A Life in Alexa, The Most Romantic Komodo Cruise Ever

They said, Alexa is probably the most romantic Komodo cruise that has ever been built in the world. You will probably think that this is yet another advertising line. That was what I thought, too. When I meet Alexa, she was impressive. She was living every dreamy advertising lines addressed to her.

A Life in Alexa, The Most Romantic Komodo Cruise Ever

This charming boat was standing tall in the deck of Labuan Bajo. Among other colourful wooden boats, Alexa turns many head with its all-white color theme. It’s like seeing a swan floating graciously in the water. Hearing that she only sleeps 2-4 guests aboard, I was expecting Alexa to be somewhat smaller than usual boats. But boy, how I was wrong. It’s 31 meters length is just as big as the rest of the Phinisi. From that moment, my partner and I knew that this would be a honeymoon we will remember for life.

By the way, I book this gorgeous Komodo cruise from Hello Flores as a honeymoon gift for my wife. You guys might want to check the website, they have a good collection of gorgeous boats. I might consider to book another boat—this time it’s gonna be for 10 people of group travelling with friends. Needless to say, we were enjoying the sailing trip so much. Our luxury liveaboard Komodo took us to sail across the gorgeous landscape of Komodo, Flores, for 3D2N. Here’s how our honeymoon life inside the vessel.

A Cabin that Make Me Forget the World

Upon our first step in the deck, we were stunned enough with the pretty decor. The main deck was a spacious, open lounge areas dominated with teak wood and white paint. We found a very stylish and comfortable large daybed where my wife and I could lie to enjoy the sun. It’s hard to believe that she was once a cargo vessel to ship spices across Indonesia.

The crew lead us upstair, where our cabin lies. My wife were overwhelmed with joy upon entering our beautiful cabin. It was 10x better than what I have expected. We got a very roomy cabin with  queen-size bed, en-suite bathroom, and private balcony. But what we loved was the 270º wraparound windows around the cabin that offer ever-changing landscape. It was very relaxing to woke up in the morning and spent the first few minutes of your day, staring to vast blue sea around.   

Real Dinner Without Mi Goreng

I’ve been done several sailing trip back on my bachelor days to Sumbawa and Raja Ampat. On those sailing trip, my diet would consist of Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng on board. When you embark on Komodo cruise, the menu was on another level. They took dining seriously with professional chef to prepare of dishes. We enjoyed eating yummy fresh seafood every day, presented just like a 5-starred resort. And I cannot treasure much for their beverages; beers, wine, spirits, and cocktail on request. They definitely rocked our days. 

Spoiled with Spas

Our honeymoon cannot be even better without the devotion of the crew to please us. We found that Alexa is one of the few Komodo cruise that bring their own spa therapist on board. On the first day, we tried the massage and it was beyond relaxing—my wife definitely enjoyed that. But in the second day, they offered us for some spa treatment in one of the deserted beach we were in. Of course we said yes! Nothing can be more soothing than succumbed into a good massage in an idyllic beach. It was something you usually see in magazine, but this one was real.

When the night fell, it was either a stargazing in the ‘Under the Stars’ deck or a relaxing night in the warm-lighted TV room. We were reluctant to leave our gorgeous Komodo cruise when it was over—given so much pleasure on board. See you on another time, Alexa.

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