4 Cool Destinations Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners

It is natural that Bali has been named the popular and best scuba diving vacations for beginners or professionals. Even the world magazine reviews many beautiful and amazing dive spots under the sea of Bali. In fact, many diving spots are hidden in Bali and its surroundings. The perfect way for your memorable adventure vacation is to try to learn diving. The more often they dive, the more they will get to know and be aware of the richness of Indonesia’s underwater world.

Not all spots in Indonesia are best for scuba diving vacations for beginners. Surfing the internet and finding the best dive spots for you beginners is the right solution. Never be afraid of running out of space even if you are a beginner diver. Indonesia has a diverse underwater charm for perfect dive sites that fit into your holiday agenda.

Bali – The Best Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners

Being in Bali, whether on land or under the sea will be a fun holiday adventure. Diving activities are increasingly popular from time to time and you will see for yourself the beauty of the underwater Bali. Rare species ranging from Mola-Mola, manta rays, to white sharks you can enjoy while diving in the waters of Bali. Planning scuba diving vacations for beginners, Bali is perfect. Some dive spots with no current and clear visibility are right for beginners.

Wakatobi – Southeast Sulawesi

Wakatobi is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving vacations for beginners. Wakatobi has an area of more than 1 million hectares and is so rich in the beauty of coral reefs, small fish. It could be said that Wakatobi is a paradise for marine life in Banda. Don’t be afraid to try, because there are many diving training packages that are ready to bring you to discover new experiences and adventures.

Raja Ampat, Amazing Spot For Diving

Who doesn’t know Raja Ampat? This is a hidden paradise with a million underwater beauty and charm. Raja Ampat diving and snorkeling sites have been recognized worldwide with thousands of species of marine species. Many people think that Raja Ampat is perfect for professional divers only, but there are some that are suitable for beginners. Friwen Wall, Miosko, Batu Lima, is perfect for you to enter in the list of scuba diving vacations for beginners.

Pink Beach, Komodo Island

Pink beach you should not miss when deciding on a vacation to Bali. Continuing your scuba diving vacations for beginners in Bali, you can go to Pink Beach. The pink sand beach and calm sea water are perfect for your diving. Don’t forget to follow all instructor instructions for safe diving.

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