Best Egg Dishes Around The World You Should Try

Egg is one of the easiest food you people around the world can get because of its accessibility and availability. Egg has that taste that likeable taste most people enjoy either raw or cooked. Preparing eggs can be different depending on what kind of dishes you want to make. Eggs don’t disappoint you that even simple fried eggs taste wonderfully. And here are extraordinary egg dishes with delicious taste you should try:

traditional Japanese food Chawan Mushi

Tortang Talong

This is egg dish for Philippines made with a combination of roasted eggplants and lightly beaten eggs. It is pretty simple to make the dish. You have to dip whole eggplants into the egg mixture then shortly pan-fry them until they resemble a crispy omelette. This dish is compatible to be paired with everything such as vegetables and ground meat. It is also best served with steamed rice. You can try recook this recipe for your breakfast. 

Kuku Sabzi

This is egg dish originally from Iran. From the look of it, you can see some resemblance with omelette or frittata. This dish consists of finely chopped herbs combined with lightly beaten eggs and added with variety of spices. The mixture is pan-fried until both sides turn golden. The herbs usually used to make this egg dish include cilantro chives, dill, and parsley. Other ingredients can be added as well such as barberries or walnuts. 


This is such a popular egg dish from Greece. Greeks love this egg dish because it is relatively easy to make and the taste is wonderful. This dish consists of diced sauteed tomatoes, and seasoned with fresh herbs. All are combined with lightly beaten eggs. Then, it is topped with crumbled feta cheese. This eggs dish has light taste that is not too salty or heavy. It can be paired perfectly with a serve of various roasts or grilled meat.


This is egg dish is traditional Turkish spread. It consists of eggs, tomatoes, peppers, and variety of spices. Another version of Menemen consists of garlic, cheese, sausage pieces, spinach, or onions. There are wide variety of Menemen in the country that requires a little bit of twists to the ingredients included. This egg dish is usually served during breakfast or brunch. The locals love to enjoy this spread with bread. 


This is Japanese egg dish is delicate custard-soup and usually served in small portion usually as appetizer. The custard consists of egg mixture flavored with various ingredients such as Japanese stock called Dashi, mushrooms, tofu, ginko nut, steamed shrimps, and soy sauce. It can be served jot, cold, or warm. Garnishing include Japanese parsley, carrot shavings, or various seafood. 


With a cute name, this egg dish consists of eggs, summer vegetables, sauteed onions, salt, pepper, and Bulgarian white cheese. There is also winter version of this Bulgarian egg dish usually made with frozen roasted peppers. It is best served with toast or bread for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is one of the most integral parts in Bulgarian cuisine.