A One Fine Day in Padar Island Tour

Padar Island tour is definitely a must do if you are having a Komodo trip. Who doesn’t love Padar? Though every island in Komodo National Park is amazing, Padar is just the most stunner of all.

A One Fine Day in Padar Island Tour

It’s one of those rare landscape that will make you gasps in wonder. The surrealist landscape seems like came out straight from a film set. When it’s just out of rainy season, the undulating hills is bright with fresh green grass, lined by three colored beaches. The turquoise-blue ocean wraps the hills perfectly, creating a high contrast scenery that’s very pleasing to the eye. And when the dry season comes, the island turns into a woodland savannah.

Padar is a place that will make you believe in paradise once again.

What to do in Padar Island Tour

A Journey to the Peak

Hiking is the most popular activities (and arguably the only reason people come) in Padar. The track, start from Padar’s little wooden deck, lead to a spectacular view of the bays form the summit. This is where you can see three deep bays on both sides of the islands, each one is unique to another. One is your usual white sandy beach, one is jet black (but not less beautiful!), and one is the most cherished Pink beach.

The journey to the peak itself is not less beautiful. The bays peeking from the hillside, almost begging for a quick snap. You could clearly see how clear the turquoise water are, in contrast with the green grasses/ yellow savannah. It’s gonna be a journey with a lot of photography break. This is one hiking trek that keeps giving!

Take the Best Panoramic Shoot

When you have reach the peak, you’ve come to the most famous spot in the entire Komodo National Park. This is the spot where photographers usually fly their drone to capture the entire surrounding. It’s where people take their famous selfies with Padar’s amazing rugged hills in the background. Almost every people in Padar Island tour has one thing in mind: they come for the superb birds-eye view. Take your time to absorb the amazing view. It’s not something you get every day.

Find Your Personal Spot

Escape from the hoards of fellow tourists and photographers from the main spots of Padar. Explore the side hills and walk on unpaved paths. Some cliffs nearby will give you one of the most exotic scenery you’ll ever have. Enjoy the serene view of the batten islands and surrounding ocean. If you are having Padar Island tour with liveaboard, take the chance to make it as your first or last itinerary of the day. Pick Padar as a place to wait for sunrise or sunsets. The island get even more magical as it glows from the touch of golden light.

Things to Know Before Going to Padar Island Tour

Know that the heat can be absolutely mental if you choose to hike in the middle of the day. If you are going on a day trip, you might get Padar right when the sun is in its peak. Equip yourself with hats, sun covers, glasses, and plenty of sunscreen. If you are going for multiple day trip, you have the privilege to make it as sunrise/ sunset hike. The heat is more tolerable and the sun doesn’t shine right on top of your head.

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Lightweight Hammock Tarp – Why You Must Get One

The lightweight hammock tarp is one of the most important accessories when you are deciding to go for camping while hanging at outdoor. Your camping ideas at outside can be carried out at place that is so far away from your home, so you have to prepare all the needed items carefully.

Lightweight hammock tarp reasons to buy

The tarp itself has been around for a long time, probably its usage is equal to the camping activity, too. It had been using to help or prevent the campers from getting wet by the water (rain), reducing the effects of cold from the air or snow and the rate of air movement, and of course, later the campers can feel warmer while resting inside the tent.

Even though the development of technology is increasing, the use of the tarp is still needed especially for the travelers. Now you can even combines it with the usage of hammock to get the different experiences in camping. And later, it has became one of the most related accessories as well to hammocking.

Why a lightweight hammock tarp is a must-have camping accessory?

The lightweight hammock tarps were coming in various size and shape. The single and the double hammock size surely possible to have a different size, especially for their width. You can then use the length and width of your hammock as the guide to which size you should get for the hammock’s tarp.

As for the shape of the tarp itself, maybe I would recommend you the usual but the most popular one which is the tent-shaped tarps.

Now, let’s get into why you will need the hammock tarp for your camping or traveling.

The first reason for that is you won’t experience the cold air or getting wet, etc as I have written on above. Camping should be having more fun, experience the serenity and also the peacefulness in the wild. Not to trap yourself to get the flu or the fever. Thanks for that, but no!

For example, when you are camping at the forest. It will be better if you are getting warmer since the atmosphere can be colder in the night or when there is chance for raining.

The tarp will also increases the use of hammock in many seasons. So, you can always go out for camping especially in rain and snow season.

The next reason is because the hammock tarp is so light.

That is why since the beginning I was calling it as the lightweight hammock tarp. Its weight can be as your own hammock or even below it. And the interesting fact about it is, it won’t be as thick as the hammock.

So you can fold it easily and will only need a bit room in your backpack.

Another thing that can also be considered why you must buy the lightweight hammock is, it is sold separately with the hammock.

It may not for every existed hammock brands or manufacturers, but I have seen many of them are quiet the same: You won’t get a tarp while only buying a hammock.

But the good news is, if you are searching the hammock product online, thankfully that the price of its lightweight tarp is also affordable. Even tough you will find it a little bit expensive than your hammock, the price may differs in only few of dollars.

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Tops Amazing and Best Nightlife Bali

Enjoying Bali nightlife is a must. For some tourists, Bali is a nightlife paradise. Starting from cheap bars, luxury bars, clubs or the best restaurants ready to serve you. Bali Nightlife has grown over the years, especially in Kuta. At present they are developing in various areas in Bali such as Seminyak, Canggu, Oberoi, and even Uluwatu. Each spot offers a different atmosphere and side of the real Bali.

Nightlife Bali

Every night,  nightlife Bali visitors are increasing. Bar and clubs at affordable prices make tourists relax and make new friends. While the upscale bars and clubs serve cocktails, luxury food, and world-class musical entertainment. Want to enjoy Balinese nightlife with T-shirts and shorts? Don’t worry, because Bali has many places for you to relax even with only T-shirts and shorts.

Bali is not only popular with its nightlife. Hippies, surfers, and divers have long since stopped in Bali. Modern and traditional cultures have fused and evolved with time. A flow of visitors from various countries ranging from Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, and others turn Bali into a world-class tourist destination.

If you are looking for nightlife Bali without a limit of day or night, then you are in the right place. There are many bars, restaurants, or clubs that remain open until late at night and the music goes on until the sun rises.

Magical Nightlife Bali 

Sea Vu Play, Nightlife Bali that you must visit. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere here. The semi-outdoor bar is perfect when you want to enjoy the sunset in Seminyak. When night falls, the music from international Dj accompanies you to enjoy a drink.

Amazing Sky “Hot” Garden

If you are looking for hot nightlife Bali, sky garden is one of them. They bring 100 international Dj to invite you to party. Given its location in a strategic place, you will meet a lot of new people and start a new adventure. Partying on the rooftop is perfect and an awesome way to view the city at night. Take advantage of the “all you can eat” dinner at certain hours at affordable prices before you dance.

Bali is a quiet place in the morning and during the day. You will see the activities of local people and Hindu cultural life. But at night, you will see a different side of Bali. Nightlife Bali is always interesting to visit. Every time there are many new and developing nightlife to satisfy tourists.

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A Life in Alexa, The Most Romantic Komodo Cruise Ever

They said, Alexa is probably the most romantic Komodo cruise that has ever been built in the world. You will probably think that this is yet another advertising line. That was what I thought, too. When I meet Alexa, she was impressive. She was living every dreamy advertising lines addressed to her.

A Life in Alexa, The Most Romantic Komodo Cruise Ever

This charming boat was standing tall in the deck of Labuan Bajo. Among other colourful wooden boats, Alexa turns many head with its all-white color theme. It’s like seeing a swan floating graciously in the water. Hearing that she only sleeps 2-4 guests aboard, I was expecting Alexa to be somewhat smaller than usual boats. But boy, how I was wrong. It’s 31 meters length is just as big as the rest of the Phinisi. From that moment, my partner and I knew that this would be a honeymoon we will remember for life.

By the way, I book this gorgeous Komodo cruise from Hello Flores as a honeymoon gift for my wife. You guys might want to check the website, they have a good collection of gorgeous boats. I might consider to book another boat—this time it’s gonna be for 10 people of group travelling with friends. Needless to say, we were enjoying the sailing trip so much. Our luxury liveaboard Komodo took us to sail across the gorgeous landscape of Komodo, Flores, for 3D2N. Here’s how our honeymoon life inside the vessel.

A Cabin that Make Me Forget the World

Upon our first step in the deck, we were stunned enough with the pretty decor. The main deck was a spacious, open lounge areas dominated with teak wood and white paint. We found a very stylish and comfortable large daybed where my wife and I could lie to enjoy the sun. It’s hard to believe that she was once a cargo vessel to ship spices across Indonesia.

The crew lead us upstair, where our cabin lies. My wife were overwhelmed with joy upon entering our beautiful cabin. It was 10x better than what I have expected. We got a very roomy cabin with  queen-size bed, en-suite bathroom, and private balcony. But what we loved was the 270º wraparound windows around the cabin that offer ever-changing landscape. It was very relaxing to woke up in the morning and spent the first few minutes of your day, staring to vast blue sea around.   

Real Dinner Without Mi Goreng

I’ve been done several sailing trip back on my bachelor days to Sumbawa and Raja Ampat. On those sailing trip, my diet would consist of Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng on board. When you embark on Komodo cruise, the menu was on another level. They took dining seriously with professional chef to prepare of dishes. We enjoyed eating yummy fresh seafood every day, presented just like a 5-starred resort. And I cannot treasure much for their beverages; beers, wine, spirits, and cocktail on request. They definitely rocked our days. 

Spoiled with Spas

Our honeymoon cannot be even better without the devotion of the crew to please us. We found that Alexa is one of the few Komodo cruise that bring their own spa therapist on board. On the first day, we tried the massage and it was beyond relaxing—my wife definitely enjoyed that. But in the second day, they offered us for some spa treatment in one of the deserted beach we were in. Of course we said yes! Nothing can be more soothing than succumbed into a good massage in an idyllic beach. It was something you usually see in magazine, but this one was real.

When the night fell, it was either a stargazing in the ‘Under the Stars’ deck or a relaxing night in the warm-lighted TV room. We were reluctant to leave our gorgeous Komodo cruise when it was over—given so much pleasure on board. See you on another time, Alexa.

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First Timer Tips to Sail with Komodo Cruise

Who can deny the pleasure of voyaging to the idyllic Flores with Komodo cruise? You can just lie relaxed on board, while the cruise is taking you through the bare, mountainous islands. The charming cruise and the beautiful landscape looks like as if they are conspiring to spoil you. However, it’s easy to get carried on with the super laid back atmosphere and end up doing nothing. Next thing you know, your luxurious cruising days has over without any memorable thing to remember. If you haven’t do cruising before, you might one or two expert tips to make the experience much better.

First Timer Tips to Sail with Komodo Cruise


1. Research Each Destinations in Advance

The Komodo National Park encompass dozens of breathtakingly gorgeous islands. That includes notorious Padar Island, gorgeous Pink Beach, the home-of-dragons Komodo and Rinca Island, and other divine spots. Make sure you know what to do once you have dock on the shore. Research each destination on the itinerary and see what you can expect on each place. On Komodo and Rinca Island, for example, offer fun shopping arcade aside from dragon tour. The locals sell cute wooden Komodo and gorgeous pearl jewelries.

Some of the island also have local villages that worth a tour. The locals (especially the children) are very welcoming and definitely will leave footprint on your heart. Knowing what to do on the islands will make your entire Komodo cruise trip more enjoyable. 

2. Pack Smartly

Know that the tropical climate of Indonesia sometimes brings unexpected rains, even when the weather is hot and sunny. Be a smart packer and prepare layered cloth that will be flexible for all weather. And most importantly, don’t forget to pack a light poncho or raincoat. Even if it doesn’t rain, you can use them as picnic pad in the deserted beach. Also, bring a light jacket or cardigan (for women) to shield you from the wind on board. 

3. Take Photos When It’s Early

Best time to take that perfect cruising vacation is right early on the embarkation day. When all rooms and decors on the Komodo cruise is still pristine and in good condition. Before the night parties take over and the litters start to invade the board. Snap your cabin while those towel animals still sitting nicely on your bed. Take a good pose in that perfectly-arranged teak deck before the group come over.

4. Take A Ship Tour

I know some Komodo cruise that were designed very seriously and match with the “Lost World” vibe of Flores. On the first day of the cruise trip, take time to explore every nook and cranny of the ship. Each floor will give you different feel of vacation. Venture to the lowest deck—to the roof deck. A ship tour is fun to fill your embarkation day,

5. Make Last Phone Calls and Updates Before Embarking

You are going to the land of Komodo dragon—sailing between the seas and the Jurassic-looking island. Expect to leave the daily comfort and enter the remoteness of these lost paradise. Of course, that includes your phone. Make the last phone calls and social media updates while you can still access the land-based cell towers. And we highly recommend you to covert on the strongest local SIM card during the cruising trip that can reach remote frontiers like Flores.

6. Take Nap In the Lounge

This is your vacation. You can be as active as bees or just enjoying the rare moment to get laid-back. And what’s best than taking a nap in Komodo cruise while the sound of the sea lull you to sleep? Lie down on the teak deck and enjoy a laze rest before the ship dock to your next destination.

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Enjoy Your Weekend at Villas in Seminyak Near Beach

Weekend is about coming to us in just some hours. If you are in Bali or want to do travel to Bali, please yourself or your family by enjoy the weekend at the villas in Seminyak area that is near to the beach.

Villas in Seminyak near beach for weekend

Getting ourselves to the water like swimming is always a great thing to do. Even if you just walking on the coastline with a little gurgling of sea water touching your feet, you will feeling better than before. That’s the magic of the water element and all the beach atmospheres when you are at there.

And you know, we are talking about Bali where I think most of us try to be there someday. For those who have been in Bali before, frankly, you must be need to coming back again if you could, right? You’ve got stories in Bali and think that you have to add some more? If so, I am on your side .

One of place where people were creating their own unforgettable and romantic stories is at Seminyak. A spot and a tourist destination for making a better even the best travel experiences that you may not find at any other places.

I am not judging that other travel destinations won’t be getting better comparing them with Seminyak, but if you have friends and families or colleagues that have been there, they will tell you the reasons for it.

So that, don’t just getting more of the beautiful life stories around, but also you can add more valuable impressions for your weekend exclusively by staying at villas in Seminyak near beach.

If you could combine between two activities such as relaxing yourself at the beach with the exclusive villa you can afford (where mostly you will because it is cheaper than a hotel), then what would you do?

I think most of us will be agree me that if we are possible to combine both activities, then let’s enjoy the weekend or holiday right away. Moreover, I’ve got a question to be asked: why there are many of the villas in Seminyak near to the beach?

I know that Seminyak area itself is really close to the beach or where the beach itself is included into Seminyak village, still, I have seen that the villas are easier to be found than a hotel.

I think one of the reasons about the situation where there are many available villas at Seminyak is, so the tourists can enjoy the villa’s design with concepts like the beachfront or oceanfront villa. And, many also have known that the tropical season of Indonesia in general and Bali in particular, will further add to the exotic atmosphere of the accommodation.

That’s why there is no more reason for you for not spending your weekend and vacation at villas in Seminyak near to the beach if you could afford one. So, pick your best time and invite your family to feel the luxury of the weekend as quickly as possible. You can also contribute in sharing this post for reminding your friends or colleagues.

I am looking forward for your next wonderful stories when have been stayed at villas in Seminyak near beach.

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What You Need To Pack for A Komodo Tour

Embarking on a Komodo tour feels like going to real life Jurassic Park adventure. There’s the rugged hills, the mountainous topography, the dry savannah, and of course, the notorious Komodo dragon. Everything on Komodo National Park seems to conspire to throw you into the out-of-this-world prehistoric era. Going to Komodo is awesome as for itself, but it can be better by packing the right item with you.

What You Need To Pack for A Komodo Tour

1. Sunscreen and Mosquito Repeller

You will spent half of your Komodo tour trekking in the bare islands. You will trek to the hilltop of Padar, and to the park of Komodo and Rinca to see the dragons. That’s why doubling up your sunscreen with mosquito repeller is really recommended. It’s even better if your sunscreen has strong mosquito repeller on it. Your skin gonna have a double protection just in one swipe of lotion.

2. Good Pair of Trekking Shoes (Or Running Shoes if You Don’t Have Any)

Since your are going to do lots and lots of trekking, you should invest on a pair o good trekking shoes. Though the trek looks easy and short, you should never have tempted to wear just flip-flops. The rocks and hot sands will hurt you! Beside, wearing flip-flops during a trek to Rinca or Komodo will make your thumbs look yummy to the dragons. Who knows, maybe they cannot resist a bite!

3. Camera!

We cannot stress it enough. When you are going on a journey to Komodo, everything around you is so gorgeous it’s worth capturing. You will be amazed by the awesome liveaboard interior, the open blue sea, the gorgeous auburn-and-crisps hills. And that’s even before you meet the terrifying Komodo itself, which deserve to consume half of your memory card.

We advise you to invest on zoom lenses for better capturing the dragon. Fisheye will be a great help to capture the awesome landscape.  And since the underwater world of Komodo is so lively, it’s a good idea to bring underwater camera along.

4. Some Pieces of Swimsuit and Cover Up

For the next few days, your Komodo Tour will be jam-packed with beach galore and boat chilling. With all of the stunning beaches and cool liveaboard as your stunning backdrop, swimsuit is a must. Take some pair of swimsuits—you gonna wear it a lot and you’ll want to change every day. Besides, you will have lifetime supply of summer vacancy snaps for your social media gallery!

And due to the strong sunlight in the National Park, you will want good cover-up. Pick some that will protect you from the sun with style. Thin cover-up will keep you covered during the hot trekking without making you stiflingly hot.

5. Waterproof Plastic Phone Case

Does it make you look like a frantic teenager? Yes. Does it protect your phone from the water? Absolutely. Waterproof phone case, albeit looking very teenish, prove to be very useful during a Komodo tour excursion. Your journey will involve lots of water—and the corrosive, salty sea water with that! Having waterproof case will not only protect your phone, but allow you to take a snap from underwater, too!

6. Choosing the Right Komodo Tour Provider

There’s two option to explore the Komodo National Park. First, you can go all-independent and arrange the whole tour by your own. That means renting fisherman sailing boat, sleeping in a wooden bench, and exploring everything without a guide. Second option, you can book a Komodo tour with several other people and embark on liveaboard. Most of the tour agency have fixed itinerary. However, recently we found a tour agency to Komodo that let you arrange your own schedule and destination. That’s pretty cool! They have a legit website too so we can take a peek of the surrounding islands and see what’s there.

Are you ready to be thrown away to the far-flung islands? Have a good packing for your upcoming Komodo tour. The adventure awaits!

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How To Plan Bali Diving Holiday Efficiently

Adventure and explore nature has its own challenges. When you explore underwater, the challenges you face will be very different. In fact, the underwater world makes you wide-eyed. Diving is the best way to explore under the sea. The world of diving continues to be popular and growing lately. Modern diving equipment makes your comfort more secure.

There are many dive clubs where you can learn from professional divers. Dive sites in the world like, Philippine, Brazil, Indonesia or Thailand can be explored. One of the most favored locations in Bali, Indonesia. Bali provides fantastic dive sites and facilities. Bali is a meeting of divers, both amateur and professional.

Well Prepare And Enjoy Your Dive

Vacationing while learning to dive is fun. Many Bali diving holiday packages that you can consider. Diving while on vacation requires careful planning. The mistake of choosing a Bali diving holiday package, or choosing a dive center will make your vacation dive a nightmare.

The pleasant climate of Bali allows you to dive throughout the year. Going around for a spot of diving in Bali will be a waste of time. Take advantage of the internet connection before you arrive in Bali. Browse the internet and select the appropriate dive package.

How to make your Bali diving holiday efficient? Make sure the dive center you choose is reliable and professional. The best service from a dive center is where you feel comfortable when diving. They can guarantee the safety of the diver. Professional instructors are able to guide dive members. they are able to make decisions when something happens during a dive.

Bali diving holiday package is time efficiency, where you dive according to plan without wasting time. Dive center will design your day in Bali during diving.

Costs to be incurred, adjusted with the agreement that you do with the dive center. If you do not have a certificate then you must take the dive package including the certificate in it. Maybe the cost is a bit expensive. But you will not be able to dive without a certificate.

You no longer need to waste time looking for a guide or transportation. Your holiday in Bali will be efficient, fun and unforgettable. There is a lot you can explore while on vacation. You can dive on time and schedule, and get to know Bali more closely. Explore the nature of Bali, get to know the culture and daily life of local people will be a special experience for you to share with your friends.

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Unique Things You Can Do With a Hammock

Hammock is now getting more popular for camping than before although there still many people who don’t know what it is. For those of you who really just heard about it, in short, the hammock is the fabric (mostly made of the parachute nylon) that is hung for various purposes. With that material, then came the lightweight hammock that you can bring anywhere in your backpack as you can get on the market today.

Besides its main function to be used as a place where you can sleep by hanging between the 2 trees or poles while travelling or camping, there are also other benefits you can earn while using it.

Unique things you can experience with hammock

Usually, it is very rare for many of us to use the lightweight hammock as a bed although it will really possible since we only needs to getting used to it. But if you ask the mountain hikers or look at the rock climbers, hammock is the second choice of bed they often choose besides the tents. But many have also makes it as their own main choice since it has many of the benefits.

Sleeping in a lightweight hammock at outdoor or park

Sleeping in a hammock indeed is the first thing you can do about it especially when you are on your way to the tourism spot. But besides that, there are more you can do. I mean, there are some of the unique things you can do with it as well and I will present them to you on below lists.

1. Why not doing your homework in a hammock?

Try it for once! This first unique thing you can be done if you hung the hammock either at indoors or in a park. Since the hammock itself will be on the hanging position, those of you who are sitting will certainly sway and it may quite hard to not to moving around when your feet don’t step on the ground or any surfaces.

But if you get into it calmly and patiently find your best position, then you can simply open up your notebook and start doing your homework. If someone chooses to do a task with that condition, a relaxed feeling will surely be obtained and the task will be completed sooner.

2. Explore your photography skill

As mentioned before, the main function of the hammock as a bed is already rarely encountered. Therefore, hammocks themselves are very rarely seen in people’s homes. With the scarcity of this hammock, surely an interesting photo will be produced if someone is selfie while sitting or sleeping in it.

There are also many of the conceptual or themed photographs are created by asking the models to be inside the hammock either on the beach, mountain or hill, next to a cliff or even inside your house.

Thinking about that it is your first time sleeping or being in a lightweight hammock, doesn’t it will makes you eager to explore of what it could benefit you related to create more creatives and wonderful images?!

3. Watching TV, reading the book, etc

Watch TV while sitting or lying in a hammock? This can be a unique choice that can be done as well. But for that, you have to place a hammock in your TV room first and I think it will be easy for setting it up.

If someone really does this, watching TV will certainly be more comfortable. Moreover, for those with insomnia will be able to sleep more easily if lying in a hammock that sways while watching TV.

In addition to selfies, maybe this is the main function of a hammock that is often used by people if the hammock is in a house or garden. Reading is an activity that requires calm and must be done in a relaxed atmosphere. Both of these things will surely be obtained if you can sitting in a hammock and therefore, those of you who likes reading the book as well as watching tv should try this.

4. Playing with your beloved children

Cheerful. That may will becomes the only one word that more than enough for describing the childhood, right? So that, I think that most of the parents will definitely do everything to put a smile on their children face. And to get that, using hammock with the children is considerably or even will be more fun since it will be the new thing for them, and you have known that the curiosity of the children will always be interesting to explore many things.

Even, hanging on it will also be one of the playing spot. You can’t only gathering with them inside it while playing, but also adding some of their favourite toys, putting the pillow as well as the bolster so they will also getting sleep faster in case you are troubling with that.

5 . Makes it as the decoration object

Let me ask you some things, you must be “jumped out of the window” knowing that this idea is never been recommended by anyone arounds you, right? How comes a lightweight hammock can be part, let say, of your house decoration while most of the people are commonly talking about the furnitures, curtains and other common decoration objects?

Some of the decoration objects in the house that are hung mostly somethings like the lamp, paintings and photos on the wall and also the curtains. The last 2 objects surely will sticked onto the wall while the lamp will be hung on the ceiling. So that, why not trying to setup the hammock itself either on the ceiling or on the certain stands?

You will only need to pay attention to the hammock design and the colours combination so it will blend well inside your house or room. And this point will also support what I have talked before about playing with your children. So you will not experience problems when setting it up and disassemble it repeatedly.

By doing that, who knows you may finds it increase the aesthetic aspect of the room.

There may other things you can do with the hammock that I have not mentioned at above. But to sum them up all the above points or lists, it is so dynamic to use the hammock besides its main functions.

Get your creatives out of your minds and implement them with the tool that is usually used for travelling. You might be surprised by yourself.

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How To Get an Affordable and Luxury Honeymoon Villas in Bali

Who doesn’t want to spend all the honeymoon moment in Bali? I think that would be the wrong question. Everyone wants to be there, especially if you could get an affordable deal with the luxury honeymoon villas Bali. The first thing you need to consider is never come in high season. I mean, you are in honeymoon and I think that would be the wrong time you have picked. So you need to avoid it.

The next thing related to it is, at the high season, most of the villas along with their honeymoon packages will be full booked one or two months before. You will still have the chance, but it won’t be that big as what you have thought. So, you’d better make a plan since months before related to your accommodation or where to stay.

Honeymoon as the romantic moment in your life, should be well planned. It will even the first and last memorable thing you will have for years, except one of you are planning to get married again the next year. But, hope it will be your sacred moment, and that is why it will be perfect when your chosen destination is in Bali.

Bali has been famous with its religious attractions. We can meet them easily and at almost everywhere. Not to mention that there are many of the best destinations that will be a great place for the just married couple. So that, the combination of Bali, religious attractions and cultures, the tropical vibes will be give you chance to experience the best honeymoon ever. And, staying in the villas will be completed them all.

Many have been decided to find the best and luxury honeymoon villas in Bali at the Seminyak area for reasons. The first one is because it will be closer to the beach.

Get an affordable and luxury honeymoon villas in Bali

Apparently, it is so true since there are some of the luxury honeymoon villas Bali are built that will only takes up to 3 minutes.

Seminyak is one of the best location since there are various of the supported buildings and facilities to fulfill the tourists needs such as finding the cafe, bar, club, restaurant and many more. And one more thing that I should tell you which is, many of the villas in Bali are provided with the private pool as well.

Your honeymoon will be more privacy and no need to think about else but the tropical breeze on the daylight and a magical with sparkling stars on the Bali’s night.

There are many of the villas with affordable price and even only as much as doubled the hotel costs. So rather than staying at the hotel with many of the facilities limitations, it will be worth trying to get a villas in Bali. Why not.

For the low(er) prices, many of the villas owner and the management are submitting the deals into the online site. So, you only needs to check where and which villas to be stayed and then go to the site. Mostly, you will be find many of the accommodation deal including the special package for honeymoon, etc.

Anyway, when the best months for visiting Bali? In my opinion, it will be great if you could visit at July and August when both are often the driest month with the pleasant temperature.

I have also informed you about the high season, you will still needs to be more patient with anyone else since you will not find the spot without the crowd. So, Bali will only will be more busy and busier.

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