Smart Girls Guide to Komodo Island Trip Packing List

Komodo island trip is a giant magnet for everyone. Form the top of Padar Island’s hills to the bottom of the Flores sea, Komodo National Park has such irresistible charm for everyone. This trip is even more interesting as you will spent days on the sea, living in a liveaboard. It’s the ultimate of tropical holiday with lots of island hopping, hiking, and diving in between. Of course, a sailing trip holiday will be particularly different than any other vacancy trip. From sailing customs to packing list, this trip requires special attention down to the details.

A Girls Guide to Komodo Island Trip Packing List

Know that most cruises do not allow big bags and those gigantic suitcase onboard. You know, space are limited and weight must be thoroughly calculated to ensure everyone’s safety. So learn to pack the essentials and leave the rest on the shore. Here is a smart packing list to follow for Komodo island trip of any season.

Protection From the Sun

Hat — never go to Komodo National Park without a hat unless you want to stand against the merciless sun. It’s better to get the wide-brim hat than the usual baseball cap for extra shade protection for your body. Pick a straw hat if you want to match it with the seaside, tropical vibe.

Light Scarf — On board, the wind can be very strong and blow your hat away. In time like this, you can take the benefit of light scarf! Come in stylish pattern and color, light scarf can protect your head from unbearable heat while showing of some style in the meantime.

Polarized Sunglasses — Sunglasses is simply a must on Komodo Island trip. They instantly make you looks cooler and protect your eyes. You might one to bring more than a pair of sunglasses in case you lost one during the trip.

Sunscreen — This is a no brainer—a must for everyone. However, we highly recommend you to use lotion-based sunscreen than the spray one. Spray sunscreen can cover the boat floor and it could be difficult to remove. And if you plan to go on and underwater—snorkelling, diving, kayaking, surfing, you name it—give your best to avoid chemical sunscreen with oxybenzone on it. They can be carried by the water and damages coral DNA, causes deformities and hinder its ability to reproduce.


What’s a Komodo Island trip without swimwear? Swimming, snorkelling, and diving make up more than half of the trip. And as you’ll likely wear swimsuit both onboard and on the shore, bring 2 – 3 pair of it. Let the others die while you are wearing the other one.


Dress — If you are a dress person, consider to pack 4-5 dress to the bag. They are perfect for a quick wear above your bikini. Also, you would want to wear something other than swimsuit when you reach the land.

Coverup — Coverup is a smart idea when you want to stay in bikinis and don’t really want to dress up. It cover you from the scorching hot sun and you can throw it when it’s down for vitamin sea-time.

Tank Tops and Shorts — Tank tops is perfect under the tropical heat—you got something to wear and allowing the air to cool your sweating skin.


Flipflops — You can never go wrong with flip-flops. They are highly versatile and quick to dry.

Cute sandals — Before and after the excursion, you will spend your days on Labuan Bajo, Flores, and around. It’s nice to have a nice sandal that will match your outfit.

Hiking Shoes — Given Flores’ undulating topography, you will do a lot of trekking during the Komodo Island trip. Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar, and Gili Lawa are the most popular place to do the trekking. Some of the trek are quite steep and rocky, and hiking shoes is just perfect to protect your foot.

This guide is just the basics. You can always customize your packing list according to your taste. Just keep the luggage light!

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