Job-hunting When You’re on a Work and Holiday Visa in Australia

Vacationing and working one year long in Australia is a privilege travelers from several countries can enjoy. However, finding jobs may not be as a walk in the park as some backpackers have made it here. Depending on the areas you’re going to land in and depending on the field of work you’re applying for, competitors would be tough. In big cities, although job opportunities are abundant, so do the competitors. Here are some general heads up that are generally applicable when you’re job-hunting during your travel:

You’ll make a living whatever work you landed 

Thanks to its relatively high minimum wage compared to many other English-speaking countries, Australians and non-Australians enjoy a wage that actually allows you to live. This is something that actually would make working and traveling in the country entirely possible. With that said, having enough in your savings would make life kinder for you and would prevent you from becoming desperate. 

Get a license or training relevant to the field you’re applying 

Some work will require you to have a license. These jobs include barista, waitress or waiters, forklift drivers, construction workers, and many others. Get a the RSA license (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) right when you get here before you start applying for such jobs. 

If you have a minimum to no experience, consider getting a certification from a training. This would put you ahead of the competitors, especially if you’re looking to land jobs such as a barista. Having some sort of certifications on you would let your employers know that you’re serious about getting this job. 

Curate several different CVs relevant to the jobs you’re applying to 

Like when you’re applying for jobs at home, don’t dump everything you’ve done in one resume. Creating a resume is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement. Your prospective employers just want to know whether you can do the job you’re applying for:

  • Can you make coffee?
  • Can you serve food to customers?
  • Can you handle customers’ complaints?
  • What are your past experiences and training that would support your work? 

Network, network, network!

Word of mouth is the oldest way of finding work. And in some cases, still one of the most effective ways for you in finding a job. Especially when it comes to “casual” jobs like jobs of what most travelers have. Even if you’re applying for roles in office jobs  They did say that “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.” 

Plan your work and travel, then make some adjustments 

What’s your goal when you come here on a working holiday visa? Do you want to save as much as possible (and probably travel somewhere else after that)? Or are you only willing to work for a certain amount of time and enjoy your vacations for the rest of it? 

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself about what you want out of your travel in Australia. How is work opportunity once you arrive and how do you fare in landing jobs? Plan your work and travel arrangement using the experiences you’ve had yourself and from people’s experiences. Make adjustments when needed. 

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Best Diving For Beginners and Learn To Identify Fish

Who doesn’t like to see cute, beautiful and colorful fish? Many types of underwater fish are described in various entertainment, both magazines or television channels. The beauty presented by many entertainments stimulates many people to dare to try challenging activities. Best diving for beginners is one of the best ways to learn the basics of diving to later be able to explore the underwater.

diving for beginners

Diving for beginners is not easy to achieve because there are many factors that need to be prepared. The main thing is mental preparation. Have you ever imagined being under the sea for a long time? For some people, it might be scary, but for professional divers, it is a very pleasant activity.

Plan Your Best Diving for Beginners

Planning your diving training is very important. When choosing a dive site, look for information on whether to enter cold water or warm water diving. For diving lessons for beginners, you should look for diving with warm water. There are many obstacles that are very dangerous if training beginners in the high seas with cold water. Beginner divers who have just really jumped into the open sea, have not been able to control themselves properly and need the guidance of professional instructors appropriately.

When choosing diving training for beginners, other factors that must be considered are safety factors. Not all dive operators guarantee the safety of dive training participants. There are many dive centers with bad service and certainly detrimental to potential divers. A good dive center is to always communicate well and clearly with trainees and be able to maintain when they are in the sea.

Sometimes participants in diving lessons for beginners have confidence constraints. One of the best ways to exercise confidence and comfort in the water is to do swimming and yoga training a few months before starting training. Swimming helps you control your body under water, while yoga helps you learn to focus on breathing. Best diving for beginners will be very easy to pass if some of you can control yourself when first on the high seas, regulate breathing and comfort.

How To Identify Fish?

Best diving for beginners will be perfect where you learn the types of fish. This is a special pleasure when you dive, discovering many types of underwater species that can be learned.


Barracuda, a species of fish that looks around the reef in search of prey. They are silky silver in color and have a deeply forked tail. There are 26 species of barracuda with variations in size, color, and behavior.

Butterflyfish, surgeonfish dan angelfish

These three types of fish have oval and thin body shapes. This fish family is very colorful and has an interesting pattern. One surgeonfish that has a solid pattern. Butterflyfish is a type of fish that is often found on coral reefs throughout the world. Angelfish tend to be larger than the butterfly and surgeon and is a very large fish compound that allows compromising with hundreds of different species.

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Biggest Challenges for Small Business Owners

It is already challenging to run a small business, let alone managing the bigger one. The point is, growing a business will always be challenging no matter the scale is. It may be easier to start a business and everyone can do it anyway. However, managing and growing to reach success is another story. That’s why not many people succeed to reach their goals. In business market, 95% of it is controlled by small and medium-sized enterprises. However, it is such a shame that 50% of small business can’t make it due to many reasons. They can’t even survive in their first four years.

Biggest challenges in small business and how to face them

How to face biggest challenges in small business

There are many reasons why small business owners failed to run their business. Of course, every one of them has their own problems and challenge to face. However, there are biggest challenges that every business owners face. Here are some of them:

  1. Funding challenge is one of the most common and biggest challenges for small business owners. The most important point is the money management and cash flow. You see, business is filled with tight competition, which makes this challenge even more challenging. Thus, lots of small business owners failed due to narrow funding. However, lacking of ample funding is inevitable for small business especially for the beginning. Maintaining cash flow is also hard to face. To solve this problems, the opinions of the experts will help. Using current technology for money management is also good solution for this challenge.
  2. Another biggest challenges for small business owners is proper marketing. There are various strategies for marketing that small business owners can use. However, with so many options on the plate make it harder to choose proper marketing. To deal with this challenge, it is highly advised to use technology such as digital marketing to improve the result.
  3. Next challenge in small business is to target customers precisely. With digital era, customer-orientation is the center of modern business. However, targeting market is not as simple as it sounds. The point is, small business owners should show their own unique colors to attract targeted customers. It is important to research targeted clients beforehand. Use the right channels to reach clients then find out what they really need. Then, it is important for small business owners to express their creativity. It is also important to retain existing customers to gain their loyalty.
  4. Next biggest challenge in small business is leadership. A business should be run by a team and a team will function with proper leader. A leader should have quality and ability to see the big picture of the business. It is not only the customers that should be taken into consideration in every decision. Employees are also important part of business that can be the key of success of the business. Thus, it is important to have strategic leadership that can lead the team to work efficiently. The qualities that the leader should have include willing to listen, spread positive energy to motivate others, and knowledgeable.
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Need to Learn Surfing For the First Time? Go For A Surf Camp!

Life providing us many choices including what will be the best way you think you will spend the holidays. In case you have a phobia for being in the seawater at the coastal area or things relevant to it, I won’t really insist you to fight that phobia. That’s not really my domain even though I will give my hands for you. The surf camp idea itself shouldn’t be a force for everyone. You deserve to spend your time in a better vacation, no matter what the way will be.

One of the popular special interest travel package is for those who need and want to learn surfing even as the first timer in life. The travel idea is called as a surf camp where it is actually a course for surfing activities completed with accommodation, transportation, things to do and the others to make travelers will really spend their holidays in more fun and enjoyable ways.

Surf camp itself have been a travel idea for years and now it is getting more exposure where even the non-surfers are possible to involve in and being in a class that mostly will be located at the sandy beach with professional, certified and experienced surf instructor.

Why the non-surfers should participate in a surf camp vacation?

Think about that a surf camp itself is not only about yourself. You are going for having fun with new people since the course will be in a small group. You can communicate and interact with new people you have never met before and it may will be the best way to make friends while spending your holidays. It is one of the travel idea where you can’t really get your social life away whether you are the surfer or not.

Why the non-surfers should join in a surf camp?

Since a surf camp is also a course to know how to surf, who would have guessed that the skills you are going to get can be interesting for you and are possible to be the things that can help you to get a job in the future. And yes, being a surfer, surf instructor, or else are the worth-living job as the others.

Imagine if the non-surfer teenagers or kids will be introduced to a surf camp since earlier, it can even be their way of life, where they think they want to work and all other relevant job aspects instead of just a way to spend the holidays.

But even though that a surf camp will only be a travel idea among the others, don’t you think that experiencing it once in a lifetime will be worthy? Trust me, seeing people riding the waves is always interesting for many of us, what could happen if that will be you? Beside that, breaking the waves or rolled by it to the bottom is pretty much challenging.

Should you be an adult to be in a surf camp?

Surf camp for teens, kids, and adults

I have gave you an example on above that a surf camp can even be experienced by the non-surfer teenagers. It doesn’t even matter if you are a school kid, there are so many kids and teens surf camps for you.

It is also doesn’t matter if you are an adult guy who happen to be inspired to learn about surfing. Everyone is welcome and it is one of the sport and course where genders and ages aren’t really the important things to think about.

I know that you may won’t be in a surf camp course with school teenagers as part of your team. That will really harm your pride as an adult. Even though I don’t takes it as an issue, you can always choose in which adult team you are possible to join it.

So, a surf camp is surely for everyone from the kids to the adult people. From the non-surfers to the advanced and professional surfers who need to improve their surfing skills. And that’s why you will need to go out for surfing even though it will be your first time ever. It is fun, interesting, and challenging at the same time for even those who are just learn about it for the first time.

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Building a Team for Your Small Business

A small business can be big if it is handled by the right hands and the right methods. You see, running a business is promising and rewarding. However, you need to do everything right so that you can minimize costly mistake and unnecessary errors along the way. In addition, running business will be much more efficient when you rely on your team. Working independently is possible, however it makes you harder to reach your success because then you have to handle every single thing on your own. Believe it or not, it will waste time. Therefore, building a solid and reliable team to run and grow your small business is very important to do.

How to build a solid team for your business

Recruiting the right people to work in your team side by side with yourself can be nerve-wracking because each individual is different and you have to choose the right people. Here are some tips to build a team to help you managing your small business:

  • Try to have better understanding of every individual since they come from different backgrounds. You need to see each potential and strength possessed by every person in your future team. Recruitment process should be done thoroughly because it is not about choosing the best person but choose the right one. You choose the one that will click with you.
  • After assessing and recruiting every individual, you need to shape them into your solid team. The first step is by explaining your business vision. Thus, you and every person in your team share the same objectives. They know what you want to aim and goal. Thus, they will understand the scene you want to set for the team to work productively and efficiently.
  • To build a solid team, you need to involve every single one of them in running your business. You need to keep them active and use their skills and strength so they can integrate and develop in the teamwork. You should give your team members tasks and challenge. However, don’t forget to also acknowledge their success and mentor them with someone more experienced so they can grow faster.
  • You have to make sure every role of individual is clear so they know what their responsibilities are and what boundaries they should not cross. This will have the efficiency to make them develop and work faster. The roles and tasks can be updated by you frequently. Thus, they don’t have to get stuck into one task all the time because they need to improve. Just make sure you give clear roles, tasks and clear instructions.
  • Value your team so they will feel appreciated and acknowledge. This will extend your team beyond business terms. You need to show that you acre of them and you focus on personal growth as well. Be positive and identify problems within the team as early as possible. Conflicts are common in a team but don’t let negative energy takes over the situation. Keep positive dynamics and grow together.
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4 Reasons Bali Luxury Villas Perfect For Wedding

Bali is the dream destination of all people from all over the world, whether on vacation, staying, honeymoon or for marriage. Nobody doubts the beauty and uniqueness of Bali. In fact, there is no other island in Indonesia that can match the popularity of the island of the gods. The beauty of nature, tradition and thick culture is the reason why many people always want to return to Bali. Bali luxury villas are one of the accommodations that are in great demand by tourists, both domestic and international.

Bali luxury villas always offer luxury, tranquility and more privacy for family holidays, groups and even weddings. It is balanced with the wedding agency industry which continues to grow to make it easier to prepare for a wedding. The quality of wedding vendors in Bali is able to rival other big city vendors in Indonesia, even the world. Let’s see why many brides and even vendors recommend Bali villas as the perfect place for weddings.

Bali Luxury Villas Can Show Panorama Beauty

Viewed from various sides, the island of Bali is always beautiful to see. From the beach to the cliffs with panoramic views of the beach and even the Indian Ocean, it becomes a not boring sight. In terms of photography, amazing scenery produces photos that are perfect for wedding gifts.

Villa with complete and luxurious facilities

Villas compete to win the bride and groom by providing luxurious facilities, a combination of modernization and Balinese culture. Bali is not the only beautiful island in Indonesia or the world, but in terms of facilities and infrastructure, Bali is more than adequate. Exclusive Bali villas offer a simple but grand and unforgettable wedding.

Perfect For Intimate Wedding

An intimate wedding is becoming a trend nowadays and is starting to be followed by many brides around the world. Certainly, Bali is the choice for a beautiful and unforgettable wedding. Couples from big cities prefer beautiful weddings on a small scale and are specially packaged in Bali luxury villas.

Many people’s favorite islands

Everyone easily falls in love with Bali. The wealth of culture, tradition, and friendliness of the local people has attracted the attention of the world. There is never a feeling of boredom to come back to Bali. There are many tourist spots for you to explore at any time starting from beaches, clubs, bars, international standard restaurants and studying the daily lives of local residents.

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Property Downturn and the Lessons to Learn

It is common to experience ups and downs in running a business including property investment. It is like a cycle that you cannot avoid because that’s how it works.

Every downturn may affect differently to every individual investor. Some of them are significantly affected to the point they cannot get back to where they were.

Some of them successfully survive and continue expanding their investment. It depends on each individual situation regarding to financial setting and other crucial factors.

However, there are always some lessons you can learn from a property downturn. Thus, it is not always a bad thing.

What to learn from a property downturn

There are things you can actually learn from property downturn. So whenever it happens to you, you won’t feel too helpless because there will be something you can gain even if it is not in a form of financial benefit.

Remember that property business has its cycle more or less. The cycle is always about downturn, stabilization, and upturn.

Things to learn from property downturn

There is also possibility for a property cycle to boom. However, it may take years after severe downturn for it to truly happen in a property market. The point is, each period is cycled.

It means, the downturn won’t last forever. A downturn is one part of the cycle so it will change eventually.

What to learn is how to be more prepared to face the downturn so your investment won’t get affected significantly.

What you can learn from a property downturn is that short term factors are not what can help you to survive, the long-term strategies are.

Through property downturn you will learn that cash flow is not the only important thing to survive. In fact, capital growth of your portfolio plays more important role. Following long-term strategies will save you from severe loss during a downturn.

You need to keep in mind that property investment business is a finance game.

Thus, every step you take needs to be calculated. Your finance structure needs to be solid and correct in order to be ready to face a downturn in property market. It is also highly recommended to be prepared with financial buffer so you still have financial source you can rely on during a crisis.

A property downturn will teach you that location of property is more important than the price.

Most investors focus on getting property investment with low price. However, that type of investment property rarely survive whenever a downturn happens.

Buying investment grade property at the right location with healthy local economic growth is more recommended. Investment grade property has been proved to be more resilient to break during a downturn.

The market has its phases.

However, smart investors won’t budge just because of that. You need to be creative and smart investors who focus on growing portfolios and investing in the right properties that match your financial situation.

Making long-term strategies is also the key to survive from any phase happening in the market. This way, you will always be steps ahead of the average.

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How Graphic Design Involving in Digital Marketing?

Graphic designing and a digital marketing is truly a big different thing under different category. But when it comes to a business world, both of them are actually pretty much affecting each other and are related.

role of graphic design involvement in digital marketing

Digital marketing is mainly purposed to make use of the digital platforms, the internet to introduce and developing a business. Right before a business is going to market the offers, it takes a long journey for the customers to decide whether or not they are  going to get what you have been offering to them.

But, the first thing you have to do right before starting your marketing campaign, you will need to prepare the contents. They are all will be the information about your business, how to get your offer, why customers have to take an action right away, how much they have to pay, and everything. In short, the offers you are going to see can be in a banner image format, a brochure, proposal, etc that have becoming part of the graphic design works.

Role of graphic design in digital marketing world

If creativity is helping us to think more efficiently, then graphic design will be the creative way to visualizing your business ideas, offers, plans, etc.

Today, many businesses are getting promoted online and graphic designing is taking the important role in visualizing the right and relevant visual elements in digital marketing campaign to win the target audiences.

Even longer than that right before you are starting your first digital marketing campaign, you could have been asking for a help of the graphic designer to create your professional business logo for your website and social media profile pictures, business card, stationary, and so on. You were doing that because they can be the good assets to make your business noticed on internet.

It is because of graphic designing can help you establishing a branded business image and a way to have your own business visual identity that stands out from your competitors. Even the twins have their own differences, you wouldn’t want to look like any other businesses, right?

Graphic design can also be the reason why your customers will be attracted to your contents and offers. Even the colors have their own power to affecting people’s emotions. An ads image contained with the girl in red colored background can attracting more people to click the ads rather than a man in a white colored background image. No matter what the image is about, we are talking about how digital marketing works to reach more people.

It is almost impossible for not involving the graphic design in digital marketing especially when you want to gain a trust, attracting more customers to take actions as you are ordering them, market the business and more. Look! Your business Facebook page is even recommended to use the professional image, no matter what it will be.

Graphic design is a backbone of every digital marketing projects and even it is surely important for any of digital marketing agencies in the world.

Therefore, any businesses should have been thinking about how they can get the main graphic design assets as well as a place that can help them in dealing with the other digital marketing strategies.

And while you are still wondering around about that, I am suggesting you to choose the graphic design Bali services for all your business needs in digital marketing world and start creating your important design assets including for promotional purpose.

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How to Lease Your Property Properly

Leasing your property sounds easy. However, it is not easy as it looks especially if you don’t want to suffer from financial loss. Making mistakes is common during your journey in running your property investment. However, some mistakes are preventable so it just makes sense if you find out what they are and how to prevent those mistakes to happen. Renting out your property is one of the best strategy to earn steady income each month. Even if it is kind of your part-time job, it will earn you good extra money for sure if you do it right.

Leasing property the right way

If you are new into property business, it is easy to feel intimidated of many things such as property market, tenancy, agreement, etc. however, there is always time to learn and improve. If you decide to lease your property, you need to know what can make it successful.

Owning a property for investment means it is your business to run. Before anything else, you need to seriously treat it like real business. Rental business can be profitable and successful if you treat it properly like the way it is supposed to be. It also means you need to build relationship with your tenants professionally. Communication needs to be built effectively to achieve what kind of business of rental property you want to grow.

Leasing your property looks easy that you think you can do it alone. However, it is not that simple. You need the real team to manage your property investment business properly. In renting out your property to tenant, you need a team consisted at least of property managers and accountant. Property managers can help you managing property and the tenants. They will make sure the property stay in good condition and tenants pay on time. Accountant can help you managing your financial situation.

If you fund your property purchase using mortgage, it means you need to pay regularly each month. There is total amount of the loan and interest payments. Thus, you need to be careful in deciding the amount of the rent you want to charge to your tenants. It is not only mortgage you need to consider in deciding how much you charge for the rent. Local market, fee for the team (such as property manager you hire) and there are other factors that should be taken into consideration.

It is important to lease your property under written contract. Verbal or gesture contract won’t guarantee the security and legality of tenancy agreement. Thus, you need to make sure to document everything. Not making written agreement is like very crucial mistake you are not allowed to do. Remember that your property investment is business. Treating like one means you need to handle everything legally.

Another important thing to do to gain successful leasing of your property is always attentive to your tenants. Make sure that the property stay in good living condition. You also need to be immediate in attending urgent repairs. Nice tenants only deserve nice property and vice versa.

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How To Get Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners?

Bali is not only known for its natural beauty but also spectacular underwater scenery. Underwater scenery of Bali has become a popular tourist destination in the world. For diving lovers, there are many dive spots for all levels. For those who have never dived at all, there are offers for scuba diving vacations for beginners. Especially in certain months, such as in May, there is a 10% discount offer when taking a try diving package or daily trips. 15% off for repeaters quest in certain dive operators.

Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners With Dune Atlantis

So many dive operators in Bali do not guarantee the quality of training. As the high interest of divers in Bali brings many tourists sometimes confused to choose a reliable and professional diving agent. Business competition between dive operators is a bit profitable because divers can get the best prices.

Diving in Bali is worth taking into account. In fact, one of Bali’s dive spots has become very popular since underwater photographers, Von Wong produced images that intercept the world. Diving is fun but doesn’t forget that special skills are needed. Planning a scuba diving vacations for beginners is important. At least, you can know exactly what to prepare before doing training.

Diving with Dune Atlantis is perfect for spending holidays. Imagine the underwater charm that has enchanted your visuals. Some things to consider before scuba diving vacations for beginners.

Don’t be tempted by cheap dive operators. Diving related to safety. You have to pay attention to many things like the certificate that you will get. Professional dive operators will ensure all divers for your safety. Don’t hesitate to ask what you get from scuba diving vacations for beginners.

It’s About Time

Why force a dive if the conditions are not friendly? Comfort of diving depends on sea conditions. That is, choosing the right time is very important. The best time to dive in Bali is April to November. But keep in mind that each dive spot has a different period of time to achieve a good seawater pattern.

But don’t worry, you can do a consultation for the initial steps of scuba diving vacations for beginners. This is to ensure your diving vacation is not in vain. Dive operators will arrange all your scuba diving vacations for beginners schedules. Early diving is important and the success of your dives depends on the selection of trustworthy and professional dive operators.

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