Best Diving For Beginners and Learn To Identify Fish

Who doesn’t like to see cute, beautiful and colorful fish? Many types of underwater fish are described in various entertainment, both magazines or television channels. The beauty presented by many entertainments stimulates many people to dare to try challenging activities. Best diving for beginners is one of the best ways to learn the basics of diving to later be able to explore the underwater.

diving for beginners

Diving for beginners is not easy to achieve because there are many factors that need to be prepared. The main thing is mental preparation. Have you ever imagined being under the sea for a long time? For some people, it might be scary, but for professional divers, it is a very pleasant activity.

Plan Your Best Diving for Beginners

Planning your diving training is very important. When choosing a dive site, look for information on whether to enter cold water or warm water diving. For diving lessons for beginners, you should look for diving with warm water. There are many obstacles that are very dangerous if training beginners in the high seas with cold water. Beginner divers who have just really jumped into the open sea, have not been able to control themselves properly and need the guidance of professional instructors appropriately.

When choosing diving training for beginners, other factors that must be considered are safety factors. Not all dive operators guarantee the safety of dive training participants. There are many dive centers with bad service and certainly detrimental to potential divers. A good dive center is to always communicate well and clearly with trainees and be able to maintain when they are in the sea.

Sometimes participants in diving lessons for beginners have confidence constraints. One of the best ways to exercise confidence and comfort in the water is to do swimming and yoga training a few months before starting training. Swimming helps you control your body under water, while yoga helps you learn to focus on breathing. Best diving for beginners will be very easy to pass if some of you can control yourself when first on the high seas, regulate breathing and comfort.

How To Identify Fish?

Best diving for beginners will be perfect where you learn the types of fish. This is a special pleasure when you dive, discovering many types of underwater species that can be learned.


Barracuda, a species of fish that looks around the reef in search of prey. They are silky silver in color and have a deeply forked tail. There are 26 species of barracuda with variations in size, color, and behavior.

Butterflyfish, surgeonfish dan angelfish

These three types of fish have oval and thin body shapes. This fish family is very colorful and has an interesting pattern. One surgeonfish that has a solid pattern. Butterflyfish is a type of fish that is often found on coral reefs throughout the world. Angelfish tend to be larger than the butterfly and surgeon and is a very large fish compound that allows compromising with hundreds of different species.

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