Disadvantages of Living in Cul-de-Sacs

While cul-de-sacs used to be all the rage in the real estate industry, it does not seem to be the case anymore these days. More and more people avoid cul-de-sacs for a number of reasons. So while cul-de-sacs arguably will always have a place in the real estate market, the appeal has been narrowed down to certain homebuyers, instead of the general mainstream appeal it used to boast.

Disadvantages of living in Cul-de-Sacs

What are the reasons for people who avoid cul-de-sacs area or are put off by it?


It’s an excellent place for people who have kids, and arguably a lot of people who specifically look for homes in cul-de-sacs area, but in turn, this reason is exactly the turn off for a certain portion of the market. Those who have a family or those who are planning to have kids are attracted to cul-de-sacs, but apparently, not elderly people and people who don’t like kids.

Kids are generally loud and some people avoid neighborhoods in which a lot of kids can freely roam about the place. That’s exactly what cul-de-sacs is.

There’s also a big potential of property damage since cul-de-sacs is the neighborhood’s literal playground. Balls flying to neighbor’s windows would not be the first story you’ve heard in a cul-de-sacs area. This is especially apparent during summer.

Kids who play in the cul-de-sacs area are not just kids whose house is there. Children from the middle of the block often come playing as they join their friends. You’d likely have a double the amount of kids from the whole street.

(Other People’s) Cars and Parking

While cul-de-sacs prevent a lot of strangers’ cars passing to and fro your area, the ‘privacy’ it offers also mean your neighbor’s visitors can park in front of your doors. A lot of people owning cul-de-sacs property told stories of neighbors’ guests parking in your driveway or blocking it.

Some people use the turning circle for parking. This is especially apparent during the time when your neighbor is having visitors. Celebration for their children’s graduation, birthday parties for the kids, you name it.

The cul-de-sacs is an instant makeshift parking lot. It’s also been mentioned that since owning cul-de-sacs, there’s also the the fear of running over someone’s children, as there’s a freedom of children playing outside unsupervised by their parents most of the time.

Repurposed cul-de-sacs

It’s not rare to hear stories of people putting up basketball nets in the cul-de-sacs, effectively turning the place into a basketball court. Cul-de-sacs areas with family and kids is guaranteed to become all sorts of sports courts.

Some cul-de-sacs collect junks, many kinds of junk. Toys, old bikes, some even collect garbage cans. While the privacy and the large space on the front it offers are great, people can do whatever they want and sometimes it can be a disadvantage.

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Celebrating Life at Private Villas Seminyak During Vacation

Since the tourism in Bali is increasingly high, the presence of accommodations are also vary. Hundreds of the villas are ready to be rented as the main alternative to the hotel rooms. As the great spot for tourism destination, the area of Seminyak has also been popular each day. Therefore, there are many of the unique, luxury, finest and private villas Seminyak to be used while you are traveling in Bali.

Private villas Seminyak for celebrating life and vacation

The private villas Seminyak located at the midst of its area, the heart of Petitenget where the main attractions, destinations, and excitements are happening every single day. So, at where you have decided to stay during travel, you are actually have started the life celebration to enjoy the vibes of the tropical Bali island in more surprising ways.

Seminyak area has been the well-known place for many visitors. It can even called as one of the tourism center in Bali. But, no matter how crowded it is, you can still enjoy your vacation safely and comfortably. One of the uniqueness you can finds in Balinese is that how they are so welcome and their hospitality well blended with the foreigners. So, you can still feel the luxurious comfort and safe while staying in private villas Seminyak during your travel schedule.

In my humble opinion, travelling is also the way of celebrating our own life as well. Even while travelling, you may taking it for the next special occasions. Be it the engagement’s day, for the wedding, family, friends or colleagues gathering, and other celebration events. For any of celebration you are going to undergo, the private villas Seminyak can always be one of your chosen place.

In case if you are in Bali alone or two as a couple who just simply needs to enjoy the short holiday in Bali, you can still make the private villas at Seminyak as the accommodation you’d like to rent.

There are many private villas in Seminyak – Bali that are comparable with the hotel rooms in price. Mostly, if you reserve a hotel room, the price can also highly possible be millions Rupiahs (Rp) per night. But how many hotels that you can find in Bali that will also provide their guests with the private pool for each room? It’ll be hard to tell.

But that will be the opposite of the private villas Seminyak where sometimes the prices are cheaper than hotel rooms and also will get some of the free additional services, facilities such as private pool, and various of the villa packages you can choose.

There are several private villas facilities as above and the others that you can’t get if you are reserved the hotel rooms. Even if they will be possible, the facility like the pool may not be private and sometimes you have to spend a bit of money if you want to use it. Not to mention about the other villas facilities to help you enjoy the moment in your stay.

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Taking Down Property Business Obstacles Effectively

Basically, there are always obstacles in life you need to face. That also happens in property business. It is impossible to have smooth path when it comes to business anyway.in property business, the most common obstacle is budget which is used for capital in this matter. Besides, no network to spread the business is also stressing for property business owner because it means narrower deals to get. Another common obstacle is ineffective strategies in running business. However, successful people don’t just give up when they face obstacles. They try hard to find the right way to take them down.

Taking down property business obstacles

How to take down property business obstacles properly

It has been mentioned earlier about common obstacles faced by property business owner. However, it is also important to remember that solving the problem from the outside will not be effective. Aside from finding the best solution, it is also important for business owner to be open-minded and flexible in running business and choose the right actions to take all obstacles down. Here are some actions you can try to face common obstacles when it comes to property business:

  1. As mentioned before that you need to be flexible in finding solution. Thus, if you find a strategy doesn’t work, you need to find another strategy instead of using the same one repetitively. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies even if it’s out of the box. Unconventional strategies are not always bad after all.
  2. Instead of feeling miserable after facing one failure, you need to think positively and make obstacles as learning opportunity. If you are too overwhelmed with the problems in running your property business, take a breather by having a vacation for short time. This helps to refresh your mind and remove negative thoughts.
  3. If you thing the business makes you forget everything in your life includes the basic things like eat or sleep, then you have overworked yourself. The best way to solve this is to try building solid team in your business. If you can share your burden with your partner in team then try to trust them by letting them handle the work they are capable of.
  4. If you feel your property business is lack of network, you need to do something to build it even step by step. You can start by joining local investment club, joining property business community, etc. Choose simple action for the starter. If you have been able to build network in small scale, try to expand it to the larger one. Thus, you have more opportunities to get clients and close the deals.
  5. Feeling left behind your competitors is one of the worst obstacles. You know already that the competition in property business is fierce. Thus, don’t let yourself lose sight the trend in the industry. Keep up to date to recent trend and keep learning from many sources to fill in knowledge. It is also important to always keep up to date to stock market trends as well as economy in global.
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Budget Lightweight Backpacking Hammock for Hanging Out

So, you are here because of falling in love with backpacking, aren’t you? Actually I don’t really care about it. But if you are also love traveling or simply hanging out at outdoors by your own or with friends, I may want to talk more with you. Going out for backpacking to somewhere should make us realize that we should make our backpack to be lightweight, especially when you don’t use your personal transportation, but the public ones. So that, you will need the hammock for many reasons.

Budget lightweight backpacking hammock for hanging out

Most of the times, going lightweight and even ultralight is often seen as the luxurious expensive in the backpacking world. Who doesn’t want to bring the light luggage on their shoulders? I bet, many of us are dying to achieve that. But now, you are no longer need to worry about that. There’s a gift from technology and the development of science where God blessing us through it, which is the lightweight backpacking hammock.

No more bringing even the thin mattress especially when you out for camping. It is perfect either for the backpackers or the regular up to the professional travelers in the world. Another good news is, it may pretty much affordable for everyone.

How cheap does the lightweight backpacking hammock can be?

If you have $150 in your pocket now, you are possible for hanging out at the nature sooner. And besides the lightweight hammock, you can also get the hammock tarp to keep you dry during the rain. But even if you get just around $50 – $70, you will still get your favorite backpacking hammock.

The prices of the hammock are vary even for the same product and brand. It is because the backpacking hammock itself is sold separately with its other gears and accessories. So, you have to understand that. Later if you get the different price with your friend, the size, gears and accessories may bought differently.

With the above prices, don’t you think that the lightweight backpacking hammock is pretty much cheap for you? The most important thing is, you don’t have to always looking for the affordable accommodation in your traveling since the hammock can be perfectly used for sleeping. Hang it between the trees and feel the beautiful scenery you are about to enjoy. Use it for years and you can also save more money for accommodation. Do you know another best part of it? You can backpacking all the times you want.

Think about bringing your lightweight backpacking hammock to the beach, use it during your hiking, set it up between the tree on the side of the road and the back part of your car if you need a sudden rest while driving, go find the new camping sites, and many more. The hammock is offering you the infinity travel ideas you have never thought before.

Need to simply hanging out at your friends house? Take out the hammock and set it on the backyard or balcony if possible. You’ll experience the warm afternoon when the sun is sets or the night won’t be cold as the last time you were there. Bring some cookies and cup of the tea or coffee to enjoy the moment with your friends inside a hammock. Togetherness is never be so cheap as that.

Happy backpacking with your lightweight hammock!

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The Role of Content Marketing for Property Business

Content marketing for property business

In many industries, content marketing has become one of the most powerful weapons to gain success. It is not only a useful tool to help to grow business but also to sustain it in long term period. In business, nothing can be called achievement than being able to sustain a business you have built from the scratch. In this matter, it is right to say that content marketing plays significant role in achieving successful real estate business. The most reason of it is that content marketing can generate leads. It has also ability t help you build trust in your brand. Thus, people will become more aware to your brand. The more customers are aware of your brand, the more lead to generate. And it can happen by the help of content marketing.

Benefits of using content marketing in property business

In simplest description, content marketing is a strategy where you use the creation and media sharing to publish content so that you can acquire as well as retain more customers. Content is the key in this strategy since it is the one that can drive the internet and we know already that the role of internet in business has become increasing day by day. Lots of companies now use this strategy as well for their business. What should you do to take advantage of content marketing to the fullest?

  • First, you need the right target as your audience for your campaign using content marketing tools. It is important to know your customers very well. What they need and want should become your priority. Asides from previous customers, you need to attract potential customers as well so that they will be attracted to your content. Once you know thoroughly about your customers, you will know what to do to make persuasive approach through your content.
  • The quality of content is essential. However, the way you visualize and present it is also important. Make sure to create content that is colorful, attractive, and informative. In this matter, you need to pay attention more on infographic process. Infographics contains visual charts which help readers easier to understand the content without wasting much time in reading. Through more interesting infographics, you can present your content in more appealing way. Aside from using visual charts, you can also use innovative idea by including video in your content. This is a great tool to promote your business. You can create video of property tour and highlighting selling point.
  • After finding out the right target and making the best content, the next thing to do id to market your content in the best way possible. The key is to build and sustain your own online presence. It is important that you make fresh content regularly to drive more traffics leading to your business. Remember that this strategy uses different techniques in order to work. You may need to go through trial and error before finding the right technique that works in your favour. Various techniques include social media use, blogging, etc.
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Komodo Liveaboard Package and the Forgotten Islands Itineraries

Have you ever experienced the Komodo liveaboard package before along with the forgotten islands itineraries at the West Manggarai regency? I bet that you haven’t. Not even once! In general, the package will provide you the boat and later you can visit some of the islands that are included in your itineraries. The main attraction and also the reason why many of travelers were getting this package is simply to directly meet and see the Komodo dragons.

Komodo liveaboard package and forgotten islands itineraries

There are thousands of dragons distributed at the different islands. Some of the visitors were also love to experience the beauty of underwater life since diving is also pretty much popular in Indonesia and at West Manggarai or around the Komodo Island, there are some of the world-class dive spots for that.

Tour package like Komodo liveaboard isn’t the new thing for many of us, but most of us may have not been experienced it yet. Living on board on the luxury and authentic ship is actually the special package of traveling. If you think that you need to experience the different type of traveling, you may will need this package. Forget about the land for a moment, and enjoy being living side by side with the ocean.

Sounds mesmerizing to me, what about you?

Komodo liveaboard and the forgotten islands seems like an adventure package

I can’t be wrong with the islands. Many of them that are close to the city of Labuan bajo, Komodo Island, Padar, Rinca, etc absolutely can be considered as the uninhabited island. Those are the unforgotten in term of mostly there aren’t people living there. So with the island developments where you can’t even find a house. Later, the islands became the Indonesia’s Komodo National Park declared by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Site and home to Komodo dragons.

So, the Komodo liveaboard package and all its itineraries are actually will give you the experience of living around the well-preserved nature without being bothered by the crowded human being, pollutions, etc.

As there are the “forgotten islands,” the scenery must be really spectacular. Sometimes it feels like you are at the other dimensions of life. There must also be some of the unexplored spots at the islands you can discovered and reveal the secrets, but you may have to careful with that since the Komodo dragons are also the wild animal that even eat their own. So with the snorkeling and diving activity that may offering you the unexplored spots and species.

Liveaboard package at the forgotten islands of the dragon is a perfect match for experience the golden age of the past. You won’t only be at another country, but the adventure may give you another point of view about your existence in this world.

I think, even if you can only enjoy your time at the floating luxury boat and visit the Komodo dragons couple of time, they should be the special moment ever, since that must be the rare experience you can get. That’s how special of the Komodo liveaboard package is.

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Things to Sacrifice when You Run Property Business

Running a business by investing in various properties is thrilling and challenging especially when you just started. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot do the right thing and achieve your goal. In fact, you will be more motivated to do more and more throughout the time.

Things to sacrifice to run property business

Property is one of promising business fields indeed. Lots of people are starting to get interested in this business due to promising profit and stable income once the business runs well. However, as people say is that ‘no pains no gain’. This saying is true. In order to achieve your goal as property investor, you positively need to sacrifice something from your life.

What you will sacrifice when investing in property?

Well, basically you will need to sacrifice something to reach your goal. You cannot get a good grade at school if you don’t sacrifice your play time to study instead. Or, you won’t earn money if you don’t sacrifice your body to work earnestly. Thus, sacrificing is basically what you do in life. However, you need to know what you will sacrifice once you run a property business and invest in real estate. It is because there is significant differences between average investors and those investors who are willing to sacrifice.

  • Time is the first thing you should be willing to sacrifice when you consider running property business as your career. Remember that even though a day consists of 24 hours, you can only use some of them to complete your tasks. The way you spend your time needs to be sacrificed. You may need to sacrifice your weekend in order to tend to your clients. You may need to spend hours just to tend to your listing schedule. These can happen during your time building your property business. If you have hobby, you may sacrifice the time to do it. However, it doesn’t means it will keep going that way forever. Once your business is established, you will have more time to arrange everything in your liking.
  • Money is also what you will sacrifice when you invest in property. What money means in this context is, you won’t be free to spend money on yourself since you have to do it wisely for the sake of your business. When you have successfully closed a deal, the instinct tells you to celebrate it by treating your friends or yourself some drinks. However, you need to hold back because the money you have earned can be used for another important thing to build your business. It is important to discipline your way in spending money for better financial management.
  • Another basic thing you will need to sacrifice is sleep. There will be times when you reduce your sleep time to do another business related task. When you run property business, you may start to spend extra two hours for working instead of napping. However, you can try to balance between sleep and work time properly so that you can work productively without depriving your body too much.
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Give Your Home the Bamboo Sheets for Its Organic Touch

There are many things you can do to improve the better quality of living in your own home. You can think about its design, organize things, items to be used and many things. It will not be the one day work and then all things can be finished easily. No, it is not. If you are the one who are interesting in using the organic items, one of you can get is your home bamboo sheets to be used in all the rooms.

Home bamboo sheets for bedding and original touch
Texture of home bamboo sheets for bedding sets

The home bamboo sheets are the fabric that produced naturally and literally derived from the organic bamboo. We all know that the sheets will be one of the important when it comes to talk about the bedding sets, and the fabric will really providing you the luxurious and even the hotel comfort right into your house.

The bamboo sheets are great for those who need the organic touch for the rooms along with the green-friendly sheets that wouldn’t harm the environment in their production processes.

One of the fact you should know is that the bamboo is one of the best material to cotton. Especially when it comes to talk about the moisture and ventilation control. This is also why that many of the home bamboo sheets are claimed as the breathable products. One of the main reason to that is because of the porous quality of bamboo fiber. That will keeping you stay cool and dry. The great way to say goodbye to the sweats while sleeping and enjoy all the luxurious comfort you can get.

Should you change your home bamboo sheets for now?

While it can be confusing for some people, many may have also thought that buying the new bamboo sheets to be used at all or some of your home’s rooms won’t be affordable for everyone.

I don’t know if this would be cheap or not, but i have found one of the home bamboo sheets site called as Moonava. In there, the Bamboo Lyocell Fitted Sheets for the single size with the dimensions of 90 x 190 x 30 can costs you around $49.00/per sheet. How much of your sheet you have bought before?

I will understood if there will be someone thinking about how expensive is the cost, but when you guys are considering about its main material as said before, the quality of the fabric along with the comfortability we can earn, I am thinking that even $50 is still affordable.

You can’t be wrong in getting the luxury night’s sleep experience and at the same time, you will keep on participating in save the nature by using the organic and easy to grow material as bamboo.

Now, the organic touch will also be added to your home with the bamboo sheets.

The bamboo fiber is also reveals the micro-gaps and holes that makes the fiber construction even stronger, unlike the wood fibers that are usually smooth. So that, when you are decided to use the bamboo sheets at home, you are possible to use it for years.

What about your earlier sheets? Can they do the same better than bamboo material sheets? If not, you may need to give it a try.

As the unique and the special product for your bed, the home bamboo sheets are also easy to clean. Even if you want to wash them with the wash machine, it’s fine. And the best part that I really love about them is you may don’t need to iron the sheets. Right after you are got them out from the dryer machine and if the sheets are now completely dry, you can directly fold them and keep them in your cabinet.

Somehow, the bamboo sheets will automatically back to be smooth when they are dry. It may because of the bamboo strength and construction.

Don’t you think that you should change your old sheets for now with the bamboo sheets?

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Popular Reasons Why Houses in Cul-de-Sacs Are Desirable

Cul-de-sacs literally means “bottom of the sack” in French due to their circular shape that seemingly illustrate the bottom of the sack. These areas are dead-end street with no exit road. For decades, cul-de-sacs have been in high demands because some of their qualities. Although that also has been changing.

Recent study has shown that although it used to be the hype of real estate, cul-de-sacs homes just aren’t as desirable or as ‘safe’ as it used to be. There are several factor of why the opposite may apply to homes located in cul-de-sacs. But regardless, until today, homes in cul-de-sacs have their very own buyers and are still in demands despite some of the issues it could pose. Here some of the most popular reasons why cul-de-sacs are so desirable for homebuyers.

Private feel

Cul-de-sacs are widely known for the privacy they offered. There is the illusion of “private” feel to homes located at cul-de-sacs area that many homebuyers are attracted to. And this is may not simply be an illusion, people simply don’t pass through cul-de-sacs. There are so much less strangers coming and going through, as people who go into cul-de-sacs are often homeowners or relatives instead of just people passing through everyday. The state of less noise because of its place often secluded from traffics offers peace compared to homes located at two-way roads. All of these combined make home in cul-de-sacs highly desirable.

Cul-de-sacs deters crime

The notion is that because there’s less stranger passing through your houses, the less chances there would be for crimes, especially situational crimes (SC). From a sample of 89 crimes conducted in a 2012 study, a large number of those crimes, 74 crimes to be exact, occurred on two-way streets, while 15 occurred at cul-de-sacs. However taking this study at face-value would be misleading as there are also other factors to consider. Although it stands, chance-wise, opportunities for strangers to commit situational crimes are clearly much lower at cul-de-sacs.

Homebuyers with kids love them

Couples with babies or kids, as well as young couples who plan to have children are often eyeing cul-de-sacs. Simply the absence of a traffic is an excellent reason for these homebuyers to seriously consider cul-de-sacs. There is so much less worry of vehicles passing through all day long in front of their houses. This allows kids to be able to play with ease with less danger of being run over.

A potentially good investment

If you know your target market, if you know who you should sell your cul-de-sac houses to when (if) it is time to sell, then you’re potentially going to make 20% more compared to houses in your area that are not located in cul-de-sacs. A survey has found that homebuyers are willing to pay that extra 20% for houses in cul-de-sacs. Of course, with how enormous a financial commitment houses are, not everyone would, so you’d have to know who you’re selling to and target the right person correctly.

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Property For Sale In Ubud Bali, Perfect Investment In The Age Change

Ubud is always fascinating and provides its own charm. Whether you are a tourist or businessman, Ubud has been carrying the best 5-star destinations for years. His popularity always brings people to always visit. Are you among those who plan to own property in Bali? Allows searching for property for sale in Ubud Bali at affordable prices. It’s just that you avoid the risk of fraud and legal matters related to counterfeiting a land certificate.

Property For Sale In Ubud Bali

Bali is a stunning and amazing exotic island. Bureaucracy and most agents of property for sale in Ubud Bali are not always fully trusted. This is due to the high interest in investing in Bali, both in the form of land, houses, villas or apartments. There are many things you must pay attention to before deciding property for sale in Ubud Bali as your investment.

Reasons Why Property For Sale in Ubud Bali Is Always Superior

Amazing Rice Terrace – This is a fact! Tourists are looking for places with amazing views. Ubud rice terrace is the most frequently searched and visited by tourists. That’s a simple view but can make us relax and get rid of stress.

The place for coffee lovers – Who doesn’t know popular coffee from Bali? There are lots of cafes to enjoy coffee. The legendary coffee shop in Ubud, which was founded in 1935, you must visit.  Ubud is a paradise for coffee enthusiasts, both local and foreign.

Superb Jazz Experience – Ubud must be included in your visit list during the jazz festival. Don’t be surprised if many foreign tourists who come to Bali deliberately only support jazz festivals. For you, jazz lovers, don’t miss this annual spectacular event.

Release Your Stress – Ubud atmosphere helps release your stress. Trying to join yoga is a favorite in Ubud. If your holiday time is long, try to improve spiritually and seek healing.

What should don’t when deciding on a property for sale in Ubud Bali as the best investment?

Legality – Investment does not look at you local people or foreigners. For foreigners, you should not look for property for sale in Ubud Bali (freehold). You will deal with the bureaucracy and law in Indonesia. Don’t buy a property if they don’t have an IMB (Building Permit). Do not buy green zones even though the price is tempting. Don’t use a notary or property agent at random. Respect the law and the procedures adopted in Indonesia, as applicable in your country (for foreigners).

Agent Property – Not all property agents can be trusted. This is a fact and happens everywhere. Try to find property for sale in Ubud Bali officially at the property agent office. Many property agents have friends out there who sell villas or land. They will direct you to something wrong. Good and trusted agents have contracts with landowners as official representatives. They will help your difficulties whenever and wherever you need.

Don’t Overpay – Don’t pay more for an investment value that you should. Never trust an ad that promises a 20% return. The best return currently in Bali is 10%. There are times when we don’t need to pay more for something that makes you regret later.

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