Coffee Alternatives To Boost Your Energy From Around The World

Coffee undoubtedly is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Lots of people drink it every day and even some of them drink it several times a day. The most prominent benefits of drinking coffee is boosting energy, making you able to stay focused with what you do all day long. Regardless of how beneficial coffee is, there are also some drawbacks such as bitter taste and jittery high. Also, not everyone is susceptible with drinking coffee due to their health condition. If you are one of those who are experiencing the drawbacks, you may of for coffee alternatives as follow:

Coffee Alternatives To Boost Your Energy From Around The World


Tea has been known to be as good if not better from coffee. Tea is rich in antioxidant that help your body fight against free radicals. It has also various properties to help you relax while keeping you focus. Matcha is one of tea variants that are already popular around the world. Matcha is green tea that has many beneficial properties. Japan is the most popular country for their Matcha. It is also part of their cultural tradition. Matcha, just like other teas contain caffeine. It also contain L-theanine which an amino acid that is known to be good for reducing stress and improving focus. 


Another coffee alternative that many people like these days is Kombucha. You can buy it in bottles with various choices of flavor. This drink is originated from China and has been existed for over 2,000 years. This bubbly, fermented tonic is popular not only in China but also in Japan and Korea. And now, you can find it almost everywhere in every grocery stores. This healthy, healing elixir contain probiotics which promote digestive health as well as antioxidant which help fight against free radicals. It also contain small amounts of caffeine and vitamin B to boost energy.

Masala Chai

Masala chai or Masala tea is likely thousands years old. This spiced black tea has mysterious origins many people do not know about. However, many people are interested in this drink due to its properties that are similar to coffee. Masala chai is a modern invention with how it is sweetened and spiced. It also has milky texture and taste to it, making it richer in flavor compared to plain tea. The base of this drink is black tea, and often spiced with cardamom, fennel seeds, black pepper, and ginger. Milk is added to enrich and sweeten the flavor. 

Chicory coffee

This is also a  great alternative to coffee you may consider. It is made from ground and roasted root of chicory plant. In the matter of flavor and appearance, it resembles coffee a lot. The difference is that it contains zero caffeine. Hence, it can be such a great alternative for those who are not too fond of caffeine but still want to get the benefits of it. By drinking chicory coffee, you still get the boost o your energy level without experiencing excessive jittery or buzz.

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