. One of the most important keys is effective internal communications. 

How corporate culture blossoms

In order for corporate culture to blossom, you need to create the right tools for everyone involved in your company so they know how to share ideas, give and receive feedback, set goals, and celebrate progress. And here are important elements in building effective internal communication in your company to gain all the benefits for your business and everyone involved:

Leverage instant messaging tools and channels

It is often that everyone in your company too busy with their own work. When it stays that way for a long period, frictions are built, making communication is less effective between the teams. Hence, it is a must to leverage instant messaging tools and channels to help reduce the friction and connect across the teams, departments, and borders more effectively. Through the right tools and channels everyone can share work updates, or have a light conversation every once in a while. 

Build a direct communication between leaders and employees

Build a direct communication line to facilitate effective communication between leaders and employees

It is necessary to close the gap of communication between leaders and employees and a direct communication line can become the bridge to build strong internal communication. It is strongly recommended for leaders to not put any limit of policy to their physical office space. Leaders can use instant messaging to communicate openly, widely and give faster responds to the employees who are needing them. 

Use internal resources and activities to empower your employees

To give the best performances, employees must fee at their best mentally and physically. Only then they can contribute to a healthy company culture. Therefore, it is a must to provide resources for your employees’ mental health, preventive health, financial well-being, and clarify how to access all of them. The main point of providing these resources is to create a safe, healthy and welcoming workplace that can help your employees thrive, and perform their best. 

Consider using a single platform to communicate

As your business grows, your teams also grow in size and complexity, causing difficulty in sharing information and message more effectively. Hence, it is better to use single platform to help streamline communication and collaboration. It also helps makes communication easier to access enabling your teams to do their jobs without waiting on someone else. Also, consider a communication platform that allows you to filter and target communications based on certain parameters. Hence, you won’t send message to the wrong employees. 

Robust communication platform benefits your company to grow workforce and as well as disperse your team together. Hence, everyone works together toward the same goals more efficiently. 

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Signs That You are Not Ready to Own Bali Real Estate Rental

Signs That You are Not Ready to Own Bali Real Estate Rental

Owning a vacation rental in Bali could be very rewarding. You can earn a very promising extra income, you can have your own private spot for getaway, and you can even save the property for retirement home. However, venturing a Bali real estate rental business is not always sunshine and rainbows. There are hardships to go through and certain qualities you need to attain to be a successful rental owner. So, before you decide to invest your money in vacation rental business, think if you can overcome these challenges!

Handling and Managing Bali Real Estate Rental by Your Own

A vacation house isn’t the type of investment that you can put on hold and forget about. It’s one of the most hands-on investments you can make, and it demands year-round dedication.

You’ll have to clean, prep, and resupply the property at the very least between each guest. If your property becomes popular, it may need a significant amount of work. Furthermore, having lots of different people renting your property will almost certainly result in increased wear and tear. And that means money for reparation and maintenance!

Hiring a professional property management firm to handle responsibilities like turnover, repairs, and maintenance, as well as other household chores is an option. However, it will not be free. Short-term rental property managers, on average, charge 15 percent more than long-term rental property managers!

Paying the Monthly Expenses

True, having a Bali real estate rental can give you a financial freedom—if you manage the financial right. Vacation rentals may wreak havoc on your financial flow if you’re not attentive. For starters, they entail an additional mortgage payment. Depending on the cost of the property, this alone might put financial strain on your family. There are also additional costs to consider, like as utilities, grass maintenance, and general upkeep. You’ll almost certainly need emergency repairs, and who knows how much they’ll cost? Before moving forward, take a look at your whole financial situation and make sure the additional expenditures aren’t going to put a burden on your budget.

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Finding Guests for Your Property Through Various Marketing Channel

Finding Guests for Your Property Through Various Marketing Channel

Owning a real estate rental in Bali is not just about furnishing a house and put it up in AirBnB. You have to compete with thousands of other villas and hotels for guests. A lot of work would go into this. You’ll have to furnish and decorate the space with comfortable and on-trend furniture and décor, optimize your listings to appeal to the correct audience, price the property appropriately for the market, and list your house on all of the leading rental platforms. On top of all of that, you should also be active on social media to engage with your audience. You have to keep up with the trends and always find new ways to attract audience to your property. During the shoulder seasons, you may even need to offer periodic discounts and promotions to keep the house occupied. Marketing a villa is a real work.

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