Bali Peaceful Gateway: Best Hotels in Seminyak for Singles

Best hotels in Seminyak for singles is the ideal option to choose from if what you’d want to do is have a peaceful holiday you deserve. Seminyak is a neighborhood that you’d love to browse through if you’re into lifestyle establishments. What are your options?

Where to stay in Seminyak Bali

Seminyak is among the hippest districts in Bali. The streets are brimming with designer boutiques of fashion, jewelry, furniture, and lifestyle. Choosing Seminyak compared to the more popular Kuta and Legian area are a wise move. Especially if you don’t want to deal with crazy traffic virtually every night. Choose a hotel that both accommodates you and does not give you a headache.

Best Hotels in Seminyak for singles: Getting your much-deserved time to yourself

A dedicated me-time is different from one person to another. There are those who gravitate towards social establishments. But there are also those who appreciate an immersive time to themselves. Picking hotels for singles in Seminyak is not difficult. The area has its fair share of both luxury resorts and hotels, as well as solid options for budget travelers.

Who wants to deal with couples with children surrounding you during vacation?

Children can be loud. Some people may not mind this. But for those of you who crave some quiet and peace, being surrounded by couples and children may not be an ideal way of spending your vacation. Best hotels in Seminyak for singles would be a more ideal option for you.

Bali has a virtually limitless options

Bali is filled with wonderful, luxurious resorts for families along with family-friendly facilities. Of course, it does not stop there. There are numerous places that are excellent for solo travelers. These options are great for those who enjoy their solitude but will be ready to jump into as a social butterfly into the scene when the occasion calls for it. These hotels can be those that are popular with youngsters. But hotels in Bali mostly have a large range of mixed guests from young people to retired couples. A solid option would be going for a boutique hotel or boutique resorts. The fewer number of rooms make these boutique establishments so much more suitable for peace-seekers.

What are your options?

Popular with youngsters, Breezes Resort Bali is one option you could go for. Located at the heart of Seminyak, very close to the Double Six beach and an abundance of Bali entertainment scene—without the headache and suffocation that Kuta has. Other places you could check out are Oberoi Beach Resort; featuring a luxurious and peaceful scene with Balinese architecture, TS Suites Leisure, and IZE Seminyak, among other options.

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