How Expert Bali Construction Company Build Your Property?

Everyone knows that Bali is currently filled with hotels, resorts, villas, and housing that continues to be developed in line with high market demand. Every land development in Bali has a purpose whether it is for rent, investment, or occupancy. The development objectives, whether through a well-known Bali construction company or not, will have an effect on the planning process and budget.

How Expert Bali Construction Company Build Your Property?

How much does land cost in Bali & how to find a professional Bali construction company?

The price of land in every corner of Bali is different, depending on each region. Most villas will be built in favorite areas such as Canggu, Seminyak, Batu Bolong, and others. In 2020 the price of land in the Batu Bolong area is around 1.1 billion per square meter. For land in the coastal area, the price will definitely be much more expensive.

Budget villa development in Bali is quite expensive. Investors must really take into account the villa development budget and its objectives. The standard price for Bali villa developments is around 5-6 million rupiah per square meter. For the construction of villas for luxury Bali contractors usually set a price of around 9 million per square meter with a guarantee of higher material specifications and a level of tidiness. If you cooperate with the famous Bali architecture, the price is around 15 million rupiahs per square meter. 

How about the design? Balinese design services for villa interiors are around 300 million rupiahs for furniture per 150 square meters. For this type of luxury villa, it can be around 400 million rupiahs for the interior. The interior of the villa depends on the budget of the investor. Everything depends on the vision and mission of the villa development. How grand is your villa? How luxurious is your villa? Or do you want to build an eco-green villa?

In the process of villa development in Bali, it is necessary to have a boundary wall. Certainly, you don’t want your guests or villa tenants to become a spectacle for the villagers. The price of the boundary wall is around 1 million square meters. If you plan to build a swimming pool, you have to prepare a budget of around 5 million rupiahs per square meter.

Lease or ownership property?

You can certainly live in a villa investment yourself. Back again to the purpose of Bali villa development. Will you rent as an Airbnb or lease? Most investors prefer leasing because ROI makes more sense than leasing as an Airbnb. The lease depends on the land owner. Many foreign investors have leased for 10 years, 15 years, and even 25 years. This type of lease is mostly done by foreign investors considering that foreigners cannot own land in Bali unless they marry local residents (Indonesians).

The buying and selling process for local residents and foreigners is not much different. It’s just that foreigners need to pay attention to the requirements for property ownership based on ownership law in Indonesia.

How necessary is it to hire Bali architect? 

Having a Bali architect on your team during the Bali villa development process means that you have a professional person beside you during the planning and construction process. Architect Bali can provide an unbiased professional opinion so as to minimize errors in the project.

The mission of the architect team, in general, has 3 important factors, namely function, aesthetics, and budget. Do not hesitate to mention the budget when consulting. This will really help the Bali architect team to make a plan that fits the budget.

Having a professional Bali architect team can prevent investors from being deceived by contractors. Most investors are fooled by the case of material specifications. Most common people will be the quality of the material and its types.

Hiring the perfect team is crucial in the process of building your villa. Meeting a professional team from a Bali construction company will be very helpful in finding a team that suits your tastes.

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