3 Basic Things To Become The Successful Web Designer

In this article, I will leave some things that I wish I knew before starting web design. Ok, I may still young but before judging my age thinking that I’m not in the position of giving you any career advises I suggest you read all this post first to the end and then judge me by the content.

So I’ve been seeing my friends do coding and designing the web for years and that makes me trust them in the web industry experience. I have seen many of their projects and leave me in surprised.

I am also interested especially about the website design and have been tried to created my own masterpieces before. So that, you might want to know a little bit about it. For your information, I will also telling you about the main and most significant fact that I wish I knew before starting as the web designer for your future career.

How to become a successful web designer

Become successful web designer

What I am about to share with you are really the important things that can even makes you to be at the edge above your own competitors. And it doesn’t matter whether you are the freelance web designer or working behind the desk at the Bali web design office in the relevant industry.

1. Choosing the right platform

So what’s the platform I am talking about and just what it is? The first and main platform I am going to recommend you is to use the WordPress. It is very flexible and it has a lot of tools (plugins) that you can install and help you starting to improve the website since the first day it is built.

The fascinating thing about this platform for your web design projects is that you can change and turn your basic WordPress site into almost anything. All I mean is that you can turn your default installed WordPress site into blog, e-commerce store or online shop, website with premium membership, a listing directory, and many more.

So it is very flexible and provides you with many of the themes from free to premium, plugins that can also helps you to design the web as you need, and also thing called like the page builder for making the site look beautiful as planned.

Out there, there are things such as Beaver Builder DV, Elementor, and many more to make more better web design. You can even choose one and master it and there have been many guides or tutorials for that.

Let’s say in my case I have mastered the DiVi. I really love how it is all laid out and how easy it is to use. You can also do the same with me, mastering the divi because with one page builder, you can pretty much design the different types of layouts and also the different types of websites.

Anyway, WordPress is also still being the most popular website platform across the globe. So the more you are knowing about it, the bigger chance you will get the clients even as the freelancer.

2. Capable to create funnels

Do you noticed what the funnels are?

So this is the case. There will be someone who think that he only need the very basic website. Whatever it means, but ok, I know what his mean. He later explained that his business or where he is working have a promotion for the bike servicing which is about $5. After his customers get the service, they are going to also give the customers free items that comes with the service.

For me, the short explanation for that is, let’s say his service needs the new page or new landing page for the promo. That’s all.

He also added that he prefer targeting the local areas around the nearby where he is working he will also gives the free pickup and delivery.

If that man will be you, do you think that you will need someone who is going to build you a fully fledged website with that request?

This is where this point comes up and this is the basic funnels. So, what i was thinking in my mind was “ok, this could be a quiet basic pace which has an opt-in which says sign-up now or book your bike for a free discounted service plus free items.”

After that, when the visitors are coming to the site and signed up, each of them will get an email. Our main guy then following up through another email or even a call. That’s the basic concept of the funnels.

Now, where the web design is standing for on above case? The fact is it is actually related with the above first point where I was recommending you to master one of the page builders. With that, you can then create an opt-in to an opt-in page using any of the page builder you are interested in.

So, being able to design the basic funnels is also important for the web designer because there may the case in the future where you say to your clients that they will need a page for the BlackFriday, CyberMonday promotion, etc.

Simply tell the clients about putting together a funnel where customers opt-in to get the promotion or discount and then they will get the “Thank You” page and a conformation page at the end of the purchasing.

That’s how the funnel works, but frankly, it should never stop there first. Do a follow up to hold the purchase in with an e-mail autoresponder service like MailChimp that can be done easily.

3. How better your design is?

Many people can do design, but that is not the thing that makes us as the designer. You have to be better, unique and stands out from the others. Good is not enough even though it is always a good start. You have to be better, best, the great and so on.

What makes you different with the others are your eyes for the usage colours, the layout you just created, the typography you are using so the web design you are working can really looks professional.

This point is also has becomes as an area you have to master on the very first place. So that, it is important that you know as well about the basic of graphic design before jump into the web design itself. But as you know, I think you are the one who knows where will be your starting point.

Another thing you should have also know before becoming the successful web designer is that how your design can generates traffic for the site you are building. Yes, it is related since the UI and UX are taking over the web design world. But I think I will just leaves it for now and hope there will be chance to write down about that in the future.

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Bali SEO For Improving The Website Visibility Opportunities

Since the very beginning of Bali’s tourism until now, this tropical paradise has been making the natures and cultures as the main destinations and attractions for all the visitors. For the last 3 decades, Bali has been the very great spot for travel business in Indonesia and also in the world. Along with the development of the digital world, many business owners are also have been moving the traditional business to their own website for reaching more customers. That’s where the Bali SEO services are important.

Bali SEO for improving the website visibility opportunities

15 or 20 years ago, if your business had its own website, you may be proud of it. No matter how the design looks like, or even if you have only one page in it, as if you have embraced the digital life to the next level. But, not today.

Building a website for business is now a regular thing to do, nothing special about that. But if your website business can generate more and more of visitors that lead them as the customers, then it is the successful thing to achieve. The higher of your website visibility on search engine like Google, the better. And Bali SEO services will help you to grab that opportunity.

The ugly truth about the website visibility opportunities is; it will leads us to talk about the conversion. This is one of the conventional term in business where the more people are visiting your shop (website), the bigger chance for you to sell more. As simple as that. So, the more internet users are seeing and clicking your website on Google through the keywords they have been typed, the more traffics you can generate and the big opportunity for you to sell your products, services or any actions you have recommended the visitors to be done in your site. That’s actually the simple flow-circle you are targeting.

But it can be as simple as that in its process. Many things have to be done, so you will really need you own creativity, your smart brain as well as the times you have to spend. When it comes to deal with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I think that you will mostly think about hiring the new employee or the agency to help you with the SEO stuffs.

Competing on search engines for your online business that is based in Bali can be easy and also hard at the same time. Depending on the keywords you are targeting, but I believe that most of the business owners will gladly try to be on the first page of Google for the high competition and high volume of the keywords. That will actually be the start for the business owners to feel tired. Most of them can’t do and know much about the keywords they have determined. So that, I will only suggest one thing which is hire the Bali SEO company or agency for your business.

There are some of the best Bali SEO agencies you can find and one of them that you can visit or contact right now is Kesato & Co. You can always try to find another one, but I can’t give you any of valuable information since i have never cooperated with the others before. That will only be the one agency I can suggest you for now.

Dealing with improving the website visibility opportunities can also be the digital marketing strategy you have to take when talking about the digital competition. So that, Bali SEO services that are offered by an agency or company will also gives the long-term positive affect for your online business.

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The Importance of Bali SEO Services for Your Travel Business

Bali SEO Services – Popular travel destination and reservation site just like TripAdvisor had been published that Bali is on Top Destinations in World 2017 ago.

Bali SEO services for tour and travel businesses

This can be mean that there will even getting more travelers will be doing online research about the information of the many destinations in Bali. There will be more people interesting to visit Bali.

So that, if your travel business has the website, it can also be generate more visitors from foreign countries in the world. If not, you may have to find the best available Bali SEO services for that.

There are various of SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) techniques that have been known as one of the proven ways to rank higher and improve the search engines visibility. The more of online users are seeing your travel business site on the first page of search results, the big chance it can generates more traffics.

Visitors from search engines are the valuable traffics. They are consciously searching for the needed information. When your site is mostly clicked by the visitors for certain keywords, then you may will get your site or pages rank a bit higher for that keywords. And that is also becomes part of how to optimize your business site on search engine.

The SEO stuffs are actually started even right before you bought a domain name. You have to make sure that the domain name is not only representing your business, but also is not the spammy and forbidden domain in case it had been used for the forbidden activities months or years ago before being dropped and deleted. Then, you will find yourself dealing with the structured data and the architecture of your site. It means, you may have to be the website designer as well as the web developer in the same time, and so on.

There are much things to be done just to build and maintenance your travel business site, and you have just finished a small part of the SEO. There are more homeworks to do and you have to ready for them everyday. Rather than working your SEO site yourself, why don’t you just think about finding the Bali SEO services that can help you with all the tired and bored things as above?

Kesato & Co is all you need. It is one of the best digital agency based in Bali and could help you with all related SEO things for your tour and travel business site. As the digital agency, it has also the website designers who are dealing with User Experience and Interface (UX/UI) and the web developers that can build new a new site, or simply just develop what your business have got before.

You’ll be sorry for not dealing with your own site’s SEO or not deciding to hire the Bali SEO services because your site may not get the visitors it might deserved. The simple thing you need to know as I have also mentioned above is, the more internet users are coming to your site, the better. Your travel services such as renting villa or hotel reservation and the tour package will be sold as soon as possible because you will get a better conversion rate between the visitors and they who are led for dealing with the transaction.

Simply, the importance of the Bali SEO services are helping you to rank your site for the targeted keywords, preparing your site to be included with the keywords, find the potential ways to get the natural backlinks, etc. You can build your own team for that, but if that will be impossible for now, simply hire an agency!

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What to Do to Speed Up WordPress Plugin

These days, it is so hard to find people or corporation that has no website. That is why wordpress is so common and often heard in many occasions. WordPress is the most popular way to create your own website or blog. People who own websites even goes further to speed up wordpress plugin.

Speed up wordpress plugin for increase your site performance

If you have been familiar with wordpress, you must have known about plugin as well. It is a piece of software which contains a group of functions which can be added to your wordpress website. By adding them, your website will have extended functionality and features. The plugins are already integrated with wordpress. It is also has been written in PHP programming language.

How to speed up wordpress site with plugin

WordPress plugin is important because you need to reach your goal. Besides, you need to make your website more attractive so that visitors choose to visit your website instead of others. For those who are expert in digital, they may be able to add features in wordpress using codes instead of plugins. However, it is easier for wordpress user to download and add plugins. Thousands of plugins are now available. Some are free and some are commercial. Here are tips to speed up your wordpress sites:

  • It is highly recommended to use solid theme instead of theme with many features which can be potential in bloating up and slowing down your wordpress plugin. Choosing multi-purpose theme which can take both performance into consideration instead of only features.
  • Optimize database of your website to speed up wordpress plugin. To optimize it, you can disable or limit post revisions. You can also delete old revisions if necessary. You can disable post revision using disable post revision plugins so you don’t have to modify any code.
  • Manage the caches of your wordpress website. Caching plays significant role in the speed of your wordpress. When you don’t utilize the caches, it will only reduce the processing load on server. Use wordpress caching plugin to speed up the performance of your website.
  • It is recommended to implement a CDN (Content Delivery Network). It can take all files to be delivered on server closer to visitors of your website. As the result, it will decrease download time. Choose lightweight CDN plugin to maximize your website’s performance.

It is important to speed up your wordpress to boost up your website’s performance and maximize your business. There are many ways you can do to speed it up. The first and basic way is by using speed test tools before you do anything. It is highly advisable to perform some initial tests so you know what to do based on the result of the test. The majority of plugins to speeding up are free. However, make sure to choose the right one with supported technology. Choose the one with higher quality than others. Make sure you also choose plugins which are compatible with the latest wordpress version you use. Therefore, you can speed up wordpress plugin safely and optimally.

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