5 Basic Things About Hammock Camping You Should Know

Hammock camping is a stylish way to be brought while traveling. Especially in providing you “a shelter” and helping you taking a rest or sleeping. And the good news are, it is not only comfortable but also is safe to be used as your swinging bed. If you have got a hammock camping in your hand right now or just decided to buy one, you’d better read all the lists below in case you don’t know much about it. Of how many could be use it, to the way how you will clean it after using it.

Hammock camping from Ticket To The Moon

And since the hammock camping is available in various type, materials and style, today I’ll introduce you about the hammock from Ticket To The Moon (TTTM) as one of the manufacturer based in Bali, Indonesia. So, all of the basic things about the hammock will be so related to the TTTM’s product.

1. How many people could be fit in a hammock?

There are two popular hammocks camping which are the single and the double hammock. The single one surely recommended to be used by one person, so with the last size for the 2 person. The single hammock itself will make you sleeping comfortably alone and also could be fit for two person as well but it will going too intimate as I thought. You know what I mean right?

If you decide to buy the double hammock camping size, you may also use it for about 3 person. But, if only they will sitting down, it may still comfortable. But when 3 of them are trying to sleep in it, then it really not recommended at all. There is also a King Size Hammock where can be used by the two adults and a child.

All are depending on the size, so the bigger you get, the more people you will invite. So later, don’t be surprised if by any chances you are witnessing more than five people have a great fun in a Mammock (the biggest size).

2. What about the guarantee?

Manufacturer like Ticket to the Moon, most of their products carry a 10 years warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. If you get the damaged one, it is better if you could returned it so the manufacturer could help you in repair the hammock or change it with the new one. You’d better ask yourself about this before buying at wherever places or online shops. And such any other products beside the hammock, I think most of the guarantee will not cover rips, burns, tears, and damages due to accidents, wear and tear, improper care, miss-use or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over time. I think you should have known about this, right?

Related to the products guarantee, you’ve also known that the hammock itself is made of the nylon fabric that is, you may say, as the extremely resistant. But, you should also aware that it also fragile. If you get the small holes or burns of your hammock, those can be repaired with the “repair patch.” You may need to find about it online in case you will need it someday.

But if you have bought one of the hammock camping from TTTM, the good news is that we all want to hear is that they will never let their customers down. So it is better to get in touch with the team for further info and update.

3. Is the hammock camping breathable and why is that important?

Yes, it is need to be asked as well since I think it also one of the important thing to be known. If you are asking about the hammocks from TTTM, then the answer is YES, it is breathable.

The important thing about this is not only in helping you breathing, literally. Or as an ventilation for the air circulation. But also to quickly drain your sweat in the hammock. The usage of the porous nylon fabric will really friendly whether for the adults or even the children. The material will not hold the water as well, so even you are leaving the hammock in a heavy rains without a tarp above it, draining it will be very easy and fast. Moreover if you have a sponge to absorb the water or the even the duster.
And no need to think about the threat of the rot or mildew if you are leaving it for days.

4. How much space needed for hanging the hammock?

For setting up your hammock between trees, poles or other vertical surfaces, you need a maximum distance for about 3 and 4.5 meters.

If you can not find the poles in that distance, then you need to increase the height of the hooks so it’ll be looks like a curve. But if at the field you find that the poles are further apart, you can use the nautical rope to bridge the distance as you may have seen the pictures or videos where travellers are sleeping between the cliffs. So you may need to think for buying one if possible because you will never know what kind of the fields you are facing one day.

Then, the distance that you should also need to be aware of is between your bottom of the hammock and the ground. The safest way of sleeping in a hammock is no more than 45 cm or 18 inches above the ground, just in case if your anchoring wasn’t secure enough. But, if you are at the hill or mountain, keep in mind that you may also need to think about the wild animals or the beasts. So in another place and situation, the above distance may be changed.

5. How to clean the hammock?

The first rule you need to follow when washing your hammock is: remember to remove the hooks or carabiners but you needn’t to untie any knots. Washing it gently at 30 degree Celsius without bleach using a gentle detergent. After you have washed it, then hang or lay your hammock flat to dry and never use a tumble dryer for it. But since different manufacturers may have the different rules as well related to the design and materials used, then you may need to read the manual. But, if you want to know how to clean a hammock from TTTM, then read the below rules from different methods how to deal with it.

  • Washing using machine:
    Tie ends together with string just below the end loops. Tie the hammock again at the other end, and once more in the middle. This will prevent tangling. Put the hammock in a pillow case and tie it tightly. Use a mild detergent, no bleach, and wash gently. Dry the hammock immediately after the rinse cycle by hanging it or laying flat to dry.
  • Hand Washing:
    Tie ends together with string just below the end loops. Tie the hammock again at the other end, and once more in the middle. This will prevent tangling. In a bathtub or a large sink, immerse your hammock in the water and mild detergent mixture (do not use bleach!). Agitate the hammock until it’s clean and rinse thoroughly. Hang hammock to dry directly after washing.

Those are 5 basic things and may be frequently ask questions that I believe will be useful for the customers especially the new guy that just decided for camping in a hammock.

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Why Many Tourist Love Do Scuba Diving Bali Packages?

Spot diving the world is incalculable! Each diving spot offers different scenery, uniqueness, and mystery. You certainly have heard the popularity of scuba diving in Bali. There are many pristine beaches but there are many reasons to always visit Bali. The marvelous sea life and attract the world’s attention is in Bali. When planning a trip to Bali you will find what is Bali given for you.

There are many other reasons why packages scuba diving attract tourists a lot. Diving in the world’s best tourist destinations? Why not? Scuba Diving Bali Package always provides a standalone attraction for local or world divers.

Bali Give Positive Energy For Tourists

Diving is not the only reason why Bali has the usual wide appeal. The positive energy given Bali is able to provide peace for the fugitives of the metropolitan city. Releasing stress in Ubud area, doing yoga and meditation is the positive aspect you get. After completing scuba diving Bali packages, resting in the Ubud area is a perfect plan.

The Best Cuisine That Is Not Expensive

The price is not just cheap, but the cuisine in Bali is rich in spices. If you are looking for food with a delicious taste and cheap, then you can get in Bali. Imagine enjoying fried rice, satay, or even suckling pig after tired of completing packages scuba diving.

Find Lots of Friends

Scuba Diving Bali Packages are usually offered by the group, 4-8 people. If you are solo traveling, then you have to join other groups. This is an opportunity where you can meet and share stories with other divers from around the world. You will always get a greeting and smile from the locals, and it is very convenient for the tourists. Wherever you go to Bali, you will get friends with various jobs ranging from guides, hotel workers, to farmers.

A Culture That Can Not Be Forgotten

The expectation of new travelers joining Bali is different from what they think about Bali. If they think Bali can only be enjoyed by diving, surfing or glitzy nightlife, then you are wrong !. There is nothing like Bali, where you are reunited with a Balinese arts scene. You can walk around in the art market, or traditional markets, meet with the locals. This is what will change the expectations of all tourists visiting Bali.

The Best Place To Dive

Have you ever explored the world’s dive spots? Scuba diving in Bali is like the main character who is popular and rising. You will find a perfect and stunning underwater scenery compared to other spots in the world. Beautiful tropical coral reefs and diverse fish species. Experience to meet the giant fish and find the wreck of World War II ship filled with stunning coral through packages diving Bali. Find a trusted and experienced dive center.

Each group of Bali scuba diving will be guided by professional instructors who keep your safety while dive. Scuba Diving Bali Packages are the best and trusted Dive Atlantis that dive center offers for a beginner or professional divers.

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Things To Do For Your Komodo Island Tour

Have you ever heard about Flores Islands or East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia? Or what about the Komodo Island? Yeah, for many of the travelers around the world, it may becomes one of the must visited island because of its instagrammable places. But not only that, experiencing for at least a one day trip for your Komodo Island tour will likely be your unforgettable moment of your lifetime.

Believe me, getting your own Komodo Island tour may sounds exaggerate. But when it comes to spoiling your own life, then here I have listed what actually you could get if by any chances you could traveling to Komodo Island some day. You could also choose another one or other islands existed at the province of East Nusa Tenggara since it is an archipelago, but because of the main destination for tourism is the Komodo Island itself, then the local governments and all related stakeholders must have been put all of their interests to build the island.

Things to do for your Komodo Island tour

There are at least some things you could do and enjoy while traveling at Komodo Island. Some of them are the common things and the rests are being more specific that probably even could not be seen at anywhere.

1. Trekking at Komodo Island or Rinca Island

You won’t not only trekking to the top of the hills and simply just to enjoy the island view or the horizon before your eyes, but also that’s the way how you will find or meet the Komodo dragon. Many were doing this whether at Komodo Island or at Rinca Island since there is a thing like a guarantee to meet the biggest lizard on earth over the 2 islands. The Komodo Island itself is really well-known of its dragons since a long time ago, and not only in Indonesia but also around the world. Many have came as an traveler, scientists, naturalists, and many more, so it is may a good plan if Komodo Island tour will be taking you here very soon.

Komodo Island tour package

Trekking at these 2 islands won’t make you rush. Even they are relatively relaxed with the terrain or field that is quite flat. The total times it might needs to be spent for the trekking itself is around 1-1.5 hours. So you may need to prepare your cotton-based clothes to be wear and  help you in absorbing the sweat. So with the mountain shoes or sandals.

Anyway, I am included the Rinca Island in this list while you may think that “I thought it is about the Komodo Island alone?!”, because when you get your own Komodo Island tour package, many of the tour packages will likely to accompany you to not only to one island. And there is a big chance that Rinca is one of them.

2. Snorkeling and diving, pink beach and its hill

You will not only coming here to meet the Komodo dragons, won’t you? The best parts of your next destination for the Komodo Island tour are; you are welcomed for snorkeling and diving in this island with many of its beautiful and various marine biota and species, crystal clear water, pink beach that only existed in hundreds around the world and behind and side of this beach, you will also find the better landscape view over the hills. And they are really close to one another so you could save more of your times.

If you are interested to do all the above lists, you’d better call or get in touch with your trusted travel agent right away. But if you have not find one, feel free to do some online researches for gathering more information as possible, then book your Komodo Island tour package.

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