A Trip To Komodo Island, How Many Days You Should Spend?

Usually, when talking about the travel destination, one of the question in our mind is wondering about how much money we should spend from the first time we are leaving our home up to arriving to the destination. So with the trip to Komodo Island as well. But, I won’t mention about that at this time. Instead, I am going to delivery you about how long of your times to be spent to get the most of the trip. I think it is also important since it will also answering how much money you have to be brought. The more days and nights you will be spend, the more of your bank will be broken. As simple as that, right?

Trip to Komodo Island by boat

Now, when talking about the times, there are some of the trip to Komodo Island packages you need to know. Most of what I have heard and found online are the One day trip, 3 Days and 2 Nights or usually being abbreviated as 3N2D, 4D3N and 5 Days and 4 Nights. There are also other package option depending on your own itineraries or the tour operator itineraries.

Now let us assuming that you will get a flight to Labuan Bajo (Komodo) Airport from Denpasar, Bali. The flight can takes mostly up to 1 hour until you will be landed at the Province of East Nusa Tenggara. There is also a flight that will take up to a half of the day, so you will be arrive at night (about 6-7 PM for Indonesian Central Time).

But, let us say you will be get to the Flores Islands for only 1 hour and you will be arrive at 10 or 11 AM (morning flights are only 2 when I writing this article). And the worst is, a trip to Komodo Island will be better to be sailed earlier in the morning. Not to mention about how many times should be spend from the airport to the hotel and harbour as well. I hope you are not hungry at that time.

So, your 1 day actually will mostly be spend on Labuan Bajo city alone. I think, there’s nothing you can do about trip to Komodo Island at that time, right? So, if you could only hope for the 1 Day trip in the same day, then big chance that you have failed.

So now, according to the Komodo Island tour packages from the time point of view as I have mentioned above, then for the minimum package, you should get at least the 3 Days and 2 Nights Package. For that package, you will at least have a 5 days of holiday to get more safer times for you to flight back. And that will be achieved if only you are living in Indonesia. Even if you are flying back to another country, then it would be Malaysia or maybe Singapore because the distance is not so far.

How long to sail from the Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island? It will takes your time for about 2-3 hours. So, according to the last trip to Komodo Island package, you will not only exploring the Komodo Island, but also Rinca, Padar Island and maybe others. Hope the information is giving you some insights. Thanks for reading.

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A Trip To Padar Island That Looks Like Surreal Island

Padar Island is the third of the biggest island included in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Located at province of the East Nusa Tenggara that most of the Indonesians will calling it as NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timur). The two largest islands of its predecessors are Komodo Island and Rinca Island.

The three of the above islands are mostly easier if you want to watch the Komodo dragons, but the most favourites for the tourists are the Komodo and Padar Island.

The view of the Padar Island itself from the top of the hill is so unique. Seems like it is the volcanic island and at the same time, looks like the wing or another body part of the dragon as in the movie. See the below image for what I mean by assuming like that.

Padar Island trip

Padar Island is not a populated island, so you won’t find any of the villages in here. If by any chances you are meeting with the residents, they may have came from the another island for looking for the foods, hunting or anything else to fulfill their daily needs. Even, none of the building in this island.

So it is not only as one of the original habitat for the dragons, but also quite a strange for the human being. A really calming island because you won’t be hearing the crowd in here. Thanks to the development of tourism, now many of us could comes to the Padar Island, safely by using the boat.

The contours of the island is hilly, no wonder that you will see many of the above photographs uploaded by many of the travellers online in their social medias. Its island shape is also looked like the the starfish with some of the branched legs, so that, it getting more unique and becoming one of the interest for the traveller. And for those who love the instagramable images, I suggest you to be here one day. Its worth it.

There are some of the hills at the Padar Island. But since they are quite high and steep to be trekked, many of the travellers are even not allowed to hike on them for their safety. But to be honest, as a whole, the view of the island looks like a really surreal masterpiece. even feels like a dreamy island to me.

If you want to come to Padar Island, there is one way especially from the Labuan Bajo city where the nearest airport is existing called as the Komodo Airport. The trip to Padar Island will be takes for about 3,5 – 4 hours using the boat as it is the main transportation. Sounds like it will be the boring trip? Wait until you are departing from the dock.

On your way to the island, you will be served with the view of other islands and beautiful blue sea. Anyway, that’s for the short trip. If you wants the longer one, you could start your journey from Bali or Lombok where there are also many of the tour operators providing the same package as what you could get at Labuan Bajo.

Since you will be exposed to sunlight for hours on board or at the island, you’d better bringing your own sunblock with you. It is also because of the weather might be hotter. Don’t you forget to use the trekking shoes or sandals as well so you can move comfortable and safe while trekking on the Padar Island’s hill. And of course to prepare your camera at its best so you don’t miss any important moment and view on the island.

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How To Choose The Right Hammock Camping Tarp?

Hammock camping tarp is one of the most needed accessory that is usually used to get more comfortable when laying down in the hammock without need to worry about the brighter sun, rain, snow, and many more. In many cases, it is also will help you a bit for getting warm inside the hammock because it could divert the wind direction.

There are other 2 of the terms related to hammock camping tarp, they were also called as the “rain tarp” or the “rainfly.” But whatever will be used for this article, I think you’ve known what we are talking about. At least we have agreed about the tarp functions as on the previous paragraph, right?

How to choose the right hammock camping tarp

There are some of the factors or variables to help you in choosing the right hammock camping tarp for yourself. The first one will be, choose the right size and shape. And to that, there are various types of the shape which are the tent tarps shaped, asymmetrical and diamond shaped, rectangular, and hexagon.

How to choose hammock camping tarp

If you are really need a hammock camping tarp for the extreme weather or the colder season (snowy), then using the tent tarp shaped will be my first recommendation because it will almost cover all of your hammock and looks like a tent. So, you will be getting warmth than using the other shape. But if you need a more minimalist design of the tarp, then your option is using the asymmetrical or diamond shaped. It will really quickly in setting up and also the lightweight one. The shape of the tarp should also be associated with the its dimensions, so you could go at once.

The second thing you can do to get the right hammock camping tarp and also the important aspect to be focused on is the durability.

Yes, what about its warranty? Especially if found defects in workmanship and materials. Is there any brands that give you up to 10 years of the warranty for the hammock camping tarp? I am sure that there is one that I know like Ticket To The Moon. I believe that the reason behind of; the more years the warranty is, the better of its material is used. And that will be support its durability.

The next thing you should paid attention is the carrying capacity. Not only when buying a hammock, but also when deciding to have a hammock camping tarp because the tarp itself should be carried some weights. For example, if by any chance you are camping when snow is falling, then you know that it will really helpful. The bigger of its carrying capacity, may be the better. But, keep in mind to makes it as light as possible so your luggage weight is light as well.

That’s all I know how to choose the hammock camping tarp. Although there are only 3 aspects you are about to concern and only in short description or not an in-depth article, I hope they will still beneficial for you. Have fun when hammocking!

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Seminyak Villas With Perfect Feeling of Home and Luxury

If you are going to travelling to Bali the next month or holiday, then planning where to stay is also really important so you can experience all interesting things at their best. There are many accommodation deals offering for all the tourists since the Bali tourism development has been promoting since long times ago. And one of the most wanted among well-known places in Bali is Seminyak. So, choosing your Seminyak villas or hotel will be a good idea for your amazing vacation.

Before that, since I was writing the title of this article as the “Seminyak villas”, so I think it is no need to talk about the hotel, motel or any other accommodation types. Let’s us digging right into the villa that you will be used at Seminyak for the next or your visit in Bali.

Seminyak itself is the name of the urban village at District of Kuta, Regency of Badung. And this village is also famous of its beach tourism destinations. There are at least 3 beaches at this village which are KuDeTa beach, Seminyak Beach (Camplung or Gado-Gado), and the crowded of the Double Six beach. Another reason why Seminyak is also special is because this urban village itself has 2 cultural or traditional villages which are Desa Adat Seminyak (Seminyak’s traditional village) as a whole and Desa Adat Kerobokan (Banjar Adat Basangkasa). So, if you are really interesting to stay at wherever Seminyak villas, then you have pick the right location so far.

And the next puzzle to be solved is, where is the best seminyak villas to be stayed that is perfectly feeling like home and combined with the luxury?

You will be staying at a place where the cultural villages are located, close to the beaches that allow you to reach them by foot or using the bike for about 3-5 minutes, close to the souvenir shops to be brought home, there are many restaurants around and many more beneficials of its location. So, this is the time to find your villas at Seminyak.

And my first as well as my main recommendation is: Hu’u Villas.

Best Seminyak Villas so far
Image taken from huuvillasbali.com

If you have imagined before about the greenery villas around its park with the very private pool as well as the villa itself, served by the friendly staff with a sweet smile on the lips, completed with the world class bistro’s chefs, then you are really welcomed at Hu’u Villas.

This Seminyak villas offering you various type of accommodations beyond your expectation. You could start with One Bedroom Loft, Two Bedroom Villa, or Three Bedroom Penthouse. Getting the special deals are also interesting where you could see the itineraries about how long you will be staying and in what conditions or purposes. I mean, there is a thing called as “The Penthouse Exclusive” that is for those who love some serious mingling and lounging. This experience is inclusive of a private kitchen showcase with their hu’u Mixologist and Executive Chef at the private kitchen of the penthouse. Or getting the Honey Moon Package for the new marriage couple. Even, the “Girl Gateway” package is available for the girls that need to spoiling their self.

There are much more interesting offers you could get from the luxury Seminyak villas. And it doesn’t get any better than that.

There are many other reasons why this Seminyak villas is perfect for your Bali’s accommodation. All I think and know is Hu’u Villas could be used for your casual relaxing stay and even an all-out party weekend or you want to combine the both worlds? You are good to go. If you want to experience the tropical modern luxury, then you have known where to stay.

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Bali Scuba Diving Courses To Reveal The Nature of Underwater

Want to enjoy the underwater scenery of Bali? Fulfill first one of the important conditions. Certified! There are many stages and procedures inside for beginner divers. Training for beginners is done for 4-5 days. Every diving training process should be done gradually.

While on vacation to Bali, diving training is a perfect choice. Do not be afraid to try to dive and find the best dive center. Search and compare the dive center before your holiday time arrives. Each dice center offers dive spots and different facilities.

Do Courses And Get The License

Familiarity with water is an early stage. Usually, beginners will do the learning process in theory. After getting to know the basics of training well, you will train to dive into the pool. Diving at sea is done after the theory and training understanding in swimming pool is completed. Practice on the high seas is the final session of Bali scuba diving courses to earn dive certification.

The underwater charm of Bali is very popular. Some world magazines review Bali’s underwater perfection to explore. Without a dive certificate, it is impossible for you to enjoy it. How much does it cost to take Bali scuba diving courses? It costs $ 100 – $ 150. After completing it, then you will be able to explore underwater. You must dive accompanied by experienced instructors.

Having a certificate does not mean you can dive indefinitely. Beginner divers can only dive at a maximum depth of 12 meters. When you see the underwater beauty,  you will have a desire to dive into more depth.

Bali scuba diving courses advanced stage from Dune Atlantis is to get a certificate with a higher level. Advanced level courses are advanced training after you complete the early stages as a beginner diver. Training is done 3-4 days. After completing it, you can dive with a depth of 18 – 30 meters. You can uncover further the sincerity and beauty under the sea.

What can you get after doing Bali scuba diving courses and getting a certificate? You will find a variety of unique species such as mola-mola, manta rays, turtles, corals, and perhaps sharks. You can find out how to breathe under the sea. Witness history saw the ship World War II relics that sank in the waters of Bali. Nothing is more beautiful and perfect to get diving certificate looking at the underwater beauty of Bali.

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How Much Does The Komodo Island Tour Price?

“If I want to travelling to Flores or East Nusa Tenggara, how much should I spend for the Komodo Island tour price?” You may have the same question as mind, right?

Most of us have known that it is really important for the travellers in making the financial plan for the holidays to come. From how much your daily costs for the foods, drinks, transportations at the destination, to the cost of the tour package itself and many more to be thinking of. And special for today, I am going to talk about the Komodo Island tour price.

For anyone whom do not know yet about the Komodo Island, it is one of the island located at Province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The island itself is become one of the popular island not only at its own regency that administratively included into the West Manggarai regency or at its own province, but its name has also been well-known probably the whole world. The first and main reason for that is because it is where the Komodo dragons still living and their number could be around more than 3,000 dragons as well. And it is also one of the island that is included into the Komodo National Park which has been declared by the UNESCO at 1991 as one of the World Heritage Site.

If you are reading this completely, I may know the reasons why you are interesting in travelling to Komodo Island. But if what I have mentioned above there is not even single one that will makes you sure to visit, then you may have missed the very desirable adventure in life. For you whom curious about the Komodo Island tour price, I mean its travel package, then you are at the right place.

In answering to the question of “how much does it cost or the price for your Komodo Island tour?”, actually it is better to know first about how long will you be at there. How many days you are likely to experience the Komodo Island through the tour package? Look, even sleeping in a hotel will charge you by the times you are wasting and in what type of the room that you are using. So with this tour package as well. And the second to be known is, how the way you want to explore the island. The last thing needs to be answered by you is: how many island will be visited?

According to the three of questions above, I am going to give you an example.

One of the best way of travelling this island is by getting the Komodo Liveaboard package. Yeah, you will be accompanied to anywhere islands you were chosen before and also living on a boat. Literally on the boat! And the komodo island tour price could be vary. If you choose to use the Tanaka’s boat from the Hello FLores (the travel agency or operator at Flores), then you will be charged for USD 387 per night/person. It is only for the 14 guests and not more than that as I have seen in their site.


If you would like to get the cheaper one, feel free to choose one of another existed and luxury boats. Or, you could also choose one or two among available itineraries at their site to get the most of your Komodo Island tour.

Komodo Island tour price
Image above is about the Komodo Island tour price using the Fortuna boat for the best liveaboard experiences. Taken from HelloFlores.com

“Hey yo, other travel agents are selling the package even cheaper than what you have exampled above!” It is Ok if you have to feel or say so. But it is really the real agent with the scheduled itineraries on their hands or simply just they who want to take your money away? Yes, there are some of the scammers in this world. But if you do believe that, than take your own risk by yourself alone. Take it easy, there are many of the trusted agents as well. But when talking about the Komodo Liveaboard, you may need to bookmark this article or sharing it to reminds you for later.

To be honest, the Komodo Island tour price is even will not reach $200 for 3 days and 2 nights. But everything is depending on the boat size and facilities and many more. Some of the tour agents even using the small boat that may makes you afraid, and some of them were making the big, safe and luxury one for your travelling. So, it is all up to you which the way or boat will be used. Does this article has given you an insight according to the Komodo Island tour price?

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5 Basic Things About Hammock Camping You Should Know

Hammock camping is a stylish way to be brought while traveling. Especially in providing you “a shelter” and helping you taking a rest or sleeping. And the good news are, it is not only comfortable but also is safe to be used as your swinging bed. If you have got a hammock camping in your hand right now or just decided to buy one, you’d better read all the lists below in case you don’t know much about it. Of how many could be use it, to the way how you will clean it after using it.

Hammock camping from Ticket To The Moon

And since the hammock camping is available in various type, materials and style, today I’ll introduce you about the hammock from Ticket To The Moon (TTTM) as one of the manufacturer based in Bali, Indonesia. So, all of the basic things about the hammock will be so related to the TTTM’s product.

1. How many people could be fit in a hammock?

There are two popular hammocks camping which are the single and the double hammock. The single one surely recommended to be used by one person, so with the last size for the 2 person. The single hammock itself will make you sleeping comfortably alone and also could be fit for two person as well but it will going too intimate as I thought. You know what I mean right?

If you decide to buy the double hammock camping size, you may also use it for about 3 person. But, if only they will sitting down, it may still comfortable. But when 3 of them are trying to sleep in it, then it really not recommended at all. There is also a King Size Hammock where can be used by the two adults and a child.

All are depending on the size, so the bigger you get, the more people you will invite. So later, don’t be surprised if by any chances you are witnessing more than five people have a great fun in a Mammock (the biggest size).

2. What about the guarantee?

Manufacturer like Ticket to the Moon, most of their products carry a 10 years warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. If you get the damaged one, it is better if you could returned it so the manufacturer could help you in repair the hammock or change it with the new one. You’d better ask yourself about this before buying at wherever places or online shops. And such any other products beside the hammock, I think most of the guarantee will not cover rips, burns, tears, and damages due to accidents, wear and tear, improper care, miss-use or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over time. I think you should have known about this, right?

Related to the products guarantee, you’ve also known that the hammock itself is made of the nylon fabric that is, you may say, as the extremely resistant. But, you should also aware that it also fragile. If you get the small holes or burns of your hammock, those can be repaired with the “repair patch.” You may need to find about it online in case you will need it someday.

But if you have bought one of the hammock camping from TTTM, the good news is that we all want to hear is that they will never let their customers down. So it is better to get in touch with the team for further info and update.

3. Is the hammock camping breathable and why is that important?

Yes, it is need to be asked as well since I think it also one of the important thing to be known. If you are asking about the hammocks from TTTM, then the answer is YES, it is breathable.

The important thing about this is not only in helping you breathing, literally. Or as an ventilation for the air circulation. But also to quickly drain your sweat in the hammock. The usage of the porous nylon fabric will really friendly whether for the adults or even the children. The material will not hold the water as well, so even you are leaving the hammock in a heavy rains without a tarp above it, draining it will be very easy and fast. Moreover if you have a sponge to absorb the water or the even the duster.
And no need to think about the threat of the rot or mildew if you are leaving it for days.

4. How much space needed for hanging the hammock?

For setting up your hammock between trees, poles or other vertical surfaces, you need a maximum distance for about 3 and 4.5 meters.

If you can not find the poles in that distance, then you need to increase the height of the hooks so it’ll be looks like a curve. But if at the field you find that the poles are further apart, you can use the nautical rope to bridge the distance as you may have seen the pictures or videos where travellers are sleeping between the cliffs. So you may need to think for buying one if possible because you will never know what kind of the fields you are facing one day.

Then, the distance that you should also need to be aware of is between your bottom of the hammock and the ground. The safest way of sleeping in a hammock is no more than 45 cm or 18 inches above the ground, just in case if your anchoring wasn’t secure enough. But, if you are at the hill or mountain, keep in mind that you may also need to think about the wild animals or the beasts. So in another place and situation, the above distance may be changed.

5. How to clean the hammock?

The first rule you need to follow when washing your hammock is: remember to remove the hooks or carabiners but you needn’t to untie any knots. Washing it gently at 30 degree Celsius without bleach using a gentle detergent. After you have washed it, then hang or lay your hammock flat to dry and never use a tumble dryer for it. But since different manufacturers may have the different rules as well related to the design and materials used, then you may need to read the manual. But, if you want to know how to clean a hammock from TTTM, then read the below rules from different methods how to deal with it.

  • Washing using machine:
    Tie ends together with string just below the end loops. Tie the hammock again at the other end, and once more in the middle. This will prevent tangling. Put the hammock in a pillow case and tie it tightly. Use a mild detergent, no bleach, and wash gently. Dry the hammock immediately after the rinse cycle by hanging it or laying flat to dry.
  • Hand Washing:
    Tie ends together with string just below the end loops. Tie the hammock again at the other end, and once more in the middle. This will prevent tangling. In a bathtub or a large sink, immerse your hammock in the water and mild detergent mixture (do not use bleach!). Agitate the hammock until it’s clean and rinse thoroughly. Hang hammock to dry directly after washing.

Those are 5 basic things and may be frequently ask questions that I believe will be useful for the customers especially the new guy that just decided for camping in a hammock.

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Why Many Tourist Love Do Scuba Diving Bali Packages?

Spot diving the world is incalculable! Each diving spot offers different scenery, uniqueness, and mystery. You certainly have heard the popularity of scuba diving in Bali. There are many pristine beaches but there are many reasons to always visit Bali. The marvelous sea life and attract the world’s attention is in Bali. When planning a trip to Bali you will find what is Bali given for you.

There are many other reasons why packages scuba diving attract tourists a lot. Diving in the world’s best tourist destinations? Why not? Scuba Diving Bali Package always provides a standalone attraction for local or world divers.

Bali Give Positive Energy For Tourists

Diving is not the only reason why Bali has the usual wide appeal. The positive energy given Bali is able to provide peace for the fugitives of the metropolitan city. Releasing stress in Ubud area, doing yoga and meditation is the positive aspect you get. After completing scuba diving Bali packages, resting in the Ubud area is a perfect plan.

The Best Cuisine That Is Not Expensive

The price is not just cheap, but the cuisine in Bali is rich in spices. If you are looking for food with a delicious taste and cheap, then you can get in Bali. Imagine enjoying fried rice, satay, or even suckling pig after tired of completing packages scuba diving.

Find Lots of Friends

Scuba Diving Bali Packages are usually offered by the group, 4-8 people. If you are solo traveling, then you have to join other groups. This is an opportunity where you can meet and share stories with other divers from around the world. You will always get a greeting and smile from the locals, and it is very convenient for the tourists. Wherever you go to Bali, you will get friends with various jobs ranging from guides, hotel workers, to farmers.

A Culture That Can Not Be Forgotten

The expectation of new travelers joining Bali is different from what they think about Bali. If they think Bali can only be enjoyed by diving, surfing or glitzy nightlife, then you are wrong !. There is nothing like Bali, where you are reunited with a Balinese arts scene. You can walk around in the art market, or traditional markets, meet with the locals. This is what will change the expectations of all tourists visiting Bali.

The Best Place To Dive

Have you ever explored the world’s dive spots? Scuba diving in Bali is like the main character who is popular and rising. You will find a perfect and stunning underwater scenery compared to other spots in the world. Beautiful tropical coral reefs and diverse fish species. Experience to meet the giant fish and find the wreck of World War II ship filled with stunning coral through packages diving Bali. Find a trusted and experienced dive center.

Each group of Bali scuba diving will be guided by professional instructors who keep your safety while dive. Scuba Diving Bali Packages are the best and trusted Dive Atlantis that dive center offers for a beginner or professional divers.

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Things To Do For Your Komodo Island Tour

Have you ever heard about Flores Islands or East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia? Or what about the Komodo Island? Yeah, for many of the travelers around the world, it may becomes one of the must visited island because of its instagrammable places. But not only that, experiencing for at least a one day trip for your Komodo Island tour will likely be your unforgettable moment of your lifetime.

Believe me, getting your own Komodo Island tour may sounds exaggerate. But when it comes to spoiling your own life, then here I have listed what actually you could get if by any chances you could traveling to Komodo Island some day. You could also choose another one or other islands existed at the province of East Nusa Tenggara since it is an archipelago, but because of the main destination for tourism is the Komodo Island itself, then the local governments and all related stakeholders must have been put all of their interests to build the island.

Things to do for your Komodo Island tour

There are at least some things you could do and enjoy while traveling at Komodo Island. Some of them are the common things and the rests are being more specific that probably even could not be seen at anywhere.

1. Trekking at Komodo Island or Rinca Island

You won’t not only trekking to the top of the hills and simply just to enjoy the island view or the horizon before your eyes, but also that’s the way how you will find or meet the Komodo dragon. Many were doing this whether at Komodo Island or at Rinca Island since there is a thing like a guarantee to meet the biggest lizard on earth over the 2 islands. The Komodo Island itself is really well-known of its dragons since a long time ago, and not only in Indonesia but also around the world. Many have came as an traveler, scientists, naturalists, and many more, so it is may a good plan if Komodo Island tour will be taking you here very soon.

Komodo Island tour package

Trekking at these 2 islands won’t make you rush. Even they are relatively relaxed with the terrain or field that is quite flat. The total times it might needs to be spent for the trekking itself is around 1-1.5 hours. So you may need to prepare your cotton-based clothes to be wear and  help you in absorbing the sweat. So with the mountain shoes or sandals.

Anyway, I am included the Rinca Island in this list while you may think that “I thought it is about the Komodo Island alone?!”, because when you get your own Komodo Island tour package, many of the tour packages will likely to accompany you to not only to one island. And there is a big chance that Rinca is one of them.

2. Snorkeling and diving, pink beach and its hill

You will not only coming here to meet the Komodo dragons, won’t you? The best parts of your next destination for the Komodo Island tour are; you are welcomed for snorkeling and diving in this island with many of its beautiful and various marine biota and species, crystal clear water, pink beach that only existed in hundreds around the world and behind and side of this beach, you will also find the better landscape view over the hills. And they are really close to one another so you could save more of your times.

If you are interested to do all the above lists, you’d better call or get in touch with your trusted travel agent right away. But if you have not find one, feel free to do some online researches for gathering more information as possible, then book your Komodo Island tour package.

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