Reducing Utility Bills of Your Real Estate Investment

Investing in property is promising but before you can earn your monthly income or extraordinary profit, you need to maintain your property. It also means that you will need to pay for the utility bills which can cost a lot. This may not be a terrible problem if you own a small property as your investment. However, this can make your head dizzy if you own several properties. It means you need to smartly determine what kind of strategy to reduce the utility bills at its finest. Even for a simple homeowner paying utility bills is still a hassle especially when it cost a lot.

Reducing Utility Bills of Your Real Estate Investment

Tips to reduce utility bills of your real estate investment


Your real estate is your asset. It will earn you money in the time but you still have to pay for the utility bills along the process. You may search everywhere about how to reduce utility bills so that your finance will still in the safe line. However, reducing utility bills doesn’t need to be done with complicated ways. You can take small actions which is impactful in reducing the cost. Here are some tips to do it:


  • If your property used water heater, it is recommended to lower the heat. Water warming accounts a lot in energy consumption. Setting your water temperature lower will allow you get small changes in your utility bills. Recommended temperature for water is at 120 degrees. Aside from reducing your energy bills, lowering your water heater temperature also helps in preventing unwanted injury especially towards children.
  • Use natural resource to something that benefits your property. For example, you can reduce the use of heating by using overgrown greenery. Tall trees and other greeneries surrounding your property will prevent it from unwanted wind or chilly air especially during winter. Thus, you can reduce the use of heating system in your property or at least lower the temperature. This helps in lowering your energy bill.
  • Another way to reduce your utility bills is to unplug your gadgets. If you think your big gadget only affect to the increased energy bills then you are wrong because small and unused gadgets are more responsible in draining energy. It is a big contribution in energy lost per year. Thus, it is recommended to unplug unnecessary gadgets such as microwaves, video games, or battery chargers. You can do small thing in order to reduce energy consumption and utility bills by unplugging unused gadgets. This is not a bi action. However, it is about habit. If you have habit to keep the battery chargers plugged in then it is time to change.
  • Another simple way to reduce energy bills is by insulating your electric outlets properly. When your electric outlets are not properly insulated, it will create more space for cold air to enter through. Thus, it results in more temperature of heat needed to warm the room. Therefore, it is suggested to remove the cover plate to seal off drafts. You can even do it yourself.


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