Reasons Why People Today Prefer Suburban Property

In this modern era, people love living in a modern city because everything is already available. Public facilities are open to provide everything needed in life. However, it doesn’t mean millennial people hate suburban area. In fact, most millennial choose to buy property in suburban instead of big city. In the beginning of 2000, people were so into modern living.

Suburban property to get

Everything that looks fancy and shining were popular back then. It resulted in lots of buyers purchased home in urban city. However, the trend has changed since 2015 up till now where people have been more interested to purchase suburban properties such as villa, mansion, or even a single family home.

In fact, most of those type of homebuyers are indeed millennial.

Why suburban properties are more preferred?

Purchasing home for living is personal choice so every individual must have their own reason about their choice in buying a certain type of home. However, the surveys show that most suburban homebuyers are millennial and most of them are those who are in their 30s.

With the development of property business that has been expanding to suburban areas, it is not that hard to find ideal home. However, what makes people especially what we call as millennial to choose suburban homes over urban ones?

  • The typical reason why most millennial in their 30s are more invested in buying suburban property is due to the fact that they want to start settling down. That is most age when people start considering to get married and raise a family properly. However, everyone knows that no matter how tempting and easy it is to live in modern city, it is not an ideal place for raising a family in real context. On the other hand, suburban areas are close to ideal place to raise a family since there are less bad factors which can ruin peaceful family unlike urban cities.
  • Another reason why people prefer purchasing suburban home is that the availability of space. Home in suburban areas are typically more spacious. Compared to homes in urban cities, suburban homes are more peaceful and ideal for living. This is one of the reasons why millennial like this type of home. They are more likely tired of the noise and buzz of busy city life where everything is always up for 24/7. By purchasing home in suburban areas, they have quiet place to stay peacefully and getting closer to the nature.
  • Next important reason why millennial prefer suburban properties is that the price is lower than home in urban city. For raising family, affordable home does matter because stable finance is essential. People who make plan to raise family tend to plan their finance so that they can afford the needs of their family. Having ideal home without causing too much damage to their finance is a great plan. Thus, it can be concluded that it is reasonable for homebuyers to prefer suburban home these days. It shows that millennial have thought smart and efficiently to achieve what they want for living.
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Digital Marketing Tools to Help Building Your Property Business

Digital marketing is indeed helpful to help building business in any type, including property business itself. This is because we live in digital era indeed. There is no doubt that most aspect is influenced by digital stuff. Digital marketing uses online services to provide anything you need for successful business. The main benefit of using internet for property business is that it helps enhancing communication system and process. There are many forms of digital marketing tools you can use to the fullest to help you build your property business. One of the most obvious tools is social media. This is accessible for digital devices such as mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Digital Marketing Tools to Help Building Your Property Business

Gain benefits for various digital marketing tools


Digital marketing tools have been a great influence for property business especially in recent years. The existence of those tools makes property business run smoothly. The process of selling or buying property becomes more efficient now. This is because most people search information from online websites. It is not only website that most people use today. There are many mobile apps to use for various purposes such as transactions, hunting property, and many more. Here are some digital marketing tools you should know and own to help you build your property business:


  • Website is the most basic tool you should have if you have property business to run for. This is a great asset you should not underestimate. By having professional website, you show integrity and credibility to people in general. It is a central location where your clients or customer can visit anytime. It helps them to gather information about what you offer. Make sure that you design, develop, and maintain your website thoroughly to attract more visitors.
  • Social media applications are also essential in digital marketing. It is important that you not only make an account but also use it to the fullest. You need to update regularly so you can raise brand awareness. Through social media, you can also build your credibility and generate leads. There are many social media you can choose such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channel, Pinterest, and many more.
  • Another digital marketing tool that can work wonder is photo editing app such as Adobe Photoshop. For property business where you sell many type of properties such as house or apartment, first impression is crucial. You need to provide high-quality photos of your properties to make them look flawless and interesting. You can set the contrast, rotate, or even resize to perfect fit. Thus, you can save them and upload in your social media to attract customers.


Basically, there are other digital marketing tools you can use in order to build your real estate business. However, make sure that you use them to the fullest so it results as expected. Make sure that while you are maximizing the benefits of using digital marketing tools you are also outlining property marketing plan. That is a good strategy you need to optimize the benefits of using digital tools and plans for marketing.


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The Importance of Best Customer Service for Property Business

When you are building and running a business, you need to do every process wholeheartedly. There are many things to do in order to build your property business. Aside from planning strategy marketing or optimizing marketing tools, customer service also plays important role in property business. The best customer service can help you grow your real estate business to another level. It is important key to hold because it is one of priorities you should pay attention to. By maintaining best customer service, you will not only be able to gain profit but also lifelong brand advocates which are essential for your company in general.

How to optimize customer service to another level?

Seasoned property investors said that world-class customer service can bring you anywhere because you can create more loyal following. However, it is still not an easy feat especially for beginner to develop superior customer service especially when every customer has their own tendencies and interests. Pleasing every one of the sounds impossible. However, you can try these tips to start building your world-class customer service:

  • Being proactive i n anything you do related to customers or clients is important. As mentioned earlier that pleasing everyone is impossible. Receiving a complaint or two from customer won’t end your career. Thus you’d better stay proactive in finding solution. When you receive complaint, all you need to do is to take responsibility and make efforts to make them happy. Make sure to make best effort and turn their complaint into compliment.
  • Giving the best customer service is not only aimed to your customer but also your partners and others related to the business. Remember that the dots of your business circles are connected and you can not only pay attention to one dot. Instead, you give your best customer service to everyone no matter what the result is. This will give you benefit of loyal leads as mentioned earlier.
  • When you face unhappy customers, you need to confront them in the most effective way. Raising your voice won’t get you anywhere. It will just fuel their dissatisfaction even more. Instead, you need to balance out the situation by remaining level-headed. Handle the complaints with the utmost care.
  • Every complaint may be different from one individual to another. Thus, you should treat them on their own merits. Remember that you cannot lease everyone so that there is no fit-all solution either. Even if the complaint is the same, you may need different approach to solve the problem if the complaint comes from different customer.
  • Make sure that your customer need is your priority to tend to. Even if they give you small complaint, don’t ever underestimate it. Small complaints can lead to the shortcomings of your career. Thus, always remember to treat customer in the best way possible. Their compliment or gratitude is important to achieve. However, loyalty is above them all. It is what you need to gain and use to build your property business.
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Best Cities in Indonesia for Building Property Business

Property is one of the primary need for human. We need a place to live either alone or along with all the family members. Just like foods and drinks, you need it everyday but the different is, you may only can buy property once or couple time in your life. Since it needed by all of the human in the world, then many of the developers are building it to get more revenue. And that is also why i will show you about the 5 best cities in Indonesia for building property business.

Best cities in Indonesia for property business

Indonesia itself is consists of hundreds of cities plus regencies. And some of the cities are good and better for property business and some are getting not too much attention for the developers and businessmen.

These 5 best cities in Indonesia for property business are based on its popularity in education, industries, tourism, etc so you may have heard about them before. Those are considered as the big cities as well in Indonesia.

But, I may won’t mention about Jakarta since most of the businessmen need more capital than other cities. Moreover, Jakarta may have known by many because it is the Indonesian capital.

1. Bali

Bali is my first recommendation city if you want to build your own property business kingdom. Although the height of the buildings in Bali is not more than 3 or 5 floors, but you will get the international or the worldwide market for your business in Bali.

It is because there are many travelers that keep on coming to Bali everyday, so with the various businessmen.

As one of the best cities in Indonesia for property business, the commercial buildings in Bali are also vary. You can easily find the accommodation for tourists such as hotels, luxury villas, and many more. Not to mention the other business building such as restaurants, shops, cafes and many more.

2. Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is actually the name of the province in Indonesia which is the Special Region of Yogyakarta. There are at least 2 best cities in here for your property business which are Sleman and City of Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is fame of its titles as the educational plus art and cultural city in Indonesia. There are hundreds of the universities and institutions in Yogyakarta so there are many of the students as well. Many of the developers are building the boarding houses for the students, either the cheapest one or up to the higher class students.

3. Makassar

Makassar is also needs to be included as one of the best cities in Indonesia for property business. There are two main parts that why housing in Makassar may the best business for you. First, it is full of the students as well just like in Yogyakarta. Not as mush as in Yogyakarta, but the city is pretty much popular for education too, especially for the students at the eastern of Indonesia.

Secondly, Makassar is the huge fan for industry and the business lines. Even, it can be considered as the main gate of all businesses that are targeting the eastern part of Indonesia.

4. Bandung

Education, tourism, industries and businesses. That just some of the words to describes why Bandung have to be in the list of the best cities in Indonesia for property business. When it comes to weekend, even many people are saying that Bandung becomes the city where people of Jakarta’s shopping center.

They who are traveling from Jakarta to Bandung are spending more of the money in this city to enjoy their weekend.

5. Manado

Fame of its underwater world, Manado is also visited by many of the world travelers for years. The coral reefs in Manado is so popular as well, so that, there are many divers are coming to this city.

But sure, it won’t only the reasons why Manado as one of the best cities for building your business property. Even though the industry is not as big as in Makassar, but the government keep on promoting this city to the world and there are actually many of the foreign investors in Manado.

Since there are too many cities in Indonesia, this time i will only informed you some of them for building your property business. If the information in this article is benefits you, feel free to share this to the others. Thank you.

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Basics in Building Home Theater

 Basics in Building Home Theater

Home theaters or home cinema is one of the most comfortable access to entertainment. While it does not replace the experience of watching movies in a public cinema, having your very own home theater offers you another level of comfort, privacy, and convenience. It’s certainly one of the best ways in soaking up entertainment.


If you love movies, aside from your very own enjoyment, home theaters are also an excellent way in improving the value of your house. Houses with well-built home cinemas tend to fair better than the average houses in the neighborhood. If you’re interested, before building your very own home cinemas, let’s go over some of the basics first.


Chose a suitable place in the house

Because of the potential sound it might leak, home theaters are better to be placed in a relatively isolated room from the rest of the house. You don’t want to place home theaters right next to a bedroom. Although soundproof, depending on the level of the insulation, sounds might still leak. It’s best to plan your home theater thoroughly.



Soundproofing is something integral in building home theaters. Soundproofing are put in walls, floors, and the ceilings. Standard walls don’t do a good job on concealing sounds—much less a full-on sound system. Professionals measure sound transmission using the term STC (sound transmission class) with decibels. The higher the STC, the better indication it is in sound concealing. The basics of soundproofing would be three elements known as mass, damping, and decoupling. Make sure to do your research if you’re doing your soundproofing yourself.


Paint the walls dark

Make sure to paint the walls dark, or put a dark wallpaper over. Ideally, from ceilings to floors are all painted dark. Don’t gloss either. Bright colors reflect light and it’s the least you want when building home theaters. Avoid putting furnitures and decorations that reflect lights such as photo frames.


Positioning of the Screen

Don’t make people look up. Make sure to position the screen just the right level. Do some tests if you aren’t sure. Enlist the help of your friends or family. This needs to be adjusted with the  height of the seats as well.


Sound system and screen

You dont have to go full-surround if there is no sufficient space. The most basic surround sound speaker system is 5.1. The term 5.1 channels refer to the number of speakers (five) front left, front center, front right, rear right, rear left, the next digit “1” refers to a subwoofer for low sounds such as bass and other effects. A lot of home theaters employ 7.1 sound system these days. High-end homes have started employing a 9.1 for their home theaters. Pick the right display for you. Flat panel TVs are what home theater is all about. However, two-piece projector-screen combination is something that could work well.


Don’t sacrifice valuable home space

Make sure you have enough space before building a home theater. Although home theaters have seen a rise in demands, it is not something that should replace or restrict the most basic parts of the house. Don’t sacrifice your kitchen space, for example, as kitchens are generally better in an airy space for healthy air circulation and lighting.


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How to Boost Your Property’s Appraisal Value

Home appraisal is often something required when it comes to real estate selling. Some people enlist the service of a real estate appraisal when dealing with private lenders. Whatever the purpose of the enlistment of home appraisers, being aware of your property’s value as well as understanding the means to maintain and increase your house’s perceived value is more than just essential.

The value of a property depends on a number of factors. Locations being one of the major ones. If you’re resourceful, you can go the extra miles by gathering the data of your competition around the area. This is generally the job of home appraisers and they use it for comparison in order to determine your house’s value. However, don’t hesitate to present the data you acquire if you decide to enlist the help of an appraiser. The appraiser may not be familiar with the area, and you could help in better determining the value of your house. It has become common for customers to conduct their own research regarding the houses in the area they have their eyes on.

With that said, these are several things to note in home appraisals. The subject itself is a highly subjective matter. But these are some of the basic things that would commonly apply across practices.

Remember the 500$ increment rule

Professional property appraisers often go by the $500 rule, which means they value a house by the $500 increment. This affects things that are permanent fixtures of the house. Decorations and furnitures are not a part of home appraisal’s evaluation. Things that may seem minor such as peeling paints, cracks in the walls, and such affect the value of your property. These repairs when left, over time will accumulate. Make sure to do repair when it’s due.

Curb appeal

It is the first impression of your property. You could pretty much say that curb appeal is basically the “face” of your house. Because curb appeal directly affects how customers see your house for the first time, this factor is an important one in deciding property’s appraisal value. Maintain your yard or lawns. It does not have to be fancy; it simply needs to be well-maintained, and make it show.

Note down the repairs and upgrades

Always keep track of the repairs that you’ve done. This is extremely important especially when it regards elements of the house that cannot be easily seen, such as house’s insulation. It’s also important to note down the dates of the repairs and upgrades you did for your house. New roofs, landscaping, even the replacement or an upgrade of kitchen sink. Keeping copies of the bills would help track your expenses better and enables you to report the value of your house more accurately.


If there are new additions to your neighborhood and the surrounding area, make sure to mention them to your home appraiser. Things such as new schools, new roads, and other developments or changes  that bring an improvement to your neighborhood. Note them down and be sure to report it to your appraiser.

Effective age

The overall condition and appearance of the house, as well as things such as functionality all contribute to the “effective age” of a property. Damages such as broken windows, leaky faucets, cracking or falling tiles affect the overall condition of a property. Homebuyers expect houses that will last. Having parts of the house falling apart or not functioning well would damage the house’s value. If you don’t have any significant repairs due, then sprucing up your house for a bit would greatly help shape the age appearance of your house.

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3 Aspects Before Find Property For Sale In Bali Indonesia

Bali, a tropical island, a piece of paradise that is a world tourist destination. In the business sector, especially property, Bali is always promising. There is a lot of information circulating that Bali’s source of income is still centered in Kuta. In fact, all areas of Bali are currently considered very prospective. Bali property is still the belle of large and small investors.

Property For Sale In Bali Indonesia

Finding a strategic location for property for sale in Bali Indonesia is not easy. A survey of 9 out of 10 people said that location is very important when looking for property. Another important factor is the price. Property location comfort and budget availability are important factors in investing.

Information circulating that the Bali government is opening up as much land as possible for business development, including the development of the property. Licensing to build hotels, villas, condoles and housing in several areas in Bali opens the way for investors to do business. Considering that Bali is surrounded by stunning beaches, many beachfront accommodations are luxurious and comfortable for you.

Find Property For Sale In Bali Indonesia When Prices Stable

The fact is that property for sale in Bali Indonesia tends to be more stable than other regions. This is because Bali is a tourist destination. There are moments when property prices are booming. But when the economic conditions were sluggish, the prices of property for sale in Bali Indonesia never fell drastically. Property agents are those who know the latest property conditions. Finding property for sale in Bali Indonesia through property agents can be the best way for special prices.

Buy Property Outside of Holiday Season

When the holiday season arrives, accommodation demand is increasing. Many business people use the opportunity to rent a villa and then rent it back to tourists. The opportunity to look for property for sale in Bali might be a little difficult because tourists need accommodation during the holiday season.

If you are looking for property for sale in Bali Indonesia outside of the holiday season, you will be competing with other buyers. You have a lot of time to design a bargaining strategy.

Find Property When In Demand

Bali property prices are relatively high, forcing investors to consider used property as a second investment. Buying used property has many disadvantages. You must be more careful in buying used property. Do market research before buying property so that you can sell it at high prices when there is demand.

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Positive Habits to Start Real Estate Business to Help You Succeed

Starting business in real estate industry does not require huge capital only but also positive traits which will help you gain more opportunities to succeed. However, it is also helpful for you to know that there are positive habits to start real estate business to make your journey smoothly.

positive habits to start real estate business

When you are able to put positive habits, you will gain better position to achieve your goal in starting your real estate business. Most people tend to focus more on budget, management, etc. Those are indeed important element for you to pay attention to. However, it is also important to focus on how you do your business.

Learn positive habits to start real estate business

No matter how much money you have to start real estate business, you will go nowhere if you do not know what to do with them. It is also will be useless if you cannot manage yourself to do better in every step you take in this business because the competition is not supposed to be taken lightly.

Even though property business is promising, the competition is quite harsh. Here are positive habits which will help you start property business easier and smoother:

  1. Managing time to be more productive is one of the most important habits you should start learning. You can delay but time will not. When you decide to delay something you can do at the time, you lose opportunity to your success.Therefore, it is recommended for you to track your time management. You should start planting on your mind that thing takes long than you think. Thus, do not underestimate time allocation of a task you should do. In addition, you need to remember as well that you have more free time than you think.

    It is also much better to complete one task to another instead of bounce from one task to another without reaching any goal.

  2. Keep learning everyday no matter how much you think you have gained information is another positive habit to start real estate business.You can even set number of goal you want to reach per day. For example, you can set to gain two bits of information per day that you write on your note or journal. There are many things to learn in real estate business. You will never get enough.

    Those information and knowledge everyday will help you a lot in the future. When you start real estate business after gaining much knowledge, you will be more confident and know what to do.

  3. Train your brain to be more productive each day. You can do it by asking yourself some questions related to real estate business.For example, you can ask yourself about your current performance in handling your business. You can also ask yourself about the plan you will do to boost up your business.

    This way, you will always find a way to be more productive. This is one of positive habits to start real estate business which very important to learn because you will find it useful soon.

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How to Add Value to Your Vacation Rental Property

Lots of investors are interested to invest in vacation rental property because the profit is promising. Besides, there are many ways to add the value to the property. One thing you should know about successful investment of vacation rental property is that you need to advertise it well. Your property needs exposure so potential renters will flock around. You need to know as well that the even though the investment is promising, the competition is challenging. It is important for you to take the right steps and listen to useful advice in the process.

Tips to add value to your vacation rental property

Consistent booking is what makes vacation rental property alive. However, it is sometimes hard to achieve especially with the fierce competition in the market. There is no other way you can do but to add value through effective strategies as the following:

  • Advertise your property properly. If it’s necessary, use professional photos. Quality photos play important role in drawing more potential renters. Travelers like more advertisement with high quality photos inside and out the property so they can see clearly the condition of the property or if the property meets their standard to rent for their vacation period.
  • Communication is important key if you want to be a successful vacation rental property owner. It is important to respond to potential renters immediately. If you were a traveler, you would be pissed to know that the owner of the property you’re going to rent takes days to respond your request. Thus, you need to respond your potential renters immediately within 24 hours. Prioritize your potential renters amongst anything.
  • If you want your service of renting out your vacation property to be more satisfying to the renters, you need to know what’s on their mind. It is recommended to ask for review after your vacation rental guest experience their time during their vacation. You can ask them to leave review or comment about your service and our vacation rental on your email. Make sure you ask them about what they like the best and what they dislike about your property. It helps you to improve your service and your vacation rental. Thus, you will have more satisfied renters in the future.
  • Make sure that you are consistent in charging, rates, and bookings. Don’t let yourself forget to update your listing because this can cause misunderstanding. If you charge differently from what you informed in the listing, your potential renters will see you as unprofessional.
  • To add the value of your vacation rental property, make sure to use the right and best words to describe it. Don’t hesitate to let everyone knows that your property is the best place on Earth to use during everyone’s vacation. Reveal all the great things of your vacation rental property and don’t be modest. Make sure everyone knows the potential and details of your vacation rental property. Therefore, potential renters will know exactly what your property looks like even before they see it in real shape.
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Understanding Real Estate Classes to Protect Your Asset

Understanding What Real Estate Entrepreneur Is

Investing in real estate requires you to learn and understand more about it. That is why knowing real estate classes are basic thing to do even before you consider investing in property. By knowing the classes, you will know how to build your business. Besides, your real estate is your asset that needs to be protected. There are many unfortunates things may happen to you and your investment throughout your journey in building your business. To be able to protect your investment from loss, you need to understand first about the category your property holds.


Finding out real estate classes of yours


Basically, there are three classes of real estate you should know even before your decision to invest in has been made. Generally, the class is divided into scales from A to C. There are also investors who prefer to rank their assets in scales from A to F. However, you can learn the basic and simple classification from the start. Here are the classes of real estate:


  • Class C real estate or properties are often referred to properties which hold high risk and high reward. Investing in this real estate class means you will gain lower income. This type of property is often preferred by lower income tenants. This class of property tends to be older in age as well. To increase income or gain significant cash flow, you need to upgrade your real estate. It is highly possible for you to get TLC if you decide to invest in this real estate class.
  • Class B real estate or properties are promising investment to take especially for those who are entrepreneur. They are promising because they need less maintenance unlike Class C properties even though their qualities cannot win over class A properties. Class B properties also have higher sale prices. They tend to be occupied by owners and investors. They are usually located near to major cities or highways.
  • Class A properties are placed in the top rank as the best and most promising investment. These properties are always under well maintenance. They are also located in the nicest districts. They tend to be in lucrative market. Class A properties are easy to identify even through basic and the most general vicinity. To identify class A properties, you just need to look at their surroundings. If they are surrounded by market places, hospitals, cityscapes, great schools, malls, and major highways then they are class A properties. What most investors seek from this class of property is potential for growth instead of cash flow.

After understanding the class of your property, you need to decide what kind of protection you will take to make sure your asset is secured.  There are various protections you can use such as insurance, debt, or LLC. Taking asset protection seriously is a must if you want to build your business properly and avoid suffered from unnecessary loss due to the unexpected. It is also possible that different real estate classes fit different protection strategies.


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