Tips Buying Property In Bali

Buying property cannot be done carelessly. Property means investment. The investment must be profitable. Not all properties have a high value. Some countries as a tourist destination such as Bali is one of the most popular. Buying me is not safe enough. There are many things and procedures you should look into.

Buying property in Bali is the best investment of your life. There are many advantages when buying property in Bali. If you buy in the form of a house or villa, the benefits will be seen. You can rent daily, weekly or monthly to tourists or expat. The better you maintain the property, the higher the selling point in the future.

Check Building Permit

To build anything in Bali or in Indonesia, you must have a license. There are many property offerings without building permit. When dealing with the buyer, pay attention to whether it has a building permit. Prevent unwanted things, make sure buying property in Bali, with full mail.

Near the Temple

The property, whether in the form of land or building should be investigated. There are rules not to build within a certain distance of the temple. The reality is that many buildings were built near the temple. If you are a foreigner, make sure first to the local government.

Check The Electricity and Water

Check carefully, whether the house you buy is connected to the city’s water system. Not all properties in Bali are already connected to the city’s water system. There are many who use the wells. Make sure that enough water is available for your needs. The examination will be very useful if you plan to build a swimming pool. Make sure the available electricity is enough to run the equipment you have.

Find Trustable and Reliable Notary

A notary is an important party in all property transactions. Finding a trustworthy and negligible notary is very important. Try to use a notary located in the same location as you. If a notary different locations with you, make sure they can take care of all transactions related to your documents.

Finding Information About Your Village

Every time you stay in a new place, it must be familiar with your environment. Adapting and nurturing well the village where you live is right. Mix with the locals and help each other, making you more respected as a foreigner in Bali.

Buying property in Bali is perfect and perfect for you. Not easy and not difficult to take care of all documents. As long as you carefully examine the property that you will buy it will be easy to get the property you want.

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